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Chapter 36

            That Friday afternoon after practice, Brad, Coach Jackson, and I raced home to the house to get showered and changed before our flight. After about fifteen minutes the four of us were downstairs ready to go, bags packed, and smiles on our faces.

            “You know, it’s a good thing you and Africa are tagging along, Mike.” Coach Jackson said, patting Mr. Williams on the back. “With Williams here I got a feeling half the time I’m gonna want to fuck him and the other half I’m gonna want to kill him.” He laughed. “I’m gonna need both of your help making sure only one of those things is happening this weekend.”

            “Knowing my son and how cranky he gets when he travels, I might not be much help on that front, Dan.”Mr. Williams laughed, reaching into his pocket. “But I might have a little something to make it easier on you and me.” He held up two tickets. “When I got the tickets for Ollie and me all they had was first class, so I had to pay up.”

            “Ah, fuck yeah, bud!” Coach Jackson grinned, snatching one of the first class tickets and throwing his regular ticket my way. “Sorry Africa. You and Williams can have fun slumming it in the back of the plane.”

            “No problem, Coach.” I laughed. “Enjoy it.”

            “You bet your ass I will.” He winked. “Spending an hour or two with Williams on a plane without the chance to sneak away and fuck, one of us was sure to leave that plane on a fucking stretcher and it sure as shit wasn’t gonna be me.”

            “Wait a minute, Coach, I thought we were going to try for the mile high club?” Brad asked, setting his bag down.

            “I told you, kid, this trip is business, not pleasure.” Coach Jackson replied, staring him down.

            “Giving me some ass in the bathroom on the way there isn’t going to make or break my getting into college, Coach.”

            “You know what, Williams, why don’t you keep arguing with me and see how far that gets you with getting laid.” Coach Jackson fired back hotly, crossing his arms.

            “Since when has picking a fight with you ever stopped me from getting laid before?” Brad countered, grinning.

            “Cocky fucker. . . “ Coach Jackson smirked, staring him down. “Damnit Williams, I don’t know if you’re trying  harder to piss me off or get me to put out for you, but either way, it’s working.” He muttered, leaning in to kiss him.

            “Jesus, is it going to be like this all weekend with you two?” Mr. Williams interjected, checking his watch.

            “Pretty much, Mike.” Coach Jackson shrugged, grabbing his athlete’s hand and slipping it underneath his shirt, letting him run it over his concrete muscles.

            “Alright, break it up you two.” Mr. Williams laughed, swatting them with his ticket. “As Dan said, this is a business trip, okay?”

            “Yeah yeah.” Brad replied, kissing Coach Jackson one last time before breaking away.


            After about twenty minutes had passed since take-off, Brad Williams wandered away from his seat into first class. He stopped at his dad and Coach Jackson’s row, where Mike was already fast asleep and drooling, his head on Dan’s shoulder.

            “I’m ready for some ass, Coach.” Brad announced casually.

            “Fuck off Williams, not until I get my beer.” Coach Jackson grunted, flipping through the in-flight magazine.

            “The bathroom’s open.” Brad pointed.

            “What part of ‘fuck off’ do you not understand, Williams? My ticket comes with a free beer and you’re sorely mistaken if you think I’m gonna let you and your constant need to get your fucking balls drained get in my way of me and free shit.”

            Brad leaned over and grabbed him by the collar, pressing his face against the hulking giant to where their noses were pressed against each other.

            “You’re going to get up right now and follow me into that bathroom, you’re going to slick up that cunt of yours and you’re going to hand it over to me and let me have it. Got it, old man?”

            Coach Jackson breathed out through is nose, not used to being talked to this way. By anyone. “You better get me off, kid.” He muttered, with a smirk. “Show you’re not all talk, tough guy.”

            “Inside.” Brad mumbled, releasing him from his grasp. “Now.” 

            He took a big gulp as the pair of them moved up the cabin toward the bathroom, knowing anyone watching them right now would know exactly what they were up to. He watched as his cocky athlete moved with confidence and assertiveness, as if he didn’t care that people knew exactly what they were doing. He was about to get laid and he didn’t care if people knew it.

            It really pissed him off. But it really turned him on.

            Brad opened up the lavatory door and held it open for him with a grin, locking it behind them.

            He pressed the man up against the door and fondled him through his shorts while thrusting his tongue into his mouth.

            “You want a nice, slow fuck or do you want me to fuck your pussy so good you’ll still feel me inside of you when we land, Coach?” Brad asked, biting his lip as he made out with him.

            “There’s-“ Coach Jackson said between thrusts of his athlete’s tongue. “There’s something I need to tell you, Williams.”

            “What, now, Coach?” Brad asked, slipping his hands into the man’s shorts and playing with his hole.

            “Yeah fucking now, Williams, I wouldn’t have brought it up right fucking now if I didn’t want to talk about it right fucking now.” Coach Jackson retorted hotly.

            “What is it, Coach?” Brad asked, continuing his assault with his tongue.

            “Jesus kid, you’re gonna get laid, okay, so would you just lay off me for a second and fucking listen for once?”

            “You have two minutes and then this is mine.” Brad replied, tapping his finger against the man’s opening.

            “You get this this hole when I say you get this hole.” Coach Jackson smirked at him. “Anyway, it’s about this guy we’re meeting. . .” He trailed off.

            “Yeah, you said you two go way back.”

            “I kind of left a bit out, though.”

            “What, did you two used to fuck or something?” Brad asked.

            “Not exactly. . .” Coach Jackson replied, scratching the back of his head. “That’s kind of the thing. Every few years or so I’ll bring my star athlete up and this guy. . . he’ll. . . evaluate them.”

            “Evaluate meaning. . . ?”

            “Meaning I take the prettiest guy from my team to get spit-roasted by the two of us all weekend and then he actually sees if they can throw a football or not.”

            Brad shook his head, laughing. “So this oughtta be good. . . Why didn’t you tell me before, Coach?”

            “I don’t know, Williams. . . I’m kind of. . . He-“ Coach Jackson struggled. “He doesn’t exactly know the nature of the relationship you and I have.”

            “How you used to be this hot-shot top and then I made you a slut for jock cock, you mean?” He grinned.

            “Exactly.” Coach Jackson blushed.

            “What’s the big deal, Coach? So you’re not that big, tough alpha top anymore. Who cares?”

            “Oh, I’m still a fucking alpha, Williams, and I’ll make sure you get that through that pretty little head of yours quick. Just because I can take cock like it’s my fucking job doesn’t change shit about that.”

            “So this guy is expecting to get his balls drained by some quality manpussy this weekend?” Brad asked.

            “Big time. Wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t jack off all week for this.”

            “Well then you’re just going to have to make sure he gets his balls drained by some quality manpussy then, won’t you, Coach?” Brad said, looking him in the eye as he slipped his finger in the man’s cunt.

            “Aw fuck, Williams.” Coach Jackson groaned, pulling at his lip with his teeth, kissing him.

            “What, Coach?”

            “Just thinkin’ about it. You putting the moves on me in front of my old bud and making me give it up. Fuck, you get me so hot for it, kid.”

            “That’s later.” Brad said under his breath, turning the man around and bending him over the sink. “You’re gonna give it up here first.”

            “Aw fuck, Williams.” Coach Jackson whimpered. “It’s all yours. Take it, kid.”



            I went up to first class and sat in the empty seat next to Mr. Williams. I tried not to wake him up, but he seemed to sense my presence and stirred, smiling when he opened his eyes and found me there next to him.

            “Where’d Dan, go?” He asked, groggily, wiping his eyes.

            At that very moment there was a loud thud against the lavatory door across from us. “Aw fuck, Williams, you’re fucking me so good! Goddamn!”

            “I guess that answers my question.” He laughed. Luckily, none of the other few passengers in first class seemed to hear as they were too busy watching their devices with headphones in.

            When they clearly started fucking against the door, their muffled voices becoming louder in the throes of passion, Mr. Williams and I jumped up to our feet to crowd the area around it so that no one would walk by. I knew better than to knock. Neither one of them cared if people could hear them. They were just focused on getting off.

            Mr. Williams and I made casual conversation with each other as they finished up, the door rattling as they amped up to a powerful climax. We could hear the exact moment Coach Jackson shot his load, with Brad not far behind.

            After a few minutes we heard muffled talk and the lavatory lock slid to the side as the door opened. The two of them had sweat running down their faces, but there was no disguising the satisfied grins on their faces.

            “Mike. . . Africa. . .” Coach Jackson greeted to us as he stepped past us. “It’s all yours if you guys want to sneak away for a bit.” He winked.

            “For Christ’s sake, Dan, is that cum dripping from the mirror?” Mr. Williams asked with a disapproving look on his face.

            Brad blushed as Coach Jackson turned around to look where Mr. Williams was pointing. “Huh.” He shrugged. “Sorry, Mike. The kid was just hitting my spot just right and I must have shot more than I thought.”

            “You ready for your turn, brother?” Brad patted me on the back, egging me on.

            I turned to Mr. Williams, grinning. “You wanna?”

            “Right here?” He gulped, not able to hide a slight smile.

            “Oh don’t be such a prude, Mike.” Coach Jackson encouraged him. “I just got fucked like you wouldn’t believe and I feel fanfuckintastic.”


Mr. Williams checked his watch. “Get in there, stud.” He grinned, pushing me in.

            The door closed behind us and I locked it as he started unbuttoning his shirt, letting his chest breath a little, kissing me.

            It smelled like sex in here, no doubt about it. Coach Jackson and Brad had left a torn open packet of lube in the trash as a courtesy for us.

            Mr. Williams lubed us up and guided my cock to his hole, leaning his head back to kiss me as I pressed forward. Despite how hot it was to hear Brad and Coach Jackson’s hard power-fuck moments earlier, I wanted this to be a slow, sensual fuck. The moans Mr. Williams was making as I sank into him slowly but tenderly seemed to show that he agreed.

            His tongue broke away from mine for a second as he leaned his head forward in pleasure, his face right up to the mirror where Coach Jackson’s load was still running down slowly. I saw a glint in his eye and before I knew what was happening, he was lapping it up with his tongue greedily. Just as I started to feel jealous, he brought his face back to mine and thrust his tongue into my mouth, sharing it between us.

            God, I love this man.

            Our tongues danced together as we enjoyed Coach Jackson’s load between us, causing me to ramp up my pace into him, feeling my orgasm coming on. His lapping at my tongue started to become more urgent and I knew he was close, too.

            “Cum with me, Ollie.” He moaned into me as his hole clamped around my cock. I wouldn’t have been able to deny him even if I waned to. And I definitely didn’t want to.  

            At the same exact moment, we started shooting; him into the palm of his hand as I fucked him, and mine into his soft, velvety tunnel as he happily let me have his ass.

            We continued kissing each other lovingly as we came down from our highs. He added his load to what we were already sharing together, letting me lick the rest of it off his hand. There was no one else in this world but him and me. Just the way I wanted it.


            Brad looked up from his seat at Coach Jackson resting against the door, watching the giant man absentmindedly rub his crotch to the side, shifting in his stance.

            “Hey Williams. . .” Coach Jackson muttered to him. “You uh- You think you might wanna go again?”

            “You can’t be serious, Coach. . . “ Brad replied, shaking his head, laughing.

            “You know how I get when these two go at it. Fuck, it turns me on like you wouldn’t believe, you know what I mean?”

            “Listening to my dad have sex? No, I don’t know what you mean.” Brad laughed.

            “Come on, kid.” Coach Jackson groaned. “Just a quick one, I promise.”

            Brad looked conflicted, exhausted after such an intense fuck session only minutes previously.

            Coach Jackson sat down next to him for a moment, kissing his neck. “Come on, Williams.” He whispered in his ear, nibbling at it. “Just think how good it will feel sliding that big cock of yours into my cunt. . . still slicked up from the load you just put in me.”


            “Jesus Coach, what’s gotten into you lately?” Brad grinned, kissing him.

            “You just turn me on so fuckin’ bad, Williams. Fuck, you get me so hot to put out for you.” Coach Jackson whined.

            “Can’t I have just a few minutes to recover from the first time, Coach?”

            “I want it now, Williams.” Coach Jackson huffed, biting his ear playfully. “Besides. . .” He muttered. “That was our territory. Those two can’t go in there and just take over our spot, you know?”

            The lavatory door opened and Mr. Williams and I emerged with that same, glazed expression we had seen Coach Jackson and Brad leave with just minutes before.

            “Hold the door, Mike.” Coach Jackson told him, getting up and dragging Brad with him by the arm. “Williams and I are going for another.”


            When the four of us got to the hotel, we were all eager to get up to our rooms and shower before catching a late dinner together. When Mr. Williams stepped up to the front desk to check us into the rooms, the concierge kept speaking to us as though one of the rooms was for Mr. Williams and Coach Jackson and the other for Brad and myself. We thought it best not to correct her.

            “I see your reservation right here, Mr. Williams.” She said, her eyes roaming the screen as she typed. “Let’s see, we have you here on the fourth floor and the-. . .” She trailed off. “I’m so sorry, we must have overbooked!” The four of us looked at each other, not really sure what to do. “I apologize for that, Mr. Williams, but what I can do is offer you our executive suite as your second room instead?”

            “Ah, fuck yeah!” Coach Jackson exclaimed, causing the concierge to jump and a mother nearby to give him a scathing look. “I mean, uh. . . That would be alright, thank you.” He mumbled, embarrassed.

            Brad and I could barely contain our laughter but Mr. Williams looked like he was about to kill him.

            “Perfect.” The concierge smiled, moving past it and sliding him the room keys. “Again, we apologize for the mix-up.”

            “Don’t worry about it.” Mr. Williams smiled. “Thank you for your help.”

            She blushed at his kind words. This is why I loved this man so much. The only person in the world who wasn’t constantly aware of just how handsome he was  was himself. He probably had no idea the effect he had on people. He was one in a million.

            As we walked into the elevator, Coach Jackson tossed the room keys up and down in his hand. “Hey Mike, what do you say we go rock paper scissors to see who gets the suite?” He winked.

            “Or what do you say whoever paid for the room gets the room, Dan?” Mr. Williams replied, staring him down.

            “Ah come on, bud, be a sport.”

            Mr. Williams sighed. “You’re on, Dan.”

            After 2 rounds Coach Jackson was the clear winner. “Hah! See you later, fuckers.” He gloated, pressing the top floor while Mr. Williams and I pressed the button for the fourth floor. He nudged Brad on the shoulder playfully. “You’re getting laid big time in a Jacuzzi this weekend, you lucky son of a bitch.”

            “Sounds good to me, Coach.” Brad replied, with a grin.

            “And hey, Africa, Mike.” Coach Jackson said to us, trying to keep a straight face. “At least you have each other, right?”

            He and Brad burst out laughing as the elevator doors opened on our floor.

            “Ass.” Mr. Williams laughed as we stepped off. “Come down to our room at 6:45, okay? I mean it. No funny business, alright you two?”

            “Uh, it’s a little late for that, Mike.”

            “So then you two should have no trouble being on time then?”

            “Trust me, Mike, I got enough earlier on the plane. I’ll be chaste as a fuckin’ nun. The kid and I will be down at 6:45.”


            When we got to the room Mr. Williams and I started to unpack our suitcases at a leisurely pace.

            “What are the odds 6:45 goes by and those two are holed up in that room fucking instead?” He asked, laughing to himself.

            “I’d say with those two it’d be a pretty good bet.” I shrugged.

            “Hey.” He said, smiling and walking up to me, leaning in for a kiss. “I’m really happy to be here, Ollie.”

            “Me too, Mr. Williams.”

            “Not just as the four of us, but you and I, too.” He smiled. “I’m so proud of you, Ollie.”

            “You want to take a shower with me, stud?” I asked him with a grin.

            He thought about it for a second and laughed. “In the words of one of the most eloquent men I know. . . “Ah, fuck yeah!”” He said in his best Coach Jackson impression.

            And with that, we threw our suitcases down and headed for the shower together.


            “Hey, what the fuck are you doing, Coach?” Brad questioned as the giant man picked his athlete’s suitcase off one of the beds and tossed it on the floor.

            “Sorry, kid, but this one’s my bed.” Coach Jackson grunted, throwing his suitcase onto the mattress and launching himself on top of it with a satisfied sigh. “I always sleep on this side of the room. Always have, always will.”

            “Well, you’re going to have to get over that, because this one’s my bed.” Brad replied, picking his suitcase back up and throwing it on the bed again. “I was here first.”

            “You ever heard the expression ‘my pussy, my rules’, Williams?” The giant man smirked at his athlete, crossing his arms.

            Brad just rolled his eyes.

            “Why are you and I sharing a room in the first place?” Coach Jackson went on.  “I’d probably get along better with Mike or Africa anyway and just have them send you up here for conjugal visits whenever I want to get off.”

            “What, and have you get to keep the cool room? No way. You have 15 seconds to get off my bed, Coach.”

            “Yeah, Williams? What are you going to do about it?” Coach Jackson taunted him.

            Brad Williams climbed on top of the bed like he was going to get rough with him but instead leaned in to kiss him, biting his lip playfully. “Stubborn son of a bitch.” He laughed.

            “When are you going to get it through your head that I’m the one who calls the shots here, Williams?” Coach Jackson smirked, thrusting his tongue into his mouth.

            “Whatever you say, princess.”

            “You know I fucking hate it when you call me that, kid.” Coach Jackson

replied hotly.

            “Aw, don’t get upset. . . princess.”

            “Are you seriously going to mouth your way out of a kick-ass room and a good fuck tonight, kid? Because-“ He stopped midsentence, feeling something wet drip onto his shoulder. “What the fuck was that?”

            “What was what?” Brad asked, still making out with him.

            Coach Jackson waited a second. “Ah, I guess it was just noth-“ He felt it again, even stronger this time.

            “What the hell!” Brad yelled, jumping up. They both looked up to find a steady dripping from a large crack in the ceiling.

            They stared at it for a moment, watching it drip down onto the bed, already having saturated their suitcases while they were bickering.

            “Well shit.” Coach Jackson muttered. “That can’t be good.”


            “Oh God, right there, Ollie! Oh my God! You’re hitting it! Don’t stop! Don’t stop, Ollie!” Mr. Williams moaned as I fucked him against the shower wall, the hot, steamy water running down on us and fogging up the glass.

            Just as I felt my orgasm coming on I heard knocking on the door to our room.

            I tried to ignore it, increasing my pace into him, but a second later, the knocking persisted, harder this time.

            “Don’t you dare.” Mr. Williams said to me, leaning back to kiss me.

            The knocking turned into a powerful banging.

            “Ugh.” He sighed, admitting defeat.

            I reached up and turned the water off, grabbing a towel to wrap around my waist and then walked over to the door, the banging reaching a powerful volume now.

            I opened the door to find Brad and Coach Jackson standing out in the hallway, their suitcases dripping wet with frustrated, desperate expressions on their faces.

            Mr. Williams was right behind me, towel wrapped around his waist. He took a good look at them and immediately burst out laughing. “I take it living the high life up in the executive suite wasn’t exactly the paradise you’d been hoping for, huh Dan?”

            Coach Jackson’s eyes wandered to the floor, eating major crow after the gloating he had given us all the way up the elevator thinking he and Brad were the cream of the crop with their hot-shot hotel suite. “You guys uh. . .” He mumbled. “You guys have room for two more this weekend?”


            After a fun night of staying up late and talking amongst the four of us, managing to share a tiny room and two twin beds amongst us without anyone losing their minds, we went out for breakfast before taking on the itinerary for the day. We were all pretty tired having stayed up late the night before, but happy to be here, ready to get a good look at where I would be spending the next four years of my life.

            “Hey, thanks for putting up with us last night, Mike; Africa.” Coach Jackson said to us as he flipped through his menu.

            “Don’t mention it, Dan. We made room just fine.”

            “Yeah, the chick at the front desk said everywhere else in the city is full. Something about a Star Trek convention in town or some shit.”

            “There’s a Star Trek convention in town?” Mr. Williams and I both asked excitedly at the exact same time.

            “Fuckin’ nerds. . .” Coach Jackson laughed, shaking his head. “I swear, if the two of you didn’t have each other neither of you would be getting laid.”

            “Whatever.” Mr. Williams said, laughing. “We all have a lot to do today anyway. So I was thinking I’d take Brad this morning and you could take Ollie? What time do you need Brad for your meeting with the head coach, Dan?”

            “I told him we’d be there around 1:00.” He turned to me. “Alright Africa, you’re coming with me.” He stood up and  I got up to follow him. He turned back to the table with a sour look on his face. “I feel like I’m a fuckin’ dad.”

            “It suits you, Dan.” Mr. Williams laughed. “There are worse things in this world you could be.”

            “Yeah yeah. You got me for a couple of hours or so, Africa, so do you want me to show you around my old stomping grounds or do you just wanna head back to the room and fuck?”

            “Actually Coach, I was wondering if I could check out the library for a while. I’ve never had access to a university library before so I’m really anxious to see all the new sections they have to offer.”

            “Jesus fuckin’ Christ. . .” Coach Jackson face-palmed himself as Brad and Mr. Williams laughed. “Thousands of big-dicked jocks crawling around this place that would give their right fucking arm for a chance to get laid and I get the one that’s more interested in books.”

            “You asked, Coach.” I shrugged.

            “Alright fine. I’ll take you over the library but after that we’re going to the gym.” He flexed his arms obnoxiously. “I feel like I’m wasting away if I don’t get at least one good work-out in a day.”

            “Have fun you two.” Mr. Williams waved.

            “Later brother.” Brad said as we turned to leave the café.


            As we headed across campus I got to get a good look at what would be my home for the next four years. There were people my age from all walks of life bustling about, enjoying themselves. I think I was really going to like it here.

            I noticed Coach Jackson smiling as we walked.

            “Reliving some old times, Coach?”

            “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” He replied. “College was the time of my fucking life. I think you’re gonna love it here.”

            “I think you’re right, Coach. I’m really excited about it.”

            He stopped for a second and looked at me. “You know, I’m really fucking proud of you, Olujimi.”

            I couldn’t help but smile. Out of all the people I see on a regular basis here in America, Coach Jackson was the only one who called me by my full name here and there. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t mind at all when people called me Ollie. But it was just nice to know he was aware of where I came from. It was easy to lose sight of that. It was important that I held on to that.

            “I mean it.” He went on, resuming his pace. “You know, you’ve got balls, kid. Completely starting over in a new country and all. That takes fucking guts. I know I don’t show it all the time, but I really care about my athletes. Every single one of them. Hell, even Connors, and that’s saying something. I want to know that they’ll be okay. I like seeing that they’re on to great things when they graduate. You’re a real success story, kid.”

            “Wow Coach. . .” I blushed. “I appreciate that.”

            “Yeah, well I’ll only say it once, so that’s all you’ll get.” He laughed as we walked up the library steps. “Alright, go crazy, Africa. And you promise we can head to the gym after so I can get a decent work-out in?’

            “Whatever you say, Coach.” I laughed as he held the glass doors open for me to head on in.



            “You okay, son?” Mike Williams asked as he and his son walked around the campus, taking everything in.

            “Yeah.” Brad answered, unconvincingly.

            “Oh come on, you’re going to have to try harder than that.” Mr. Williams teased him, nudging him as they walked.

            “It’s just. . .”

            “Yeah, son?”

            “I don’t know, Dad, aren’t you a little. . . sad?”

            Mr. Williams waited a second as he considered it. “Well of course a part of me is sad, son. You’re my only child. You moving away is a big deal for me.”

            “But what about you and Ollie?”

            “Aha.” Mr. Williams chuckled. “So this is about you being away from Dan.”

            “Well yeah.” Brad shrugged. “And you and mom.”

            “But it’s being away from Dan that you’re all hung up about.” Mr. Williams nodded, giving his son a knowing stare.

            “I really love him, Dad.”

            Mr. Williams put his arm around his son’s shoulder and sighed. “I know, son. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ll get through it. The four of us.”

            “It’s just- I don’t know. Coach and I aren’t like you and Ollie. It’s different.”

            “You don’t say. .  .” He laughed.

            “See? I mean of course you and Ollie are going to make it. But am I really going to make it with Coach?” He hung his head down sadly.

            “You’re really worried about this, aren’t you son?”

            “Well yeah. You and Ollie are going to be together forever. No question. You’re practically the same person. But Coach and me. . .?”

            “Oh please, you and Dan are carbon copies of each other!” Mr. Williams laughed.

            “What are you talking about, Dad? We’re constantly fighting and-“

            “Exactly!” Mr. Williams exclaimed with a smile on his face. “You two are both so goddamn stubborn and obsessed with being the top dog. . . You two couldn’t possibly be more alike.”

            Brad was quiet as he mulled it over for a few moments. “Holy shit, you’re right. We really are.”

            “You mean you’re only just now realizing this?”

            “Well we’re always getting under each other’s skin and pissing each other off. . . I guess I just never really stopped and thought about why.”

            “I couldn’t picture two people more suited for each other.” Mr. Williams grinned. “No one else would be able to tolerate either of you. You two are the real deal. Trust me, son, I’ve known you for almost 19 years now. Dan Jackson is the only person on this planet who can match your shit and give it right back to you.”

            “He sure can.” Brad smiled. “God, I love him.”

            “See? Dan and I will come visit you so often it will feel like you never really left. Whether you’re here or some place else. The four of us are going to make this work. We’ve been through too much together for it not to.”

            “Thanks Dad.” Brad said, hugging him.

            “Don’t mention it, son.” He checked his watch. “I ought to get you back to Dan so you can knock this interview out of the park.”

            “I really, really want this, Dad.”

            “I know you do. So go get it, son.”

            He looked around him and for the first time all day, he could finally see himself fitting in here. Being his home. “You know what, Dad? I think I will.”


            Head Coach Ray Driver gave a low, masculine sigh as he admired the many trophies adorning the walls of his office. Over his thirty years coaching college football, he’d made quite a name for himself.

            Standing at 6’7 with his sturdy frame, he was bigger than most of his players. He was about as intimidating a man as you could find. His masculine features were accentuated by a handsome jawline and well-groomed beard. He still had a few years left before it would grey, but there was no doubt it would suit him. Ray Driver was a man. A man that got better looking and more distinguished with age.

            He was so good-looking, in fact, that he needn’t worry about ‘rumors’. There’s “I don’t understand why a guy that handsome hasn’t settled down with a nice girl yet” handsome and then there’s “I totally get why a guy that handsome hasn’t settled down with a nice girl yet” handsome.

            He was a horn-dog in college, getting laid day and night, and his sex-drive and ability to pull ass hadn’t gone down one bit. He only got better.

            Scrolling down the contacts in his phone was a veritable who’s who of the most fuckable men in Southern California. One day it could be tight jock hole he wanted and then the next day it could be the jock’s dad. Ray Driver liked it all. And he got it, too. Hell, he didn’t even need to worry about any of his conquests outing him. No one was willing to risk getting cut off from that legendary dick of his. The Driver Cock. You see, with Ray Driver, even though he has a whole stable of guys who are putting out for him on the regular, he treats all of his guys like they’re the only guys in the world. When you’re going home with Ray Driver, you’re getting his 100% undivided attention. It’s why they’re always begging him to come back or more.

            The only guy he had ever met who matched his sex-drive was Dan Jackson, his old buddy from training days. Fuck, that guy was fun. A fellow alpha, the two of them had tag-teamed so much jock tail together, they’d be hard-pressed to remember their top 50. He almost licked his lips wondering what kind of offering his old buddy would be bringing with him this time.

            Like clockwork the office phone on his desk buzzed and his secretary’s voice sounded on the other end of the line. “Sir, I have Mr. Jackson here to see you.”

            A grin spread across his face. “Thanks Marge. Send them in.”

            In walked his old buddy Dan Jackson and one of the prettiest jocks he’d ever laid eyes on.

            “Long time no see, Dan.” Ray grinned, extending his hand for Coach Jackson to shake.

            “Hey bud.” Coach Jackson smiled.

            “Man, you’ve certainly outdone yourself this time, Dan.” He said, looking this year’s offering over.

            “Ray Driver, this is Brad Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, introducing them.

            “Pleased to meet you, sir.” Brad said, shaking his hand.

            “Happy to hear it, son. I hear you’d make a fine addition to the team. Did- uh. . . Did Dan go over what this evaluation would entail?”

            “I’ve been made fully aware of how you expect this evaluation to go, sir.” Brad replied, choosing his words carefully.

            “This one gets right to the point. I like that, Dan.” Driver said, pacing around the 18 year-old, looking him over carefully. “Nice strong calves. Should be good on the field and back in the office with his legs up.”

            “Jesus, Ray, you haven’t lost your edge one bit, have you?” Coach Jackson laughed.

            “I see no reason to beat around the bush.” Coach Driver shrugged. “I could potentially be bringing this guy onto the team for the next four years. I need to make sure he’s cut out for what’s expected of him.

            “Why don’t Coach Jackson and I show you how well I can perform, sir?” Brad asked, a devious smile spreading across his face.

            Driver looked at Coach Jackson with a grin. “I think that would be just fine, what do you think, Dan?”

            Coach Jackson took a deep breath, preparing himself for what was about to happen. This man, whom he had admired and respected as a fellow alpha, was about to witness his submission to this cocky 18 year-old that was half his size.

            “Just sit back and enjoy the show, sir.” Brad said, walking up to Coach Jackson and pressing their lips together.

            “Aw fuck, this one likes to take charge, doesn’t he, Dan?” Coach Driver grinned, sitting back on his desk and watching the pair of them make out with each other.

            “You don’t know the fucking half of it, bud.” Coach Jackson muttered as his athlete’s tongue darted into his mouth.

            Brad smoothly ran his hands along his hulking superior’s ass, reaching into his pants and copping a feel of him.

            “Fuck, this is hot. . .” Driver mumbled, watching the show.

            Brad pulled Coach Jackson’s slutty wind-shorts down his legs, freeing that thick cock, grinding their bodies together as they lapped at each other’s tongues.

            Coach Jackson did the same, pulling his athlete’s shorts down, the cock inside snapping up against his abs audibly.

            “Nice cock on him, too.” Driver praised. “But that ass. . .” His hand slid into his pants, massaging what was sure to be a massive member.

            Brad guided Coach Jackson to the wall and pushed him up against it as they made out, emitting a groan from the giant man.

            “Likes to get a little rough, I see. . . Even better.”

            Brad Williams pried his lips away for a moment. “You want it, Coach?”

            “Aw fuck, I want it bad, Williams.” Coach Jackson whined, pulling at his athlete’s lip. “You got me so hot for it.”

            “Wait, what’s going-“ Driver muttered, confused.

            Brad reached down to play with the giant man’s exposed opening. “Tell him what you want me to do to you, Coach.”

            “I want you to throw me onto that fucking desk over there and fuck me so hard, Williams.” Coach Jackson moaned, kissing him.

            “Holy shit. . .” Driver gasped.

            Brad pressed their lips together again as he guided them over toward the desk. He grabbed Coach Jackson’s head and turned it so that the man was looking at his old colleague right in the eye. “Tell him what’s about to happen, Coach.”

            “Aw fuck Williams, you’re gonna slide that thick jock cock of yours into my pussy and you’re gonna make him watch you do it.” Coach Jackson whimpered, pushing his tongue through his mouth.

            “Into your WHAT??” Driver exclaimed.

            Coach Jackson broke away from his athlete, looking his old colleague right in the eye. “My pussy.” He brought his athlete’s hand up to his opening, teasing it. “That’s what this kid uses it for day in and day out, and I’ll be damned if I don’t have the right to call it what it is. When a stud like this can rub your spot just right and make you cum from the inside, it’s a pussy. I fuckin’ earned the right to call it a pussy. A cunt. It doesn’t make me a fuckin’ woman, and it sure as hell doesn’t make me any less of a fuckin’ man. Now do you have a problem with that, Driver?”

            Ray Driver’s jaw had dropped. “No sir.” He muttered, a grin forming on his face. “I don’t have a problem with that at all.”

            “Then move the fuck over so I can be a good cumslut and put out for this kid.” Coach Jackson ordered his old pal, pulling himself onto the desk and waiting on all fours.

            “Holy shit, Dan, I had no idea you got fucked. . .” Ray stated, amazed.

            “A lot’s changed since you and I used to get into trouble together, bud.” Coach Jackson winked. “But then I met this kid and there isn’t the slightest part of me that wants to go back.”

            “Jesus. . .” Driver marveled, looking Brad Williams over. “Dan Jackson. . . Giving it up for his athletes. . .”

            “Not athletes.” Brad mumbled as he retrieved the lube from inside Driver’s desk, lubing his cock and Coach Jackson’s hole up.

            “Athlete.” He muttered as he slammed into his hulking superior in one push.

            “AW FUCK, WILIAMS!” Coach Jackson bellowed, unprepared for the amount of cock he had inside of him in such a short span of time.

            “Holy shit!” Driver exclaimed, playing with himself through his pants.

            “He’s fine.” Brad said, looking into Coach Jackson’s eyes as he slid in and out of his cunt. “He’ll take whatever I give him. Isn’t that right, Coach?”

            “Aw fuck, Williams, you’re fucking me so good.” Coach Jackson whimpered, grabbing his own cock and stroking it lightly.

            Brad reached out and grabbed his hulking superior’s hand and set it back down on the desk. “You’ve told this guy I turned your hole into a pussy, Coach. Why don’t we show him.”

            “Aw fuck yeah, Williams.” Coach Jackson huffed, throwing his head back in pleasure as his athlete sank his meat into him. There was no going back from this. Not only had he outed himself to his fellow alpha as being an unabashed bottomslut to an 18 year-old, but he was going to get the cum fucked out of him right in front of him. Things would never be the same after this.

            They heard a zipper going down and Driver pulled down his pants, freeing what was the single biggest cock Brad Williams had ever seen. Holy shit. The extremity jutting out from between the man’s legs was just massive. He was uncut, with a thick, veiny shaft that got even bigger at the head. It had to be over 11 inches, with the menacing head looking to be almost as big as a tennis ball. It was even bigger than what Officer Jones was working with.

            The look of shock registered on Brad Williams’s face.

            “You like what you see, kid?” Driver grinned, stroking himself.

            “That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen, sir.” He answered.

            “Yeah, guys usually say exactly that when they see it for the first time. It’s part of the reason I have good buddies like Dan working overtime in hooking me up with guys who can take me. He usually spends a couple months getting their holes used to what he’s working with and then sends them my way for some fun.”

            Coach Jackson breathed in suddenly. “Jesus Williams, you almost made me nut right there.” Coach Jackson groaned.

            “Aw, and have your old pal here miss the show?” He swatted the giant man’s ass. “Turn over, Coach.”

            Coach Jackson obeyed, sprawling out his massive frame on top of the desk, making sure his athlete’s cock didn’t leave his hole for one second.

            Brad leaned down to kiss him as he played with the man’s nipples.

            “Aw fuck, kid, you’ve got me so close.” Coach Jackson whined, running his hands along his athlete’s back, trying to focus on not touching his cock.

            “Do it, Coach.” Brad nodded, thrusting his tongue into his mouth.

            “God this is so fucking hot. . . “ Driver mumbled, squeezing out a long string of precum from his massive shaft and bringing it to his lips.

            “Your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy, Williams.” Coach Jackson whimpered, completely at the mercy of his athlete’s motions deep inside of him.

            “Tell your old buddy what I’m doing to you, Coach.”

            “Aw fuck, Williams, your cock’s rubbing me just right. It’s hitting my spot. . .  FUCK!”

            “I can tell you’re right on the edge, Coach.” Brad said, staring down at him as he thrust into him. “Your cunt gets so tight when I’m about to make you have an orgasm.”

            “Right there, Williams.” Coach Jackson nodded, not breaking eye contact with his athlete. “You’re gonna fuck it right out of me, kid.”

            Brad turned back to look at Ray Driver. “You ready, sir?”

            “Do it, kid.” Driver answered almost in a trance. He couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of him. To his old colleague and fellow alpha top.

            “Oh- Oh my g- GAH” Coach Jackson huffed, his eyes widening. His fingers dug into his athlete’s back as his orgasm was inflicted on him by the cock sliding in and out of him.

            “Do it, Coach. Let me get you off.”

            “GAHHHHH!!!!” Coach Jackson yelled as his cock jerked straight up and started shooting all over them.

            Wham! Wham! Wham! With each crash his athlete made into him, another spurt fired out of his rock-hard cock, completely controlled by his athlete’s motions.

            “Holy shit!” Driver yelled, completely in awe. “You’re making him cum like a fucking chick!”

            Coach Jackson gritted his teeth as he continued firing away, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, his toes curling.

            “Gonna knock you up, Coach.” Brad grunted, slamming into him as his balls drew in.

            Coach Jackson couldn’t even reply. At once he felt Brad Williams push all the way into him and felt the warm, intoxicating sensation of getting inseminated by his athlete.

            “Fuck, he’s doing it isn’t, Dan?” Driver marveled. “You’re really letting him cum inside you, aren’t you?”

            Brad Williams collapsed on top of the giant man underneath him as his orgasm subsided, panting. He looked back at Driver. “You ever seen a guy go through multiple orgasms before, sir?”

            “What? Multiple- What do you mean? Like what women can have?” Driver asked.

            Brad reached around Coach Jackson’s head and grabbed his neck as leverage to start thrusting into him with deep, hard strokes.

            “No!” Coach Jackson begged, exhausted. “No more, Williams! I- I can’t take anymore!”

            “Come on, Coach.” Brad panted. “Show off for your old pal.”

            Coach Jackson locked eyes with his former colleague, feeling so exposed and so turned on at the same time.

            “Come on, Coach, you know how sensitive your pussy is right after you cum.” Brad said, still thrusting into him.


            “Oh God, do it again, Williams.” Coach Jackson groaned, leaning his head back onto the desk.

            “Holy shit. . .” Driver muttered.

            “Come on, Coach. Give it up,” Brad commanded him, staring him down as his grip on the back of his head tightened, pulling himself in and out of him. The deep, hard strokes along his prostate were unforgiving. They were sending him into overdrive, exhausted after working so hard just minutes ago for that mind-blowing orgasm.

            “G-GUHHH” Coach Jackson groaned, feeling it sweeping over him again. “Oh God Williams! Y-You’re doing it again!” He yelled, wide-eyed.

            “Give me that load, Coach.” Brad nodded, sweat dripping down his face.

            “I- I’m gonna! I’m gonna! Again! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!” Coach Jackson bellowed at the top of his lungs as, amazingly, his exhausted, overworked cock reared up again and squirted out another load; jerking up and down along his abs as the cum pooled in the grooves of his muscles.

            “Holy fucking shit!” Driver yelled, stunned. “I’ve never seen anything like this!”

            Coach Jackson was now an unintelligible mess, all thought literally fucked out of him.

            Brad turned back to Coach Driver, wiping the sweat off of his face, still inside of his hulking superior. “So does that clear up any confusion with why he calls it a pussy, sir?”

            “I- I don’t even know what to say. . .” Driver replied, completely at a loss for words.

            “You don’t have to say anything, sir.” Brad said, as he slowly pulled out. Coach Jackson’s hole was opening and closing on its own, overworked. “But what you can do is show off how you use that big bull cock of yours.” He swatted Coach Jackon’s ass loudly.

            Coach Jackson finally opened his eyes, panicking. “Oh no. Fuck no. You think I’m taking that?” He pointed over to his old pal. “No fucking way, Williams. There is no fucking way.”

            “Aw come on, Coach.” Brad said, leaning across his massive chest and nibbling at his ear. “Just think how good a cock that big will feel sliding in and out of your pussy.”

            “Aw fuck. . . “ Coach Jackson groaned as Brad kissed up and down his neck.

            “Watching you take something that size. . . Fuck, Coach, I’d get so turned on. . .”

            “He’s too fucking big, Williams. . .” Coach Jackson muttered, a little unconvincingly.

            Brad turned Coach Jackson’s head so he was staring right at his old buddy. “Look at it, Coach. Tell me you don’t want to try something like that.” Ray Driver was working his hand along the immense length of his shaft, barely able to get his hand around it. There was precum dripping from the almost unnaturally large head.

            Coach Jackson bit his lip, conflicted.

            “When has Dan Jackson ever pussied out from a challenge?” Brad asked him, running his hands underneath the man’s concrete muscles.

            “I don’t know, Williams. . .” Coach Jackson sighed.

            “Look at that cock.” Brad repeated. “Doesn’t a cock like that deserve to be treated right?”

            “Uh huh. . .” Coach Jackson admitted, reluctantly. “A cock like that deserves anything it fucking wants.”

            “Doesn’t a cock like that deserve a nice, soft, tight, cunt like this, Coach?” Brad asked, rubbing his hand along the man’s taint.

            “Aw fuck, a cock like that deserves my cunt.” Coach Jackson groaned. “But I don’t know, Williams, I can’t take that thing. You gotta be a real cockslut to be able to take something like that.”

            This made Brad laugh. “And just what do you think you are, Coach?” He asked, teasing the man’s opening.

            “Shit. . .” Coach Jackson said, his eyes widening. “I- I really am a fucking cockslut, aren’t I?”


            “The biggest one I know.” Brad nodded. “And tell me, Coach. Does Dan Jackson want to be just a good cockslut or does Dan Jackson want to be the best?”

            “I wanna be the fuckin’ best.” Coach Jackson muttered, breathing in and out. “Damnit, I am the best.”

            “So are you going to man up and let him have it then, Coach?”

            Coach Jackson locked eyes with his old colleague and the 11 inch bull cock jutting out from him. “Get the fuck over here and give me that cock, Driver.”



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