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Chapter 18

Coach Jackson and I got busy in the kitchen when it was time for dinner. I knew the four of us were going to be going through a lot of food this weekend so I wasn’t surprised at the amount of food he had me collect from the coolers.

            Brad rounded the corner and stopped in the doorway. “Anything I can help with, guys? Or do the two of you have it covered?”

            “Nah, Africa and I can manage.” Coach Jackson replied. “Besides, you never listen to me on the field, what’s going to be any different when I’m telling you how to cook potatoes?”

            “Works for me.” Brad shrugged. “Just call me when it’s ready. I’m fucking starving.”

            “Yeah yeah.” Coach Jackson muttered, moving him aside as he went into the pantry to get something from one of the shelves.

            “I’ll go and see what my dad’s doing, I guess. Anyone know where he is?”

            I pointed out to the dock. “I think he’s feeling contemplative.”

            “Contemplative in a good or bad way?” He asked.

            “I’m not really sure. Why don’t you go and check on him?”

            “Yeah, I’m going to go out there and sit with him. You sure you guys have everything covered in here?”

            “Yeah, I think we got it.” I replied.

            “Fuck off, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted casually, chopping some onions.

            “I believe what Coach meant to say was thanks for offering but your assistance isn’t needed at this time.” I laughed, shaking my head.

            “Welcome to my world, brother.” Brad laughed. He headed out the door to go over to the dock.

            Brad Williams could just make out a lone figure sitting at the edge of the dock. It truly was a beautiful place to be. He didn’t blame is dad for wanting to enjoy the scenery.

            “Looking for some company?” Brad called out as he grew closer.

            “Always, son.” Mr. Williams smiled, patting a place next to him.

            “You feeling okay, Dad?” Brad asked, sitting down next to him and joining him, dipping his feet in the cold water.

            “I’m feeling about as good as I’ve ever felt in a long, long time, son.” Mr. Williams sighed, content.

            “I’m glad.” Brad replied. “You looked like you were thinking about something.”

            “I think about a lot of things, son.”

            “I’m really glad we’re here, Dad.”

            “Me too, son. Here, and also just finally being honest with each other.” Mr. Williams said, circling his feet in the water.

            “You were really nervous about how I would take it, weren’t you?” Brad asked.

            “Of course I was. How was I going to tell you? What was I going to say? Hell, even I’m not entirely sure what it is I’m looking for.”

            “Dad, this is kind of hard for me to say.” Brad struggled, trying to find the right words. “But I’m not- I don’t know. I’m not blaming you for what happened.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “For what happened with Mom. Or what’s happening with Mom, I guess.”

            “It’s complicated, son.” Mr. Williams sighed, uneasy.

            “Is it, though? I mean Mom’s been checked out for years. And I know you think I don’t know everything that’s been going on. But I do. I know that whatever it is you’re doing right now with Ollie isn’t something she didn’t do first.”

            Mr. Williams was silent for a while. “I never said your mother was cheating on me.”

            “I know you didn’t. But I can figure things out more than a lot of people give me credit for. And the fact that you didn’t tell me what was going on on her end just makes you an even better dad. Seriously. That takes a good man to hold something like that in.”

            “I would have never done that. She’s your mother.”

            “I know. I know it’s complicated. It’s not an easy situation. I just wanted you to know that I think it’s great that you and Ollie have each other. I really do. I’ve seen how happy he makes you.”

            Mr. Williams put his head in his hands and inhaled, emotionally.

            “What’s the matter, Dad?” Brad asked, rubbing his dad’s shoulder to comfort him.

            “These- these past few months. I’ve been terrified of what would happen when you found out about Ollie and me. I thought you would hate me. I thought you would lose all the respect you had for me. I thought I was going to lose you forever. And here-“ He wiped his eyes for a second. “Here you are now, saying all of these wonderful things to me. I just- I just never thought I would be so lucky.”

            “Of course, Dad. I just want you to be happy. I know it’s what everyone always says, but I really mean it. Ollie makes you happy. There’s no denying it.”

            “Thanks son.”

            “Yeah Dad.”

            “Enough about me.” Mr. Williams laughed for a second, feeling emotional. “What about you? What about your happiness?”

            “What about it?”

            “Well, what about you and Dan?”

            “That is so not the same thing. It’s completely different.” Brad shrugged him off.

            “Why is it any different?”

            “Well for starters, he’s not even my boyfriend. He’s just my. . .”

            “I really don’t need you to finish that sentence, son.” Mr. Williams laughed. “But listen to me for a second. Do you care about him?”

            “Do I care about him?”

            “You heard me.”

            “It’s- I don’t know, Dad. It’s not like that. It’s not like what you and Ollie have.”

            “And why is that?”

            “Because. . . Coach and I just aren’t like that.”

            “Alright, let me ask you something.” Mr. Williams pressed.


            “Does your day get brighter whenever you spend time with him?”

            “Well, yeah. But how could it not, considering what we do?”

            “Alright. Have you had your eye on anyone else since the two of you started whatever it is that you’re doing?”

            “Well. . . It’s complicated. I mean maybe once or twice, but for the most part, no.”

            “The old Brad Williams would have answered that question very differently. The old Brad Williams was spending every weekend with a new cheerleader, not even bothering to remember their names when he was done with them.”

            Brad was hurt for a second but he couldn’t disagree.

            Mr. Williams continued. “Alright, what about this. Have you introduced this guy to your dad yet?”

            Brad laughed. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” He shrugged, noting the scenery around him.

            “Well then son, I really hate to break it to you, but you’ve got yourself a boyfriend.” Mr. Williams grinned.

            “Oh come on, Dad. He’s not my boyfriend.”

            “I’m afraid he is, son. Big time.”

            “Well you can believe whatever you want to believe, I guess.” Brad scoffed, laughing.

            “Look, son. I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t obvious physiological benefits to whatever it is that you’ve got going on with Dan. But I really mean it when I say there is so much more to a relationship than just sex. And it’s so much more meaningful when it’s with someone you really care about.”

            “Are you really giving me the ‘sex should only be between two people who are in love’ speech, Dad?”

            “No, listen to me son. I really mean it. I’m not going to beat around the bush. We’re past that now. I’ve had a lot more sex in my life than you would probably want to believe or think about.”

            “No shit.” Brad laughed.

            “But all of that meaningless time I spent in college sowing my wild oats doesn’t even compare to what it’s like with someone you love. I’ve had that with your mother and I’ve had that with Ollie.”

            Brad was silent for a while as he took his dad’s words in.

            “Look, I’m not saying you should fall in love tomorrow.” Mr. Williams continued. “But I just want you to open yourself up to the possibility of it. I know you like to think of yourself as the guy who’s done it all and done it the best. But you don’t know what you’re missing, son.”

            “You two are really in love, aren’t you? You and Ollie.”

            “Yeah, son. We are.”

            “I think I want that.” Brad admitted.

            “Of course you want that. You’re a human being who has just as many emotional needs as physical needs. And when you finally find a way to combine the two with one special person it’s the greatest thing in the world.”

            “So you think I could find that? With Coach?”

            “I’m not saying you can’t.” Mr. Williams shrugged. “So what’s stopping you from trying.”

            “Nothing. I guess?”

            “It’s your life, son.” Mr. Williams sighed, starting to get up. “It’s like you said. I just want you to be happy.”

            “I know, Dad.” Brad smiled.

            “Enough sappiness for one night. What do you say we head on back and see what those boys have wrestled up for dinner?”

            “Sounds great to me.” Brad laughed, getting up. “Thanks dad. Really.”

            “Any time, son. Just think about what I said. I know you’re young, but you’re a man now. I just wish I had understood all of this when I was your age.”

            “I appreciate it, Dad.”

            They heard the cabin door spring open and a booming voice bellowed at them. “Dinner’s ready! Williams! Mike!”

            “Perfect timing.” Brad said, as they walked across the dock.

            “WILLIAMS! I’m not your fucking butler. You coming in to eat or what?”

            “Quit bitching, Coach! We’re coming!” Brad yelled back before he could catch himself. They heard the cabin door slam and Brad couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s going to be work a progress, I guess. We may not ease into it as smoothly as you and Ollie did.”

            “With the two of you hotheads I’m not expecting any miracles.” Mr. Williams laughed. “But that guy in there is your boyfriend whether you’re ready to call him that or not.”

            “Yeah, well let’s see how he takes to being called that.”

            “I could have a heart to heart with Dan tomorrow night? Same spot on the dock back there? I feel like it really sets the mood just right.”

            “I hope you’re joking. . .”

            “Okay, I get it.” Mr. Williams laughed, putting his arm around his son’s shoulder as they walked back to the cabin.            

Everyone was surprised that there was a pretty unanimous decision to retire and go to bed after dinner. Since all the daylight was gone there wasn’t much to do late at night and this way we could get a head start on our day early tomorrow.

            “See you guys bright and early in the morning.” Coach Jackson said as we headed down the long hall way to our rooms.

            “Yeah, see you tomorrow, Dan.” Mr. Williams smiled, stopping at his and my door and waving goodnight to them before we went in.

            Coach Jackson made sure to thoroughly close the door behind himself and his athlete once they were both in the master bedroom.

            “Day one down. Two more to go.” He sighed, taking off his shirt and getting into bed.

            “I love how nervous you are around my dad, Coach.” Brad laughed, doing the same before he got in bed next to him.

            “Mike and I have known each other for years now but it’s still going to take some getting used to. For the both of us.”

            Coach Jackson looked at his watch for a second and then turned to his athlete. “I’m pooped. We gonna fuck or what, Williams?”

            “I see you’re getting straight to the point tonight, Coach.” Brad laughed.

            “When have you known me to beat around the bush?” Coach Jackson grinned, rolling over and positioning his huge body over his athlete and leaning down to kiss him.

            “So- something became- painfully obvious- to me today.” Brad managed to say in between thrusts of the giant man’s tongue.

            “Yeah, what’s that, Williams?”

            “You’re not gonna like it, Coach.”

            “Yeah, and when the fuck has that ever stopped you from saying something to piss me off? Go on. Spill it.”

            “Well. . .” Brad began before he decided to just go for broke. “I’m kind of your boyfriend.”

            “Oh, not this shit again.” Coach Jackson grunted, rolling off of him and sighing.

            “Just think about it, Coach.” Brad pressed.

            “Think about what, exactly?”

            “We’ve been fucking for four months now.”


            “Well I don’t know about you, Coach, but that beats my longest relationship by about three months and twenty-eight days.”

            “Fuck, Williams. Whoever thought you’d be the chick in this relationship?”

            “Aha! So we’re in a relationship now?” Brad countered, swatting the man’s shoulder.

            “What? No. I mean- Fuck. I don’t know. Maybe. . .”

            “Look, we’ve been having sex for four months now.”

            “Ugh, now we’re ‘having sex’ instead of fucking?” Coach Jackson rolled his eyes.

            “Would you fucking let me talk for a second?” Brad hissed. “Jesus, you’re stubborn.”

            “Alright. Go on, kid.”

            “We’ve been having sex for four months now.”

            “Uh huh.”

            “And we’re going to keep having sex, right?”

            “Unless you piss me off.”

            “Then what’s your hang-up on just calling this what it is?” Brad asked, shrugging.

            Coach Jackson hesitated. Brad just took a deep breath and decided to lay it out on the line. “Fuck it, I’ll say it. I care about you, Coach.”

            Coach Jackson acted like he was about to argue with him some more but instead he fell back, speechless. “You- you ‘care’ about me?”

            “Yeah, I care about you.” Brad shrugged. “And I really don’t have any problem admitting it.”

            “Shit.” Coach Jackson sighed, conflicted. “I swear, I thought when I stopped fucking chicks I was through with this shit.” His fingers were nervously fumbling with each other on his stomach as he talked. But Brad Williams did notice one thing. The giant, muscular man laying next to him couldn’t help but smile. 

            Coach Jackson turned back to his athlete. “I’m an asshole, Williams. It’s just the way I’m wired.”

            “You don’t think I fucking know that?” Brad swatted the man’s shoulder again. “I still care about you.”

            “Yeah, well you’re an asshole too, Williams.”

            “I know that, too.”

            Coach Jackson looked deep in thought.

            “So. . .” He sighed. “Let’s say you and I are in a ‘relationship’.” He rolled his eyes. “What changes now?”

            “Absolutely nothing.” Brad answered simply.

            “No anniversary bullshit? No fucking card or some shit for your birthday?”

            “Do you even know when my birthday is?” Brad laughed.

            “Fuck no.”

            “No. No weird coupley bullshit.” Brad replied. “Nothing has to change.” He paused for a second, deep in thought. “Although I still expect you to put on my birthday. That’s it.”

            “I guess I could live with that.” Coach Jackson considered everything for a while. “Whatever. If I let you call me your boyfriend or whatever the fuck it is you want to call me can we just fuck already and get to bed?”

            “Works for me, Coach.” Brad grinned.

            “Thank god. . .” Coach Jackson grunted, reaching into the bedside table and passing his athlete the lube. “Never would have pegged you the type to care about this sappy bullshit, Williams.”

            “Whatever.” Brad muttered as he started lubing up his dick and Coach Jackson’s hole.

            “You sure you’re still man enough to have my ass?” Coach Jackson smirked.

            “What do you think?” Brad said, staring down at him and tapping his big dick against Coach Jackson’s hole.

            “Yeah? Prove it, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, folding his arms behind his head and winking his hole at his athlete, enticingly.

            Over in our room things were certainly heating up. Mr. Williams and I were making out on top of each other. Why in the world had I wanted a bigger bed when we first got here? The truth was the twin beds were so small the only thing you could do on them was fuck. And so that’s pretty much what we’d been doing since our arrival here.

            I moved my hand down to Mr. Williams’s boxers and he groaned as I felt up his big dick. But even though he was so present with me now, I couldn’t help but feel there had been something on his mind all through dinner. I tried to put it in the back of my mind for now, but I couldn’t.

            “What did you and Brad talk about earlier?” I asked him, breaking away from his lips for a second.

            “You really want to talk about this now, Ollie?” Mr. Williams questioned, a little puzzled.

            “Yeah, you guys were out there for a while. Everything okay?”

            “Well.” He started, sitting up onto the pillow. “I just wanted to have a talk with him about Dan. You know, father son stuff.”

            “Yeah, and how’d that go?” I laughed.

            “It actually went really well. I figure Brad has told you as much, but he seems to really care about him.”

            “I guess he really does. Who would have thought.”

            “Certainly not me. I mean, Brad’s never cared about anyone like this, much less a dude.”

            “I can’t say I really blame him.” I admitted.

            “Oh, what’s this?” Mr. Williams grinned. “Does my boy toy have eyes for another older man?”

            “I believe a certain older man gave me permission to have eyes for other men.”

            “That’s true. But he’s with Brad now, so I guess you may have missed your chance.”

            I sat up and looked him in the eye. “Full disclosure? I may have already done something about it.”

            “No kidding!” Mr. Williams reacted, surprised. “Tell me everything.”

            “You really want to know?”

            “Hell yeah!” He nodded.

            “Well, it was kind of a birthday present from Brad. . .”

            “Ah, I should have figured. Brad was always all about the cheap gifts. I swear he was still making me a card for my birthday until he was half way through middle school.”

            “Well we kind of did it in his office. All three of us. . .”

            “All three of you?”

            “All three of us. We kind of tag-teamed Coach Jackson.”

            “I see. . .” Mr. Williams muttered, looking perplexed. I couldn’t tell if I had crossed some kind of line telling him this. “Now I’m not going to ask you any of the specifics because I know you’re a gentleman, Ollie.”

            His hand started to wander down to his boxers and he slowly started sliding them down his legs. “Did Dan show you this?” His hand started to circle around his hole.

            “Yes, Mr. Williams. He showed it to me.” I nodded, instantly going hard.

            “And what did he want you to do with it, Ollie?”

            “He wanted me to fuck him.”

            “And did you?” He asked, reaching into our bedside table and squeezing some lube onto his fingers.

            “Yes, I did.” I nodded.

            “Show me.”

            That was all the invitation I needed.

            I leaned down to kiss him as I slowly but forcefully snaked my big cock into his ass.

            “Mmmmmm. . .” He hummed as I hit bottom. I was always amazed at how little time Mike Williams needed to get adjusted to my size, but I figure at the frequency we have sex, his body has just grown accustomed to me.

            “Did you fuck him like this?” He asked me, running his hands over my strong shoulders.

            “I fucked him from behind. He was on his desk. Besides. . .” I said, leaning down to kiss him gently. “You know I love kissing you when we have sex.”

            “Mmmhmm” Mr. Williams moaned, nodding as we kissed.

            “You know what else I love about fucking you?”

            “Tell me.” He groaned, placing his hands on my ass and pulling me into him.

            “I love this.” I said, running my hands through his chest hair and teasing his nipple.

            “Yeah? You like that?”

            “Man, when I see you working or just standing there with a few buttons loose and I can see your chest hair popping out. It takes everything in me not to rip it open and fuck you right then, Mr. Williams.”

            We were really getting into it now. I suddenly became aware that each and every time I slammed into him the mattress would squeak like crazy. But I didn’t care.

            “You know what else I like?”

            “Oh god!” Mr. Williams huffed, jacking himself off in time with my thrusts.

            “This.” I said, running my hands over his classically handsome face, kissing him passionately.

            “Ollie, you’re going to make me cum!” Mr. Williams panted. But I pulled up his hand and pinned them above his head, kissing him.

            “Not yet, Mr. Williams.” I told him, continuing my thrusts. “I don’t want this to be over yet.”

            Over in the master bedroom Brad Williams was tapping his big cock head against the winking hole of Coach Jackson.

            “You sure you’re still man enough to have my ass?” Coach Jackson smirked.

            “What do you think?” Brad said, staring down at him and tapping his big dick against Coach Jackson’s hole.

            “Yeah? Prove it, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, folding his arms behind his head and winking his hole at his athlete, enticingly.

            They both stopped for a moment as the sound of mattress springs became louder and louder.

            “Fuck, those two are at it again.” Coach grinned, his cock jumping against his rock hard abs.

            “Coach, I’m not going to be able to do this if I have to listen to my dad having sex in there.” Brad said, frustrated.

            “Like hell you’re not, kid.” Coach Jackson shook his head, looking into his athlete’s eyes. “This is my vacation, and damnit I’m gonna get laid on my vacation, Williams.”

            The sounds of mattress springs grew more and more urgent, the pace quickening.

            “Damnit Williams, are you man enough to fuck me or not?” Coach Jackson grunted, pounding his fist into his athlete’s pec to wind him up.

            “You want to get fucked, Coach?” Brad asked, slapping his cock against his coach’s hole.

            “Yeah, I want to get fucked, Williams. You gonna do something about that?”

            “Then shut the fuck up and take it, Coach.” Brad grunted, sinking his entire prick into Coach Jackson’s wanting hole.

            “MMMMMMMM There it is, Williams! Fuck!” Coach Jackson shouted, deep in pleasure.

            The sounds of mattress springs from across the hall were still filling the room but it only made Brad Williams pick up his pace.

            “Come on, Williams. Fuck me like a man.” Coach Jackson commanded him, pressing his hands on his athlete’s ass and pulling him in to fuck him harder. “Fuck Williams, your dad in there is taking it harder than you’re giving it to me, I want to see some sweat!”

            “Jesus, Coach, would you shut the fuck up already?” Brad grunted, really slamming into him with deep, hard strokes.

            “Make me, Williams. Yeah, that’s it, kid. Fuck, make me feel it.” Coach Jackson groaned, leaning his head back to enjoy the powerful fuck his athlete was throwing him.



            The headboard of our tiny twin bed in the guest room was hitting against the wall each and every time I sank my big black cock back into Mr. Williams’s ass. The mattress springs underneath us were squeaking into a frenzy now; Mr. Williams had his tongue in my mouth as he took me in to the hilt, both of us steadily rising to climax, completely in sync with one another.

            “Come on, Williams, is that all you got, kid!” We heard from the master bedroom followed by a chorus of grunts and groans.

            I knew Mr. Williams heard it too, but his tongue never left my mouth and he was pulling me into him even harder.

            “Fuck, kid! UUUUUUGGGGGHHHH” We heard Coach Jackson bellow at the top of his lungs.

            At that moment Mr. Williams started shooting, coating his and my chest in a heavy load. I could feel his hole contracting on my cock. I could always tell how good of an orgasm he was having based on how hard his hole squeezes my dick when I make him cum, and this one seemed to be hitting him hard.

            I lost it right there. I sank my prick into him with one final thrust and started inseminating him, both of us savoring the experience of me emptying my seed into him. At once our hard, lust-driven kissing became soft and tender as we held each other close.

            “I love you, Ollie.” He whispered into my ear, resting his head on my shoulder as we both savored the feeling of my cock still inside of him.          

            “I love you, Mr. Williams.” I replied, leaning in to kiss him tenderly

            “Fuck, Williams you made me shoot all over my side of the bed again.” Coach Jackson scolded his athlete as he rolled out from under him to get a towel.

            “I don’t know what to tell you, Coach.” Brad Williams replied, laying back on his side of the bed relaxing, hands behind his head, completely satisfied after a good, hard fuck.

            “Yeah, well you try to sleep in the spot where someone just jizzed and see how you like it.”

            “Nah, I’m good thanks, Coach.” Brad smirked at him.

            “Watch it, Williams, or I may have to instate a ‘no pussy before bed’ rule.” Coach Jackson grunted, laying down a towel over his side of the bed.

            “Yeah, and which one of us do you think would cave first, Coach?”

            “Cocky fucker.” Coach Jackson shook his head, rolling his eyes with a slight grin. ”Fuck, it’s a good thing I only have to share a bed with you for one more night.”

            “Aw, don’t say that, Coach.” Brad smiled, opening up his arms. “Come here.”

            “What the fuck is this, Williams?” Coach Jackson scoffed, staring his athlete down. “I don’t cuddle, kid.”

            “Yeah, well I do, so come here.” Brad insisted, gesturing to his coach again.

            Coach Jackson managed to smile a little, and, with a sigh, he lowered himself down onto the mattress and pressed up against his athlete.

            The two of them lay like that for a little while.

            “This is nice, Coach.” Brad sighed, content. “It’s killing you to not say something smart or sarcastic right now isn’t it?” He laughed.

            “Just keep your mouth shut and let’s get some sleep, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, nuzzling into the pillow.

            “Night Coach.”

            “Yeah. Night Williams.”

            And there, far under the starry night, deep in the woods in this cozy cabin, four men dozed off, two by two, nuzzled against one another. It might have seemed an odd sight, the other twin bed in the guest room remaining unused as the handsome father and African exchange student slept in each other’s arms, cramped in that tiny bed, or the massive Coach Jackson and his athlete, cozied up to each other with the other half of the king-sized mattress empty. It was a night the four of them would always remember.

            At one point during the night the burly Coach Jackson awoke from his slumber, finding himself on his side, his big, powerful arms wrapped around the handsome athlete laying there next to him, breathing in and out as he slept peacefully. And as much as he hated to admit it, it was a nice feeling. He lay his head back down onto the pillow and fell back asleep in no time.

            It appeared that deep down inside of this mountainous, brash, crude giant of a man there just may be a heart somewhere after all.

                                                Chapter 19

            The next morning Mike Williams woke up at the first sign of sunlight. He tried to go back to sleep but he decided it was a lost cause and quietly got out of bed so that he wouldn’t wake up his sleeping partner next to him.

            As he tiptoed down the hall toward the kitchen he already had the vision of coffee in his head, leading him to the kitchen like a zombie. He could almost smell it.

            Wait, he really did smell coffee. He rounded the corner and was surprised to see the giant, burly head of athletics department Dan Jackson sitting at the table with a warm cup of coffee sitting in his massive hand.

            Coach Jackson was staring at the wall, apparently deep in thought.

            “Early morning, Dan?” Mike Williams asked, immediately breaking Coach Jackson out of his trance with a jump.

            “Jesus, Mike, you scared the shit out of me.”

            “Sorry, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed. “You seemed like you were really thinking about something.

            “Yeah, I guess I was.”          

            “Anything I can help with, Dan?”

            “Nah, it’s nothing. I’m just in a funk.”

            “You sure?”

            “It’s just- Ah, I don’t know.” Coach Jackson muttered. “Actually, I guess there is.”

            “What is it, Dan?”

            “Shit, I can’t believe I’m going to ask you this. I mean it’s completely insane.”

            “Dan, just come out with it. I’m a good listener.”

            “I want you to know that this is completely unlike me. I mean I don’t do this drama bullshit. It’s just not me.”

            “Yeah. . .?”

            “Fuck it, I’m just going to say it. That kid of yours wants to call me his boyfriend.” Coach Jackson stammered. “Now I know it’s completely out of line for me to be asking you this- Ah, fuck, you must be furious, I mean this must put you in a really shitty situation, Mike, and it’s-“


            “It’s just completely insane! I mean of course you’d have a problem with it, I mean you’re his father, you must think I’m this-“


            “Just this terrible human being, I mean I never sought out to do any of this, it’s completely out of line, it’s so-“


            “Whah?” Coach Jackson said, snapping back to reality.

            “Calm down, Dan.”

            “Okay. . . It’s just I- Okay. Okay. I’ll calm down.”

            Mr. Williams took a deep breath. “I think it’s great, Dan.”

            “You- you what?”

            “You and Brad finally calling this a relationship. I think it’s great.”

            “You do, Mike?”

            “Yeah, I do.”

            Coach Jackson was silent for a while, deep in thought.

            “Well shit.” He said, eyes wide open.

            “What?” Mr. Williams laughed.

            “I just- honestly I thought you wouldn’t have any of it. I thought you’d tell me to go to hell.”

            “Well I’m not. I think it’s great. As long as you treat my son well, I’m completely on board. I think you know by now I can see the value in less than conventional relationships.”

            “Shit.” Coach Jackson muttered again, deep in thought.

            “What is it, Dan?”

            “I guess I’m in a relationship with Brad Williams now.”

            “I guess you are. Are you prepared for that?”

            “God help me. . .” Coach Jackson muttered, leaning back in his chair, sighing.

            “I’ll say.” Mr. Williams laughed. “The heart wants what the heart wants, doesn’t it?”

            “Among other things. . .” Coach Jackson replied, finally managing to smile. “There is one thing, Mike.”

            “What’s that, Dan?”

            “You’re sort of my father in-law now.” He grinned.

            “Are you going to make me change my mind already, Dan?”

            “Alright alright, I’ll lay off.”

            “Good thinking.” Mr. Williams laughed, taking a sip of coffee. “And just as if this dynamic wasn’t already dysfunctional enough. . .” He began, setting his mug down. “I know about what happened on Ollie’s birthday.”

            Coach Jackson went ghost white. “Oh, man Mike, I’m really sorry about that, honestly, I let the kid talk me into it and it was just this-“


            “I should have said no, I don’t know what I-“


            “. . .Yeah Mike?”

            “I’m okay with it.”

            “You- you are?”

            “Yeah, I am. Ollie and I have an arrangement.”

            “I see. . .” Coach Jackson relaxed a little. “I still had no idea you two were involved when it happened, honest.”

            “I know you didn’t. But even if you had, it would have been okay.”

            “Well okay. . .” Coach Jackson eased up a little more. “You know, you’re awfully cool about all of this, Mike.”

            “It’s not really hard to be. It’s just easier this way.” He leaned in a little closer. “From what he tells me it certainly sounds like you guys had a great time.”

            “Yeah. . . “ Coach Jackson blushed deep red. “I guess we did have a good time. That guy sure knows how to fuck, doesn’t he?”

            “He sure does.” Mr. Williams agreed, proudly. “To the two of us being in our 40’s, still getting laid and having the best sex of our lives.” He brought his mug up for a toast.”

            “Hell, I’ll toast to that.” Coach Jackson grinned. “If only all the guys our age were so lucky. Although I guess you’ve got a couple of years on me.”

            “Watch it, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed. “I’m sort of your father-in-law, remember?” 

            “Yes sir.” Coach Jackson grinned.

            “You call me sir one more time and this whole thing’s off, Dan.”

            “You got it, Mike.” Coach Jackson laughed, sipping on his coffee. “I’ll tell you one thing, though. You’ve raised one hell of a son there, Mike.”

            “I know I did.” Mr. Williams smiled. “He makes me proud every single day.”

            “Yeah, the kid’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but he’s worth it.”

            “Like I said, Dan. The heart wants what the heart wants.”         

            As the sun’s rays started revitalizing the earth around the Jackson family cabin later that morning the two younger athletes began stirring in their beds.

            Coach Jackson and Brad headed down the hallway and announced themselves loudly and clearly before knocking on the door to the occupied guest bedroom.

            “Ahoy in there!” Coach Jackson yelled from outside the door. “Is it safe to enter?”

            “Come on in, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed.

            Coach Jackson and Brad covered their eyes and opened the door, getting another laugh from Mr. Williams and myself.

            We were both fully dressed and ready to start the day.

            The two of them slowly began to remove their hands from their eyes.

            “The kid and I were thinking about going for a dip. You two in?”

            “It’s the middle of winter, Coach. . .” I replied, confused.

            “I hate to break it to you, Africa, but you’re in California. We’ve got one season a year in this part of the states.”

            “Alright.” I shrugged. “I don’t have any trunks, though.”

            “I sure don’t.” Mr. Williams chimed in.

            “Me neither.” Brad added.

            “Well it’s not like you skinny fuckers are going to fit in any of mine.” Coach Jackson said, flexing obnoxiously. “We’ve got some spares out back. You guys should be able to find some there.”

            Coach Jackson wasn’t lying, but it was sure slim pickin’s as to what he had to offer. Brad and I made sure to grab something as fast as we could, each of us getting a pair of trunks. Unfortunately for Mr. Williams, the only thing left was a speedo.

            “Oh you have got to be kidding me, boys.” Mr. Williams laughed, picking up the material, barely managing to stretch it over his hand.

            “Sorry, Mike.” Coach Jackson shrugged. “But you know what they say, beggers can’t be choosers.”

            “Don’t worry about it, Dad. We’re all guys here.” Brad assured him.

            We all headed back into the cabin to get changed. Brad and I finished first and we were sitting on the big couch in the living room, tapping our feet impatiently.

            “Everything okay in there?” I called, knocking on the bathroom door.

            “Uhhh. I don’t think this is going to work, Ollie.” Mr. Williams replied through the door.

            “Oh come on, it can’t be that bad.” I said, folding my arms as I waited.

            “You sure about that?” He called back.

            “For god’s sake, Dad. Just show us.” Brad called to him.

            “You’re not going to want to see me like this, son.”

            “I’m a big boy. I’ve probably seen a lot more than you would think, Dad.”

            “Okay. . .Here goes nothing. . .” Mr. Williams said through the door as we heard the doorknob turn.

            “Holy shit, Dad. . .” Brad said, shaking his head as his dad came into view.

            Mr. Williams had managed to squeeze into the skimpy suit, but just barely. Frankly, Mr. Williams was a fit guy. His toned physique was always in the back of my mind when were apart from each other. I couldn’t get the image that hairy chest out of my mind sometimes. The truth was it fit him just fine around the waist. It’s what was sticking out obscenely from the front of the suit that was the issue. Mr. Williams is a hung guy. There’s just no way getting around it. And I guess that could also be said for the fabric that was stretching around his sizable mound at the moment.

            “I told you it wasn’t a good look.” Mr. Williams blushed, trying to cover himself and failing.

            “Looks fine to me.” I said under my breath, getting turned on.

            “Jesus, Dad, you’d almost be better off wearing nothing at all than that thing.” Brad laughed. “I don’t want this to sound weird or anything, but I have to say, Dad. . . I’m pretty impressed.”

            “Yeah, I can’t say I’m really trying to impress you, son.” Mr. Williams blushed even deeper. “I can’t go out there like this.”

            We heard a door open from the master bedroom and listened as Coach Jackson’s mighty feet padded down the hall.

            “We all ready to go?” Coach Jackson asked, rounding the corner.

            Our jaws dropped. This giant of a man had managed to squeeze himself into the skimpiest ‘suit’ (if it could even be considered that) I had ever seen. His mountainous muscles bulged out all across his muscular body and the beer can indentation in the fabric certainly left nothing to the imagination.

            “What the fuck is everyone staring at?” Coach Jackson shrugged. “Hey, Mike. I gotta say, nice body. And fuck, where’ve you been hiding that thing?”

            “Uhhh. . . Thanks, Dan. . .” Mr. Williams replied, turning scarlet.

            “So what’s the hold up?” Coach Jackson asked. “Are we ready or what?”

            “I guess we’re ready.” I shrugged.

            “Last one to the lake is washing dishes tonight!” Coach Jackson yelled, bolting out the door.

            The four of us enjoyed a nice leisurely swim in the lake. I was amazed at how tolerable the water temperature was. I had always heard about such harsh winters in America, but I was really enjoying myself. This was already a particularly warm winter as is.

            After about an hour or so of light conversation and a playful splash here and there Brad spoke up.

            “What do you guys say we have a cock fight or two?”

My eyes widened in response. “Dude, what are you talking about? Your dad is right here?” I whispered to him, wondering if he had completely lost his mind.

            “Relax, brother.” He laughed. “It’s a game here we play in the water. You get on someone’s shoulders and then you pretty much wrestle the other guy on top until one of you falls off.”

            “Oh. .  . That actually sounds amazing.” I replied.

            “Of course it’s amazing. No rules. Last ones standing win.”

            Mr. Williams and Coach Jackson had waded over to where we were by now.

            “You guys in for some cock fighting?” Brad asked them.

            “Sure, kid.” Coach Jackson replied.

            “Sounds like fun, son.”

            “I just explained it to Ollie, so he’s all set.”

            Coach Jackson patted Brad on the back, flexing. “Alright, Williams, let me hop on.” He managed to say with a straight face.

            “Yeah, not gonna happen, Coach.” Brad laughed, clapping the muscular man on the shoulders. Coach Jackson shrugged, took a deep breath and submerged himself under water as Brad climbed onto his shoulders, comfortably seated around the giant man’s taught shoulders.

            “You ready for it, Mr. Williams?” I asked, turning to him.

            “You bet. Give ‘em hell, Ollie.” Mr. Williams grinned before following Coach Jackson’s lead.

            I put my legs around Mr. William’s neck gently, but he maneuvered me until I was firmly planted around his neck and then emerged from the water. I don’t know why I was so delicate with him. He was a fit guy.

            “Damn, Mike. You’re a pretty strong guy.” Coach Jackson complimented him, watching how little effort it took him to support me on his shoulders.

            “I do okay, Dan.” Mr. Williams winked. “Are we ready?”

            “Countdown from 3.” Brad exclaimed, holding up three fingers.

            “2.” I felt Mr. Williams brace himself.


            Immediately both men charged forward. Brad looked at me right in the eyes, getting himself ready to take me down. It was the same look he gave the opposing team when we were on the field. I matched him.

            At once our arms were tangled into each other as we used our strength to try and pull each other down. While Brad had me on brute strength and stamina I had longer arms, and I was looking to use this to my advantage.

            “Come on, Williams!” Coach Jackson commanded, getting his coach mode on. “Get me that win!”

            “Take him down, Ollie!” Mr. Williams yelled below me.

            From the way Brad had originally explained it to me, I had imagined each round to take no more than 20 seconds, maybe 30 seconds tops, but this had gone on for at least 3 minutes.

            I was worried about Mr. Williams getting wiped out by supporting my weight but he seemed to be showing no signs of fatigue whatsoever.

            “Do it, Williams. I want that win.” Coach Jackson commanded him, staring us down.

            Brad hooked his arms around my shoulders and clasped his hands together and I knew this wasn’t good at all. With a big intake of breath he put all his strength into pulling me down and after a good 10 seconds of me using all my might to resist his brute force, he successfully pried me off of Mr. Williams and I fell into the water.

            “That’s it, Williams!” Coach Jackson yelled, pounding his fist into the water, excitedly. “Good boy.”

            Brad grinned at the praise he was receiving from our coach.

            Mr. Williams submerged himself under water again and I hopped back on his shoulders. When he resurfaced he craned his neck up to me and whispered softly, “Brad’s warn out. I can tell. He’s not going to be as strong this round. Try and dodge his reach for about 20 seconds or so and then go for the kill.”

            I nodded and then we braced ourselves as Brad started to count down again. “Best 2 out of 3, okay?”

            Not even 15 seconds in, Brad started to pant, exhausted. He put all his strength into one last grab but Mr. Williams weaved us around him at the last second and I struck, prying him off of Coach Jackson in one swift movement.

            “Fuck!” Coach Jackson cursed, slapping the water. “Come on, Williams, you can do better than that. No slacking this time.”

            “Okay, Coach.” Brad nodded, climbing onto the giant man again, not even waiting for Coach to go under water.

            “I want that win, Williams.” Coach Jackson said, staring us down.

            “We’ve got this, Ollie. Stay focused.” Mr. Williams mumbled to me, getting in position.

            The second Brad’s hand came down after the countdown we were on each other. We both knew each other’s strengths this time.

            Brad was going for aggressive, powerful grabs and Mr. Williams and I were evading him as best we could. I would try and reach behind him to grab onto his shoulders but he and Coach Jackson just weren’t budging.

            “Do it, Williams. Come on. You want this.” Coach Jackson huffed, digging his feet into the bottom of the lake, bracing himself.

            After a particularly tactful grab I thought I had him, but Brad squeezed his legs against Coach Jackson’s strong neck and latched onto him. I tried with all of my might to pry him off, but it was no use. Now I was the one who was exhausted.

            Brad made a powerful grab and Mr. Williams tried to dodge it but it was too late. He latched onto my shoulders and pulled with all of his might.

            “Come on, Williams! Get him!” Coach Jackson yelled.

            At that moment I felt Brad get a second wind from Coach Jackson’s encouragement and I was pulled down into the water in no time.

            When I broke the surface again Brad and Coach Jackson were cheering. Mr. Williams smiled at me and helped pull me up, getting me back to my feet.

            “Good boy, Williams.” Coach Jackson congratulated Brad, patting him on the back. “Damn good job.”

            “Thanks, Coach.” Brad grinned. He extended his hand to me and I shook it.

            “Nicely done, son.” Mr. Williams patted Brad on the back.

            “Yeah, good job, brother.” I said, panting.

            “That’s right, kid.” Coach Jackson muttered, moving over to Brad and giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

            Brad kind of stepped back a little, hesitating at this display of affection in front of his dad, but Coach Jackson just followed him and planted his lips on his victorious athlete.

            I looked at Mr. Williams and he didn’t seem to have an issue with it.

            I watched as Coach Jackson slowly walked Brad to the underside of the dock, his lips and tongue never leaving his athlete’s mouth.

            I turned to Mr. Williams again. “Uhhh, this is looking like it may turn into something more than just a congratulatory kiss.”

            Coach Jackson finally pried his mouth away from his athlete, looking back at us and wiping his cheek. “Sorry, Mike. But this is gonna happen.” He grabbed his athlete’s hands and pulled them behind his massive back and firmly planted them on his muscle ass. “You two might want to get lost for a while.” He muttered before going back to assault his athlete’s mouth again.

            Brad squeezed Coach Jackson’s ass as he continued to make out with the giant man.

            “Mmhmm.” Coach Jacksom huffed. “That’s right, kid. You earned this ass. Fuck, you’ve got me to hot to give it up.”

            Mr. Williams and I watched with our jaws dropped at what was going on right in front of us.

            And before I could even think about whether we should stay or not, I felt Mr. Williams reach his hand into my trunks and start running his hand along my already hardening cock.

            Mr. Williams called out to the two love birds kissing against the dock. “If it’s alright with you two I think I’m going to have some of that, myself.” He turned to look at me and started kissing me, pumping his hand around my leaking cock.

            Coach Jackson managed to give us a thumbs up, refusing to pry himself off of his athlete’s mouth for even a second.

            Brad turned his head a little to where he was looking right in my eyes and I saw it. A slight nod. It was a message from one alpha to another.

And that was all I needed.         

            At once my lips were on my man’s. Mr. Williams was still jacking my cock through my swim suit but he slowly started pulling them down with his other hand until my big black cock was freed and slapped against his stomach, waving from my body. Without blinking Mr. Williams knelt down in the water and starting sucking my cock right then and there. I looked over at Brad and Coach Jackson and they were way too busy to be interested in what the two of us were doing. Brad had Coach Jackson pinned up against one of the legs of the dock, Coach Jackson’s suit floating nearby, and Brad prying that huge ass apart and shoving his tongue deep inside of the mountainous man.

            Mr. Williams was sucking me off like a fucking champ. He was so good that I was worried he was going to manage to get me to cum like this, so I reached down and pulled him up for another kiss before grabbing his shoulder and wading over to the shore. As we made our way to the dock I turned back to look at Coach Jackson and Brad again and they were making out again with Brad seemingly opening Coach Jackson up with a finger or two.

            I took Mr. Williams to the end of the dock and he knew what to do. He threw off his suit to the side and got down on his back, pulling me down with him as we kissed. Now I knew why Brad and Coach had gotten a head start. No lube. Mr. Williams seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and he nodded, opening his legs and staring at me, knowingly.

            I lowered my head down and started to tongue around his hole, feeling Mr. Williams inhale with pleasure as I started to penetrate him with my tongue.

            We heard a low groan from underneath the dock as Brad must have added another finger. I looked at Mr. Williams and grinned as I followed suit, starting to slip my index finger into his ass carefully. He leaned his head back down and sighed, clearly enjoying himself.

            “Damnit Williams, you’re not gonna break me.” Coach Jackson muttered from below the dock. “Are you gonna fuck me or not? AAAAAGGGG!! Aw fuck, there it is. Fuck yeah, Williams!”

            I shook my head with a slight laugh as I turned my attention back to Mr. Williams, who was seemingly in his own world right now as I slowly slid two fingers in and out of him. He leaned his head up briefly and looked into my eyes and nodded.

            Without wasting any more time I withdrew my fingers and slicked up my cock as best I could and lined my cock up with his hole.

            “MMmmmmm. .  .” He groaned, as I slowly started to snake my big black cock up his hole. I could tell without the lube it must be hurting a little but he was trying to hide it. I leaned over him and gently kissed him, giving him time to adjust to me. He lovingly kissed me back and ran his hands over my legs to let me know I could go further.

            I could hear the rapid thrusts Brad was making into Coach Jackson below us and the grunts of two overexerted men going for a good nut. I increased my pace a little and Mr. Williams seemed to be into it. He was groaning in pleasure underneath me and kissing me passionately.

            I got lost in his touch. I couldn’t understand why I was so lucky. Lucky enough to be here, deep in the wilderness enjoying the company of other men as intensely as men could enjoy one another. How lucky I was to have a host-brother who respected me, and genuinely cared about me. And lastly, how lucky I was to be able to show the handsome, kind, intelligent man I was in love with how much I loved him. Every single time we had sex I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible. Because he deserved it. Mike Williams deserved to feel good. And if I could make him feel good each and every day for the rest of my life like this I would consider myself the luckiest man in the world.

            “MMPHH!” I heard right next to me, snapping me back to reality. Before I even realized what was happening Coach Jackson’s massive frame smacked down on the wooden dock right next to us with Brad standing over him, right behind.

            Brad looked at me and offered no explanation as he proceeded to open up Coach Jackson’s powerful legs and mount him just like I had with Mr. Williams.

            “That’s it, Williams. Let ‘em see how a real man fucks.” Coach Jackson urged him, reaching up and smacking Brad’s chest, assertively.

            Mr. Williams turned his head to watch the pair of them and I couldn’t imagine what was going on in his head. We were crossing a boundary that we couldn’t uncross. He was watching his own son fuck like a man.

The look in his eyes was unmistakable. Pride. Mr. Williams watched as his son expertly worked his conquest over with his big, powerful dick with masterful, practiced thrusts. There was a primal connection going on in this man’s mind right now. Like deep down in his animalistic brain he knew now that his offspring was more than equipped to continue the family line. Because he was seeing it with his own eyes. It wasn’t the least bit incestual. The only word I could come up with was primal.

            Mr. Williams was completely captivated by the display going on next to us as I continued to thrust into him. I’d never seen his big dick so hard. With each thrust into him it slapped against his stomach, a steady string of precum oozing from its big head.

            I could hear a low, deep voice roaring next to me but I was so focused on the man underneath me and my increasing urge to cum that it was unintelligible. From my peripheral vision I could see Coach Jackson furiously jacking himself off in time with Brad’s thrusts into him, sperm shooting from his prick  and coating his massive stomach. Brad was fucking him so hard each time he slammed into him Coach Jackson’s load would spill off of the giant man’s torso and drop through the wooden slats below us.

            This time I heard Brad start to groan next to me and in no time I felt Mr. Williams’s hole constrict around me uncontrollably as he was pushed over the edge by my big cock, still completely transfixed on what was going on in front of him.

            I couldn’t hold it off one more second. With one final thrust I unloaded my seed deep into Mr. Williams, possibly the furthest I had ever gone. His hole was still pulsing around my cock as the aftershock of his orgasm still pulsed through his entire body. I could feel his toes curling.

            After what felt like a full minute, I finally stopped shooting my seed into him and I collapsed on top of him, exhausted. He finally turned his attention to me and brought his lips to mine, appreciatively.

            I tuned out all of the sound around me and lay my head down on his chest and enjoyed the comforting inhale and exhale of his breath against me.

            I briefly opened my eyes for a second and saw that Brad had done the same with Coach Jackson. Both of us, still inside of our mates, gently resting against them, coming down from the highs of orgasm.

            I listened to the sounds of the water gently brushing against the dock, the birds chirping cheerfully around us, and the gentle, comforting sounds of men breathing in and out, completely content.

            I’d had this feeling many times over my lifetime thus far. But it had never been more appropriate than it seemed to be right at this moment. There was truly no place I’d rather be



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