Hey readers, this is a story of mine that has gotten a really good response from people as I've been writing it and I thought I'd share it with you all here. I so enjoy getting feedback and comments; they really do make my day. I decided to combine the first two chapters into one so that you guys could get all that pesky character development out of the way and get to see some good stuff. I can tell you I've already written many, many chapters to follow and it's nonstop action from here. Enjoy!     [email protected]


                                                      Chapter 1

My name is Olujimi. Where I’m from in South Africa it means “gift from God”.  At the English language school I have been attending my friends call me Ollie. I have been given the utmost honor and opportunity to travel to the United States for the equivalent of my senior year of high school and become fully immersed in the culture I have grown to love for so many years.

            I was lucky enough to have been born into a wealthy family who was originally from Europe before my mother and father decided to return to what they felt was their “homeland” in Africa. I was lucky that they were able to give me a perspective of different types of cultures and different types of perspectives on life. I was an excellent student and athlete but I was not confident I would receive the blessing of getting the opportunity to travel to the United States so when I received my letter of acceptance I was over the moon with joy.

            I would be staying with the Williams family of Sacramento, California. They were a white family with a son exactly my age. Other than that I did not know anything else about them. I was nervous about staying with a white family. So much of my country’s history is tainted with the dark deeds of white men, but my parents had always instilled in me a love for my fellow human beings and the fact that I attended an English school with many white students made me feel less of an outcast around white people. I was very excited to start a new life in America. I was extremely fascinated by the culture. Part of what fascinated me about American culture was the acceptance of homosexuality. My country had made great strides when it came to social issues but homosexuality is still not discussed in my culture. Needless to say that didn’t stop me from fucking both of my roommates daily with my big, black cock during my time at the academy. What is it you Americans say?  Boys will be boys. I was excited to explore my sexuality more in America where I would have the freedom to do so.

            When I got off the plane in Sacramento I breathed a sigh of relief. I had made it. But my journey was just beginning. The agency that handled the exchange program told me that the Williams family would be waiting outside of the gate to welcome me. There may have been a lot of white people in this airport but there was certainly no mistaking three white people smiling at me and waving me over. This was my first glimpse at the family with whom I would be living for the next year. The father was quite handsome. The type of modest handsome where he doesn’t even know how handsome he was. He was very tall and I could tell he kept himself fit, but he wasn’t flaunting it the way some of the other guys in this airport were. He smiled at me genuinely as I shook his hand. His told me to call him Mike. The wife, Kate, was next. She was a pretty woman and was dressed very professionally like she had just come from an important meeting. Apparently she was the breadwinner in the family and Mike worked from writing computer software. The son, Brad was last. Brad seemed like a nice guy. He was on the football team and was extremely good looking. He shook my hand with a firm grasp and patted me on the back. After worrying for so long about what my host family would be like I was so relieved when I met the Williams family. They were nice enough to welcome me to their home for a full year. I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

            On the way home the four of us went through a day’s worth of conversation in the 1 hour it took to get home from the airport. They were just as fascinated in me as I was in them. They also treated me to something I had been curious about ever since I was a child- McDonald’s. When we stopped at the drive-thru window I was overwhelmed with the options.

            “Here you go, Ollie, anything you like. What looks good to you?” Mr. Williams said kindly.

            “I’ll have a big-mac.” Brad said from his seat in the back. He looked over to me. “It’s got three buns, man.”

            “Three? Three buns?” I exclaimed incredulously.

            “Three buns.” He repeated, laughing.


            “I’ll take one big-mac and a #9 with a coffee-“ Mr. Williams began.

            “Oh, honey you really shouldn’t be having coffee this late. You know how you are with caffeine. Have a water instead. And do you really think you should be having fried food? Ask for it grilled.” Mrs. Williams interjected.

            Mr. Williams sighed and said softly, “Never mind on that iced coffee. And I’ll have it grilled.”


            Brad rolled his eyes and mouthed, “Get used to it.”

            “Ollie, what do you want?”

            “I can’t decide between anything on the first row.” I laughed.

            “Well then why not get it all and sample it?” Mr. Williams smiled.

            “Mike, are you crazy!” She exclaimed. “Do you want the poor boy to die?”

            “It’s his first American meal, Kate! He needs the full experience.”

            “He’s right, mom!” Brad agreed.

            “Mr. Williams, I couldn’t possibly-“ I began.

            “We’ll take a number 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.” Mr. Williams said proudly into the intercom. “And please call me Mike.” He added to me.

            “Thank you… Mike.” I said, smiling. It was considered disrespectful to call an adult by their first name in my country. This was going to take some getting used to.

            Over the next few weeks time seemed to fly by. I was having an amazing experience in Sacramento. The Williams’s house was unreal. It was three stories and everything was modern. First three buns on a hamburger and now 3 stories? I love America! I even had my own room. The Williams were apparently quite wealthy; though you’d never know it from the way they treat other people. I got along great with Mike, Kate, and Brad. They treated me with nothing but kindness and after the first week or two we started being able to speak freely around each other like we actually were family. They encouraged Brad and I to speak our minds and challenged us to think creatively. I had no idea if this was an American thing or a Williams thing.

            At school Brad introduced me proudly to all of his friends on the team as his brother. Brad and I got along great. Not only did we share common interests, we were both on the football team so our schedules were completely in sync. My team was very impressed with my skills on the team. I was lucky to have the opportunity to play American football back in my country and it was for that reason I won the scholarship for the exchange program in the first place.

            I was making friends in all of my classes and it seemed all of the students were interested in learning more about me. I was definitely happy with my situation.

            Something I was unused to in my country was the authority a woman could have over her family. Kate was the boss at home. She was always very kind to me but I could see how she could be overbearing to Mike and Brad. She was a good mother, but I couldn’t help but feel she could be a little warmer to her husband. Perhaps she was just too busy at work.

            Since Mike worked from home I easily got to know him the best. We bonded over him showing me how he writes his computer software. He was so modest in the work he does but I still felt like he was a genius. I kind of got the vibe that he doesn’t get the amount of appreciation he deserves. He didn’t say that, but I felt it. The way he smiled so genuinely when I praised him for his hard work and intelligence made him light up from the inside out. It kind of made me sad that such a handsome, intelligent, kind man was so unappreciated.

            I woke up early one Saturday morning and decided to go work out in the gym they had on the first floor. Like I said, this house was amazing.

            I walked into the gym with nothing but my wind shorts on, ready to run for at least half an hour before switching to weights. To my surprise Mr. Williams was already in there using the treadmill.

            “Oh hey Ollie.” He smiled at me, turning down the speed. He looked kind of embarrassed to see me. He was wearing a skin tight t-shirt and I was surprised to see how fit he looked.

            “Hey Mr. Williams.” I greeted him.

            “It’s Mike, remember?” He winked.

            “Sorry Mike. It’s just hard to get used to.” I apologized.

            “Don’t sweat it, Ollie. I just want you to feel comfortable around me. Around us, I mean.” He said, stumbling on his sentence.

            “Oh I do, Mike. I am so grateful for your family and everything you all have done for me. You are the kindest people I have ever met.” I said honestly.

            “Well we’re happy you’re happy. Listen, I’ve got about 2 minutes left on this thing and then it’s all yours. I didn’t know you’d be up this early.”

            “It’s no rush, Mike. Honestly.” I had been trying to shake it out of my head for the past few weeks but it was beginning to become increasingly more clear to me that I was attracted to Mike Williams. I couldn’t decide if I was more attracted to his mind or to his body. He was exactly my type. Older with a swimmer’s build and tall. Seeing his fit frame in that tight little t-shirt wasn’t helping.

            “So you seem like you’re bulking up a little.” He said, nodding toward my athletic frame. “The team sure is lucky to have you.”

            “Thanks.” I said, blushing. “Brad’s got me on this protein powder he uses and it’s really helping me bulk up.

            “Clearly.” He said, laughing. “If I’m not careful Brad could pick me up and throw me out the window if I piss him off hard enough.”

            “Well, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you, Mike.” I assured him. I was mesmerized watching him. “You know, you look pretty good, yourself, Mike.”

            “Aww, you’re just saying that. But I was the nerd kids like you and Brad used to stuff into broom closets. Still am.”

            “No, really. And Brad doesn’t pick on anyone. He’s a nice guy.”

            “Yeah, you’re right. Brad is a nice guy. Kate and I are really lucky.”

            “Yeah she is…” I said stupidly before I realized what I had said.

            “You two just need to remember once you’re an old man like me the 6-pack starts looking more like a 2 liter.” He laughed.

            “Not from where I’m standing.” Was I seriously flirting with my married host-father? “Do you work out every day?”

            “I try to keep active when I can. Otherwise I’d go crazy cooped up in this big old house staring at a computer screen all day.”

            The treadmill beeped and I could hear it start to wind down.

            “There. Now even if I get no work done today I will have officially at least done something somewhat productive today.” He sighed, wiping his brow and stepping off the machine.

            “Don’t be silly, the amount of work you accomplish every day would drive anyone crazy.”

            “Yeah, well tell Kate that.” He said, frowning. He paused for a second, embarrassed. “I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t mean it.” He stammered.

            “That’s okay. I know things can be tough.” I assured him.

            “Thanks, Ollie.” He said, patting me on the shoulder and heading toward the door. “Have a good workout.”

            “Thanks Mike.” I smiled. I couldn’t help but notice how great of an ass he had in those tight little wind shorts as he walked out. And I suddenly became aware that I had a giant slab of black meat tenting down my right leg through my equally tight wind shorts. Fuck! How long has that thing been there? I panicked. You’ve built such a nice life for yourself here, Olujimi. Don’t fuck it up now. He’s a married man, for god’s sake. And he’s opened up his home to you. I ran for a solid hour that morning before realizing how much time had passed. Apparently my first American boy crush was actually an American man.

            Brad was out of the house for the majority of the day so I decided to get a head start on my school work. I was a straight A student back in South Africa and I wanted to stay a straight A student.

            “Knock knock.” Mr. Williams said, tapping his knuckle against the door. I was disappointed to see he was dressed in his usual button down shirt and long pants. For some reason I seemed to prefer him in as little as possible like this morning.

            “Hey Mike.” I smiled.

            “In what world does a jock football player like you stay inside on a sunny Saturday like this and do homework?” He laughed.

            “I like it.” I said honestly. “I like homework.”

            “Oh my god, you’re one of us!” He laughed.

            “One of who?”

            “Nerds!” He said, smiling.

            “Yeah, I guess I am.”

            “And those guys on the football team haven’t sniffed you out yet?”

            “Not yet.”

            “Speaking of, is Brad still out?”

            “Yeah, he left before lunch.”

            “I guess he’s with his girlfriend. It’s the one thing in the world he is secretive about.”

            “Yeah, I guess so.”

            “Well if you’re seriously okay with staying in today I’ll leave you alone.” He smiled. “Just wanted to see if you were okay.”

            “Thanks Mr. Williams. Sorry, I mean Mike.”

            “Don’t worry about it. If you want to call me Mr. Williams then call me Mr. Williams.”

            “Really?” I questioned.

            “Yeah, what good is trying to make someone more comfortable by forcing them to do something they’re not comfortable with?”

            “Thanks Mr. Williams.” I said, relieved.

            “And besides, I like the way it sounds with your accent.” He said, turning away to leave.

            I smiled to myself and went back to my work.


            Brad came home after dinner and came up to my room to see what I was doing.

            “What’s up, man?” He said, patting my back as he went to take a seat on the couch.

            “Nothing much. I got a lot of homework done.”

            “Seriously?” He said with a disgusted look on his face.

            “Yeah, seriously. Some of us actually like learning, you moron.” I teased.

            “Yeah, well the rest of us actually like getting laid.” He countered.

            This kind of thing always made me uneasy. Brad and I really got along. We were like brothers. I didn’t want him to start talking about girls and make me play along like I was in any way interested in them.

            “Did you have a good time? What’s her name?” I asked.

            “Dude, so great.” He said, throwing up one of my books and spinning it on his hand. “I hadn’t gotten laid since last weekend.”

            “Well I’m happy for you.” I said truthfully. “Does she go to our school?”

            He caught the book and set it down, looking at me seriously.

            “Do you really want to know?” He asked intensely.

            “Yeah, why not?” I answered, meeting his stare.

            “Dude, promise me you won’t freak out or anything.”

            “Brad, what are you talking about? I’m cool, I promise.”

            “Okay. I guess you were going to find out sooner or later since you’re on the team and all.”


            “I wasn’t out with a girlfriend.” He said, uncomfortably.

            “What do you mean?”

            “You know Jason Foster? The tall guy from the team?”

            “What, are you fucking his girl or something?” I asked, confused.

            “No, man.” He said slowly, his eyes darting around. “I was fucking Jason Foster…”

            “WHAT?” I shouted in utter disbelief. He jumped at my reaction and tried to calm me down.

            “Dude, calm down, you said you’d be cool.”

            “I can’t believe what you’re saying, man.” I said hurriedly. I was so excited. My jock foster-brother was gay, too?

            “Look, man calm down.” He said, slowly. “I’m not gay.”

            I froze.

            “What do you mean you’re not gay?”

            “I mean I’m not gay. I just like fucking.”

            I was so confused. And at that moment I decided not to show my cards just yet. I couldn’t tell Brad I was gay if he would still judge me. I know how horny teenaged athletes can be. If he said he wasn’t gay I believed him.

            “So you’re fucking Jason Foster?” I asked, calming down.

            “Dude, he can deep throat like no one I have ever seen. And he likes to get fucked.” He paused for a second. “Are you sure I can talk to you about things like this? I mean, if it makes you uncomfortable…”

            “I’m just surprised is all.” I lied, trying to play it cool.

            “That’s okay, man. I’m sure you’re not really used to this kind of thing.”

            “Yeah…” I said, barely keeping a straight face. If only this pretty white boy knew how many guys I’d bent over in my life time….

            “I have to admit, it’s kind of nice being able to talk to someone about it.” He said. “You’re a really cool guy, Ollie.”

            “No problem, Brad.” I said, trying to play it cool.

            “And hey” he said, getting up from the couch. “If you’re ever itching to fuck you know I can find you some ass.”  

            “Thanks man. I might consider it.” I said, deviously. I knew he meant he could get me in touch with Jason, but I had other ideas.

 By the end of this semester I was going to fuck Brad Williams. Hell, by the end of the semester I was going to fuck his dad, too. The only question was which Williams I was going to get to bend over for my big, black cock first.

                                                       Chapter 2

Over the next few weeks I started to ingratiate myself more and more into my hot host-brother’s sex life. I had to play it cool, adding lots of “I don’t know man…”’s and “This is all so new to me…”’s but eventually I convinced Brad to take me with him when he went to spend some quality time with Jason Foster. Sure, I really had my eyes set on my football jock host-brother’s ass in the long run but Jason Foster was a welcome distraction for the time being. This guy was hot. Jason was the tallest guy on the team and I love fucking tall guys. He had a nice body and he was extremely good-looking. I loved the idea of fucking a jock that could get any girl he wanted but chose instead to bend over for me.

            Brad and I arrived at Jason’s house and his dad answered the door.

            “Hey Brad, how’s it hanging, guy?” Mr. Foster said, patting him on the shoulder. “Who’s your friend?”

            “This is Ollie, my host-brother.”

            “Well it’s nice to meet you, Ollie.” He said, giving me a firm handshake. “Where are you from?”

            “I’m from South Africa. It’s very pleasant to meet you, sir.” I said, staring into Mr. Foster’s dark brown eyes. Mr. Foster was just my type. Tall, older, and handsome.

            “Well Jason’s up in his room. He said he’d be expecting you so you can just head on up there. Jason’s mom and I are about to head out for some errands so you guys can have the house to yourselves. I figured you could use the quiet time to help study.”

            “Thanks Mr. Foster.” Brad said angelically, as if the reason he had arrived at this man’s home was to study for school and not double team his son from both ends.

            “You guys be sure and stay on top of Jason. My son starts to drift away after a while.” He said, looking us over and then smiling.

            “Trust me.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, sir.” Brad said deviously, with me desperately trying to stifle a laugh.


            We headed upstairs and Brad stopped at what appeared to be Jason’s door but looked at me and held a finger up to his lips and signaled me to stay put. I nodded and he turned the doorknob and went in the room, leaving the door open enough for me to see into.

            “Hey stud.” I heard Jason say followed by the sounds of making out.

            “My parents-“ Jason said in between kisses. “They’ll be back-“

            “Everything’s fine. I talked to your dad. We have time.”

            I quietly moved toward the crack on the door and peered inside.

            Jason and Brad were intensely making out. Jason was about 6 inches taller than Brad’s 6’1 and Jason had to lean his head down to get at Brad’s lips. Jason had his hands up Brad’s shirt and it appeared he was playing with Brad’s nipples as they made out. Brad smoothly moved both of his hands to Jason’s ass and grabbed it firmly, making sure I got a peak at how fat Jason’s ass was on his lean body.

            This was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. These tall, masculine jocks were about to start fucking and I was going to see it all.

            Brad broke off their kissing and pulled Jason down so that Jason was kneeling in front of Brad’s waist. Brad looked up at me through the door and winked. I couldn’t help but think Brad sure liked kissing dudes for a “straight guy”.

            “You wanna suck my cock?” He asked, biting his lip.

            “Oh fuck yeah.” Jason groaned. He grabbed the waist of Brad’s shorts and pulled them down. Brad’s cock popped out, almost hitting Jason in the cheek. Brad had a big cock. It was probably the thickest cock I had ever seen. If I’d have guessed it was probably 7 and a half inches long and just as thick at the base as it was at the head.

            Brad looked up at me again and stuck his tongue out at me, excitedly.

            Jason put his tongue along Brad’s giant balls and started licking up until he got to the head and just went for it and started deep throating Brad’s beer can cock.

            “Fuck yeah, dude. Swallow that cock, man.” Brad groaned, closing his eyes and grabbing Jason’s hair softly.

            This was too hot. I had to take my cock out. I knew Mr. and Mrs. Foster had left already so what was the risk? I quietly lowered my shorts to free my hard, black dick. While Brad had me beat by width I had about 3 inches on him in length. Brad saw me and grinned before looking down at my erection and dropping his jaw when he saw how big my cock was. He stared at me intensely and mouthed, “Fuck yeah, man” before closing his eyes again and letting Jason suck his cock gleefully.

            Brad enjoyed Jason’s cock sucking skills for a few more minutes before moving positions a little so that Jason now had his back completely to me. Brad reached down and pulled Jason’s shorts down a little so that the most perfect bubble butt was revealed from his kneeling position.

            Fuck, that was a nice ass. My dick was rock hard and I was massaging it slowly, not wanting to cum just yet. But that ass was tempting me to just blow right now.

            “Oh fuck that’s good.” Brad moaned as Jason completely swallowed his thick cock all the way to his big balls. Brad held his head down gently before letting Jason come back up again.

            “You want to eat my ass?” Brad suggested calmly. My dick throbbed in my hand as he said it.

            “You know I do.” Jason said, panting.


                        Brad gave me one last look before turning around and leaning against the wall, sticking his gorgeous, muscle jock ass out for Jason to feast upon. Fuck fuck fuck, I was finally getting to see my host-brother’s ass! It was perfect. What I would give to trade places with Jason and get to eat out my host-brother’s hole right now. Jason spread apart the gorgeous cheeks and began to lick around Brad’s tight hole.

                        “Fuck, man. Uggggh” Brad groaned, reaching his hand around to pull Jason’s head further into his ass.

                        “Yeah, you like that?” Brad said cockily as Jason licked his hole. Jason moaned in assurance but I had a feeling Brad was asking me, not Jason.

                        The fact that these two gorgeous, masculine jocks were fucking in private and not letting the world see it was a travesty. But at least I got to see it.

            “God damn, that’s good.” Brad groaned, pounding his fists on the wall. “Eat that tight hole, man.”

            After a few minutes Brad pushed himself off the wall and lifted his leg around Jason’s head so that his cock was standing straight out menacingly near Jason’s face. A string of precum had slowly made its way out of Brad’s cock while he had had his hole eaten.  “Alright man, it’s time for me to pound that ass.” He said, looking right into my eyes as he grabbed his dick and pulled it down before releasing it, snapping it up against his abs and smiling at me cockily. Oh this kid was asking for it, I thought. And he’s going to get it. Sooner or later. And he’ll never go back. Brad’s ass was just too good for it not to be fucked constantly like it deserves.

            Jason handed Brad some lube and got up onto his bed, laying on his back and crossing his arms behind his head. This was the first time I had gotten a good glimpse of Jason’s cock. This guy had a big cock for a bottom! I couldn’t wait to see it flopping around while Brad took his ass. There’s nothing that turns me on more than a big dicked bottom.

            Brad lubed up his cock and around Jason’s hole, sticking a few fingers up there for good measure.

            “You want it?” Brad asked, tapping his thick head against Jason’s ass.


            “Come on man, fuck me.” Jason commanded, reaching up to give Brad’s nipple a good tug.

            Brad lined up his dick with Jason’s hole and began to sink his dick into Jason’s pretty boy jock ass.

            “Fuuuuck man.” Jason groaned.

            “Yeah, you like what you see?” Brad called out.

            “Oh fuck yeah.” Jason moaned.

            “Not you, silly.” Brad replied.

            “Huh?” Jason exclaimed, opening his eyes and spotting me at the door jacking my huge black cock. “What the fuck man?” He shouted, squirming around as he became completely impaled on Brad’s thick cock.

            “Relax dude.” Brad said, leaning down to kiss him. “He’s cool.”

            Jason looked at me apprehensively and then groaned when Brad made a particularly deep thrust into him.

            “What do you think, brother?” Brad asked, smiling at me.

            “I think it’s fucking hot.” I answered walking up to Brad’s side to watch his thick cock penetrate our masculine team mate.

            “Yeah? You want some of this ass?” Brad asked, spanking Jason.

            “Yeah I do.” I answered almost in a trance.

            “You want him to fuck you with his huge black cock, Jase?” Brad asked, looking down at our teammate.

            “Fuck yeah.” Jason groaned, reaching out to grab my huge cock.

            “He’s all yours.” Brad grinned, slowly withdrawing his dick and stepping aside. Jason’s hole was red and could barely close on its own. I couldn’t blame him, judging from how thick the cock was that just left him.

            “Come on man, fuck him.” Brad said, patting me on the shoulder. “He needs it bad.” He muttered, picking up Jason’s rock hard cock that was leaking a steady stream of precum on his abs.

            “You ever taken a black cock before?” Brad asked Jason.

            “Never.” Jason said, shaking his head.

            “Well you’re about to get fucked by a big black cock. And you seem pretty excited about it.” Brad said, grabbing Jason’s cock and slapping it against his abs.

            “Fuck yeah.” Jason groaned. “Give it to me, man.” He said looking into my eyes.

            “You asked for it.” I muttered, sinking the first few inches of my cock up his hole.

            “Oh fuuuuuuck that’s a big cock.” Jason moaned. His hole was soft and slick from Brad’s precum and it was really turning me on. Double teaming one of our best friends was proving to be a very great experience for my host-brother and I.

            “Go on, man. Fuck the cum out of him like he wants you to.” Brad encouraged me, rubbing my back approvingly.           

            And then Brad did something that surprised me. He leaned into me and gave me a slow kiss. Oh fuck, that did it. I started fucking Jason powerfully as I let my hot host-brother stick his tongue into my mouth. I was making out with Brad Williams. I was making out with Brad Williams. I was making out with Brad Williams. I had never been so turned on before. I was giving Jason the fuck of his life. I got lost into Brad as we continued to make out before I realized I was planting my seed deep inside my friend. Brad continued to let my tongue in his mouth as I shot my load. I felt something warm on my hip as Brad started shooting his load onto my leg. He moaned into my mouth as he continued to drop his seed onto me. We broke off our kiss to catch our breath before looking down at Jason. His hands were still behind his head like they had been from the start but there were three or four massive streaks of cum running down his chest. When or how he had shot his load was a mystery to me, but it was clear he had enjoyed himself just as much as Brad and I just had.

            “We’re definitely going to have to do that again.” Brad said, leaning down to Jason’s cum soaked chest and scooping some onto his tongue and proceeding to let it drip into Jason’s mouth before kissing him again. Brad reached his arm above his head and grabbed my shoulder, pulling me down to do the same. He scooped up some more cum onto his tongue and wrapped his lips around mine, feeding me the load I had just fucked out of our friend. I was looking forward to Brad explaining this little act to me later while trying to maintain that he was “straight”.

            “You took it like a pro, man.” Brad praised, giving Jason a pat on the shoulder.

            “You guys can have my ass any time you want.” He said, leaning his head back exhaustedly to catch his breath.

            “Sounds good to me.” I said, sticking my finger in Jason’s hole to feel my seed slowly making it’s way out of his ass.

            “How long does it take for your parents to run errands?” Brad asked, grinning.

            “I think I may have time for another round.” Jason smiled.

            Brad looked at me and grinned. “So would you like to do the honors or should I?” He asked, grabbing Jason’s ass and giving it a good squeeze.



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