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                                                             Chapter 38

            When I got back to the hotel room, I was surprisingly still hard even after my fun with Drew.

            “Hey stud.” Mr. Williams smiled at me from the bed as he worked on his laptop. He had his glasses on and everything. Yeah. . . I was still horny and I wanted to spend some quality time remedying that with my man.

            “Hey.” I replied, squeezing in next to him and kissing him.

            “Did you have fun?” He asked, as he typed something into a spreadsheet.

            “I did have fun.” I grinned. “I met a friend, too.”

            This seemed to pique his interest. “A friend, huh?” He asked, closing his laptop and looking at me. “What did you and this friend do?” He reached out and felt my rock-hard cock through my jeans.

            “We sucked each other off.” I replied, kissing him hoping he could still taste a trace of Drew’s cum.

            “Well if you two had so much fun then what’s this thing doing here?” He asked, squeezing my cock through my jeans.

            “You know me.” I grinned, running my tongue along his lips. “Just couldn’t wait to get back to my man.”

            “I see. . .” He grinned back, unzipping my jeans and pulling them down.


            We brought our lips together as I ran my hand across his hairy chest. I found myself absentmindedly grinding my groin into him, as if it was just a reflex when I’m around this man.

            At that moment the door to our room opened and Brad and Coach Jackson walked in, landing on their bed exhaustedly.

            “Have either of you two ever heard of knocking?” Mr. Williams laughed, buttoning up his shirt.

            “Ah, relax Mike, it’s not like we haven’t seen the two of you go at it before. Hell, I swear Williams and I can hear you and Africa through the wall still going at it after us some nights. 9 times out of 10 this lucky son of a bitch ends up getting me to put out twice.” Coach Jackson replied, laying back on his pillow, with Brad laying across his chest. “You two wouldn’t have time to get any real fucking in anyway. We’ve got dinner in half an hour.”

            “Wow, is it that late already?” Mr. Williams asked, checking his watch.

            “What’s with you two?” I asked, noting the exhausted condition Brad and Coach Jackson were in.

            “You wouldn’t believe the session we just had over with the new coach, Ollie.” Brad grinned. “If you thought Coach was a whore for cock before. . .”

            “And here I thought Dan actually had a friend he hadn’t slept with.” Mr. Williams laughed.

            “Until this afternoon, I hadn’t.” Coach Jackson grunted. “Fuck, I feel like I sat on a fucking telephone pole.”

            Brad reached down to his hulking superior’s hole through his shorts and slipped a finger in. “How many loads do you think you’re carrying, Coach?”

            “Fuck, Williams.” Coach Jackson shrugged. “Four from this afternoon. Three of yours from yesterday. Planning on you putting at least another two in me tonight.”

            “Jesus Dan, take it easy!” Mr. Williams exclaimed, acting scandalized.

            “Aw Mike, you would have creamed your fuckin’ pants if you saw the cock on this guy. Fuck, my pussy’s so fuckin’ sensitive right now but I want it inside me again.” He brought his own hand down to his hole, pushed his athlete’s hand out of the way and brought some cum to his lips. He looked down at his athlete. “You’re gonna fuck me so good tonight, Williams. . .” He muttered, pulling at his lip with his teeth.

            “You bet your ass I am, Coach.” Brad said, running his hand under the man’s shirt and feeling his concrete muscles.

            “Shit, we’ve got something to celebrate, too, kid.”

            They stopped kissing and turned to us.

            “Go on. Tell ‘em, kid.” Coach Jackson grinned.

            “I’m in.” Brad said, trying to keep a straight face.

            Mr. Williams sat up immediately.

            “You’re in?”

            “I’m in.”

            “Brad!” I exclaimed jumping up and launching myself onto the bed with them and giving them both a big hug.

            “Now did I tell you you were going places or not?” Coach Jackson said, kissing him. “Never doubted you for fucking second, kid.”

            I felt a thud on top of me. Mr. Williams had joined the dog pile wanting to join in on the group hug.

            “Ooof.” Coach Jackson grunted, supporting the weight of all of us. “Yeah, get in here Mike.”

            The four of us started laughing and Mr. Williams ruffled Brad’s hair, proud of him.

            “Alright, alright now get the fuck off of me.” Coach Jackson grunted, pushing everyone off of him. “It’s no fun being the bottom of a dog pile like that when my clothes are still on.” He winked.

            “You know what this means, brother. . .” Brad said to me, smiling. “You and I are going to be here! Together!”

            The most genuine smile spread across my face. “I really don’t know how I would have done all this without you, brother. I just knew you’d be here with me.”

            “Yeah, well I’m gonna be.” He replied. “We’ve got a great four years ahead of us, Ollie.”

            “You just make sure he doesn’t flunk his ass out, Africa. You screw this up and you’ll have me to answer to, Williams.” Coach Jackson said, giving him a big pat on the ass. He looked at Mr. Williams. “Cancel the dinner reservation, Mike. I’m taking us out to dinner at a place worthy for a celebration like this. My treat.”

            “Wow, you sure, Dan?”

            “Yeah, I want to.” Coach Jackson muttered, kissing his athlete softly on the lips. “I want to show this kid how fucking proud of him I am. I’m making sure he gets taken care of tonight like he fuckin’ deserves. . .” His hands wandered into Brad’s pants and he gripped his cock. “He’s getting a kick-ass meal and then he’s coming back here and he’s gonna get laid big time.”

            “Dang, Coach, you’re not too sore from this afternoon?” Brad asked.

            “You kidding me, Williams? After taking a cock like that my pussy’s so fuckin’ sensitive I could cum just from the walk to the fucking door.”

            “Alright alright.” Mr. Williams cut in. “If Dan’s taking us out to a fancy dinner we all need to get showered.” He started to get up. “Separately.” He added with a wink.

            “Listen to me, Williams.” Coach Jackson said to his athlete, grabbing his hand and putting it to his ass through his pants. “When we get back to this hotel room this is all yours.” He leaned in to kiss him. “You don’t even have to ask for it. Tonight I’m the one taking you out for a nice meal and I’m gonna be the one who puts out. You get as much pussy as you want. You fucking earned it. You understand me?”

            Brad stroked the giant man’s taint as they made out. “God I love you, Coach.”

            “You don’t love me half as much as I fuckin’ love you, Williams.” Coach Jackson replied, thrusting his tongue into his mouth.

            Brad shook his head. “No way. I love you so much, Coach.”

            “Jesus.” Mr. Williams interjected, shaking his head. “Even this is a competition between you two?”

            Coach Jackson threw his athlete off him, staring him down, practically licking his lips. “This hole. Your cock. Any time you want it. You get it. You’ve got 100% access to this pussy until we step off that plane tomorrow. Have I made myself clear?”

            “Who are you kidding, Coach?” Brad smirked. “I’ve had 100% access ever since I made you give it up the first time.”

            “FUCK.” Coach Jackson huffed, standing up. “I need a fucking ice-cold shower or I’m gonna jump him right fucking now. Cocky fucker says shit like that. . . can’t give it up fast enough.”

            “Wait til after dinner, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed. “I was promised a free meal and I’ll be damned if you’re going to back out now.”


            After dinner we came back to the hotel and got into the elevator together.

            Mr. Williams pressed our floor and gave a relaxed sigh. “Hey, thanks for dinner, Dan. That was nice of you to take us all out.”

            There was no answer except for a groan behind us. We turned around to see Brad pushed up against the corner while the two of them made out, making an audible slurping sound as their tongues ground against each other.

            Mr. Williams could only laugh as we watched the two of them. He looked back to me. “I think I want some of that right about now, too, stud.”

            “Come here then, sexy.” I grinned.

            He stepped up to me and brought his lips to mine, groaning as we got lost in each other’s touch.

            The elevator doors opened but the four of us ignored it, continuing our intense make-out sessions like time didn’t matter.

            After about 30 seconds the timer on the door started going off, finally bringing us back to reality. The four of us begrudgingly got off the elevator and walked down the hall to our tiny little room.

            I got out my keycard and swiped it, holding the door open for the three of them before following them in.

            Brad and Coach Jackson collapsed on the bed, getting back to their make-out session, and Mr. Williams looked at me expectantly.

            For a moment I stopped to think how silly we all looked. Four grown men sharing two tiny twin beds in this cramped hotel room. Coach Jackson’s massive limbs far exceeded the confines of their bed, his athlete grinding on top of them as they kissed. No. It was going to take a lot more than a tiny hotel room to phase us.

            Coach Jackson pried his lips away from his athlete’s for a moment. “You stay right here, kid.” He hoisted himself off the tiny mattress, grabbing his suitcase and taking it to the bathroom. He popped his head out and called over to Mr. Williams. “You coming, Mike?”

            Mr. Williams got up and followed him into the bathroom as I lay down in our bed, smiling.

            “It doesn’t get much better than this, does it, brother?” Brad said to me, crossing his arms behind his head and laying back.

            “It really doesn’t.” I replied, grinning.

            After a minute or two the bathroom doorknob turned and when the door opened my jaw dropped.

            Coach Jackson and Mr. Williams both emerged, the two of them wearing nothing but the tightest jockstraps possible. I swear my dick shot straight up. They both turned around slowly, their arms crossed behind their heads as they flexed for us.  The USC logo and ‘Class of 2020’ were embroidered on the back.

            The jockstraps completely worked everything both men had to their favor. With Mr. Williams, his toned, hairy, lean physique was perfectly accentuated all the way to the huge bulge at the front where he was clearly tenting up. Coach Jackson’s smooth, massive muscles were all highlighted at just the right places with his pert, perfect ass on display in the back. His signature, thick beer-can cock had to be repositioned down and to the right so it wouldn’t stick out. Mr. Williams blushed at first and tried to cover himself but when he saw the look on my face, it was replaced with confidence. He looked good and he knew it.

            “What do you think, you lucky fuckers?” Coach Jackson asked the pair of us, flexing his muscles, showing off.

            “Absolutely unbelievable. . .” I replied, practically drooling over the two of them.

            “It was Dan’s idea.” Mr. Williams blushed.

            “Thought the two of you deserved a little treat. Mike and I got them custom fit and everything. Just wanted to let you guys know how fucking lucky you are having studs like Mike and me.”

            “Homerun, Coach.” Brad said, practically licking his lips.

            “Hey, what did I tell you about fucking baseball, kid? You know I hate that shit. We talk about real sports here. A man’s-“

            “Shut up, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed, hitting him on the shoulder.

            “I’m just saying, if I wanted to watch a bunch of guys in tights running around in circles I’d catch the fucking ballet-“

            “Shut the fuck up and get your ass over here, Coach.” Brad said, patting the space next to him.

            The two of them walked over to their respective beds and lay down, with Brad and I pouncing on them.

            “God you’re sexy.” I told Mr. Williams, kissing him and I ground myself on top of him. I snapped the string of his jockstrap against his ass for good measure. “You’re definitely wearing this again.”

            “Glad you like it, stud.” He replied, slipping his tongue in my mouth as I grinded into him.

            I listened as Brad and Coach Jackson made grunting noises as they made out with each other, running their hands all along each other’s athletic bodies.

            Before I knew it Mr. Williams was nudging a tube of lube against my shoulder. “I need you in me, Ollie.” He moaned, impatiently.

            Judging by the loud grunt Coach Jackson made over on their bed, it was clear Brad was one step ahead. Their bed started squeaking at a steady pace, only outmatched by Coach Jackson’s increasingly louder moaning as Brad sank in and out of him.

            I followed suit and was quickly pushing through, sinking into my man as he groaned underneath me in pleasure.

            Brad seemed to slow down his pace, waiting for the giant man under him to adjust. Coach Jackson broke away from his athlete’s lips for a moment. “What’s the hold-up, Williams?”

            “I don’t know Coach, after the size of Driver this afternoon, I just thought you’d need me to take things slow.” Brad said, kissing him gently on the lips. “I don’t want to hurt you, Coach.”

 “Jesus fucking Christ, kid, quit being such a pussy and fuck me!” Coach Jackson replied, spanking him.


            At once Brad started thrusting into him in deep, hard strokes.

            “That’s it, kid.” Coach Jackson nodded, getting into it. “I can handle myself, you understand me?”

            As Brad’s reply he just kept slamming into him, bringing their lips together again as they fucked.

            I looked down at Mr. Williams and my heart swelled as the man I loved looked up at me with such pleasure in his eyes as I fucked him. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me in closer to him, kissing me.

            The sound of skin thrusting over skin and lips sucking on lips filled the room as the four of us got lost in the throes of passion.

            All too soon Mr. Williams’s breathing grew heavier and heavier and his eyes rolled into the back of his head, moaning into my mouth as he started shooting, coating his and my chest in his cum. He lapped at my lips, groaning, as I gave him one of the best orgasms of his entire life. I felt his toes curling under the sheets as I continued to pleasure him.

            “Oh God, Ollie, you feel so good.” He groaned, wrapping his arms around me.

            We heard Brad ramping up his pace in the next bed and they broke away from each other. “Man, Coach, your pussy’s so loose after this afternoon. It’s still all slicked up from me and Driver. It’s amazing.”

            Coach Jackson was on his back with his arms crossed behind his head, resting against the headboard, legs spread as he happily let his athlete have his hole. The giant man barely fit on the mattress as is, but the look on his face was pure euphoria.

            I knew Brad loved fucking a used hole, and from the look on his face, he was in heaven.

            “Fuck, Driver really stretched me out, didn’t he?” Coach Jackson grunted as Brad slid in and out of him.

            “Like you wouldn’t believe, Coach. It’s going to be weeks before you’re back to normal again.” Brad replied, completely turned on. “Feel how easy it is sliding in and out of you?”

            I watched as Coach Jackson got an evil glint in his eye. “Hey, you know what would be fun, Williams?”

            “Yeah, Coach?” Brad asked, wiping his brow as he thrust in and out of him.

            “If you and Africa double-teamed my pussy and made me take both your loads at the same fucking time.”

            “Oh fuck, Coach.” Brad groaned, closing his eyes.

            “What do you say, Williams?” Coach Jackson grinned. “You gonna let him have it?”

            Brad looked over at me, sweat running down his forehead. “Get over here, brother.”

            “Aw fuck yeah!” Coach Jackson yelled.

            “Go get him, stud.” Mr. Williams grinned, kissing me.

            I pulled out and instead of getting up, Brad just grabbed Coach Jackson around the shoulders and pulled him up with all his strength so I could get in under them.

            Coach Jackson locked his arms against the sides of the mattress and pushed his body up, lifting his massive frame like it was nothing. His muscles contracted in an almost menacing manner.

            Brad halted his pace and waited for me to get into position.

            “That’s it, Olujimi.” Coach Jackson nodded, feeling me at his opening. “This pussy’s gonna let you right in.”

            I slowly pushed through against Brad’s thick piece and took each inch one at a time.

            Coach Jackson winced for a second as the head went through but he didn’t tell me to stop.

            Brad leaned down and kissed him, rubbing the man’s nipples as he slowly became impaled on over 18 inches of jock cock.

            “Aw shit that’s good.” Coach Jackson groaned, getting used to the two of us inside of him. “Come on, fuck me.”

            Brad and I slowly started a pace, the feeling of Coach Jackson’s soft, velvety hole wrapped around me and Brad’s thick, hard cock sliding against mine creating an indescribable feeling.

            All at once, our eyes rolled into the back of our heads, each of us experiencing a completely unique sensation.

            Coach Jackson’s mighty muscles bulged out as he supported his weight in a bridge position, giving us both access to his hole. Brad lapped at his lover’s lips in pleasure, causing Coach Jackson to emit a low, baritone moan.

            “Aw fuck yeah. . .” Coach Jackson moaned, leaning his head back in pleasure.

            Brad locked eyes with me and leaned his head down to kiss me as we double-fucked our football coach.

            I swear my cock swelled in size as I was overcome with so much pleasure all happening at once.

            I heard the sound of moaning above me and I opened my eyes to find Mr. Williams standing over us, Coach Jackson opening his mouth to accommodate the size of my man’s hardening prick.

            The giant man’s muscles swelled over his entire, massive body as he allowed himself to be used by three men all at the same time. He greedily slurped along Mr. Williams’s sizable cock as Brad and I sawed in and out of him against each other.

            Brad’s lapping at my tongue with his own intensified as I heard his breathing grow deeper and deeper. He groaned audibly and I felt his prick surge and swell against mine before he gasped, flooding Coach Jackson’s hole with cum. The feeling of his warm seed running down the length of my cock as he shot was absolutely intoxicating. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

            Brad started to pull away from my mouth to catch his breath but I immediately pulled him back in, sucking on his lip as I released my own torrent of seed up Coach Jackson’s hole.

            “Oh fuck!” Brad said, gritting his teeth as he felt my prick surge and shoot against his.

            Coach Jackson was moaning uncontrollably as Mr. Williams sank all the way down his throat, feeling so many sensations at once as three men had their way with him.

            The stimulation of his sensitive, spent cock was too much and Brad had to pull out, shuddering.

            I quickly followed suit, our cocks popping out of Coach Jackson’s used hole audibly and our collective seed flowing out of him steadily onto our bodies.

            Coach Jackson whimpered as his overstuffed cunt was suddenly emptied.

            Brad and I watched as our collective seed slowly dripped out the giant man, the testament of our pleasure mixed together as one. I’d never felt so connected to him. From the way he looked at me I knew he felt the same.

            Before I could even follow what was happening, Mr. Williams was throwing the giant man’s legs over shoulder, sinking his cock to the hilt in one go.

            “Aw fuck yeah!!” Coach Jackson yelled, pounding Mr. Williams’s chest with his fist, urging him to fuck him harder. “Fuck me, Mike! God damnit, I want it all!”

            Coach Jackson’s massive muscles were shaking from having to support his weight all this time but he showed no signs of giving up yet.

            Brad looked at me and rolled on top of me, bringing our lips together once more as we enjoyed the euphoric feeling after such intense mutual orgasms.

            Coach Jackson immediately collapsed on top of the newly vacated section of the mattress and Mr. Williams didn’t miss a beat for one second, hammering into him with his rough, hard pace.

            “God damn, Mike, you’re gonna make me cum!” Coach Jackson groaned, jacking himself off.

            “Do it, Dan.” Mr. Williams panted, thrusting in and out of him.

            “Ah, bring me off, bud!” Coach Jackson grunted, furiously stroking himself in time with Mr. William’s thrusts.

            Brad’s tongue entered my mouth as we made out with each other, completely turned on by everything going on at once.

            “Gonna blow, Dan.” Mr. Williams panted.

            “Do it, Mike. Fuckin’ knock me up just like your son did.”

            “Get ready for it, Dan.”

            “Fuckin’ do it, Mike!” Coach Jackson yelled, pounding his fist into his chest, egging him on.

            Brad’s efforts on my lips intensified as he ground his hips against mine; his cock sliding against my abs as we made out.

            “Oh God, I’m cumming!” Mr. Williams groaned, sinking all the way inside of him, and holding it there, his eyes glazing over as he shot inside of him.

            “FUUUUUCK!!!!” Coach Jackson bellowed as he coated himself and Mr. Williams in his own load, completely drenching the two of them in cum.

            Mr. Williams hung his head down in sheer ecstasy, feeling the warm tunnel wrapped around his cock pulse with pleasure with every shot Coach Jackson made.

            I felt Brad groan against me, his lips pulling at mine as, amazingly, his cock fired off once again, coating my abs with yet another load as he grinded it along the grooves of my muscles.  

            “Oh fuck, Ollie. . .” He moaned in pleasure, our foreheads touching as he let his orgasm pulse through him.

            I heard the sound of lips on lips as Coach Jackson and Mr. Williams converged in appreciation for one another.

            Brad broke away from me, looking down at his cum, splattered across my abs. “Fuck, I didn’t even know that could happen. . .” He panted, shaking his head. “One second we were making out and then I just-“

            Before he could finish I pulled him back to me, pressing my lips against his, letting our bodies slide against one another, feeling his load between us.

            Whether 2 or 20 minutes passed by, I had no idea.

            Brad finally hung his head down, resting it on my shoulder, his load spread evenly across our torsos.

            “God damnit.” Coach Jackson sighed, closing his eyes. “You know we’ve reached the pinnacle now, don’t you guys? We’ll never be able to top what just happened in this room. This was it.”

            The four of us took in what he said. No one was able to disagree with him. What had just happened between us felt like the absolute perfect experience. There was just no getting better. But something told me we’d spend the rest of our days trying anyway.


            I woke up from a sound sleep sometime during the night with Mr. Williams wrapped in my arms, fast asleep, his head against mine. I could barely hear the soft squeaking of bedsprings from the other side of the room. Brad and Coach Jackson were at it again, it seemed.

            But this time it was different.

            I listened as the two of them moaned quietly against one another, kissing each other softly as they shared a slow, tender, gentle connection between the two of them.

            There was no one else in the world but them. I had never witnessed such a loving, tender moment between the two of them. There was no name calling. No hips slamming against hips. No grunting. No competition. No bickering. No trying to one-up the other. Just the tacit sound of their lips pulling softly at each other and the quiet sound of their gentle, delicate love-making.   

            I closed my eyes, holding Mr. Williams close as he breathed in and out against my chest, and started to drift back into sleep to their gentle sounds.

            And then, it was so quiet I couldn’t even be sure if I had really heard it:

            “I love you so much, Coach.”

            “I love you too, Williams.”


            I could just make out their heads coming together again in the moonlight from the window. My heart swelled and broke for them at the same time. The fact that Brad would be moving away with me for college was finally hitting the two of them. They were realizing just how much the other meant to them.

            Mr. Williams hummed in his sleep against me, nuzzling into my shoulder. I was asleep before I even finished my next intake of breath.  





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