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Chapter 37


    Mr. Williams and I sat in the library with some coffee as he kindly let me take my time with each section, grabbing a few books here and there and putting them into a stack for me to make a mental note of to be checked out in the future, when I actually had a student ID.

            He checked his watch for about the fifth time since we started.

            “Mr. Williams, honestly, you don’t have to sit with me while I do this.” I laughed as I set another book on top of the stack.

            “No, I want to.” He smiled. “I like spending time with you.”

            “Even when I’m not paying attention to you and I’m going through these books instead?”

            He seemed to weigh his options a bit. “Since you mentioned it, I really should get back to the room and get some work done this afternoon before dinner.” He leaned in close. “I kind of didn’t want to tell you this yet, since it’s pretty early, but I may have a huge investor interested in signing me on to manage the entirety of his software accounts.”

            “No way!” I exclaimed, trying to keep my voice down.

            “Yeah, well like I said, it’s still pretty early. So early my consultants haven’t even disclosed which company it is.”

            “Well then get back to the room and work!”

  You sure you’ll be okay?” He asked, standing up.

            “Have you ever seen me any more in my element?” I grinned, gesturing to all the books around me.

            “Well knock yourself out then, stud.” He replied, kissing me. “See you back at the room?”

            “Yeah. See you in a bit.”

            I watched as he walked through the library to the glass doors, turning back to smile at me before he left.

            As the stack of books in front of me began to grow and grow I had no idea if 20 minutes had passed or 2 hours. I had never had access to so much information like this and I was going wild! I was finally knocked out of my trance when someone cleared their throat behind me.

            “You, uh. . . you need some help with that, man?”

I turned around to find a tall, blond haired guy a little older than my age. He wore a sash around his neck with an ID card with the university library on it, and the word “librarian” scrawled under it. He was cute. Really cute. Sort of a swimmer’s build and some well-kept facial hair.

            “Sorry, I guess I kind of got carried away.” I laughed, scratching the back of my head.

            “Not a problem man, it’s cool.” He smiled. “I will tell you though that students can only check out five at a time.” He leaned in close. “But between you and me, I can sort of set aside the rest of them so you can come back when you’re ready to switch them out. You look like you’re a fast reader.”

            “Actually, I won’t be able to do even that.” I laughed, embarrassed. “New student. No ID until the fall.”

            “I see. . .” He laughed, looking over the stack of books I had collected. “I was kind of showing off the full extent of my power with the ‘set aside’ suggestion. Pretty sure I can’t do it without an ID though. They can’t let me get too drunk with power, you know?”

            “It’s really okay, I was going to just make a mental note of the ones I wanted to check out in the future and then put them all back before I left.”

            “You were really going to put these all back?” He asked.

            “Of course.” I replied. “I’m not going to just leave them here and have someone else deal with it.”

            “I knew I liked you. . . “ He laughed. His eyes ran over the collection I had picked out and picked up the top book. “Human sexuality. . .” He said, reading the summary on the back. “Are you taking a class on it in the fall or something?”

            “No, it’s mainly just for general interest.” I replied, trying to not make it too obvious in my efforts to gauge his response.

            “General interest, huh?” He smiled, setting it back down on top. “I’m Drew. Graduate student.” He extended his hand.

            “Ollie.” I smiled back at him, shaking his hand.

            “Pleased to meet you, Ollie. I’m trying to place your accent and I’m stuck.”

            “South Africa.” I laughed. “No one so far has been able to guess it right off the bat.”

            “No kidding!” He replied, surprised. “Dang, and I thought me coming down here from San Diego was an adventure. What brings you to California?”

            “It’s a long story.” I replied, truthfully. “I won a football scholarship to spend my senior year here in the states.”

            “Wow, a football scholarship? And here I thought you were one of us.” He laughed, looking around.

            “I assure you, I come in peace.” I chuckled. “My football days are over after I finish up this semester. I’m actually here with my host-brother. He’s the one looking into the athletic program.”

“So you’re both looking at the same school? That’s cool. I guess you and your host-family got along pretty well, huh?”

            “You could definitely say that.” I laughed.

            He looked around for a second. “Look, Ollie, I can’t let you check out these books today, but how about you pick one and I’ll check it out myself?”

            “Oh Drew, you really don’t have to-“

            “I want to.” He smiled. “From a fellow book lover to another. I’m sure you’d do the same thing for someone else if you could.”

            “You’d really do that for a complete stranger?”

            “Well we’re not really strangers anymore, are we?” He smiled.

            “No, I guess we’re not.”

            “Just bring it back before you head back home. You can thank me by staying and having a cup of coffee with me.” He gestured to the café. “My shift ended about 10 minutes ago.”

            I was sort of taken aback by his frankness. I liked it.

            “Man that sounded really cheesy.” He laughed. “That sounded like I was trying to flirt with you.”

            “Wouldn’t have minded if you were, Drew.” I smiled.

            He paused for a second, looking me over. “Really?”


            “Well in that case I was totally trying to flirt with you.”

            “Why don’t we put the rest of these books back up and then get that coffee?”

            “Sounds good to me, Ollie.”


            “So do you pick up guys in bookstores often, Drew?” I asked with a grin as we sat down with our drinks.

            “Not as often as you’d think.” He laughed. “You’d be surprised how little people really want to stop and talk. Most of the time they’re in and out and that’s exactly how they want it to be. You’re the first person in a while who actually could hold a conversation.” He took a sip, pausing. “I usually have more luck with girls than guys here at work.”

            He must have sensed my reaction. “I like guys and girls.” He shrugged. “You?”

            “Just guys.” I answered. “I feel like I should disclose to you that I’m in a serious but extremely open relationship.”

            “Interesting.” He nodded. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

            “Someone back at home.” I replied, vaguely.

            “You know, I think that’s really mature of you guys. Especially with you going away for college and everything. My girlfriend and I tried the long-distance thing and it didn’t work out. I wonder if things would have turned out differently if we allowed each other to sleep with other people while we were away.”

            I admired his frankness when talking about sex. He seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. “It works for us.” I said. “Maybe not for everybody. But we’re very happy.”

            “I think I’m going to enjoy getting to know you, Ollie.” He smiled.

            “I think I’m going to enjoy getting to know you too, Drew.”

            He looked around before turning back to me. “I hope this isn’t out of line or anything, but would you maybe want to head back to my place? I live here on campus.”

            A grin spread across my face. “That’s not out of line at all.”

            “Awesome.” He laughed, bringing his cup to his mouth.


            Drew didn’t live far away at all. Just a quick two minute walk from the library and he was pulling out his keys to unlock his room.

            “Don’t worry, I’ve got a single.” He laughed as we stepped in. It was small, but completely neat. He had just the right amount of stuff. Not cluttered, but not empty.

            He sat down on the couch and made room for me next to him.

            “You want to have some fun, Ollie?”

            “What exactly did you have in mind, stud?”

            “Well. . .” He said, smiling. “I was kind of hoping you’d let me suck your cock.”

            A grin spread across my face. “I was kind of hoping you’d let me suck yours, too.”

            I walked up to him and leaned down, bringing my lips to his.

            Drew was a good kisser alright. His nice, full lips were one of the first things I noticed about him and they certainly did their job.

            He slowly started to unbutton his shirt and slipped it off.

            “Dang, you’ve got a great body.” I complimented him, running my hand over his chest. He was toned like a swimmer, which matched his long legs and arms and lean frame. He had a light dusting of hair on his chest and it really turned me on.

            “Thanks.” He replied, starting on my shirt. “I’m on the swim team, so it keeps me active.”

            “And here you were making fun of me for being a football player!” I teased him.

            “Hey, not all athletes are created equal.” He laughed, pulling my shirt off. “Holy shit, dude.”

            “Ah, so now me being a football player isn’t such a bad thing, huh?”

            “Not at all, man.” He grinned, kissing me.

            I brought my hands to his belt buckle but he repositioned us so that I was laying on the couch with him on top of me, our tongues dancing with each other.

            “What’s the rush, Ollie?” He smiled, kissing me. “I kind of want to make out with you a little.”

            I moaned as my response, closing my eyes and committing to the moment.


            “ARRRAGHHH!!!” Dan Jackson bellowed as he was impaled on over 11 thick inches of cock.

            “That’s it, bud.” Ray Driver groaned as he entered his formerly-top only fellow alpha for the first time.

            “Jesus fucking Christ, Ray. .  .” Coach Jackson exhaled, trying to focus on anything but the traffic pole currently sawing in and out of him.

            “Ah, you can take it, Dan.” Ray winked. “You’ve seen guys we’ve fucked together take me with less bitching than this so man up and take my cock.”

            “Okay. . . Okay. . .” Coach Jackson breathed in and out as he focused on letting him in. He turned to face his athlete with a slight grin. “How do you like seeing me take a cock like this, kid?”

            “I’ve never been more proud.” Brad grinned back. “I’m not joking. Fuck, you turn me on, Coach.”

            Over the next few minutes Driver increased his pace, really getting into the nice, tight, warm hole currently wrapped around his legendary cock.

            He looked over at his potential addition to his team, impressed. “Damn, kid, are you sure you only shot once? I feel like every time I slide back into him I’m pulling out more and more of your cum.”

            “I produce a lot of sperm, sir.” Brad replied, proudly. “Coach Jackson here sure enjoys it. That’s after giving him three loads yesterday, too.”

            “Damn, kid. You really took this big guy down, didn’t you?” Driver praised him. “Damn, your ass is tight, Dan.” He groaned.

            Coach Jackson stared up at him, intimidatingly. “Try that again, bud.”

            “I said your ass is so tight, Dan.” Driver repeated, thrusting in and out of him.

            Coach Jackson gave him a cocky look and pressed his foot into the center of the man’s chest and pushed, effectively dismounting him.

            “Hey, what the fuck, Dan?” Driver asked, frustrated, as his huge cock pulled out.

            Coach Jackson just looked at him, expectantly. “I thought I’d made myself clear.”

            Driver sighed, hanging his head down, his massive cock throbbing up against his stomach, Coach Jackson’s foot still holding him in place. “Y- your cunt is so tight, Dan.”

            Coach Jackson gave him a smirk in response and eased his mighty leg back, giving him access to his stretched, used opening once again.

            Driver entered him again, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

            “Welcome to my world, sir.” Brad laughed, shaking his head.

            “Is he always like this?” Driver asked him, resuming his pace.

            “Every goddamn time.” Brad replied, laughing. “He’s the most frustrating, fantastic fuck you’ll ever have.”

            “Williams knows the rules.” Coach Jackson muttered, staring up at the man currently sawing into him. “He follows the rules, I put out. It’s that simple. If he gets into this place, you could be seeing a lot more of this pussy, but we play by my rules, Driver. You want this pussy then you’re gonna treat it with some respect. I earned the right to call it what it is. Doesn’t make me any less of a fucking man. Have I made myself clear?”

            “You got it, bud.” Driver relented, picking up his pace.

            “Ah fuck!” Coach Jackson yelled, unprepared for the amount of cock per second currently sliding in and out of him.

            “What’s the matter, Dan, I thought you said you were going to take it like a man?” Driver taunted him.

            “Not complaining.” Coach Jackson grunted. “Go harder, bud. Come on, fuck me!”

            Brad watched with wide eyes as his hulking superior took that massive cock like a real man. “Fuck, I can see him stretching the lips of your cunt every time he pulls back, Coach.”

            “He’s so fucking big, Williams. He’s stretching me out to make me take him.” Coach Jackson moaned.

            Brad turned to Driver. “Pull your cock all the way out each time before you go back in, sir. I want to see that big cock of yours pulling his cunt lips with it each time you pull out.”

            Driver seemed to like this idea and slowly pulled all the way out, causing Coach Jacksons, poor, exhausted hole to stretch open to accommodate the massive head of Driver’s bull cock.

            “Fuck, that’s hot.” Brad said in awe as he watched.

            “Jesus Christ. . .” Coach Jackson gritted his teeth as he felt Driver push into him again, only to pull out a second later, making him stretch all the way open each time.

            “How does that big cock feel, Coach?”

            “Aw, he’s fucking me so good, Williams.” Coach Jackson whimpered. He moved his hand away from his own cock, which was rock hard again and dripping precum onto his abs. “He’s gonna bring me off again, kid.” 

            Brad took one look at Driver and nodded. “Give him all you can, sir.”

            Driver grabbed both of the hulking man’s legs and went all out, thrusting into him as hard as he could and has fast as he could.

            Brad took Coach Jackson’s angry cock in his hand and brought it to his mouth, licking the sap off of the head before wrapping his lips around the whole head and sinking down on it.

            “AW FUCK!!!” Coach Jackson yelled, closing his eyes, not able to handle all the sensations he was going through at once. “HE’S GONNA MAKE ME FUCKING CUM!!!”

            Brad sank down as far as he could possibly go until that huge cockhead was hitting the back of his throat, feeling it swell to an impossible size before it expelled its fluid, shooting in the back of his throat.

            “FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Coach Jackson bellowed, pounding his fist onto the desk and making the drawers rattle.

            Brad surprised himself by swallowing as fast as Coach Jackson was filling his throat up. It seemed every single time Driver sank into him again more fluid would shoot out.

            Ray Driver moaned uncontrollably as he sank as far into the tight mancunt wrapped around his cock as possible, planting his seed where no man had been able to reach before.

            Coach Jackson’s grip on the side of the desk relaxed a little as the huge cock inside of him slowed down.

            Driver made him stay like that, feeling as his big cock inseminated him, pinned down from above. He liked making his conquests feel him loading them up, his cock twitching inside of them as he claimed them. He got off on it.

            “Don’t get too comfortable Dan.” Driver huffed, panting.

            Coach Jackson’s eyes widened. “No. . .”

            “Come on, bud, when was the last time you knew me to just drop one load? You know I’m always good for at least two. The first one’s just the warm up.”

            “No fucking way, Driver.” Coach Jackson shook his head, wincing as Driver started resuming his pace, his massive cock still having yet to go down.

            “Be a sport, Coach.” Brad grinned, smacking his shoulder, egging him on. “Give him what he wants. You owe him for letting you be the one he chose to give that big monster cock to today. A guy like that’s got a bunch of regulars who will put out for him when he needs it.”

            “Smart kid. Come on, Dan.” Driver muttered, staring down at his old buddy as he thrust in and out of him. “I was expecting a double so don’t prude out on me now.”

            “Aw fuck. . . “ Coach Jackson whined, bracing himself for the onslaught of another good, hard fuck.


            After what felt like not enough time, Drew backed off of me, staring down at me. His lips were red from all the stimulation and he looked incredibly sexy.

            His hand wandered to my zipper and he pulled it down, finally freeing my rock-hard, black cock.

            “Fuck yes.” He grinned, bringing the head to his lips.

            “Should I take that as a sign of approval?”

            “I’ve got a huge thing for big cocks.” He replied, circling the head with his tongue. “And this is definitely a big cock.”

            “Yeah, and what about you, stud?” I asked, nudging the obvious bulge in his jeans with my foot.

            He sat back for a moment and unzipped his jeans, pulling out a solid 8 inches of white cock.

            “Oh, you and I are definitely going to have some fun.” I smiled, leaning my head back as he went back down on me.


            I held Drew’s head down as he went down on me, surprising me with his ability to take my big black cock down his throat entirely.

            “Holy shit, man.” I praised him, groaning. “You’re going to make me cum if you keep doing that.”

            He looked up at me, grinning. “And the problem with that is?”

            “I want to return the favor with you, first.” I replied, reaching down to stroke his formidable 8 inches.

            “You want to 69 then?” He asked, standing up, his boned-up cock almost hitting me in the face.

            I patted the space in between my legs as a response and he followed, positioning himself where his head was right at my cock and his own member was finally within mouth’s reach.

            But it wasn’t his cock that had my attention. The most perfect, tight hole I had ever seen was just calling my attention. I wet my thumb and teased the opening a little.

            He brought himself off my cock and turned back to look at me. “That wasn’t exactly part of the deal.” He laughed.

            “Can you really blame me?” I asked, continuing to tease him open.

            “Damn, that feels really good.” He groaned. “Just don’t get any ideas. . . That’s kind of a fourth or fifth date thing.”

            “Understood.” I nodded. “Can’t I just play with it a little, though?” I asked, batting my eyes at him.

            He wrapped his hand around my massive erection. “Just as long as this thing stays here with me.”


            Time was lost as we gave each other such intense pleasure. He, working my cock over with his talented throat and tongue and I, shifting from giving his cock attention to his perfect hole.

            “God, that feels so good, Ollie.” He groaned as I teased his opening with my tongue. “I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.”

            “And the problem with that is?” I grinned, thrusting in an inch and then back out.

            “Cum with me, Ollie.” He sank my cock all the way up his throat and held it in place making my toes curl before he came back up.

            I brought his cockhead to my mouth and throated as much as I could, working my throat muscles to give him the most pleasure possible.

            “Oh fuck, Ollie!” He shouted, his breathing intensifying.

            “I’m gonna cum, man!” I yelled, before planting his cock all the way down my throat.

            I felt his first jet coat the back of my throat, and I started shooting. The sound of moaning filled the room as we unloaded into each other. He worked his throat muscles to coax more cum out of my cock and I did the same to him.

            I felt something tightening on my finger and I realized somewhere during all of this it had found its way into his hole. He was so tight constricting around my finger, the thought of putting something bigger in there was all I could think about.

            His cock slipped from my mouth and I felt mine fall against my abs, finally emptied of my seed. He turned back to me, and brought his head up to mine, kissing me.

            “That was amazing, Ollie.” He moaned in my mouth.

            My finger was still inside of him and I slowly withdrew it as we made out.

            We stayed like that for a while, just relaxing and enjoying our natural highs as we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues.

            “I hope you don’t have anywhere you have to be.” He cooed.

            “No, but if you do, I understand.” I replied.

            “No, man.” He smiled. “This is nice.”

            “Yeah, it is.”

            I looked into his eyes and for some reason it felt like I knew him. I know it’s silly. I mean, we had only just met about two hours ago, but we just had an instant connection. I’d only felt a connection like that with one other person in my life. Mr. Williams. It was a nice feeling. In a lot of ways Drew reminded me of Mr. Williams. Not in a romantic way, but just a familiar way. It was very comforting.

            “Hey.” He smiled. “What were you thinking about just now?”

            “Nothing.” I smiled back at him, parting his hair out of his eyes and kissing him. “You just remind me of someone.”

            “Yeah? A good someone, I hope?”

            “Someone very special to me.”

            He gave a deep, satisfied sigh and rolled onto his side, spooning into me. “I’m really glad I met you today, Ollie.”

            “I’m really glad I met you today too, Drew.”

            “Is it too forward to give you my number?”

            I laughed out loud. “Well after what we just did, I’d be insulted if you didn’t!”

            “Well good.” He grinned. “I don’t want you forgetting about me.”

            I couldn’t help but smile. Just a couple hours on campus and I had already made what felt like a true, genuine friend. College was going to be an exciting time for me, no doubt.

            “You gave me a pretty unforgettable afternoon.” I replied. “I promise you’ll be the first person I look up this fall.”

            “I like the sound of that, Ollie.” He laughed. He reached down and grabbed my softening, but still sizable black cock. “I think I might have to make an exception and make this a second date thing instead of a fourth. What do you think?”

            “I’ll be looking forward to it all summer, man.”

            “I think four months will be enough mental preparation to take something this big.” He laughed, feeling it in his hands.

            “Hey, don’t make a promise you can’t keep.” I nudged him on the shoulder playfully.

            “Something you’ll get to know about me, Ollie.” He turned his head, kissing me. “I always keep my promises.”



             “That’s it, Dan.” Driver nodded as he slowly sank his still rock-hard cock into his old colleague below him, rearing up to start again. “Squeeze that cunt around my cock so it knows you’re going to let it in. Treat it right.”

            “Damnit Driver, you horse-dicked son of a bitch. . .” Coach Jackson grunted through gritted teeth.

            “Ah, you love it, bud.” Driver smirked, sliding in and out of him and reaching out to pinch Coach Jackson’s nipples.

            “Easy!” The giant man winced.

            “Ah, what’s this?” Driver grinned. “Don’t tell me you hit the gym morning noon and night to show off a rack like this and don’t expect your tits to get played with.”

            “He fuckin’ loves it when you pull on his tits.” Brad egged him on, stroking his own cock as he watched the man he loved getting royally fucked right in front of him. “Go on and kiss up and down his neck while you fuck him. His pussy gets so wet when you kiss him real gentle like that. The guy can’t give it up fast enough.”

            Driver leaned down and slowly kissed up and down Coach Jackson’s neck as he fucked in and out of him, causing the giant man to moan uncontrollably. His legs instinctively spread further apart to let him in deeper, giving him complete access to his hole.

            “Mother fucker. . .” Driver shook his head, grinning. “That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Big muscle stud like that spreading his legs for me.”

            “He wasn’t always this way, sir.” Brad said, collecting the bit of precum dripping from the head of his cock into his palm so he could jack himself off with deeper strokes. “Took months of me working that pussy over to train him to take cock like this.”

            “Well it was fucking worth it, kid.” Driver replied, closing his eyes as Coach Jackson’s smooth, velvety mancunt massaged his cock in all the right ways. “You’ve got a grade A cockslut whenever you want it, don’t you?”

            “Yes sir.” Brad nodded. “He gets so turned on by putting out for me, sir.”

            “Yeah, I can see that.” Driver nodded, giving Coach Jackson’s big beer-can cock a couple of strokes. “I like that he stays rock-hard when he’s giving it up. Lets his stud know he knows what he’s doing.”

            Coach Jackson groaned uncontrollably as he lay there and listened to these two men talk about him like he wasn’t even there. Fuck, it turned him on.

            “Fucker’s almost too tight.” Driver grunted, slowing down a little. “I want to enjoy this pussy a little bit. Don’t worry, Dan. You’ll get my second load soon enough.”

            Brad couldn’t help himself. Watching that cock of unfathomable size going in and out of him as Coach Jackson took it like the man he was, he got up and walked over to them, leaning his head down to kiss the giant man on the lips.

            “Fuck, you turn me on, Coach.”

            Coach Jackson whimpered as he let his athlete’s tongue into his mouth. “He’s fucking me so good, Williams.”

            “I know he is, Coach. You’re being a good cockslut letting him, too.”

            “Fuck yeah, I am, Williams.” Coach Jackson nodded, regaining a little bit of his composure. “I take cock like a fucking champ, don’t I?”

            “You sure do, Coach. You’re making me proud.”

            “Yeah, am I the fuckin’ best or what, Williams?” Coach Jackson grinned, squeezing his hole around Driver’s cock for good measure, causing the man to moan.

            “Of course you’re the best, Coach.” Brad grinned, pulling at his lip with his teeth. He looked up at Ray Driver and smirked. “I want you to make him prove he’s the best cockslut around. Can you do that, sir?”

            Driver just grinned in response.

            “Aw fuck!” Coach Jackson groaned, throwing his head back. Driver was going for a rough fuck to coax this load out. The size of that cock was knocking the wind out of him.

            “That’s it, Coach.” Brad said, loving this. “Give him that pussy. Let him in.”

            “Aw, he’s so fucking big, Williams.”

            “I know he is, Coach, and it’s turning me on so much watching you give it up for a cock like that.” Brad commended him, taking it all in.

            “Come on, Dan, work that cunt. Make it feel good.” Driver nodded, really slamming into him.

            Coach Jackson couldn’t even speak now, he was so overwhelmed with the amount of cock he was taking at such a fast rate.

            “Easy Dan.” Driver panted, trying to hold back a little. “God damnit, bud, I want to enjoy this but you’re gonna get that second load from me whether I’m ready or not, aren’t you?”

            Coach Jackson just groaned in response as his pussy lips stretched to their limit in order to accommodate the size of the meat that was bulldozing its way through him.

            “Ah, you fucker!” Driver grunted, giving into the temptation of planting his second load.

            Brad braced himself, pulling on his own cock in time with the man’s thrusts into his lover. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!”

            “Oh fuck, he’s gonna pull it out of me!” Driver groaned, slamming into him hard. “Fuck Dan! FUCK!!!”

            He slammed all the way in and then held his position, his massive cock jerking inside the confines of Coach Jackson’s ass as he unloaded again. With each and every spurt his legendary cock head jerked up, letting his poor buddy feel each and every time he added more of his seed inside of him.

            Dan Jackson was getting royally bred and he was feeling every second of it.

            At the same time Brad stood over his hulking superior and shot all over his face, slapping his cock against his soft lips as his cum dripped down his face.

            After the last of his seed had been released Ray Driver reached down and played with Coach Jackson’s nipples, soothing him for a job well done.

Ray Driver collapsed on top of him and they brought their lips together, exhausted.

            “Jesus. . .” Coach Jackson panted, wiping his athlete’s cum away from his eyes. “There was really no stopping you from going for that second nut, was there, Ray?”

            “Sorry bud. . .” Driver sighed. “You just felt so good wrapped around my cock.”

            “Well I guess at least I’ll know to be ready for a double-duty fuck next time.”

            “So there’s going to be a next time?” Driver grinned, running his hand along his old buddy’s taint as his sperm slowly dripped out of him.

            “After a fuck like that? Shit, you know from experience the guys you fuck always come back for more.” He wrapped his hand around the immense length and width of his buddy’s cock. “Yeah, I’m definitely taking this thing again. You know, this fucker is like the perfect size and thickness. . . plus another two or three fuckin’ inches.” He laughed. “But you got me, bud. I’m hooked. Fuck. . .” He said, leaning his head back and collecting himself. “You mean we could have been doing that for the past 20 years, bud?”

            “You were holding out on me, Dan. Never thought I’d see the day you’d be the one on bottom. I’m still wrapping my head around it.” Driver laughed, helping to pull him up into a sitting position. “But I guess you aren’t exactly the only one holding out on something. . .” He opened up a drawer in his desk and pulled out a folder, throwing it on the giant man’s stomach. “I did some digging before you guys came in this afternoon.” Coach Jackson opened up the folder to reveal a xerox copy of an admissions letter. “Your kid got accepted earlier this week. It probably came in the mail just as you left.”

            Coach Jackson’s eyes scanned the page quickly before throwing it to his athlete. “I don’t know how you did it, Williams, but you fucking did it. . . “

            “I did it?” Brad asked, trying to hold his excitement.

            “You did it, kid.” Coach Jackson smiled. “All on your own, too.”

            “I got in??” Brad exclaimed, standing up.

            “You got in, kid.”

            “I got in!!”

            Coach Driver couldn’t help but smile as he witnessed such genuine happiness coming from the two men. “Congratulations, new guy.” He paused for a moment. “Don’t think that all this means I won’t go just as hard on you as I do with the other guys on the team.”

            Brad laughed, eyeing Coach Jackson. “Sir, do you really think I don’t know how to separate my sex life from the field?”

            Driver laughed. “Yeah, I guess I forgot who I was dealing with here. Dan Jackson’s a monster when he’s got that whistle around his neck, isn’t he?” 

            “What can I say, bud, I’m good at my fucking job.” Coach Jackson replied. He turned to his old buddy and playfully punched him on the shoulder, hard enough to make it count. “That’s for having us go through this whole charade when you knew full well the kid was in from the get-go.”

            Driver laughed before Coach Jackson smacked him again on the shoulder, a little harder this time. “And that’s for just having such a big fucking bull cock. Fuck.” He added, massaging his hole, delicately. 

            “I can’t tell if you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, Dan?” Driver laughed.

            “Yeah, well I guess that makes two of us, then.” Coach Jackson laughed. “Right now I couldn’t even think of taking that thing again, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not gonna want another go next time I’m up here.” He stood up and started to wipe himself off with a spare towel he found on the wall while Driver watched him.

            “Hey bud, I was meaning to ask you. What’s the ink stand for? 16?” He pointed to the tattoo just above his buddy’s abdomen.

            “It’s the kid’s football number.” Coach Jackson grunted back.

            Driver turned to look at the two of them together.

            “Wait, am I missing something here?”

            Coach Jackson kept his eye on his old colleague as he walked over to his athlete, planting a big, slow kiss on him.

            “Are you two. . . a couple?” Driver began.

            “Look, we’re not broadcasting it to the fucking world, okay?” Coach Jackson blushed. “But I guess if this thing is gonna continue now that the kid is in, you should know.”

            “I don’t fucking believe it. . . Dan Jackson settling down. With a guy half his age, no less.” Driver shook his head, amazed. He turned to Brad. “It’s not often that someone truly impresses me, Brad Williams.”

            “Ah, don’t give him too much, bud, I swear you give the kid an inch and he’ll take a fucking mile. It won’t take you too long before you meet that fucking ego of his.”

            “I really look forward to continuing to impress you, sir.” Brad replied, extending his hand for a shake.

            “Yeah. . .” Driver nodded his head, shaking his hand and getting a good look at the guy who he’d be working with for the next four years. “I think I’m really looking forward to that, too.”



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