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            Chapter 13

Over at the museum Kate and I were listening intently to Mr. Williams go through every single exhibit in depth. The way he lit up when he talked about science was adorable. This man was in his element. He had a jock for a son and a wife who was too busy to ever spend time with him so I could tell this was a dream come true for him to have a captive audience to be able to impart his wisdom on. Mr. Williams really knew his stuff. I’d never understood how complex reptiles were. But I did now. Seeing Mr. Williams talk and show off just how intelligent he was was a huge turn on for me. Kate’s phone started buzzing and she went over to the other room to take it. From the look on her face I had a feeling she was going to be a while.

 I don’t think Mr. Williams even noticed his wife had left. He just kept on talking, going through the different genus and order this particular specimen was under. I slowly stepped beside him and whispered into his ear, casually.

 “We have a problem.” I said to him.

“What is it, Ollie? Where’s Kate?” He asked, for the first time noticing his wife was gone.

“She’s taking a phone call in the next room.”

“What’s the problem then?” He asked, worried.

“The problem is you know how much it turns me on when you get into your nerd zone.”

 “Oh. . . That.” He said, failing to hide his smile and blushing.

 “So I’m really boned up right now and I want to fuck you. Right now.”

 “What are you talking about, Ollie? We’re in a museum. Kate’s in the next room.” He whispered, looking around nervously.

 “You ever had sex in a bathroom stall before?” I ask him, bluntly.

 A wicked smile flashes across his face. “You’re being serious, aren’t you.” He says, more than asks.

“Does it look like I’m joking, Mr. Williams?” I ask him, adjusting my leg so that my cock can is plainly visible bulging out against my right leg.

 “Lead the way and I’ll follow.” He says, nudging me to start walking.

We head right for the bathroom and are pleased to find it completely empty for the time being.

 “I can’t believe I’m about to have sex in a bathroom stall.” Mr. Williams says aloud as he follows me into one of the stalls.

 “Well it’s happening.” I grin, kissing him. “It’s going to be a tight fit.”

“I’ll say.” He mumbles before adding, “We don’t even have any lube, so it’s going to be a really tight fit.”

I give him a wink before reaching into my pocket and taking out a small packet of lube.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He says, shaking his head. “Just how often do you expect to get laid in public?”

“I’m about to get laid right now, aren’t I?” I grin.

“Big time.” He smiles, kissing me.

I turn him around so he’s bracing himself against the wall.

“What if someone comes in?” He asks, turning his head back to look at me, worried.

“We’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.” I tell him. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do.” He replies, kissing me again.

 He gets in position and braces himself against the wall of the stall as I pull his pants down over his ass. Man, what a sight. I pop open the lube and spread it over his hole. He’s breathing heavily. He’s really nervous.

“You ready, Mr. Williams?” I ask gently, lubing up my cock.

“Mmmhmm.” He replies softly.

I line up my cock with his hole and sink it in.

“Mmmmmm” He moans, letting me in with no resistance.

“That’s it, Mr. Williams.” I tell him, reaching across his shoulder and bringing his face to mine, kissing him softly as I begin to thrust in and out.

“I’m getting fucked in a bathroom stall.” He says, incredulously.

“You’re getting fucked in a bathroom stall.” I say, nodding my head.

 He begins to feel more confident and lowers his pants down further, finally freeing his own cock. He’s leaking precum heavily now. He’s really into this.

He leans back to continue kissing me as I pound his ass against the stall. The sounds of our moans get more and more urgent as we make out.

And then we hear footsteps.

Mr. Williams immediately takes his tongue out of my mouth and listens, frozen.

We hear the bathroom door open and hear footsteps stopping at the urinal right outside of the stall door. I can feel Mr. Williams heart beating, each pump causing his hole to squeeze for a second around my cock.

I can see the shiny leather business loafers standing still outside of the stall and listen to the sound of a zipper being pulled down. The man begins to empty his bladder with what sounds like an urgent piss. He sighs, relieved.

 I begin to laugh and Mr. Williams gives me a stare like he is going to kill me. In order to stop me from giving us up Mr. Williams thrusts his tongue into my mouth again and begins to make out with me again. It works. I get lost in the feel of my man’s tongue and it takes everything in me to not start slamming into the warm hole currently wrapped around my cock.

We hear the man zip up again and begin to wash his hands. With the water running I start to unbutton Mr. William’s shirt and start playing with his pecs as we make out. Mr. Williams grabs one of my hands and brings it to his cock so I can feel just how bad he’s leaking. He really wants to cum. It makes my dick jump up inside of him.

“Mmm” Mr. Williams lets out as he feels my cock throb inside of him. The man continues washing his hands for a few more seconds and then turns the water off and is out the door.

 “I’m not going to last much longer.” Mr. Williams says to me as I pinch his nipple. “You’re going to make me shoot if you keep doing that.”

 “Then let’s get you off.” I say, going back to making out with him as I start to slam into him again.

“Uhhnn” He groans into my mouth as I rail into him.

“Come on, Mr. Williams. I know you’re close.”

 “I’m so fucking close, Ollie.” He mutters, closing his eyes as the sound of my flesh slapping against his fills the bathroom.

 “Shoot it.” I tell him, really slamming into him now and approaching my own orgasm.

 “Oh fuck.” He says through gritted teeth. “Oh fuck, Ollie, here it comes! FUCK!!!”

 I feel his hole start contracting around my cock and I can hear him shoot what sounds like a sizable load onto the stall in front of him.

“God damn, you’re fucking it out of me, Ollie.” He groans, his fingers squeezing mine as he sprays his load all over the stall.

 At this point I’ve started shooting, and he laps at my tongue intensely while he makes out with me, relishing the sensation of me breeding his ass in this public setting.

When I’ve finally stopped shooting I pull my mouth off of his and rub his shoulders lovingly.

“Fuck, Ollie.” He says, still panting. He turns his head for the first time in front of him and we watch his load slowly running down the stall. It was thick, and creamy. I could only imagine how good it must have felt to have it pounded out of him.

 I bend my arm back and tear off some toilet paper and hand it to him, while tearing off more for myself as I slowly withdraw my cock from his ass and immediately replacing it with a wad of toilet paper.

 “As much as it would make me so proud to continue the exhibit with my seed dripping out of your ass, I think we better play it safe and put a cork in it.” I laugh.

“I think that’s a pretty good idea, Ollie.” I replies. “Man, I can’t believe it took me over 40 years to have sex in a bathroom stall.

“Well you did it. And you did it right, too.” I say, watching him attempt to clean up the massive load he had shot. “Is it something you’d do again?”

“I can’t imagine we’d ever get the chance again.” He replies. “I kind of wish you hadn’t told me you keep some lube on you at all times. Knowing we can fuck whenever, wherever we want is going to really turn me on.”

“I’ll try and keep my hands off of you.” I smile, helping him button up his shirt.

 “I can’t promise the same.” He grins, kissing me again.

Once we’ve cleaned up and finished getting our clothes situated Mr. Williams gives a sigh and unlocks the stall door. As we step out and head for the sink, something catches our eye.

Our business guy in shiny leather loafers is leaning against the stall with his arms crossed. He starts to clap.

“Oh my god.” We both say at once.

“Sir, we are so sorry. We really thought no one w-“ I begin to say, apologizing profusely.

“You’ve got nothing to apologize for, son.” The man says, stopping me. He’s incredibly handsome. In fact, he looked a lot like Mr. Williams, who was now turning scarlet. “You boys almost got away with it until one of you started moaning. I thought I had just imagined it until I saw two sets of shoes.”

“Look, again, we’re really sorry-“ Mr. Williams began.

“To tell you the truth it really turned me on.” The man said.

“It did?” I ask him, wondering where this was going.

“Big time. I’m hoping I’m not crossing a line, but it’s been years since I’ve gotten fucked and I was wondering if you could give me the same treatment you gave this guy.” He said to me.

I couldn’t believe it. Mr. Williams closed his mouth and looked a little nervous. Before I could even think about it, I start talking.

“Look, I’m flattered. Really, I am. I’d be lucky to get with a guy like you, but we’re kind of just starting our relationship and I think I should politely decline.”

 Mr. Williams stood a little taller and smiled at me.

 “Ollie, we’ve never really discussed this-“ He began to say.

 “Thanks again, and good luck.” I tell the man before heading to the door.

  “I understand.” The man says, straightening up. He turns to Mr. Williams. “You’ve got a special one with this one.” He tells him. “Don’t let him go.”

 “I- I won’t.” Mr. Williams replies. “Good luck.”

We leave the bathroom but before we can discuss what just happened Kate walks up to us. “I’m so sorry, you two, I just got off the phone. I couldn’t get them to stop talking.”

 “That’s okay, honey.” Mr. Williams says, surprised at our good luck.

 “Don’t worry. It was great news. But I want to hear more of my husband showing off how smart he is.” She grins, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

 “Shall we go on to the next exhibit?” I suggest, gesturing to the next room.

 “We shall.” Mr. Williams replies, leading the way. “Oh! This one’s all about the Amazon! Boy, you guys are in for a treat. Now let me explain how-“ He began.

“Promise me if you get another phone call you’ll take me with you.” I mumble to Kate.


            Back at the Williams household Brad Williams had just finished breeding his bulky coach for a second time that afternoon. He really got off on fucking his coach in his own bed knowing his Coach had willingly sat in his room patiently waiting for him to come home so he could give him his hole.

            “Thanks for a good lay, Williams.” Coach Jackson said, getting up and putting on his underwear. “I really needed that.”

            “Anytime, Coach. You know I’m always up for it.” Brad said cockily as he rested his hands behind his head and came down from his high. “Hey Coach?”

            “What is it, Williams?” Coach Jackson asked, picking up his shirt from the floor.

            “You ever wonder what it would be like to. . . I don’t know.” Brad began.

            “Are you asking me if I ever thought about looking at you as more than just a good fuck?”

            “Well yeah. I mean I’m not suggesting it. You just seem really into me when I’m fucking you and once you get your nut. . .”

            Coach Jackson shook his head laughing. “Look at Brad Williams, the romantic. But to answer your question, fuck no.”

            Brad acted insulted. “Well that was fast. Why are you so sure it would never work?”

            “Because you’re an asshole, Williams.” Coach Jackson grinned, ruffling his athlete’s hair.

            “I see your point.” Brad admitted, laughing.

            “And so am I.” Coach Jackson continued. “Two assholes will never work. No matter how good the sex is.”

            “Yeah, I guess you're right.” Brad replied.

            “It’s okay. I mean you may be an asshole and a cocky son of a bitch, but you sure know how to fuck.”

            “Works for me, Coach.” Brad agreed.

            “Yeah, about that.” Coach Jackson began, buttoning up his shirt over his mountainous pecs. “You know Sacramento Central is a big game next week so I’m keeping my legs closed until you bring me that win.”

            Brad managed to keep himself from sounding too frustrated. “Ah, so that’s why you wanted it so badly this afternoon. Coach Jackson here wanted to get one last ride or two before he knew he wouldn’t be getting any.”

            Coach Jackson rolled his eyes at his cocky athlete and finished dressing.

            “So what do I get when I win you that game, Coach?”

            “Isn’t my ass enough, Williams? I can’t keep giving it away for free like this, you know.” Coach Jackson said, eyeing his athlete.

            “You’re a pretty good lay, Coach, no doubt about it, but I don’t want you to get too comfortable. Or at least try and make it look like you don’t want it just as much as I do.”

            “You know Williams, the other dumb, big dick jocks on the team bring me home the trophies for my respect alone. They don’t get away with half the bullshit I let you pull.”

            “Is that all you want to give me, Coach? Your respect?” Brad replied, grabbing his cock and slapping it in his hand menacingly.

            “Trust me, Williams. A dumb jock like yourself will be so horny and full of cum by Friday night when you finally get me to put out for you after the game you’ll thank your lucky stars for what I’m giving up.”

            “Alright, Coach, but on one condition.”

            “Yeah, what’s that, Williams?”

            “You don’t get to cum until I do, got it?” Brad said simply.

            “Alright.” Coach Jackson agreed, sticking out his hand for his athlete to shake. “You got it, Williams.”

            “I want you just as desperate for my cock Friday night as I am for that hole, Coach.”

            “I’m counting on it, Williams.” Coach Jackson winked as he turned to leave his athlete’s room.

            “Although. . .” Brad said as he looked at his watch. “We probably have another half hour or so before they get back from the museum. What do you say you give it away for free one last time?”

            Coach Jackson had his hand on the door. He looked back at his athlete and sighed. “Fuck, kid. Every part of me is wanting to tell you no just to wipe that cocky smirk off your face.”

            “But . . .?” Brad egged him on.

            “But fuck if I’m going to turn down one last ride on that thick cock of yours before we start that little deal we made.”

            “I must be some lay.” Brad grinned, laying back down and watching his coach remove his shirt again.

            “Just shut up and stick to what you’re good at, Williams.” Coach Jackson said, rolling his eyes and making his way over to the mattress again.



            That night after I had fucked Mr. Williams we laid in bed talking like we always do. This was my favorite part of the day. I get to have sex with the man I was in love with and then for about half an hour afterward we get to talk without any fear or judgment.

            “You know Ollie, I was thinking about what that guy who overheard us in the bathroom said to us today.” He said pensively.

            “Yeah? What about?” I asked him.

            “You know, we’ve never really discussed it before but I want you to feel free to do anything you want to do.” He said after a while.

            “What do you mean, Mr. Williams?”

            “I mean exactly that. I don’t want you to miss out on any experiences with anyone because you think it would hurt me. I think you know I’m still having sex with my wife, so you should be afforded that same liberty.”

            I thought about what he was saying.

            “There may come a time when the two of us are finally able to be with each other in a committed, monogamous relationship. But for now you’re a horny high school boy with a huge cock and I’m a married man. I want you to get the most out of your experience here.”

            I brought his hand up to my lips and kissed it. I knew what he was saying was true.

            “Just promise me you’ll think about it?” He pressed.

            “Yes sir.” I replied.

            “That a boy.” He smiled. “Besides. . .” He said as he kissed down my chest until he got to my cock. “It kind of turns me on knowing you have options.”


Chapter 14


The next Saturday I was awakened by my curtains being thrown open and a loud clap at my ear.

            “Wake up, Ollie!” I heard Brad say.

            “Fuck off.” I groaned sleepily into my pillow.

            “Aww, come on man. It’s your birthday!” He pressed, patting me on the back.

            “It is. . .?” I asked, opening my eyes and thinking for a second. “It is. . .” I said, remembering.

            “There we go.” Brad smiled at me as I sat up.

            “What time is it?” I asked him.

            “It’s almost 11:30, dude.” He replied.

            “No way. Are you serious?” I gasped. I’d never slept in this late since I’d been here.

            “I’m serious. I had to intervene.”

            “Wow. . .” I said aloud as I remembered the night I had had with Mr. Williams. Man, after the night we’d had I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still in bed, too, needing to recharge. Talk about starting your birthday off with a bang.

            “You boys out of bed yet?” I hear Mr. Williams say at the door, looking like he’s about to go work out downstairs. My morning wood gives a jolt under the sheets.

            “I just woke this guy up.” Brad answered. “Dad, don’t you have something to say to Ollie?”

            “What would that be?” Mr. Williams replied, trying to play dumb.

            “It’s Ollie’s birthday, Dad!” Brad yelled.

            “Oh right! Happy Birthday Ollie.” Mr. Williams smiled giving me a stare. “Sorry about that. I’m a doofus when it comes to remembering that stuff.”

            “That’s alright Mr. Williams.” I blushed.

            “I’m going to go work out downstairs and then your mom and I are going to a company gig. You boys have plans?” Mr. Williams asked his son.

            “Yeah, I got it covered.” Brad said with a devious grin.

            “Uh, you do?” I asked Brad cautiously.

            “Don’t worry about it, man. I got it covered.” Brad repeated.

            “You boys have fun, then. Happy Birthday again, Ollie.” Mr. Williams said and turned to go downstairs.

            Brad’s phone buzzes and he retrieves it from his pocket. At once another devious grin flashes across his face.

            “I definitely don’t like whatever that means.” I said apprehensively.

            “Oh you will. Trust me. Everything’s ready so we need to leave in 5 minutes.” He said, abruptly getting up.

            “What? Be where?” I panic, catching a shirt he throws me.

            “You’ll see.” Brad replied.



            We hop in the car and Brad pulls out of the driveway.

            “Can you at least tell me who we’re meeting?” I ask my host-brother, getting frustrated. Brad knows full well that I hate not knowing what my plans are.

            “You’ll see.” He grins, taking a left turn.

            “Are we heading to the school?” I ask him. “Are we meeting the guys or something?”

            “You’ll see.” He remains stalwart.

            “This better be good, Brad.” I shake my head, admittedly, starting to get a little excited.

            Indeed, Brad does take us to the school. The gymnasium. I’ll admit I was kind of disappointed. It seemed like we were meeting some of the guys for a pick up game like we sometimes do on Saturdays like this.

            But when we got out of the car and walked across the field I realized none of our teammates were there.

            Brad held the door open for me to the locker room, trying to gauge my reaction. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was giving him.

            Not a soul was in the locker room and it was oddly quiet. Brad makes a sudden stop in front of Coach Jackson’s office and pulls out a key from his pocket. He unlocks the door and holds it open for me.

            And there, sprawled out on his desk is the hulking, menacing Coach Jackson, naked as the day he was born. There’s a giant red bow tied around his muscle ass and a post-it note stuck underneath it with a hastily scrawled, “Happy Fucking Birthday, brother” written on it in Brad’s handwriting.

            Coach Jackson turns his head and stares right into my eyes with a smirk. “So are you just going to stand there with your mouth open or are you going to unwrap your present, Africa?” He flexes his ass powerfully.

            I hear a zipper being undone behind me as Brad steps out of his clothing. He slaps his rock hard cock against his palm. “You don’t even know what I had to do to get him to wear the bow.” Brad grins.

            “Is this really happening?” I finally say, my cock getting harder by the second.

            “It’s happening alright.” Coach Jackson says with a smile. “Now how about you pay me back for all those times I called you out during practice and made you feel like a fucking pussy.”

            “Think you can do that, Ollie? You think you can turn the tables on Coach Jackson and make him feel like the pussy for once? Not that it won’t just turn the fucker on even more. Coach Jackson here can take whatever you throw at him with a smile on his face and a rock hard cock underneath him.” Brad says, spanking our hulking coach’s ass with a loud smack.

            “You better fuck me like a man. I don’t give it up for just anyone.” Coach Jackson says.

            “Yeah, I think I can do that.” I say, starting to unbuckle my belt. “How hard do you want it, Coach?” I ask, looking right into my superior’s eyes.

            “As hard as you fucking want, kid.” Coach Jackson answers, reaching behind him and spreading his cheeks for me. His winking hole is just asking to be plugged by my big black cock.

            “Enjoy this, Ollie.” Brad says, reaching underneath Coach Jackson to play with his massive pec. “You’re the only person I’ve ever let have a shot at his ass. His ass is usually just for me.”

            “Yeah, Williams here is afraid if I let another stud fuck me I’ll realize I don’t have to put up with his bullshit just to get laid anymore.” Coach Jackson smirks at Brad.

            “Yeah Coach? You want to find out who fucks better?” Brad asks, staring me down.

            “Show me how it’s done, boys.” Coach Jackson commands us, winking his hole at us enticingly. “You’ve got me right where you want me.”

            “Go on, Ollie. Fuck him like you mean it.” Brad tells me, spanking Coach Jackson’s muscle ass.

            “You got any lube?” I ask, grabbing Coach Jackson’s cheeks and getting a good look at what was being offered to me.


“He’s all lubed up and ready for you.” Brad replies, sticking his finger up Coach Jackson’s hole in one motion.

            “Mmmm. . .” Coach Jackson moans, pushing himself back until Brad’s whole finger is swallowed up by Coach Jackson’s muscle ass. “Feels good, but I can’t help but hope you’ve got something bigger to give me, Africa.”

            “Show him what you got, Ollie.” Brad says, egging me on.

            “You think this will do, Coach?” I ask, slapping my big black cock against his ass.

            “Fuck!” Coach Jackson exclaims, turning his head to get a good look. “That’s a big fucking cock!” He turns to look at Brad and smirks. “How’s it feel to be smallest guy of the bunch, Williams?” He asks, pushing down his own beer can cock to show off, smacking it against the desk. Even the way Brad described it didn’t do it justice. Coach Jackson was hung like a bull alright.

            Brad looked flustered for a moment but he kept his cool. “I’ve gotten you to let me fuck you over a hundred times in just 4 months, Coach. Do you really think I care?”

            I looked over at my handsome host-brother and his own thick cock. Brad Williams certainly had no reason to be self-conscious. It would take a real man to be able to take a cock like that up his ass, no doubt. Like the man who was presenting his hole to me right at this moment, just waiting for me to take it.

            “So are we going to keep comparing our dicks or are we going to fuck?” Coach Jackson growls, winking his hole at me.

            “Give him hell, Ollie.” Brad encourages me, crossing his arms, his cock as hard as granite.

            I press the head of my cock at Coach Jackson’s hole and it pulses. Coach Jackson may have started out as a big, brutal top, but there was no doubt about it. Brad Williams had turned this hulk of a man into a 100% grade A bottom. And I was about to reap the rewards.

            I pressed the head of my cock in and was met with absolutely no resistance. Brad certainly had this hole well trained.

            “Go on, kid.” Coach Jackson commanded. “I can take it.”

            I take him at his word and I push forward. I face no resistance until the last two inches when Coach Jackson tightens up and exhales loudly. “Fuck, Africa! Those last few inches are more than I anticipated.” He said, gritting his teeth. At that moment I couldn’t help but feel a rushing sense of pride and gratitude for Mr. Williams. Here this 300+ pound mountain of muscle and masculinity was struggling to take my cock just once while Mr. Williams took me every single night.

            I let him get accustomed to my size for a few seconds as I get a feel of his giant balls resting against my own.

            “Fuck, it’s a good thing Williams here isn’t as hung as you. Otherwise he’d have to find something else to put his dick into whenever those dumb jock hormones of his are on the fritz.”

            Brad rolled his eyes. Coach Jackson got off on making fun of Brad’s size, despite the fact Brad was more hung than all the other guys on the team other than me. Still, Coach Jackson was going to use it to get inside his head as much as he could.

            “Okay, kid. Give it to me.” Coach Jackson says, reaching one of his massive hands up to start jacking his own rock hard cock.

            I start to thrust in and out of him slowly and he just lets me in.

            “Oooohhh god that’s good.” Coach Jackson groans. “Williams, you may have just found yourself out of a good ass to fuck if Africa can fuck me like this when I need it.”

            “We’ll see if you’re still saying that when I take my turn.” Brad says hotly. “I’m not sure whether I want to make you hurt or cum so hard your head spins.”

            “Yeah, well you better make up your mind soon because Africa here seems like he’s going for his nut.” Coach Jackson retorted, feeling my thrusts into him becoming more urgent.

            “Go on Ollie. Breed his ass.” Brad orders, patting me on the shoulder.

            “You like that tight hole, Olujimi?” Coach Jackson asks, staring right into my eyes.

            “Yes sir.” I pant, slamming into him.

            “Yeah, you got a nice big load in those balls of yours for me?” He asks, wickedly.


“Yes sir.” I struggle to answer as I feel my nut coming on. “Can I breed you raw, sir?”

            Before Coach Jackson can answer me Brad intervenes. “Cut it with the ‘sir’ bullshit, Ollie. He’s giving you his ass. Now take it. He’s not your coach right now, he’s a slut with his legs up for you who needs to be bred.”

            Coach Jackson is moaning underneath me. “Yeah, I can feel those giant black balls slamming against mine. He’s gonna knock me up good, Williams. He’s gonna clear out all those babies you put in me with that big dick of his and make me his.” Coach groans. “Fuck Williams, I’m about to get knocked up by another guy and you’re gonna watch me let him do it. I’m gonna get fucking soaked!”

            I can feel the cum boiling at the base of my cock.

            “Look at Williams over there boned up and revving to go.” Coach Jackson smirks. “But I don’t know if I’m going to let him breed me. What you think, Olujimi? You think Brad Williams should get to cum inside me? Or should I make him pull out and waste his seed on the fucking floor after I use him to get me off like a dumb jock human dildo.”

            “Jesus, will someone shut him up? Go on and kiss him, Ollie.” Brad tells me, while he’s stroking his own thick cock. “Coach Jackson’s like a chick when he’s in heat. Make out with him while you’re fucking him and he’ll let you do anything you fucking want. Give him some tongue and those legs of his can’t open up fast enough. He gets off on it.”

            I lean down and Coach Jackson licks my face as he makes out with me, reaching down to twist his nipple as he’s getting fucked hard.

            “Yeah, see? Coach Jackson’s just like any chick. Loves it when you kiss him while you’re rubbing his pussy from the inside.”

            Coach Jackson whimpers underneath me as I’m making out with him and I can hear how powerfully he’s jacking off his huge cock. Without breaking away from my tongue for one second he grunts and I can feel him shooting all over my chest. His ass is pulsing around my cock like a vicegrip with each jet he shoots out of his red, flared cock.

            He breaks away from my mouth and looks into his athlete’s eyes. “How’s it feel watching another stud make me cum like this, Williams?” He taunts him, bringing his finger down to his still shooting prick and letting it drip to his tongue. “Yeah, this stud knows what he’s doing. Hitting all my spots. I could definitely get used to letting this one have my ass from now on.”

            Brad clenched his fists and I couldn’t tell if he was more angry or turned on.

            “Yeah, how’s it feel watching me let another stud have my ass, Williams? Watching another stud make me cum like this. Maybe I need an upgrade to something bigger from now on. Leave you high and dry. You can jack off alone at home like the other dumb jocks who can’t get anyone to put out.”

            I was really pounding into Coach Jackson hard. And all of this cocky talk from Coach Jackson and Brad made me want to nail him even harder. I feel Brad right next to me and at first I’m worried he’s going to push me off of his mate but instead he grabs my head and kisses me, his tongue thrusting into my mouth with such dominance.

            I shoot so far up Coach Jackson’s cunt I probably drench places in cum that have never been breached before. Brad’s tongue is lapping at my lips as we connect with each other in such an intimate way. And then he pulls away, wiping the spit off of his face. “Move over. My turn.” He says.

            I obey and slowly withdraw my cock. The second the head pops out Brad is plugging it up with his own thick cock.

            “Ah, fuck.” Coach Jackson groans as Brad immediately starts slamming into him.

            “Yeah, you feel that, Coach? You feel me sliding around in that wet pussy, you big slut? You got fucking drenched and now you’re letting me in for more. You just can’t get enough jock cum in your pussy, can you?”

            “Oh fuck!” Coach Jackson yells, furiously jacking off his own cock in time with Brad’s thrusts.

            He grabs Coach Jackson’s hair and brings him up so he can whisper in his ear. “I’m going to make you nut so fucking hard you won’t be able to even breathe.” He bites it softly and I can see Coach Jackson melt in pleasure.

            “Oh fuck, here it comes again! I’m gonna.- I’m gonna- “ Coach Jackson huffed, the sound of his hand on his cock reaching deep, succulent strokes.

            “Nuh uh.” Brad yells, grabbing Coach Jackson’s arm and pinning it onto his desk. “I’m going to fuck it out of you so Ollie can see how much of a slut you are for my cock, Coach. So he can see how I can make you cum like a fucking chick when my dick is rubbing your clit.”

            Coach Jackson moaned frustrated as his orgasm was delayed, but from the way his massive beer can cock was throbbing with each time Brad’s cock hit bottom I knew Brad would get him to blow in no time.

            “Tell Ollie who’s the better fuck, Coach.” Brad grunted in his ear as he slammed into him.

            Coach Jackson huffed, clearly torn between saving his pride or giving it all up to his cocky athlete. From the expert way Brad was fucking him there was no question which one would win out.

            “You are, Williams. . .” Coach Jackson mumbled frustrated, pounding his giant fist into the desk, causing a small crack to form on the surface.

            “Say it, Coach. Louder. Tell us who’s the better fuck.” Brad commanded, pulling Coach Jackson’s face up to his own, his lips caressing his.

            “Oh God, Williams. You are!” Coach Jackson bellows as his massive cock erupts all over the desk, completely untouched. I watch in awe as Brad expertly fucks this giant man into complete ecstasy, each time Brad sunk in to the hilt Coach Jackson would shoot more and more cum onto the shiny wood below him, completely at the mercy of his athlete. From the way Brad’s ass was clenched I could tell he was dumping what I could only assume was a giant load into the depths of Coach Jackson’s ass. Two powerful loads from two powerful athletes sloshing around together inside of him fighting to determine whose seed would prevail and claim this hole as their own. And I wanted my seed to win. There was this primal urge to claim Coach Jackson as mine and to win out against this other alpha who was threatening my position as his mate.

            Brad turned to look at me, panting. “Again. We’re going to fuck him until he can’t take it anymore and then we’re just going to give him more. We’re going to keep going until we’re finally satisfied.” He said, slowly withdrawing his cock.

            Coach Jackson was panting underneath him but did not object. He knew he was in for a long ride of continuous, unforgiving double jock fucking.

            I looked down at my own cock and was not at all surprised to see it hadn’t gone down one inch. I was ready for more. It’s like it knew it’s position as the alpha seed deep inside Coach Jackson’s ass was threatened by another alpha and it needed to reclaim its territory.

            The second Brad’s dick popped out of that hole it was replaced by my own and I wasted no time skipping a beat before I was slamming into Coach Jackson just as hard as Brad was.

            “Fuck!” Coach Jackson yelled, gripping the sides of his desk with near superhuman strength.

            I knew this wasn’t going to be a long one. I knew I had to spray the insides of Coach Jackson’s ass with another load to reinstate myself as king. Brad looked at me with a look of heated competition and once again, we locked lips as I pushed my tongue through his mouth and passionately kissed my host-brother. Once again my dick squirted out another mammoth load, coating the insides of Coach Jackson’s ass once again with my seed. Coach Jackson’s ass was squeezing my cock so hard I had to break away from Brad and looked down as, miraculously, poor Coach Jackson’s beer can cock was shooting another handsfree load all over his desk in time with my thrusts.


            “Man, Coach! Here you are over three hundred pounds of muscle and you’re having multiple orgasms like a fucking chick!” Brad gloated, spanking him roughly.

            “Gaaaaaahhhhhh oooohhh fuuuu-!!!!!” Coach Jackson yelled out, animalistically as he closed his eyes and felt his orgasm pulse through him.

            A look of pure primal fury flashed across Brad’s face as he shoved me away and took his place at Coach Jackson’s ass, my cock being forced out and instead replaced by his own. Coach Jackson was an unintelligible mess now and was drooling on his desk as Brad slammed into him.

            I looked at the finesse and authority Brad Williams possessed as he fucked our coach and this time I took his face in my hands and brought him to my lips, lapping at his tongue as we furiously made out. I brought a hand to Brad’s pecs and massaged them as we kissed, and he brought his hand to mine and did the same. Something wet landed on my feet and I looked down to see one long, thick strand of white fluid stretching down from the tip of Coach Jackson’s cock to the floor. The two of us had officially fucked every ounce of cum from Coach Jackson’s body out of him.

            But Brad kept slamming into him. I brought my finger to the tip of Coach Jackson’s cock and extracted all the fluid I could before bringing it to Brad’s tongue and sharing the fruit of our labor with him as we made out with it. Brad’s breathing became more laborious and his lapping at my tongue more urgent and I knew he was pumping out another load into Coach Jackson.

            Coach Jackson inhaled unintelligibly and gasped and I looked down at his cock and it was throbbing uncontrollably yet nothing shot out. From the sounds coming out of his mouth I knew he was having yet another orgasm but he simply had nothing left in him to expel.

            But I wasn’t done yet. I shoved Brad out of the way just as he had done me and I took his place immediately, making sure I would be the last one to breed our conquest. The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh was almost deafening.

            One of the phones buzzed on one of the desks behind Brad and me and we were brought back to reality. Whether it was Brad’s phone or my own I had no clue. Brad, being closer, reaches over to pick it up and before it could even register in my mind what was happening the color immediately drains from Brad’s face. He looks up at me for a split second before grabbing his shorts and flying out of the office, the door slamming on its hinges before the phone even reaches the floor. I turn my head to look down at the screen and I can already tell what it is. I know what’s on that screen like the back of my hand. A huge cock is centered on the screen leading down from a hairy chest. Two masculine hands are straining below it spreading two glorious cheeks apart to reveal a perfect hole. Written across the abs the text reads, “So when am I going to get my chance to wish someone a happy birthday?” And there, at the top of the screen like I had seen countless times before when my phone would buzz like this, in big bold letters: Mike Williams.



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