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Chapter 20

            Packing up the car later that afternoon was pretty grim. None of us wanted to leave our little weekend of paradise. It was going to be difficult getting back to normal after having such a carefree guys weekend.

            Coach Jackson squeezed himself against the wall as Mr. Williams was walking down the hall from the kitchen with one of the big ice chests to take to the car.

            “Damn Mike.” Coach Jackson muttered, watching him as he passed. “You know you really shouldn’t be hiding those guns of yours all the time.”

            Mr. Williams blushed a little with a laugh. “Ah, you’re just saying that Dan.” He took a few steps and then turned around again to add, “Though I appreciate it, nonetheless.”

            “No for real, Mike. How often do you work out?” Coach Jackson pressed.

            “I try to get a workout in about 5 times a week early in the morning before everyone else is up.”

            “No kidding? Well it’s paying off, man. I mean it.”

            “I mainly do it to keep myself from going crazy. You know, working from home and all.”

            “Well keep it up, Mike. Lookin’ good there, bud.”

            Brad sighed as he rounded the corner with another box for the car. “Jesus, would the two of you just fuck already and get it over with?”

            “Okay.” Coach Jackson shrugged.

            “I wasn’t being serious, Coach. . .” Brad shook his head, laughing.

            “Well I am.” Coach Jackson said casually. “I hate to break it to you, kid, but your dad’s fucking hot.”

            By now Mr. Williams was scarlet. “Can we just finish packing the car, please?”

            “What, are you turning me down, Mike?” Coach Jackson smirked, obnoxiously raising his shirt a little to show off his abs.

            “Of course not, Dan. It’s just- You’re with my son. . .”

            “Kid?” Coach Jackson turned to Brad casually. “You mind if I go and fuck your dad before we hit the road?”

            Brad looked at him with a face dripping with pure sarcasm. “Sure, Coach. Ollie and I will just take care of all this packing while the two of you get your rocks off.”.

            “You think I’m bluffing, Williams?” Coach countered. “I’ll take your old man in that room over there and fuck his brains out right now. You just give me the go ahead.”

            Now it was my turn to chime in. “Why take it to the bedroom? It’s not like we haven’t seen what everyone’s working with.”

            Brad turned to me with a sour look on his face but I made no apologies. I wanted to see this. Bad.

            “So what’s in it for me?” Brad asked, crossing his arms.

            “I’ll suck your cock from the minute we get in that car until we get to Sacramento.”

            Brad paused and considered it for a while. “You gonna do it right and pay attention to my balls some, Coach?”

            “You think I need a fucking lesson on sucking cock, Williams?” Coach Jackson countered.

            “You’ve got yourself a deal, Coach.” Brad replied, extending his arm for him to shake.

            Coach Jackson turned to me and muttered so that only I could hear him. “It’s a win/win. I never get tired of sucking that fat jock cock.”

            I was so excited to witness their coupling I barely even registered what he had said. “So who’s going to top who?” I asked, completely serious.

            “Oh. . .” Coach Jackson stopped for a second. “I guess we could flip for it?” He started to dig into his pocket for a quarter.

            “That’s okay, Dan.” Mr. Williams blushed. “I’ve spent the last 20 years “topping” and I have no desire to go back any time soon.”

            “Didn’t need the explanation, Dad.” Brad shook his head.

            “Ah, suck it up, Williams.” Coach Jackson said, walking up to Mr. Williams and stopping right in front of him. “We doing this or what, Mike?”

            “What happens on vacation stays on vacation, huh Dan?” Mr. Williams replied.

            “Aw, fuck yeah.” Coach Jackson huffed, leaning in and thrusting his tongue into Mr. Williams’s mouth.

            Instantly my belt hit the floor as I threw my pants off and started to jack my dick while watching the two of them make out. This was the hottest thing I have ever seen.

            “We don’t have much time, Dan.” Mr. Williams said, breaking away from the hulking giant for a split second.

            Coach Jackson nodded and instead of replying he just started to turn Mr. Williams around until he had him pressed against the wall, pulling his pants down.

            I looked over at Brad and registered the inner turmoil on his face of wanting to watch the show and trying not to focus on the fact that he was about to watch his dad get fucked right in front of him.

            Instantly Coach Jackson’s mouth was on Mr. William’s ass. I could hear how thoroughly he was tonguing his hole. And it was turning me on so fucking much. I knew how great it was to tongue that hole. I’d do it all the damn time if fucking it wasn’t so great.

            “What gives, Coach, you never eat my ass like that.” Brad called out from the sofa.

            Coach Jackson pried himself off of his prize and called back to him. “That’s because you big dicked jocks have no concept of foreplay. Hell, the second you get me alone anywhere you’re pulling my fucking legs over your shoulders before I even know what’s going on. And maybe if you weren’t such a fucking prude and you actually put out for me for once I’d eat you out too, Williams.”

            “Keep dreaming, Coach.” Brad smirked.

            Before the words even processed in my head I was saying them before I could stop myself. “I’ll eat you out, Brad.”

            Brad turned to me, completely thrown for a loop. “You’d give me a rimjob?”

            I tried to not sound like getting my tongue into Brad Williams’s ass was something I’d been fantasizing about in my head over and over again since the moment I met him. “Yeah, I’d. . . help you out.”

            “Getting my ass eaten out and then my dick sucked on the way home? This weekend fucking rocks!”

            He made his way to one of the armchairs and unbuttoned his belt, pulling his pants down until his big bubble, athlete butt was on full display. He looked at me as I was jacking off my big cock watching him and he got on all fours on the chair, looking over his shoulder at me. “Have at it, brother.”

            I couldn’t get there fast enough.

            Coach Jackson had Mr. Williams pinned up against the wall and they were making out with each other as Mr. Williams ran his hands over Coach Jackson’s rippled body. “Yeah, chew on that jock hole, Africa. The kid fucking loves it. As far as Williams is concerned you can’t get your fucking tongue far enough.”

            “That true, Brad?” I asked, getting down on my knees and getting a good view of his magnificent jock ass.

            “Yeah. . .” He blushed, sort of embarrassed. “I’m not gonna lie, brother. I really like getting my ass licked.”

            “Well today’s your lucky day. I love eating ass.” I grinned. And with that I just dove in, not able to control myself. At once my tongue was circling around his tight jock pucker.

            “Aw, fuck yeah!” Brad yelled, leaning his head back. “Fuck, get in there, brother. MMMMMMMMmmmmm.”

            I heard Mr. Williams groan audibly but I was too transfixed on licking Brad Williams’s ass to pay attention. I’d been after this ass ever since I’d laid eyes on him.  

            “Fuck Dan, you’re thick!” Mr. Williams grunted.

            “You complaining, Mike?”

            “No, just give me a second. Phew!” He exhaled. “God damn, Dan.”

            I grabbed the two tight, muscular cheeks in front of me and pried them apart. I’d never seen such a perfect hole. There was just no other way to describe it. It was perfect. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting a chance to stick my tongue in Brad Williams’s hole. And I’d never encountered such a tight hole before. Even getting the tip of my tongue in there was a struggle. There was no doubt about it. Brad Williams was 100% cherry.         

            With great relish I spat onto his rosebud, pulling his cheeks apart and closing them together, watching the saliva slowly collect in his virgin crevice. Fuck, my spit wasn’t going anywhere. He was that tight.

            With perfect precision I slowly pushed my tongue through his opening,

            “Fuuuuuuck, brother. . .” Brad groaned, reaching underneath him to start stroking his rock hard cock.

            “Yeah, how’s that ass, Africa?” Coach Jackson called out to me as he thrust into Mr. Williams. “Is that not the tightest fucking hole you’ve ever tasted?”

            “It’s so fucking tight.” I replied, wiping my face before diving back in.

            “Yeah, it’s bound to be. The kid still won’t put out for me, no matter how much in his ass.” He turned his attention back to Mr. Williams. “Fuck Mike, I’d forgotten how good it feels to be the one doing the fucking. You’re gonna draw it right out of me.”

            I looked over at Mr. Williams and he seemed like he was starting to come around to Coach Jackson’s size. Sure, I had him beat by a few inches in length. But there was no doubt about it. Coach Jackson truly had what they call a beer-can cock.

            “God, you’re so thick, Dan.. . .” Mr. Williams groaned as he began to stroke his own cock, matching the rhythm of Coach Jackson’s powerful strokes.

            Brad started to shift in front of my face. “Come on, brother.” He reached his hand behind his perfectly arched back to pull my face back to his ass. “Get that fucking tongue in that hole.”

            I certainly didn’t need any more convincing. I don’t know how long I’d been tonguing my host-brother before I felt him reach underneath himself to grab my hand. He brought it to his leaking cock and groaned as I started to jack his cock while I tongue fucked him. What I would give to just be able to stick even the first inch of my big black cock into this ass. It would be so easy. . . He’s so in the moment. He might not even fight it.

            “Mike, you’re gonna pull it right fucking outta me.” Coach Jackson groaned, trying to slow down.”

            “Go on, Dan. UGH you’re hitting my spot! UUUGGH right there, Dan!” Mr. Williams yelled, getting himself off as Coach Jackson pounded into him.

            “I’m gonna shoot it in you, Mike!” Coach Jackson bellowed.

            Cum started raining down from Mr. Williams’s cock as Coach Jackson pounded him over the edge.

            Coach Jackson collapsed onto Mr. Williams as he unloaded into him, animalistic grunts filling the room.

            All of the sudden Brad’s hole started to clamp down on my tongue like a vicegrip, completely out of his control. My hand wasn’t even on his cock and he started shooting all over it, perfectly in sync with his contractions from his hole on my tongue.

            “UUUUUUHHHAAA” Brad groaned in complete ecstasy as he continued to pump more cum out onto the fabric and all over my hand.

             I stood up and without a single second to spare I started jacking my cock with his cum, making myself shoot all over my stud host-brother’s back. At once my cum started running slowly down his back, down his crevice, down his crack, and passing by that tight, cherry jock pucker.

            I fell back, exhausted and satisfied, wiping my brow.

            Brad started to shift but Coach Jackson’s low baritone voice boomed behind us. “Not a fucking inch, Williams.”

            Brad stopped and hung his head down as Coach Jackson took my place behind him and kneeled where I had been. Without skipping a beat he brought his tongue to Brad’s back and started licking up all the cum I had shot onto it, greedily. I watched as he seemed to take his time, letting it all pool into his athlete’s pucker before going in for his prize. He eagerly lapped up all I had shot, digging his fat tongue into Brad’s hole until there wasn’t a single trace of cum left.

            Coach Jackson fell back on his knees and sighed, satisfied. “Thanks for that, Africa.” He grinned, wiping his face clean. “Now let’s head out, boys.” He announced, clapping his hands authoritatively. “Africa, you’re in front with Mike.” He turned back to Brad and clamped his massive hand onto Brad’s shoulder. “I believe I promised someone a kick-ass blow job on the way back.”

That Friday night Brad and I were playing X-Box in my room. We were sawing zombies in half when Mr. Williams knocked on the door.

            “Knock knock.” He announced as he stepped in.

            “How’s it going, Dad.” Brad mumbled halfheartedly as he lit another zombie on fire.

            “Hey Mr. Williams.” I smiled.

            “Jesus, you guys think you brought enough junk food up here with you?” Mr. Williams laughed, stepping on a discarded bag of Cheetos, with a loud crunch.

            “Never enough.” Brad replied. “What’s for dinner, anyway? I’m starving.”

            “Well, your mom’s going to be out. She’s got clients to schmooze.  I was thinking we’d get take-out.”

            “Kate’s out?” I asked, a little too hastily.

            “Yeah, you have something in mind, stud?” Mr. Williams winked.

            “Now wait a second.” Brad interjected, pausing the game. “It’s not fair that you guys get to get laid and I don’t.”

            “You want to call a friend over, son?” Mr. Williams mused, innocently.

            “Can I?”

            “Sure, as long as you guys don’t bug us.” Mr. Williams said, walking up behind me and massaging my shoulders.

            Brad already had his phone out and he was texting Coach Jackson. I rolled my eyes as I watched the conversation unfold on the screen.

            Brad: come over and sit on my dick

            Coach J: i’m not ur fucking booty call williams       

            Brad sighed and started typing again.

            Brad: r we gonna fuck or not coach?

            Coach J: fine

            Coach J: 20 mins

            Mr. Williams sat down on the bed behind me and looked over at Brad. “If that’s Dan, tell him to bring over a pizza.”

            Brad: bring over a pizza

            Coach J: fuck off williams

            A pause.

            Coach J: what kind?

            A half hour later Coach Jackson was walking through the front door with a big pizza box in hand.

            “Hey, thanks for bringing the pizza, Dan.” Mr. Williams thanked him, patting him on the back.

            “Yeah, thanks Coach.” I said.

            Brad walked up to him and took the pizza box from him. “I gotta say, Coach, pussy and pizza on delivery. . . It doesn’t get much better than that.”

            “Cocky little fucker. . .” Coach Jackson smirked.

            “Am I wrong?” Brad countered. “Tell me I’m not getting laid tonight.”

            “Just eat your fucking pizza, Williams.” Coach Jackson rolled his eyes. “The things I do for a good lay. . .” He muttered.

            The four of us brought the pizza back up to my room and Brad and I unpaused the game and played as we ate.

            After about twenty minutes the pizza had been fully devoured and Brand and I were sitting back, a new thirst for killing more zombies now that our stomachs had been filled.

            Mr. Williams and Coach Jackson were sitting back behind us, clearly bored.

            Coach Jackson cleared his throat obnoxiously. “I believe I was promised some fat jock dick if I came over.”

            “Give us a second, Coach.” Brad called over his shoulder dismissively, his full attention on the game.

            “Unfuckingbelievable. . . “ Coach Jackson muttered to Mr. Williams with a sigh. “I’m practically offering this kid my ass on a silver platter and he’d rather play a god damn video game.”

            “Welcome to my world, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed.

            “We’re almost finished with this level, Coach, just quit bitching.” Brad called over his shoulder again.

            Coach Jackson just laughed. “We make it too fucking easy for these guys, don’t we, Mike?”

            “You think when I was their age I’d be sitting here playing video games when I could be getting laid instead? Any attention at all at that age and I’d be right there. I’d say these two are definitely getting spoiled.” Mr. Williams replied.

            “WILLIAMS!” Coach Jackson barked. “I didn’t come here to watch you nerd out and play fucking video games. Are we gonna fuck or what?”

            “Fine.” Brad sighed, pausing the game. “Sorry Ollie, the old ball-and-chain is bitching again.”

            Coach Jackson laughed and helped Brad up. “Ungrateful prick.” He smirked, leaning in for a quick kiss. “You’re lucky I put up with your bullshit, Williams.”

            “Yeah yeah.” Brad rolled his eyes. “If I fuck you will you leave me and Ollie alone so we can get back to our game?”

            “I don’t give a shit what you do with the rest of your Friday night, Williams. I just came here to get my nut.”

            “Alright, we’ll be in my room.” Brad said, as they headed out of the room. “I’ll be back in half an hour, Ollie.”

            Mr. Williams sat up. “Make it forty-five minutes, son.” He looked at me with a wink.

            Coach Jackson spoke up. “Yeah, I didn’t haul my ass over here just for a quickie, Williams. I’m good for at least two rounds.”

            Needless to say, the burly head of athletics department Coach Dan Jackson was making the walk of shame downstairs nearly three and a half hours later, just managing to pull his truck out of the driveway about ten minutes before Kate was supposed to be home.

            So I guess killing zombies would have to wait until Saturday morning. But you know how it is. Just another typical Friday night for a couple of high school jocks. 

                                                                  Chapter 21

Football practice over the next week was absolutely brutal. After a particularly bad fumble on Brad’s part Coach Jackson blew his whistle so loud it made everyone’s head spin.

            “Williams! What the fuck was that catch? Unfuckingbelievable.” He shook his head, angry. “What the fuck were you doing all break, sitting on your ass and eating donuts?”

            Brad clenched his fists, but before he did anything he would regret I was at his side, massaging his shoulders. “Keep your cool, brother.” I told him. “He’s gotta keep up appearances, you know? No special treatment.”

            “I’m not mad, Ollie.” He said under his breath.

            “You’re not?” I asked, confused.

            “Fuck no. It’s just whenever he gets tough like that it takes everything in me not to grab that fucking whistle around his neck, drag him into his office and fuck the shit out of him.”

            “No shit?” I laughed. “Something tells me Coach Jackson wouldn’t object to that.”

            “Williams! Africa! Get off my fucking field if the two of you are going to sit there and chit-chat like a couple of fucking gal pals!”

            “Yes sir, Coach! Sorry sir.” I called back to him, patting Brad on the shoulder.

            “Yes sir!” Brad called back to him, giving him a thumbs up as he got into position with the other guys.

            “Now that’s more like it!” Coach Jackson yelled. “Now let me see that hustle!”

            Later that night Mr. Williams had let Brad know he could invite Coach Jackson over to the house since Kate was going out of town for a few nights.

            “Now I’m just letting you know son, it’s a school night so Dan can’t stay over. You know the rules.”

            “Well that’s not fair, becau-“ Brad began.

            “Life’s not fair sometimes.” Mr. Williams stopped him, putting his hand up. “But I guess I could extend the same rules for Ollie.”

            “No late-night fuck sessions in his room, you mean?”

            I was about to protest, but I figured this was one of those situations where I should just keep my mouth shut.

            “If that’s what it takes. I’m a pretty open-minded parent but school always comes first.”

            “Nah, it’s fine. I’m not going to keep Ollie from getting laid. I wouldn’t do that to him.”

            “Thanks brother.” I said to him, speaking up.

            “We’ll see.” Mr. Williams winked at me. “Dan can come over for dinner. But he’s gotta be out of here before 10:00. Got it?”

            “Got it.” Brad nodded, a little disappointed. He looked over to me and whispered. “You know, my dad can be a real buzz kill sometimes.”

            “I think it’s really hot.” I replied, honestly.

            “You do?” He laughed.

            “Big time.”

            “Whatever, brother.” He rolled his eyes.

            Mr. Williams was just getting started with firing up the grill for some steaks when Coach Jackson walked through the front door.

            “We’re out back, Dan!” Mr. Williams called out to him.

            “Thanks Mike. Africa. Williams.” Coach Jackson nodded to all of us as he sat down on the couch in between Brad and me on the patio. It was a nice outdoor sitting area facing an outdoor tv that was right next to the grill. It was one of my favorite areas of the house. Other than working with Mr. Williams in his office I had had some of my most engaging conversations with him sitting right here watching him grill. It was where he was in his element. His most contentedness. He’d taught me how to grill a great tenderloin right here and I knew it was a special moment for him.

            “Looking sharp, Mike.” Coach Jackson nodded to Mr. Williams, who had previously been at a social function with Kate before he took her to the airport. He looked so handsome in his suit and tie. In fact, I almost like him better in this than when he’s wearing nothing at all. Almost.

            “Thanks Dan. I sure wish I’d changed into regular clothes before I fired up the grill.” Mr. Williams laughed, pulling at his collar and tie uncomfortably.

            Brad and I had been watching the baseball game and it was just starting the 2nd quarter.

            “Aw, turn this shit off.” Coach Jackson waved his massive paw dismissively at the screen.

            “I take it you’re not a fan of baseball, Dan?” Mr. Williams laughed.

            “Fuck no. It’s not a real man’s sport. I stick to football.”

            Brad turned his head back to Coach Jackson, clearly annoyed. “Would you shut the fuck up and just let me watch the game? Jesus.”

            “Well excuse me. . . “ Coach Jackson smirked, throwing his hands up, feigning retreat.

            We watched for a few minutes with Coach Jackson providing his cynical commentary every few seconds or so, much to the dismay of his athlete. I thought it was hilarious but I could tell it was definitely starting to get under Brad’s skin. Coach Jackson was clearly getting off on making him angry.           

            “Aw, come on, that guy’s gotta be what, 90 lbs soaking wet? How the fuck do these guys call themselves athletes? Just flip it to ESPN, Williams. The Raiders are playing the Packers.”

            “Fuck off, Coach. We’re watching baseball.”

            “You know, Williams, if I wanted to get that remote out of your hands there’s nothing you could do to stop me.” Coach Jackson grinned, flexing.          

“Coach, I swear, if you don’t shut up. . .” Brad rolled his eyes.

“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it, Williams?” Coach Jackson grinned, leaning over and kissing his athlete’s neck.

“I’ll make sure you stop running your mouth, is what I’ll do.” Brad replied, leaning his head back to kiss him, playfully.

“Mmmhmm. And just how do you plan on doing that, Williams?”

“I have a few things I’ve tried before and they’ve all worked in the past.” Brad said, thrusting his tongue in his mouth.

“That reminds me, kid.” Coach Jackson said, thrusting his tongue right back. “You’ve got a big game coming up this week. You know what that means.” He licked around his lip, flirtatiously. “I’m not putting out for you until you win me that game.”

“Nnn mmm” Brad shook his head. “You don’t call the shots anymore, Coach.” He said, still making out with him. “I’m officially your boyfriend now. I wifed you up, Coach. You don’t get to play hard to get anymore. If I want your ass you’ll let me have it.”

“Oh, is that the way it works, kid?” Coach Jackson grinned, grabbing his athlete’s arm and bringing it to his ass. “Now that I’m finally letting you call me your fucking boyfriend I’m just supposed to put out for you whenever you want it?”

“Mmmhmmm.” Brad nodded, sucking on his tongue playfully. “Any questions?”

“Just one.” Coach Jackson smirked. “Instead of making me sit through another hour of this bullshit ‘sport’ you like what do you say you take me up to your room and we just fuck instead?”

“Now that’s more like it, Coach.”

“Mike.” Coach Jackson sat up, wiping his mouth. “The kid and I will be inside. Call us down when dinner’s ready.”

“You got it Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed, shaking his head.

We watched as Brad led Coach Jackson inside by the arm. Mr. Williams looked down at his watch.

“You know, you’ve had a long day, Ollie. I remember what it was like being your age. And it sounds like Coach Jackson really did a number on the team during practice today. You look like you could really relax for a bit.”

I sat up, intrigued with where he was going. “What did you have in mind, Mr. Williams?” I asked, with a grin.

He set the tongs down at the grill and looked over his shoulder, playfully. “Don’t tell anyone about this.” He walked to the mini fridge and pulled out a cold beer, popped it open and set it in my hand. “I think you deserve to just sit back and relax with a nice cold beer while you get a world-class blowjob from the guy who loves you. What do you say to that, stud?”

“I’d say that sounds like exactly what I need right now, Mr. Williams.” I grinned, taking a big sip with a satisfied sigh.

He leaned down to kiss me, lovingly as I fumbled with my jeans.

“Nuh uh uh.” He held his finger up, stopping me. “You just sit back and let me do all the work.”

I fucking love this man.

I watched as the most handsome, intelligent, sensitive, kind man I’ve ever met looked me in the eye as he slowly got on his knees and started to unbuckle my jeans.

After witnessing Brad and Coach Jackson’s flirtation with one another just a second ago I was already boned up.

Mr. Williams took my cock in his hands, gripping it, showcasing how big it was as he licked around the tip.

“God, that’s a nice cock.” He muttered, working his tongue around the head. “A cock like this deserves to be worshipped every single day.”

“You’ve certainly made good on that.” I smiled, moaning as he dug his tongue into the opening, collecting a bit of precum.

“I can’t help it, Ollie. I love this cock so much.”

He slowly sank himself down lower and lower until he had the majority of my cock down his throat. Man, to think how much he’d learned in such a few months. Mike Williams could suck cock like a pro.

I put my hand on his head and gently ran my fingers through his hair, in complete ecstasy. I had a nice cold beer in one hand and the most handsome man on earth kneeling between my legs sucking me off, business suit and all. It couldn’t get much better than this.

He bobbed his head up and down on my cock, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. He was going to suck it right out of me. I couldn’t believe how fast he was going to get me to cum.

I pressed down on his head, urging him to take more and more of my big black cock down his throat to finish me off, but at the last second he came back up. My cock was flaring and rock hard, waving around, desperate to get just the little push it needed to go over the edge.

“I’m not finished yet.” He said, looking up at me, lapping around the tip, coaxing out more precum from my over stimulated appendage.

“I’m so close, Mr. Williams. . .” I moaned.

“I know you are.” He grinned, bobbing up and down on it slowly.

He grabbed it by the base and teased it a little with his tongue.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more of it the timer he had set on the grill started going off.

He looked up at me and fully impaled himself on my cock, my balls resting against his chin.

“Fuck!!” I yelled clenching my fists; my toes curling.

He nodded, pushing more of my cock down his throat. “I’m- I’m gonna!” I shouted.

At the last second he came back up and started jacking me off with deep, hard strokes.

Instantly I started shooting. Jet after jet of hot sperm came spraying out of me, drenching his face, his dress shirt, his tie, running down all over him. His handsome face was painted with cum as he eagerly licked at the head, collecting his prize.

“Man oh man. . .” I gasped, trying to collect my breath.

I reached down and wiped some of my cum away from his eyes and brought him up to kiss me.

“What about you?” I asked, reaching down and groping the sizable erection tenting in his pants.

“This was all about you, stud. I’ll get mine later tonight.” He winked, kissing me again.

“That was unbelievable, Mr. Williams.” I sighed.

“You deserve it, Ollie.” He smiled.

I looked down at his dress shirt and tie which had been completely drenched.

He laughed. “I always hated this tie anyway. The shirt should survive.”

He leaned in to kiss me again before hoisting himself up onto his feet and getting back to the grill, wiping his face with a towel before turning the steaks around.

“You’re not really going to go through dinner looking like that, are you?” I laughed.

“Why not?” He shrugged, collecting some cum on his finger and bringing it to his mouth. “My man just got a great blow job. And I kind of want people to know it.”

The Head of Athletics Department Coach Dan Jackson led Brad Williams upstairs to his athlete’s bedroom, pushing him through the door, revved up and ready to go.

Coach Jackson looked at the messy floor and unmade bed and crossed his arms. “Come on, Williams, you knew I was coming over. You couldn’t be bothered to make your fucking bed before you brought me up here?”

“Why bother, Coach?” Brad shrugged. “It’s not like you’re not going to put out for me just because I didn’t make the bed before you got here.”

“And they say chivalry is dead. . .” Coach Jackson smirked.

Brad Williams plopped down on the mattress and threw his shirt onto the floor. “Come here, Coach.”

“Come on, kid, I thought we came up here to fuck, not cuddle.” Coach Jackson crossed his arms, sternly.

“You’ll get yours soon enough, Coach, don’t worry. I just wanna make out a little.” Brad said, opening up his arms.

“You’re lucky you’re a good kisser, Williams.” Coach Jackson sighed as he got down onto the mattress with his athlete and lowered himself down, bringing their lips together.

“Mmmhmmm.” Brad moaned as the two of them made out, reaching his hands out to cup Coach Jackson’s meaty ass cheeks.

Coach Jackson groaned as his athlete worked his ass over with his powerful grasp.

Brad took his tongue away for a second. “Does it turn you on how much I’m always wanting in your pussy, Coach?”

“Mmmhmm.” Coach Jackson nodded, leaning forward so he could continue making out with him. “Never seen someone get so attached. Even when you’re out there on the field I can tell it’s all you’re thinking about. Working me over like you are now. Making me hot to give it up for you.”

“You always do, Coach.”

“It’s like you sniff me out, Williams. You’re hungry for it and you won’t let up until I give it to you. Fuck, you get me so hot, kid.”

“I know I do.” Brad huffed in between thrusts of his tongue. “You’re just as hot to put out for me as I am to make you.”

“You know what I was thinking, Williams?” Coach Jackson groaned.

“Huh, Coach?”

“How fucking hot it was being on top for a change. Back with your old man.”

This caught Brad off guard. But Coach Jackson went on.

“You get off on seeing me in control like that, kid?”

“Mmmhmm.” Brad admitted, nodding his head.

“Watching my big cock in action like that, working some poor manpussy over?”


“Fuck, kid, you got me so hot right now.” Coach Jackson groaned as they made out. “You ever think about what it would be like to let me fuck you?”

Brad shook his head, denying him, working Coach Jackson’s ass over with his hands.

Coach Jackson almost whimpered. “Aw, kid. Come on.” The giant man begged. He moved his massive, powerful hands down his athlete’s torso and down to his bubble butt. “I want in this ass so fucking bad, Williams.”

“It’s not gonna happen, Coach.” Brad replied, thrusting his tongue into the man’s mouth. His own hands were pulling the giant man’s ass cheeks apart, possessively. “Why would I switch things up when I’ve got as much pussy as I want right here?”

“Fuck, kid. . .” Coach Jackson huffed, frustrated, pounding his fists into the mattress. “I want your ass so fucking bad.”

“That’s not how it works, Coach.”

Coach Jackson was so rock hard  that the slutty little wind-shorts he was wearing were starting to dig into his skin around his waist.

“You know, kid, I could take the pussy away if I wanted to.” He smirked, kissing him hotly.

“You’ll be back, Coach.” Brad replied, biting his lip playfully.

“I mean it, kid. If you want me to keep putting out for you you’re gonna have to earn it.”

Brad leaned back and considered what his superior had said. “You’re really considering this, aren’t you coach?”

Coach Jackson met his gaze and held his ground. “I mean it, kid. No more pussy until you give it up.”

Brad held his cool. He looked down to Coach Jackson’s torso area, his massive muscles on display, the huge tent in his wind-shorts essentially pulsing with his heartbeat, a small damp spot where the head would be. “You’re on, Coach.”

Coach Jackson was taken aback. His athlete had called his bluff. “I’m serious, Williams. Just give it up and you can have it anytime you want.” He snapped his slutty wind-shorts on his ass for effect.

“I’ll keep that in mind, Coach.” Brad smirked. “You look like you’ve got quite the issue there.” He nodded to Coach Jackson’s obscene, leaking erection.

“I’m so fucking close, kid.” Coach Jackson huffed. “We can still make-out if you want.”

Brad leaned over and brought his tongue to his coach’s mouth, giving him a slow, passionate kiss. “That’s okay, Coach. I’ll respect your position.”

And with that, Brad Williams got off the mattress and started to put on his shirt. Coach Jackson watched him, frustrated, but unwilling to admit defeat.

“So what, kid, you’re just gonna leave me here with blue balls?”

“Hey, the ball’s in your court, Coach.” Brad replied, shrugging. “I’m just respecting what you said.”

Coach Jackson got off the bed and walked over toward his athlete. “Then game on, Williams.” He muttered, leaning down to kiss him, pulling on his athlete’s lip for good measure. “You just remember.” He moved his athlete’s hand so it was resting on his muscle butt. “It’s all yours as soon as you say the word.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, Coach. Shall we?” Brad gestured to the door.

“I’m sure as hell not caving first.” Coach Jackson smirked, crossing his arms.

“Yeah. . .” Brad muttered, looking his hulking superior straight in the eye. “We’ll see about that, Coach.”

“Well that was fast.” I said as Brad and Coach Jackson opened the patio door and sat down on the couch next to me as Mr. Williams was tending to the steaks. “Which one of you busted too soon?”

“We didn’t fuck.” Coach Jackson announced, crossing his arms and sulking.

“Yeah, change of plans.” Brad said, staring down at his feet.

“Well that’s a new one.” I laughed, sensing some sort of tension between the two of them. It wasn’t necessarily negative or combative tension, like a fight. It was adversarial. It was competitive.

“I have to say, brother, it’s not like you to not follow up on the job.” I said to Brad.

“We’ve got it under control, Africa.” Coach Jackson mumbled, staring Brad down. “The kid knows what he needs to do.”

“Care to elaborate on that, Coach?” I pressed, trying to gauge their reactions.

“Sorry, Africa. This is between Williams and me.”

Brad looked at him contemplatively, almost like he was sizing him up in his head. I couldn’t imagine what had gone on in his bedroom just moments ago but I was intrigued. It was obvious they weren’t fighting. But something was definitely going on between the two of them. I did know one thing, though. Whatever it was, it really was between the two of them.

            Over the next few days I definitely noticed a difference with Brad and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what exactly it was until it all of the sudden clicked. I couldn’t believe it had taken me this long to figure it out.

            Brad Williams wasn’t getting laid.

            I knew the signs. His snappy temper. The pent-up aggression. It had been five days since the cook-out on the patio and with each passing day the signs were getting more and more noticeable.

            He was in my room while I was studying and he was just tapping his foot on the floor as he stared at the wall.

            I looked at him and just sighed, putting my textbook down. “Alright, cut the bullshit, man. Just tell me what’s going on.”

            “It’s nothing, Ollie.” He replied hotly.

            “Is something going on between you and Coach Jackson? Did you guys have a fight or something?”

            “No, we didn’t fight or anything. It’s not like that.”

            “Then what’s going on? You guys haven’t had sex in like five days.”

            He sort of blushed. “Is it that obvious?” He laughed.

            “Pretty much, yeah. I know you, brother. When you’re not getting any it’s pretty easy to tell.”

            “I didn’t know it was that obvious.”

            “Yeah, well it is. So tell me. What’s going on with you two?”

            “You really want to know, Ollie?”

            “Tell me.”

            “Coach Jackson suddenly decided to grow a pair all of the sudden.”

            “Meaning what?” I asked.

            “Meaning he said he’s not going to put out for me until I let him fuck me.”

            I had to admit, I had gone through a lot of different scenarios in my head, but nothing like this.

            “I see. . .” I said, trying to sound understanding. “So basically it’s been a stand-off between you two? Coach Jackson’s waiting for you to finally let him fuck you and you’re waiting for him to cave?”

            “Pretty much.”

            “Okay, I have to ask. . . “

            “No.” Brad interrupted me.


            “No.” He crossed his arms. “I don’t get fucked.”

            “Brad, if you’re scared I totally-“

            “I’m not scared, Ollie.”

            “Well then what’s the big deal? Coach Jackson lets you fuck him all the time. All he wants is you to let him fuck you just this once. That’s it.”

            “Have. . .” He started, trying to find the right words to say. “Have you ever let my dad. . . you know. . .”

            “No. Not yet.” I replied, thinking about it. “It’s different though. He’s never wanted to.”

            “Not once? All this time you two have been together and he’s never tried?”

            “No. I would, though. For him.” I answered, honestly.

            “Have you ever done it before?”

            “Once.” I replied. “It was with a guy I went to school with back in Africa.”

            “What was it like?”

            I sighed for a second, unsure of how I should answer his question. I didn’t want to scare him off. “It wasn’t a good experience for me.” I saw the look on his face fall and I quickly recovered. “But that’s just because of the guy I was with. I’m in love with your dad. I would trust him. I’d like to give that to him. Someday.”

            Brad looked deep in thought, but I could tell he was having a tough time dealing with it. “I don’t think I could do it, brother.”

            “Sure you could, man. You’re Brad Williams. You’re the toughest guy I know. Are you worried because Coach has such a big cock?”

            “No.” He answered, seemingly honestly. “I like that he’s got a big cock. I get off on it.”

            “So then what’s the big deal?”

            “Just. . . giving up control like that. I just couldn’t do it. Especially the way he’s going about it right now. Making it a challenge to see who gives in first? Coach should know me better than that. I don’t lose.”

            “Yeah, I know what you mean.” I sighed.

            “Fuck, I’m so boned up, though. I’ve gotten so used to having all the pussy I want and then he just cuts me off like that. Cold turkey.” He said under his breath, frustrated.

            “Have you thought about getting it somewhere else? I know Brad Williams has his ways.” I laughed.

            “No.” He answered succinctly. “This is a test. For the both of us. I just need to wait it out. Coach Jackson’s wanting it just as bad as I do right now. Trust me, brother. He’ll come crawling back in no time begging me to fuck him.” He leaned back, relaxing with his arms behind his head. “Just wait. I’ve got this.”

            “I gotta say, man, I can’t wait to see if you’re right.”

            “Trust me, brother. I’ve got this all under control.” He muttered, a grin flashing across his face. The Brad Williams I knew was definitely coming back, alright.

            During practice the next day it seemed like Coach Jackson was doing his best to single Brad out as much as he could.

            “Williams! How the fuck do you expect Connors to throw you a pass if you’re not even on the right side of the fucking field!” Coach Jackson bellowed, his whistle right behind.

            “Got it, Coach!” Brad would always reply. And he really did get it. Say what you will about the guy when he’s sexually frustrated, he really brings his A game.

            After about an hour Coach Jackson just seemed to be grasping at straws, trying to find things to call out about his athlete, despite the fact he was playing like a pro.

            “Williams! How about you give another one of your teammates a chance with the fucking ball! Jesus, kid, it’s not all about you, you know!”

            “Yes sir.” Brad called back at him, getting into position for another drill.

            I looked over at Coach Jackson and the sexual frustration in his demeanor was evident. Brad was right. Coach Jackson was wanting it just as much as he was. This little stand-of between the two of them wasn’t going to last long.

            When Coach Jackson finally called us in at the end of practice everyone was exhausted.

            Justin Rogers, one of the linemen on the team sighed as he stepped into the showers with the rest of us. “Fuck man, what was with Coach today? I mean he’s been riding us hard lately, but today was just brutal.”

            “Dude, that fucking whistle of his. I just wanted to snap that thing off his fucking neck and smash it into the ground.” Another guy laughed, lathering himself up.

            I looked over at Brad who didn’t say anything. He was just staring at the tile along the wall as he rinsed off.

            After we were done showering I was tying my shoes when Coach Jackson stepped out of his office and crossed his arms, looking at Brad sternly.

            I nudged him in the side and nodded in Coach Jackson’s direction. “Looks like someone might be getting lucky after all.”

            Brad locked eyes with Coach Jackson and I swear his dick jumped in his briefs. “Yeah, I’ve seen that look before. He wants it.”

            “I’ll get a ride from one of the guys.” I told him, patting him on the shoulder. “Good luck, brother. I really want this for you.”

            “Thanks brother.” He replied. “I’ll see you back at home.”

            Brad waited as the rest of the guys slowly filtered out of the locker room, eager to get home after a particularly brutal practice.

            “Later dude.” One of the guys called out to Brad as the last of them left.

            “Yeah, see you, Kowalski.” Brad replied.

            Brad turned his attention back to Coach Jackson, who was still leaning against the door of his office, arms crossed, staring him down intensely.

            Brad threw on his shirt and casually made his way over to him, stopping right under his hulking frame.

            The two of them said nothing, sizing each other up. There was intensity in their eyes, the sexual energy between them pulsating with each breath.

            Without a word the two of them locked lips, Coach Jackson leaning his head down to welcome his athlete’s charging tongue into his mouth.

            The two of them made out furiously, each of them reaching around the other’s waist to cop a feel at the other’s meaty ass.

            “Mmmmm. . .” Coach Jackson groaned, grinding his rock hard, prick against his athlete’s, shielded by the fabric between them.

            Brad pulled at his superior’s lip with his teeth, extremely turned on.

            Coach Jackson started to thrust his hips back and forth, slamming into his athlete powerfully, grinding their dicks against one another.

            “Just say the word, Williams. . .” Coach Jackson huffed, running his tongue along his athlete’s lips.

            “No deal, Coach.” Brad muttered, spreading Coach Jackson’s meaty ass cheeks within his slutty wind-shorts. “I’m not budging.”

            “Fuck, kid. . .” Coach Jackson groaned, frustrated. “Just give it up. I want your ass so fucking bad.”

            “It’s not gonna happen, Coach.” Brad replied, kissing him hotly. “Just let it go. I know you need to get off. Just say the word and I’ll fuck you. Right here. Right now.  I know you’ve been wanting it.”

            “FUCK!” Coach Jackson shouted, slamming his fist against the lockers, echoing around the deserted locker room.

            “I know you want it, Coach.”

            Coach Jackson was grinding their charged pricks against one another, the fabric between them completely soaked with precum from the two of them. Days and days of sexual aggression coming out in full force.

            “Come on, Williams. Just let me have it. Just this once.” He whimpered, sliding his tongue into his athlete’s mouth.

            “Sorry, Coach. No deal.” Brad replied, feeling as Coach Jackson’s thrusts became more urgent. This hulking authority figure was about to cream his shorts just pretending he was getting a shot at Brad Williams’s ass.

            Coach Jackson’s grip on his athlete’s ass was getting more and more desperate as the giant man continued to thrust his hips forward, rubbing their dicks together between their clothes, so aching to get off after going so long without.

            Brad could hear Coach Jackson’s breathing start to quicken. His tongue was forcing its way through his mouth as he was going for his nut.

            And just when he knew his hulking superior was about to send himself over the edge, Brad stepped away from him, wiping his face.

            Coach Jackson opened his eyes, so close to the edge. Brad just stared him down.

            “GAAAAH!!!” Coach Jackson bellowed, pounding his fist into the lockers again, making them rattle all across the empty locker room. Brad Williams had heard this man utter a noise like this many times before, but there was no mistaking it. He wasn’t announcing his pending orgasm this time. Instead he was voicing his frustration at having it taken away from him at the very last second.

            Coach Jackson stood there, breathing in and out, furious. He couldn’t even put his frustrations into words at this point.

            And without another word, Brad Williams turned away and started walking out of the locker room.



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