Chapter 27

            Throughout the evening the five of us must have blown at least 20 loads collectively and by the time 1:00 am rolled around each of us could finally consider ourselves satisfied.

            “Fuck, I had doubts that you guys would be able to top that first night we ran into you guys.” Officer Davis sighed as he started buttoning up his uniform. “But consider that night topped.”

            Coach Jackson wiped his face with his shirt as he sat down, exhausted. “I’m never having sex again for as long as I live.” He laughed.

            “Yeah, we’ll see about that, Coach.” Brad smirked, nudging him in the side.

            “I mean it, Williams, I’m fucking spent.” Coach Jackson exhaled, leaning his head back. “You’re gonna have to find some other sorry fucker to put out for you from now on.”

            “Alright, Coach. The next time you get fucked is going to be your idea. I promise.” Brad replied, leaning over to me and mumbling so only I could hear. “I give him two days before he’s got his legs spread under me begging for it again. Hell, probably not even that long if I play my cards right.”

            As the five of us collected ourselves and started getting dressed Officer Jones and Davis sat on the couch on either side of Brad.

            “You sure know how to have a good time, Brad Williams.” Jones said, patting him on the back.

            “He sure does.” Davis agreed. I couldn’t help but feel like they were mumbling so they wouldn’t be overheard by Coach Jackson or myself.

            Officer Jones cleared his throat, muttering into Brad’s ear. “You know, something’s different between you and Dan.”

            Davis nodded. “I was just about the say the same thing, bud.”

            “Yeah? Like what?” Brad shrugged, trying to gauge where the two officers were coming from. “The guy just got his cunt double-teamed by two black cocks. I’d say that’s pretty different for us.” He laughed.

            “I’m serious.” Jones insisted, laughing. “Look, I don’t say this often but I know it when I see it. That guy over there loves you.”

            “Mmhmm.” Davis nodded. “Big time.”

            Brad shrugged, blushing a little. “You guys are just seeing things.”

            “Not a chance.” Davis shook his head. “We’re cops. It’s our job to be perceptive. And you know what else?”


            “I think you love him too.”

            Brad crossed his arms, deep in thought. Coach Jackson was off in his own world coming down from the evening he had experienced.

            “You guys really think so?” Brad asked them.

            “It’s not that hard to tell.” Jones smiled. “You two are the real deal. There’s something there. And it’s pretty special.”

            “Trust us.” Davis nodded, pointing at his partner. “We know the difference between what you and Dan have and just fucking.”

            Brad took a good look at the mountainous man sprawled out, muscles heaving as he caught his breath, a big, satisfied smile on his face. A grin slowly spread across his face and he couldn’t help but wonder if these two officers were on to something.                                                                      -

            The next few weeks seemed to fly by. By the middle of February the college applications had been sent out and now Brad and I were just playing the waiting game to hear back from our respective schools. The two of us overlapped on a few of our choices but they were long-shots at best. Going off to school with Brad would be amazing, but I was trying to prepare myself for the possibility that that might not happen. Still, there were lots of schools in California, so even if we didn’t get into the same school there was at least a chance we could be in the same area at least.

            On Valentine’s Day morning Brad and I carried an extra spring in our steps for the whole day around school. This Valentine’s Day was special. I was in love. And whether Brad was going to admit it or not, he was in love, too. The two of us had secretly made reservations at different restaurants outside of town so we could take our guys out for a special dinner and really treat them how they deserved to be treated.

            When we got home from practice that afternoon I was exhausted but I was looking forward to my night out with Mr. Williams.

            “Hey guys.” Mr. Williams greeted us as we walked in the door and collapsed on the couch.

            “Hey Dad.”

            “Hey Mr. Williams.”

            “You guys look pretty wiped out. You guys feeling pizza tonight or something?” He asked, picking up the phone.

            “Actually, I kind of had something else planned.” I replied, looking over at Brad, grinning.

            “Oh. . .” Mr. Williams sighed, a little crestfallen.

            “With you, silly!” I laughed, walking over to him and putting my arms around him, kissing him.

            “Really?” He blushed.

            “Of course! It’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve got it all planned out.”

            Mr. Williams’s face turned so red he looked like he was about to burst. But he was happy. I knew he was. “Y- You have something special planned. . . for me?”

            “Of course.” I said to him, kissing him and smiling. “You got anywhere else to be at 7 tonight?”

            “You think I’d pick anything else?” He grinned. He turned to Brad. “You don’t mind if we leave you here by yourself, do you son?”

            “Actually, I have something planned for Coach as well.” Brad replied, absentmindedly watching the tv. “Oh, shit. I guess I should get on that.”

            He picked up his phone and put it on speaker, out of habit.

            The line clicked and Coach Jackson’s low, gravely voice sounded from the other end. “What do you want, Williams.” He stated, more than asked.

            “I’m picking you up at your place at 6:30 tonight.”

            “For what, Williams? Are we gonna fuck?”

            “Just be ready, okay?”

            “Williams, I don’t like getting dicked around. Now tell me what the fuck it is exactly that I’m agreeing to.”

            Brad rolled is eyes, frustrated. “Look, I’m taking you out to dinner, alright? Are you going to be ready or not?”

            “What the fuck, Williams?” Coach Jackson grunted through the phone. I couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re taking me out to fucking dinner? Jesus, kid. You don’t have to wine me and dine me to get me to put out for you. I’m a cheap date. Why do we have to go through this whole charade instead of just-“

            “6:45!” Brad shouted into the phone, rolling his eyes. “I don’t want to hear it, Coach. I’m taking you out to dinner. We’re going to sit down and have a nice meal. It will be an enjoyable evening. Got it?”

            Coach Jackson sighed on the other line. “Fine.”

            The two of them hung up at the exact same moment. I turned to Mr. Williams and laughed.

            “Say what you will, it’s like those guys were made for each other.” Mr. Williams shrugged. “Whatever works.”

            Right before 6 Mr. Williams came down the stairs in his suit and tie and it just hit me how handsome this man was.

            “How to I look?” He blushed.

            “You’ve never been more handsome.” I grinned, kissing him.

            “You don’t look too bad yourself.” He nodded to me.

            I felt like he was just being polite. Brad had lent me his suit for the occasion since he and Coach Jackson were going on a more casual date, and while I had managed to get into the thing, I still stuck out at weird angles.

            “Later brother.” I said to him as we headed for the door. Our restaurant was further out from the city than his was so we needed to get a head start. “And don’t come looking for me when you get home.” I said as I opened the door. “I’m getting laid tonight.”

            Brad rolled his eyes but laughed as Mr. Williams pushed me out the door, turning red.

            When Brad pulled up to Coach Jackson’s place, he put the car in park and knocked on the door, checking himself out in the reflection and making sure his perpetually perfect hair was characteristically perfect.

 It was.

            Coach Jackson opened the door with a peeved expression on his face.

            “What the fuck is this?” Brad nodded to Coach Jackson’s attire, still dressed in his coaching gear from practice. There were sweat stains under his beefy arms that ran all the way down to his hips.

            “You didn’t exactly specify what I was supposed to wear, Williams. Where the fuck are we going, anyway?”

            “Come on.” Brad sighed as he pushed through the door and headed to Coach Jackson’s bedroom.

            “Ah, see now this is more like it, Williams.” Coach Jackson grinned, pushing down his shorts as he followed. “Why sit through a stuffy dinner when we can just fuck instead?”

            He launched himself down onto the mattress and arched his back, presenting his hole to his athlete, waiting.

            His athlete just ignored him and went over to his closet, pulling open the doors and sifting through hanger after hanger. “Jesus, Coach, when was the last time you went out and got new clothes?”

            “Oh come on, Williams, you’re not still insisting on this ‘taking me out’ thing, are you? Come on, let’s just fuck.” He insisted, spreading his cheeks for his athlete to get a good look at his more than willing hole.

            “Try this.” Brad said, throwing a button down shirt and pants onto him. “Hurry up, or we’ll be late.”

            “Whatever.” Coach Jackson muttered, lifting himself off the bed and getting dressed.

            When Mr. Williams and I got to the restaurant we were shown to our table and he couldn’t wipe the giddy expression off his face.

            “You’re really excited about this, aren’t you? To just go out on a date like this?” I asked him, smiling.

            “I really, really am, Ollie.” He sighed, happily. “It means a lot to me that you did all of this for me. Truly. I’m a lucky guy.”

            It made me so glad that I could make him so happy with just a small effort like this. This man should be this happy every single day. He deserved it. And I couldn’t wait to be the man to give that to him.

            “You know, with Kate I was always sure to take her out on Valentine’s Day. Well, at least for the ones she was home for. For the past few years it seems like she’d always be out of town on business whenever it rolled around. This is the first Valentine’s Day in a long, long time where I’ve been in love like this.” He took my hand in his from across the table. “I love you, Ollie.”

            He leaned in to kiss me from across the table and I swelled with joy. “Me too, Mr. Williams.”

            About 75 miles away Brad and Coach Jackson squeezed into a booth in the corner of the pizza joint he had picked out from a long list of quiet, easy places to go for first dates. He couldn’t help but laugh. For as long as he and Coach Jackson had been having sex with each other, this really was their first actual ‘date’.

            “Sorry for being such a prick back there, Williams.” Coach Jackson muttered, fumbling with his straw. “You know I don’t mean to be an ass all the time. It just kind of comes out. Especially with shit like this.”

            “Don’t sweat it, Coach. You can’t help it that you’re a prick. And an ass.” Brad laughed.

            “Yeah, well I really do mean it. I’m sorry, kid.”

            “I guess you’ll just have to keep thinking of ways to make it up to me.” Brad laughed as he read the menu.

            “Shit, a good looking stud like you taking someone out on Valentine’s Day like this. . .” Coach Jackson muttered as he sipped his iced tea. “You must be thinking you’re getting laid big time tonight.”

            “Am I wrong, Coach?” Brad smirked.

            “We’ll see about that. . . “ Coach Jackson smirked back at him, with a slight grin.

            Over the course of my meal with Mr. Williams we never ran out of things to talk about. That was always what we were best at. Just enjoying each other’s company. In and out of clothes. Talking to him like this brought me back to our early days when I was just a scared exchange student who had a secret crush on the man who was kind enough to take him in. When I would spend my afternoons in his office helping him with his programming work. A little part of me missed that chapter in our lives. It was so innocent. When we were just two like-minded individuals drawn together by such rare circumstances. When I was so infatuated with his mind and not just his raw sexuality. But things were different now. And it was for the better. We were invested in one another. We had taken a giant leap together and it felt right.

            “Ollie, where did you go just now?” He asked me, breaking me out of my trance.

            “Nowhere.” I smiled at him, genuinely. “I’m right here.” I reached across the table and took his hand in mine. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Williams.”

            He smiled and rubbed his thumb across my hand. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ollie.”

            As the waiter carried away the last of their plates Brad raised his glass and cleared his throat. “To the two of us managing to get through a couple of hours without fucking each other or killing each other.”

            “Hell, I’ll definitely drink to that.” Coach Jackson laughed, bringing his glass to Brad’s and then taking a sip. “You’re alright, Williams.”

            “That’s high praise coming from you, Coach.”

            “Yeah, well you know I’m just tough on you because I care, kid. It’s that coach part of me.”

            “I know, Coach.” Brad replied, sitting back against the booth, relaxing.

            At that moment the waiter came over with the check and set it down in front of Coach Jackson before walking off.

            As he reached for his wallet Brad grabbed it and pulled out his wallet instead. “Let me get this, Coach.”

            Coach Jackson, surprised, leaned back and took a good look at his athlete. “I suppose this really does mean I’m expected to put out big time tonight, then.” He laughed. “I know how this trick works.”

            “I wanted a nice evening out with you, Coach.” Brad replied, taking out a couple of twenties and putting them on top of the check. “You’re allowed to show your appreciation any way you see fit.“ He added.

            Coach Jackson bit his lip. “That is so fucking hot.” He muttered as Brad put his wallet back in his pocket.

            “Yeah, Coach? You like it when I call the shots?”

            “Big time, Williams.” He leaned across the table so that only his athlete would hear him. “Now take me back home so we can fuck.”

            When Brad and Coach Jackson pulled in to the driveway it was no surprise that they were the first pair to arrive home.

            “Looks like I’m not the only poor sucker getting the moves put on him by some horny athlete tonight.” Coach Jackson laughed as he stepped out of the car. “I sure hope for Africa’s sake that Mike’s as receptive to this ploy you two morons came up with as I was.”

            “It’s Valentine’s Day, Coach. Ollie and I figured our guys deserved to be treated right.”

            “Yeah yeah.” Coach Jackson blushed.

            They made their way up the steps before Brad stopped at the door.

            “Hang on a second.” Brad said to him, leaning in to kiss him tenderly. Coach Jackson willingly accepted his tongue into his mouth and moaned.

            Brad took a step back and looked up at his giant, hulking authority figure.

            “I love you, Coach.”

            Coach Jackson paused for a second, letting the words sink in. For a second Brad couldn’t read the expression on the giant man’s face. What kind of sarcastic remark would it be this time?

            “Ah fuck it.” Coach Jackson shrugged. “I love you too, Williams.”

            And with that, the two of them bumped up against one another and connected their lips together like they never had before. It was the most intimate act they had ever experienced with one another.

            “Fuck, Williams. I guess you finally wore me down.” Coach Jackson laughed.

            “I knew I would.” Brad smirked, getting his key out and unlocking the door. “You stubborn son of a bitch.”

            “Yeah yeah.” Coach Jackson laughed, loosening the collar on his shirt. “We’re not gonna turn into some old married couple who never has any fun like your dad and Africa, are we?”

            “Not a chance, Coach.” Brad chuckled, heading up the stairs. He paused and looked down at him. “You coming?”

            “Now that’s more like it, kid.” Coach Jackson grinned, taking two stairs at a time right behind him.

            When they had made it into Brad’s room, Coach Jackson already had his shirt unbuttoned and his slacks at his ankles. He eyed his athlete hungrily as he kicked off his shoes and let his pants slide off his feet. “What we said back there doesn’t change shit, Williams. You still better fuck me like you’ve got a grudge against me. Understand?” He said as he got on his hands and knees and arched his back, expectantly. He reached into the bedside table drawer to retrieve the lube and held it out behind his back, waiting.

            “Actually, Coach. . . “ Brad said, crawling on the mattress next to him and copying his position. “I thought we might switch things up tonight.” He turned is head to meet his hulking authority figure in the eyes.

            “No fucking way. . .” Coach Jackson’s jaw dropped.

            “Happy Valentine’s Day, Coach.” Brad winked, shaking his ass as he said it.

            “Y-You’re serious, Williams?”

            His athlete nodded his head, biting his lip.

            Mr. Williams and I parked the car right behind Brad’s and quietly made our way upstairs so we wouldn’t disturb Brad and Coach Jackson. As we headed upstairs to Mr. Williams’s bedroom we could hear muffled talk coming from Brad’s room but we didn’t stop to listen.

            “Thank you for tonight, Ollie.” Mr. Williams said to me as I followed him into his bedroom. “I really mean it. It may seem so simple to a guy your age but tonight really meant a lot to me.”

            “Of course, Mr. Williams.” I said, kissing him. “You deserve to feel like this every day.”

            “With you I do.” He smiled.

            He sat down on the bed and beckoned me to follow. “You know, this will be the first Valentine’s Day where I’ve gotten any sex in a long, long time.”

            “Then let’s make up for lost time.” I grinned, reaching my hand under his shirt and playing with his chest while we made out. “Mr. Williams?”

            “Yeah, Ollie?”

            We were kissing slowly as I tried to think of the right words to say. “I think- I think I want you to. . .  to do me tonight.”

            His lip’s pursuit on mine halted for a second as he let my words sink in. I could swear I could feel his big cock pulse against my leg. “Are you sure?”

            “Mmhmm.” I nodded, feeling more and more confident in my decision as the night went on.

            “I love you so much, Ollie.” He sighed, pulling me onto him and kissing me.

            “I love you too, Mr. Williams.”

            “I can’t fucking believe it.” Coach Jackson exclaimed almost giddily. “Brad Williams’s pussy. Right in front of me. Begging for me to be the one to take it.”

            “Let’s not get carried away, Coach.” Brad retorted, loving how crazy this man was to be the one to break him in.

            “Look at this fucking hole.” Coach Jackson muttered as he got on his knees and spread his athlete’s cheeks wide as he admired the virgin hole he was about to take. “Perfect. Tight. Cherry. Fuck, I’ve been wanting this hole for months. Driving me crazy. Fuck!”

            “Yeah, Coach?” Brad egged him on, flexing his ass for him. “Tell me how much you’ve been wanting my cherry.”

            “Fuck, Williams. You fuckin’ tease. Holding out on me. Not letting me have it all this time.” He spread his athlete’s cheeks and took the sight in, his cock jumping uncontrollably. “Until now. . .”

            “Let me know if I’m hurting you and I’ll stop.” Mr. Williams said above me as he positioned his big cock at my hole.

            “I will.” I lied, bracing myself and grabbing onto the sheets as I waited for him to enter me. It’s not that I hadn’t been in this position before. There were a few other occasions in my life that I had bitten the bullet and let someone fuck me. But no one as caring, as kind, and as sensitive as Mr. Williams. And, granted, no one as hung. I had to admit I was nervous about the size Mr. Williams was packing. But I trusted him. Man, did I trust him.

            “You ready?” He asked me, trying to gauge my reaction.

            “Mmmhmm.” I nodded, swallowing nervously as I felt him start to press forward.

            “I love you so much, Ollie.”

            “I love you too.”

            He leaned down to kiss me gently as he began to thrust forward.

            “Arch that fucking back, Williams.” Coach Jackson ordered his athlete, slapping his cock against his hole, getting him ready for it. “Fuck, it’s about goddamn time you finally gave it up.”

            Brad Williams breathed heavily underneath him as he prepared himself for what was about to happen.

            “You know what? I changed my mind.” Coach Jackson muttered. “I want to look you in the eye when I take your cherry, Williams.” He reached under his athlete and easily flipped him over on his back. He practically licked his lips at the sight of the hunky star quarterback in such a state.

            “Go easy on me, Coach.” Brad mumbled, showing true vulnerability for the first time.

            Coach Jackson leaned in so their faces were up against one another. “I’ll tell you what, Williams.” He lined his cock up at his athlete’s opening. “I’ll make sure it’s just as good for you as it is for me.”

            And with that, he pushed the head of his thick, beer-can cock into the tight, virgin hole awaiting him.

            “Am I hurting you, Ollie?” Mr. Williams asked me as he waited patiently for me to adjust to his size.

            “No. . .  Just give me a second.” I replied, exhaling deeply and leaning my head back on the pillow. It’d been a long time since I’d bottomed. And given Mr. Williams’s size, I might as well have been a complete virgin for him at this point.

            He leaned down and kissed my neck, gently. “Ollie, we don’t have to-“

            “No, it’s okay Mr. Williams. I want to do this.”

            “Alright, Ollie.”

            “Okay, you can keep going.” I breathed in and out. “Just go slow.”

            Mr. Williams started to thrust in and out slowly, trying to read the expression on my face so that he wouldn’t cause me any pain.

            “This feels so good, Ollie.” He groaned, leaning down to kiss me.

            “You’re starting to make me feel good, too.” I groaned with him, reaching down to start playing with my cock. He switched angles and started thrusting into me more rapidly and made a direct hit on my prostate.

            “UGH!” I shouted, causing him to immediately stop.

            “Damnit. Did I hurt you?”

            “Not at all.” I grinned. “Do that again.”

            He grinned back at me and kissed me on the lips, really starting to pick up the pace now.

            “FUCK, COACH!” Brad Williams shouted as Coach Jackson finally reached bottom up his tight, cherry, jock hole.

            “Give me that hole, Williams.” Coach Jackson commanded his athlete, spanking his ass as he looked down at him from above. 

            Brad grabbed the sheets with his fists and clenched them. So many thoughts and feelings were racing through his head. Sure, it hurt. He knew it would hurt. But he was getting off on it. Loving how rabid this man was to fuck him. Loving how masculine he felt at this moment right now, getting fucked by Coach Jackson. For so long he had feared that allowing Coach Jackson to fuck him would feel so feminine. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Listening to Coach Jackson grunting and groaning as he fucked him, while he himself played with his admittedly rock hard cock as he looked up at his hulking authority figure, feeling the giant beer-can cock sawing in and out of him, he had never felt more like a man. A man getting fucked by another man. There wasn’t anything feminine about this.

            “That’s it, Williams. Give it up.” Coach Jackson told him, spanking his ass again and really starting to pick up the pace.

            “Oh fuck, Coach. . .” Brad grunted, gritting his teeth.

            “You fucking tease.” Coach Jackson huffed as he looked down upon his athlete. “You’re getting off on this aren’t you, Williams?”

            His athlete met his gaze but said nothing.

            “Admit it, Williams.” Coach Jackson muttered, leaning down so that their faces were inches apart, not blinking. He sank his huge, thick cock all the way in, making sure to really hit the poor athlete’s prostate. “You finally had the balls to give it up and you’re fucking loving it.”

            His athlete looked straight into his eyes and smirked, really jacking himself off in time with his thrusts into him. “Is that all you got, old man?”

            That did it. “On your fucking knees, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, easily picking the superstar quarterback up and setting him down on his hands and knees, that beautiful just plucked jock hole winking back at him.

            Coach Jackson lined his thick cock head up with his athlete’s opening but did not push through. He leaned his massive frame across the jock’s back until their faces were pressed against one another.

            Brad met his gaze as if the man was about to say something but instead, their lips met and hungrily made out with one another as Coach Jackson’s menacing cock found its way up that tight jock hole once again.

            “Fuck, Williams.” Coach Jackson huffed, breaking away for a second. “You’re so fucking tight.”

            “I better be.” Brad grinned, pulling at his hulking superior’s lip with his teeth, playfully. “Now are you going to fuck me or what?”

            “Arch that fucking back, Williams.” Coach Jackson grunted, spanking his athlete’s ass and resuming his pace once again.

            “You feel so good, Mr. Williams. . .” I moaned, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him in to kiss him as he thrust in and out of me.

            “I love you so much, Ollie.” He groaned with me.

            “I’m so close. . .” I sighed, kissing him.

            “Not yet.” He said, grabbing my hand and taking it off my cock, pinning it above my head, kissing me hungrily.

            Each time his cock hit bottom my own jumped against my abs, a steady trail of precum flowing from the tip.

            He looked at me with such love in his eyes and I knew that tonight our relationship had evolved even further. There was no doubt about it. I had fallen for this man. Hard. Each and every day I seemed to find something new about Mike Williams that made me love him even more than the day before. Like the way, without a doubt, he always has to sneeze in three’s, or the way he always has to change his shirt after breakfast every morning because he can’t sit through one meal without dripping. Or the way he can make love to me right now, using his big dick to give me pleasure. Looking into my eyes and telling me he loves me as I give myself to him, finally understanding how good it feels to get fucked by the man you love.

            “Mr. Williams, I’m so close. . .” I moaned, my rock hard cock jumping with each of his thrusts, completely untouched.

            “Not yet, Ollie.” He said, kissing me. “Why don’t we change positions?

            “Aw fuck, Williams, you’re really getting into this, aren’t you?” Coach Jackson taunted is athlete, spanking him hard as he railed into him.

            “Fuck me harder, Coach.” Brad called out to him, gripping the sheets in preparation.

            “That’s it, Williams.” Coach Jackson huffed, really picking up the pace. “Brad Williams’s pussy. Fuckin’ better than I dreamed it would be. Tight. Soft. Cherry.”

            “Aw, fuck Coach!” Brad groaned underneath him.

            “The fucking hoops you made me jump through to earn this hole. . .” Coach Jackson muttered, thrusting in and out.

            “You earned it, Coach.” Brad nodded his head, really getting into it. “Enjoy it while it lasts.”

            “Yeah, Williams? You gonna play hard to get from here on out?”

            “Mmhmm.” His athlete nodded, jacking himself off as he supported his weight with one hand.

            “Fuck, kid. You mean it too, don’t you? You’re gonna make me work for this pussy from now on, aren’t you?”


            Coach Jackson picked up his pace, quickly coming to the edge. “Yeah, Williams? You gonna make me earn it from here on out?”

            “You bet, Coach. And it’s not going to be easy. I’m not just going to give it away for free like you do.”

            “Aw fuck, Williams!” Coach Jackson yelled as he sank his entire prick in to the hilt, shooting his seed into his athlete for the first time; his seed deposited where no man had been before. He had claimed the town superstar quarterback as his.

            He panted, breathing in and out heavily, as he continued to fire, his toes curling up against one another as he experienced one of the best orgasms he had ever had.

            Brad made a move to lay down and rest but Coach Jackson grabbed him and pulled him back up again. “Not a fucking move, Williams. I’m going for another. We’re just getting started here.” 

            “Oh god, Ollie, this feels so fucking good. . .” Mr. Williams groaned over my shoulder as he thrust in and out of me. The mattress springs were squeaking and the headboard was hitting the wall but neither of us cared. It was just the two of us. Here and now. Nothing else mattered.

            “You’re so big, Mr. Williams. . .” I gritted my teeth, feeling each time he hit bottom. “Keep going. I’m so close.”

            “Do it, Ollie. Cum for me.” He panted, really thrusting in and out of me now, going for his own orgasm.

            “Oh my god! Here it is! UUGHHH!” I squeezed my dick with my palm and instantly started shooting all over the sheets below us, feeling my orgasm radiating throughout my entire body. “Fuck!”

            “I’m gonna cum too, Ollie! GAAAHHH!!” He shouted at the top of his lungs as I felt the warmth of his sperm flooding me from the inside. I had never let another man breed me before but with Mr. Williams there was no question I would let this man do whatever he wanted to me. I trusted him completely.

            He laid his head against mine and kissed me while we caught our breath.

            “Ollie. . .” He said, tenderly running his hands along my shoulders. “I can’t thank you enough for this.

            “Mr. Williams. It was my pleasure.” I grinned, kissing him.

            We collapsed onto the sheets, not even caring that they had been completely drenched by my own load only seconds before. We laid against each other, holding each other close, completely lost in our own bliss.

            We stayed like that for a while. There was no telling how much time had gone by. But I knew there was no place I’d rather be this very second than right here.

            “That’s it, Williams! Get ready for it!” Coach Jackson shouted at the top of his lungs as he started shooting his load once again up his athlete’s hole.

            He shivered as the overstimulation of his dick commanded him to stop thrusting and felt his cock jumping on its own, completely drenching his athlete’s insides in cum.

            Finally, the giant man pulled out and patted his athlete on the back for a job well done.

            “Not that I’m the least bit surprised, Williams, but you took that like a fucking champ.”

            “Fuck, Coach. . . “ Brad sighed as he collapsed on his back, to catch his breath.

            Coach Jackson leaned over his athlete and kissed him on the lips. “Thanks, kid.”

            Brad leaned his head back and stared up at the ceiling, exhausted.

            “You know, Williams, you didn’t even cum yet.”

            “Really?” Brad asked, feeling his still, rock-hard cock. “Fuck, there were a couple of times when it sure felt like I did.”

            “Come here, kid.” Coach Jackson said, kissing him and spreading his athlete’s legs apart, gently.

            Brad sighed apprehensively as he felt Coach Jackson’s big cock again at his hole.

            Without another word, Coach Jackson pressed forward, looking his athlete in the eye as he entered him again.

            Instantly Brad knew this time would be different. The way his hulking authority figure was looking down at him. Not with lust this time. But love.

            “I love you, kid.” Coach Jackson muttered, kissing his athlete gently on the lips as he made love to him; this time at a slower, more tender pace.

            “I love you too, Coach.” Brad grinned, taking his cock into his hand so he could finally bring himself to the orgasm he needed.

            The two horny athlete’s snored against their respective mates in their respective rooms with a big smile on their faces. One thing was for sure. They’d certainly given their guys a Valentine’s Day to remember.



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