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Horny Exchange Student Chapter 26

As Brad pulled the car into the driveway he lay his head back on the seat, exhausted after dealing with the cops and handling everything. I still didn’t exactly know what his plan was with dealing with all this but he assured me he had everything under control. I trusted him.

            “So are you going to tell my dad or should I?” He asked me, sighing.

            “I’m not sure. What do you think the best route is here?”

            “Honestly, I think if you were the one to tell him he’d go easier on you. For obvious reasons.” He laughed for the first time all night. “I don’t care what you have to do, brother.”

            “Alright, I’ll give it a try.” I laughed as we got out of the car.                                                         

            I walked up the stairs to Mr. Williams’s bedroom, with Brad heading down the hall to his room, giving me a feeble thumbs up as he closed his door behind him. When I walked through the door to Mr. Williams’s room he was sound asleep on his side. I thought about waiting until the morning to tell him everything that had happened but I figured this was important enough to wake him up for.

            I crawled in bed next to him and kissed his neck gently.

            He started to stir and looked up at me, smiling. “Hey you.”

            “Hey yourself.”

            “How was the party? You both made it home okay?” He yawned, wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

            “Brad and I made it home fine, don’t worry about that. It- It’s just. . . something happened at the party. . .”

            He sat up with a jolt, a worried look on his face. “What happened, Ollie?”

            “The cops came. . .”

            “They WHAT?” He yelled, panicking.

            “There was lots of alcohol. There must have been 100 people who got busted.”

            “I’m going to kill him. . .” He mumbled, angrily.

            “Who, Brad?”

            “Of course Brad! How could he be so stupid? With the two of you applying to colleges and everything? This is bad, Ollie.”

            “I wouldn’t worry about that. Brad said he’s got it all under control and not to worry. And actually, Mr. Williams. . . I’ll have you know your son stuck with water the whole night.”

            “He- he what?”

            “You heard me.” I shrugged. “He was the designated driver. He even had to leave to take one of the guys home and came back, completely sober. Me on the other hand. . . I’m still drunk to be quite honest.”

            “Huh. . .” He shook his head, not quite sure what to feel. “So Brad was the responsible one in this scenario? And you were the wild one?”

            “I’m afraid so, Mr. Williams.” I grinned.

            “I honestly don’t know what to do. . . “ He shrugged. “I mean here I am always telling you to get out more with people your own age and let loose for once. And you did just that.” He looked at me with a perplexed look on his face. “I mean. . . What, am I supposed to. . . I don’t know, ‘punish’ you or something?”

            I couldn’t help but laugh.

            “I’m serious!” He laughed with me. “I don’t know what the right call is here. How do you ground the guy who’s fucking you?”

            “I’ll tell you what.” I said, grinning, leaning down to kiss him. “What do you say you ground me all weekend. I can’t leave the house and I have to stay in this bed the entire time.” I started to kiss down his chest. “No television.” I traced around his nipple with my tongue. “No computer.” I moved down to his belly button. “No video games.” I got to his briefs and pulled them down with my teeth, his cock slapping against his stomach. “Just here. Cooped up in this bedroom.” I started to lick up and down his shaft. “Does that seem fair, Mr. Williams?” I asked, looking up at him.

            “Alright then. You’re grounded. Effective immediately.” He grinned, leaning his head down to kiss me before he lay back against the headboard as I took the head of his cock into my mouth.                                                           -

            The following afternoon Brad Williams rang the doorbell of Dan Jackson’s apartment and fixed his hair in the reflection of the window.

            The door opened and the giant man stood behind it, crossing his arms, clearly unimpressed. “You’re forty five fucking minutes late, Williams.” He stared down at his athlete, a sour look on his face. “I oughtta keep my legs closed and send you back home with blue balls. Teach you I don’t like people wasting my time.”

            “Relax, asshole.” Brad smirked, brushing past him and stepping through the door. “I had shit to do this afternoon, Coach.”

            “Oh yeah?” Coach Jackson asked, shutting the door behind him. “Since when is there a higher priority on Brad Williams’s list than getting laid?”

            Brad sat down on the sofa with a sigh. “Since I got busted at a party with booze and the cops showed up.”

            The high-and-mighty look on Coach Jackson’s face evaporated. “Oh. . .Shit.“

            “Don’t worry about it though. I’m handling it.”

            “Yeah? And how do you expect to make this just go away, Williams?” Coach Jackson asked, skeptically.

            “I’m putting things into motion, Coach.”

            “I’d like to see what, kid.” Coach Jackson smirked. “You know, you can’t always make everything go away just because you’ve got a pretty face and a thick cock, Williams.”

            “I talked to our old pals Offier Jones and Officer Davis a couple precincts over. They managed to pull some strings and offered to handle Ollie’s and my case.”

            Again, the arrogant smirk on Coach Jackson’s face fell.

            “Oh. . .”

            “So what was that you were saying about me not being able to get out of this with my pretty face and thick cock, Coach?”

            “Yeah, well you got lucky this time, kid. Real lucky.”

            “I don’t call it luck. I just call it effective networking.”

            “Arrogant prick.” Coach Jackson laughed. “I guess I kind of feel bad for pruding out on you when you called me. You probably could have used a good lay then more than ever.”

            “Don’t worry about, Coach. I got along fine anyway.”

            “Yeah, kid?” Coach Jackson pried. “You managed to get laid after all?”

            “Come on, Coach. . .” Brad smirked. “Who do you think you’re talking to here?”

            “So in a way Brad Williams gets lucky twice in one night.” Coach Jackson laughed. “Damn, it would have been nice to see that ego of yours get knocked down a peg or two for once. Teach you some fucking respect.”

            “Yeah, you wish, Coach.”

            “So where do you go from here? Jones and Davis are just going to make this all disappear?”

            “Pretty much. We’re meeting with them Monday night. You know. . . As a thank you in appreciation of their good will.”

            “I see. . .” Coach Jackson crossed his arms, thinking. “And I suppose you’re dragging me along for this little rendezvous you have planned?”

            “Am I supposed to believe you have a problem with that?”

            He could swear he saw Coach Jackson’s thick, beer can cock jump in his shorts. “Fuck, Williams. . . “ The man shifted, straightening out the tent in his pants. “Jones and Davis. . . I still blow my load at least once a week thinking of that big black cock Jones’s got. And Davis. . . That guy’ll charm the pants right off you.”

            “Well then this must be like Christmas coming early for you, Coach.”

            “Aw fuck, Williams.” Coach Jackson huffed, slipping his hand into his slutty wind-shorts to start rubbing his cock. He locked eyes with his athlete and met him with an intense stare. “Are you gonna let them fuck me this time?”

            “Am I going to let them fuck you?” Brad replied, rhetorically. “For Christ’s sake, Coach, these guys are sticking their necks out and wiping this off my record. These guys could double-team your cunt to the point that there’s jizz coming out of your nose and if they told you they wanted more you’re just going to spread those legs of yours even wider and let them have it. No questions asked.”

            “Aw fuck, Williams. . . “ Coach Jackson whined, jacking himself with deep, succulent strokes on his charged prick deep within the confines of his slutty wind-shorts, just thinking about getting used by these rugged cops.

            “So the answer is yes, Coach. Yes these cops are going to fuck you.”

            “UUGH!” Coach Jackson groaned as he creamed the inside of his shorts, falling back on the couch to catch his breath. His athlete could see the stains spreading from the outside.

            “You’re going to be sorry you did that when you’ve still got to put out for me before I leave.” Brad muttered, looking him in the eye. “Your pussy always tightens up after you blow a wad.”

            “Fuck, Williams.” Coach Jackson panted, withdrawing his sticky hand from his shorts and licking each finger one by one. “Just give me a few minutes. I’ll be good for another.”    

            After a good rut for the both of them Brad Williams was throwing on his t-shirt and pants, patting Coach Jackson’s ass for a job well done.

            “Thanks for the lay, Coach. I gotta head out.”

            “Yeah, see you later, Williams. Don’t get in any more fucking trouble, you understand? I’ve kind of made it a personal test of mine to get your sorry ass into college. See if miracles really can happen.”

            “Yeah yeah. . .” Brad muttered as he finished tying his shoes.

            “You said we were meeting with Jones and Davis on Monday?”

            “8:00.” Brad nodded, heading toward the front door. “Why, is that a problem?”

“Fuck, you think I’d let anything get in the way with fucking with those two cops again? I’m clearing the whole fucking night.”

“Yeah, I figured you wouldn’t need much convincing. Oh and Coach?”

            “What is it now, Williams?”

            “I told them we could meet here at your place. So clean this place up, alright? You’ve got company coming over.” He turned and slammed the door behind him.

            “What the-“ Coach Jackson mumbled to himself, hurrying to squeeze his gigantic muscle ass into some briefs and rushing to the door, calling out to his athlete with his mountainous body on display out in the open, “They’re coming here? Williams, I’m not your fucking housewife. I don’t have time to fuck around like Susie Fucking Homemaker. I got shit to do!”

His athlete turned back to him, shrugging. “So just put out a cheese plate or some shit like that. You’ll think of something.” And with that he got into his car and sped off, a masculine nod as he rounded the corner.

            “Cocky son of a bitch. . .” Coach Jackson muttered to himself as he watched the car drive off, a slight smile spreading across his face. “The shit I let this fucking kid get away with. . .”

            I had to admit, when Brad walked into my room the next afternoon asking me if I wanted to fuck a couple of cops at first I didn’t believe him. I for sure thought he was pulling my leg. But then I remembered just who exactly I was dealing with here. If Brad Williams told me he was going to spend the evening fucking with a couple of cops I believed him.

            Sure enough, when we pulled up to Coach Jackson’s place there was a cop car outside and something told me it wasn’t a coincidence.

            “Did you think I was lying, brother?” Brad asked me, grinning.

            “I’ll believe a lot when it comes you to, but fucking with a couple of cops? I had to see it to believe it.”

            He brought his hand up to the doorbell and pressed it. “Yeah, well believe it, brother. These guys are the real deal.”

            Coach Jackson answered the door with an obscene erection protruding from his wind-shorts. “Africa. Williams.” He grunted, holding the door open. His lips were red and chapped, like he’d spent the entire afternoon rubbing them against sandpaper.

            We rounded the corner to Coach Jackson’s living room and two incredibly handsome cops were sitting around the coffee table, one white, one black. The white one already had his uniform unbuttoned, his hairy chest on display. Fuck, Brad and Coach Jackson sure knew how to pick them.

            “Africa, meet Officer Davis and Officer Jones.” Coach Jackson nodded to the two of them. He walked up to the one with charcoal skin and bit his lip. “Now where were we, Jones?” He said, grabbing the officer’s arm and slipping it under his own shirt, letting the officer run his hands all over his chest, leaning down to make out with him.

            “Well fuck me. . . “ Officer Davis muttered, looking me over. “Brad mentioned over the phone he was bringing a friend, but he didn’t do you justice.”

            “Ollie, sir. Pleased to meet you.” I said to him. Davis was an exceptionally  handsome man. He had sophisticated grey eyes and clean, well-kept facial hair. He kept himself in great shape.

            “Long time no see, Davis.” Brad said, skipping the handshake and instead planting his lips on the officer with a good kiss. “Listen, I really appreciate you and Jones doing this for us.”

            “And get the chance to fuck with the two of you again?” Davis replied. “No question.”

            Brad turned to look at Jones and Coach Jackson making out with each other, Jones’s strong, charcoal hands working Coach Jackson’s pecs over from under his shirt. “Alright, Coach, lay off him a second. Officer Jones and I need to get reacquainted.”

            Coach Jackson pried his lips off of the hunky officer and wiped his mouth. “Fuck, Jones.” He huffed. “I’m not finished with you, you understand?”

            Officer Jones laughed and turned his attention to Brad, leaning down to kiss him now. “I hear you managed to get yourself in trouble yet again, champ.” He laughed. “Didn’t Davis and I set you straight last time?”

            “Hey, the last time I got in trouble with the law I got to fuck around with two hot cops. Not exactly the best deterrent, is it, Jones?”

            “Yeah, I guess I see your point.” The hunky officer laughed.

            “Tell me, Jones.” Brad leaned in. “You still giving it to Davis every chance you two can get it?”

            The dark, handsome man grinned. “Kid, ever since we fucked with the two of you Davis has been wanting it on the regular. Fuck, you should see how hot this guy is for this big black cock. You guys woke something up in him and he just can’t get enough of it. Before we ran into the two of you I was lucky to be getting it every other week or so. But now Davis here is practically pulling at my buttons as soon as the two of us get done with our shift.”

            Officer Davis couldn’t help but butt in. “Are you complaining, bud?”

            “Not at all.” The man laughed. “I just wish you’d been putting out for me like this since we first started working together.”

            Brad couldn’t help but laugh. “You still trying to convince the world you’re a top, Davis?” Brad asked him, reaching out and caressing the man’s ass through his uniform.

            “Fuck. . .” Officer Davis muttered. “I see you’re just as cocksure now as you were last time.”

            “You don’t know the half of it.” Coach Jackson butted in, laughing. “The attitude this kid’s got is out of control.”

            “Yeah, well own it, champ.” Jones said, grinning. “If they could bottle that shit up and sell it you’d be the richest son of a bitch in the world.” He turned to me. “So I take it you’re the other guilty party in this scenario?”

            “Yes sir.” I nodded. “Look, Brad and I really appreciate you guys helping us out.”

            “Say no more.” Jones replied. “Just don’t let it happen again, okay?”

            Coach Jackson cleared his throat. “This whole deal is being wiped of their records? Everything?”

            “Wiped clean.” Davis nodded.

            “There can’t be anything left from this on there, you understand?” He pointed at Brad with a determined look on his face. “This kid has worked his fucking ass off so that he could get into a good school. I’ll be damned if one stupid party holds him back. Got it?” 

            “Relax Dan, they’re good.” Jones said to him.

            “Well thanks. . .” Coach Jackson muttered, blushing. “Africa’s a freaking genius. He can get in anywhere. It’s this moron who needs all the help he can get.” He nudged Brad on the side.

            Officer Davis looked at his watch. “Well now that we’ve established that, I see no reason to beat around the bush.” He looked at me. “You a top or a bottom?”

            “Top, sir.”

            He looked me over, deep in thought.

            “Is that a problem, officer?” I asked him, trying to gauge his reaction.

            “Not if you know what you’re doing. I knew when I got the call from Brad Williams over here that I’d be getting fucked tonight. But I don’t give it up for just anyone, understand? You better know how to get me off if I give it up for you.”

            “Yes sir, Officer.” I grinned.

            “Well then what do you boys say we get started?” Davis shrugged, hiking his ass up on the sofa and slipping his pants down. “I’m going to test the new guy out. Get over here, son.”

            “Yes sir.” I grinned again, walking over to him and taking in the sight of him. He was my type to a tee. Like Mr. Williams’s long-lost older brother. This was going to be fun alright.

            By now Coach Jackson and Officer Jones were lip-locked again, rubbing their giant muscles together as they made out hungrily. Brad just sat down and relaxed, crossing his arms behind his head as he took in the scene around him.

            Officer Davis looked up at me. “You know how to make out, son?”

            “Yes sir.”

            “You’re big on the “”yes sirs”. I like that.” He said, looking me over.

“To tell you the truth I’m pretty nervous. . . I never thought I’d ever get the chance to fuck a real cop, sir.”

“Yeah?” He grinned as he flashed me his badge. “Well we’re the real deal. You’re about to fuck a cop alright.”  He gestured me down to him.

            I carefully knelt down over him and planted my lips on his. He groaned audibly as he let my tongue enter his mouth, his carefully trimmed beard rubbing against my face. It was a completely new sensation to me and I loved it.

            I heard the sounds of hungry lips on lips next to us as Coach Jackson and the charcoal-skinned officer as they pawed more urgently at each other.

            “You gonna give it up this time?” Jones asked him intensely, grabbing Coach Jackson’s meaty ass cheeks.

            Coach Jackson met his gaze before turning to his athlete, expectantly.

            “He’s all yours, Jones.” Brad nodded. “He’s been wanting it, too. In heat for you, big time.”

            Jones smirked, pulling at the massive athletic director’s lip with his teeth. “That true, big guy?”

            “Aw fuck, Jones. I’ve been thinking about taking this thing ever since that night. Fuck, this thing’s huge.” Coach Jackson huffed, gripping the man’s giant erection through his trousers.

            “I’ve been wanting in this ass just as long.” Jones said, squeezing Coach Jackson’s ass. “Getting in there’s been on my mind for months now and I’m really going to take my time in there.”

            “Aw fuck yeah.” Coach Jackson groaned, kissing him. “I want it bad, Jones.”

            Brad watched as the dark, hunky officer worked his mate over so expertly. It was turning him on big time. “Hey Officer Jones, why don’t you slide those slutty wind-shorts of his down and eat him out in front of everyone. Make him beg for it.”

            Officer Jones grinned at the idea. “I like the way you think, Brad.” He inched his fingers up to Coach Jackson’s waist and slowly slid them down, Coach Jackson’s meaty ass jutting out, pert and waiting.

            By now I had smoothly worked my hands down Officer Davis’s trousers and was grabbing at his ass while we made out. His cockhead was sticking out from the top he was so turned on. I got the feeling that this guy was a total alpha when he was out on the job but really got off on handing control over to a guy who knew how to take it from him.

            I drew my hand out and wet my fingers before diving right back down and pressed it up against his opening. He groaned out instantly, pulling at my lip. “Damn, you’ve got me so hot for it, big guy.”

            The exposed portion of his cock that was peaking out from his trousers jumped and a little bit of precum dripped out. “It appears you’re in heat, Officer.” I grinned.

            “Yeah? Are you going to do something about that?” He smirked.

            Without answering him I proceeded to pull his trousers down, his cock slapping against his stomach audibly.

            I leaned up to his ear and whispered. “To tell you the truth, Officer, I’ve always wanted to fuck a cop, sir.”

            He leaned his head up and nipped at my ear. “Yeah? Prove it.”

            He reached over to the coffee table and nudged the lube into my shoulder. I took it from him and liberally applied it to his hole.  Without wasting another second I lined the head of my cock up with his opening and pressed forward, gently.

            The handsome officer Davis exhaled, focused, as he let me in. I was surprised with his ability to take me so easily, given my size. With new people I always have to be extremely careful but Officer Davis was having no issue taking me.

            “I’m impressed, Officer.” I said to him, continuing my assault, about three quarters of the way in now.

            He grinned, looking up at me. “I get a lot of practice.” He winked, nodding at his partner currently in a lip-lock with the voracious Coach Jackson.

            Brad called out to us as he watched us. “There you go, brother. Take that ass.”

            Davis turned his attention over to Brad. “I gotta say, sport, you really knocked it out of the park bringing this guy.”

            “Yeah, Davis? Smitten already?”

            “Let’s not get carried away.” He laughed, wincing a little as I finally hit bottom, giving him time to adjust. “But I could certainly see adding this guy to my routine check-ups.”

            “What, is Officer Jones here not keeping that ass fed on his own?” Brad asked, knowlingly.

            “Jones is doing just fine.” Davis replied, leaning his head back in pleasure. “Though it looks like I might be getting replaced soon as his number one piece of ass.”

            Brad and I turned our attention to Jones and Coach Jackson. The dark-skinned, hunky officer had slipped Coach Jackson’s wind-shorts down his hips and was now running his fat finger up and down Coach Jackson’s hole as they made out with each other.

            Coach Jackson pried himself off of him for a second, breathing heavily. “You gonna show me what that giant black cock can do now, Jones?”

            “Mmhmm.” Jones nodded, pulling at his lip. “You fucking tease. Got me all worked up that night and then not letting me have it.”

            “Well it’s all yours now, Jones.” Coach Jackson huffed, sliding his leaking prick along the officer’s uniform. “Fuck, I want it, Jones.”

            “You’re gonna get it, Dan. You’re gonna have so much black cock up your cunt you’re not gonna know how you’re taking it all.”

            “Fuck, man.” Coach Jackson whimpered, feeling the man’s big fingers playing with his hole. “I want it. Right fucking now.”

            “You want this big black cock?” Jones asked him, lapping at his lip.

            “I want it.” Coach Jackson nodded, sliding his hand around the officer’s massive cock.

            “All of it?” Jones questioned, letting Coach Jackson feel him up. “When I let someone have this big black cock they either take it all or nothing. That’s the deal.”

            “Fuck, I’ll take it all, man.” Coach Jackson groaned, his hole practically pulsing. “Gotta have it, Jones.”

            “Hands above your head and chest up against the wall.” Jones growled in his ear.

            “Aw fuck yeah.” Coach Jackson muttered, eagerly following his command, pressing his mountainous form up against the wall and jutting his meaty ass out, waiting.

            Officer Jones took his time in inspecting his prize. “Interesting ink you’ve got there, Dan.”

            “Thanks.” Coach Jackson grunted, growing impatient.

            Brad called out to the pair of them. “Why don’t you tell Officer Jones here what it means, Coach.”

            “It’s the kid’s football number.” Coach Jackson muttered.

            “No shit?” Jones remarked, looking over at Brad. “You got this guy to brand himself?”

            “I didn’t have anything to do with it.” Brad smirked. “Coach Jackson did it all on his own. Turn him around.”

            Jones reached out and turned Coach Jackson’s beefy body around so that the man was facing him, beer-can cock hard as a rock and dripping. “Well I’ll be dipped. . . “ Jones laughed, shaking his head.

            “So just remember, Jones.” Brad said to him, meeting him in the eye. “The only reason you’re getting a shot at that pussy is because I’m letting you have it. And I only share it with the best.”

            Officer Jones thought about what the cocky athlete was telling him. Given his size and commanding presence it wasn’t often he was talked to like this. Especially from some 18 year-old kid. But this wasn’t any ordinary 18 year-old kid. This was Brad Williams.

            “Understood.” Jones nodded to him, respectfully. He turned Coach Jackson around again and pressed him against the wall, spreading his ass cheeks and getting a good look at the hole he was about to enjoy. “And I’m not going to waste it.”

            Coach Jackson arched his back in pleasure at the sensation of the dark, hunky officer’s thick tongue licking around his opening.

            “Goddamn it, Jones!” Coach Jackson yelled, pounding his fist in the wall. “Don’t fucking tease me, man. I gotta get fucked!”

            Brad just laughed. “Make him work for it, Jones.”

            The mighty officer met the athlete’s gaze and nodded, grinning.

            By now the handsome officer Davis and I had worked ourselves into a good pace, sinking my entire black cock into him, only to pull it out until his lips were just at the tip before plunging all the way back in again.

            “Fuck. . .” Officer Davis groaned under me as I pounded into him. “Where does a stud like you learn how to fuck like this?”

            “Just fine men like yourself that let us practice, officer.” I grinned.

            “Yeah?” He asked, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he jacked himself off lightly with my thrusts. “Whoever you’ve been putting it to on the regular to get you this good at fucking ass deserves to be taken out for a nice dinner for his service. Fuck, that lucky son of a bitch is getting this dick every night, isn’t he?”

            “He sure is.” I replied, thinking about Mr. Williams.  He wasn’t going to believe the evening I’ve had so far and I couldn’t wait to experience the rest, knowing how much he was going to love hearing about it.

            Another strong pound on the wall snapped me out of my thought process as Coach Jackson groaned out again, frustrated. “Goddamnit, Jones, if you don’t slip that big black cock in my cunt before I nut. . .”

            I looked over and Coach Jackson’s beer-can cock was flared and dripping, the job Officer Jones was doing on his hole clearly working.

            Officer Jones looked over at Brad, almost pleading.

            “You heard the man.” Brad shrugged. “Give him what he wants, Jones.”

            “Aw, fuck yeah. . .” Jones grunted under his breath as he pressed his big black cock up against Coach Jackson’s hole.

            “I’m not fucking around, Jones!” Coach Jackson called out to him, impatiently. “You said you wanted this hole. It’s time to put up or shut up, man.”

            Officer Jones grabbed Coach Jackson’s massive arms and locked them behind his back as he sank his big black cock inside of him.

            “Fuuuuck!” Coach Jackson roared, struggling.

            “Arms behind your back!” Jones commanded him, thrusting in and out of him slowly.

            Coach Jackson looked like he was about to resist before he felt the big black cock sliding in and out of him and he obeyed, letting the hunky officer set the pace and call the shots.

            The fierce, determined look on Coach Jackson’s face faded and was replaced by a look of pure ecstasy.

            “Goddamn, that’s good, Jones.” Coach Jackson moaned, leaning back to kiss the charcoal-skinned officer.

            “Yeah, I know that look.” Brad called out, watching the action. “Officer Davis here had that same look on his face when he was getting his cunt filled with Jones’s giant black snake.”

            I looked down at Officer Davis, expecting him to reply but he was way too into the pleasure he was experiencing from my own big black cock to hear him.”

            I decided to tune out the action around me and give Officer Davis the one-on-one dicking he deserved. I looked into his handsome face and kissed him gently as I thrust in and out him. Instantly he removed his hand from his prick, wrapping them around my back to encourage me, drawing me in further.

            “You’re unbelievable, kid.” Davis whispered in my ear as we fucked. I let his words of praise only fuel me further, concentrating on giving each of us the best orgasm possible. And it was getting closer and closer.

            Davis’s grip on my shoulders was intensifying and he gave in to temptation and reached down to jack himself off powerfully in time with my thrusts. With a groan in my hear he shot all over himself. His chest was completely drenched with his load as he gave in to his orgasm. His hole was squeezing my cock like a vicegrip and I was not far behind. I sank my prick in as far as it would go and unleashed my seed, coating the inside of his ass with my load.

            He looked up at me gratefully as he came down from our mutual pleasure. He wrapped his hand around my neck and pressed me down for one last kiss.

            “Unbelievable, kid.” He sighed, appreciatively. “Truly.”

            “Any time, Officer.” I blushed, wiping my brow.

            He gave a satisfied sigh and leaned his head back on the sofa, collecting his breath as I finally turned my attention back to the action going on at the other end of the room.

            Brad was standing at Jones’s side, clothes strewn all along the floor as the two of them made out hungrily with each other while Coach Jackson was pinned up against the wall, clearly in ecstasy. There was already one huge load sprayed against the wall and judging by the pace Officer Jones was taking on his ass I had to guess it was Coach Jackson’s. I focused in on Brad and Officer Jones as they tongued each other and followed Brad’s hand, his index and middle finger sliding into Coach Jackson’s cunt as Officer Jones’s dark monster meat sawed in and out of him.

            I was still in a trance from my own orgasm as Coach Jackson turned his head to look at me and mouthed something I could not hear.

            Brad and Officer Jones looked at me, a wicked grin on their faces.

            “Well, brother?” Brad asked me, snapping me out of my trance.

            “Sorry. . . Didn’t hear what was said.” I replied, trying to gauge their reaction.

            “What I said,” Coach Jackson muttered, arching his back so that Jones could fuck him deeper. “was I want you and Jones here to double-fuck me.”

            I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My jaw just dropped.

            Coach Jackson leaned is head up. “Easy there, Jones, don’t make me nut again or I’m not gonna be able to get both of you in me.”

            Davis under me smacked my ass playfully. “I believe you’re being summoned elsewhere, champ.”

            “Coach, are you being serious right now?” I questioned him.

            “Do I look like I’m fucking kidding around, Africa?”

            “You want me and Officer Jones to fuck you. . . at the same time?”

            Coach Jackson pounded is fist into the wall again, impatient. “Africa, if I’m not getting my cunt double-fucked by two big black cocks within the next 30 seconds I’m gonna have you running laps all fucking week, you understand me?”

            Davis leaned up to my ear so that only I could hear him. “Give him hell, kid.”

            I made my way over to them, my rock hard cock leading the way. Even though I had just blown my load a minute or two earlier I could barely contain my excitement for what was about to come. My first double penetration. This was definitely a mile-stone.

            “Over there, Africa.” Coach Jackson grunted, gesturing to the armchair over by the sofa.

            I sat down on it and reached for the lube, making sure to slick up my pole as much as possible. Coach Jackson had taken a lot of dick these past few months. But Two big black cocks at once wasn’t going to be easy for him.

            I watched as Officer Jones slowly dismounted from our mountainous coach, his thick python waving menacingly as it dislodged itself from the confines of Coach Jackson’s meaty ass. I couldn’t believe he could take that thing, much less that along with mine at the same time. But I knew for sure if there was one man in this room who could do it it was Dan Jackson.

            Coach Jackson stood over me and smirked, leaning down to thrust his tongue into my mouth. “You two think you can get me off without me touching myself?” He asked me, biting my lip playfully.

            “Am I running laps all week if I can’t, Coach?”

            “You bet your ass, Africa. Get me off, understand?”

            Without waiting for my reply he knelt down over me and reached behind his back to guide my cock to his opening. Given the size of Officer Jones’s python between his legs I slipped right in.

            “Mmmhmm.” Coach Jackson groaned, leaning down to make out with me. He rode me at a good pace before he gestured over his shoulder for Officer Jones to take his place behind him.

            “Aw, fuck yeah, Coach. . .” Brad grinned as he watched. He and Officer Davis were now making out with each other as we got into position.

            Coach Jackson’s tongue in my mouth slowed a little as Jones tapped his big cockhead at his opening. I could feel just how big he was just from the way his cock head pushed into him; not fully penetrating him, but letting us both know he was there, waiting.

            And then I felt it push through.

            “GAH!” Coach Jackson yelped, steadying himself as Jones pushed inside of him slowly.

            The sensation was incredible. Two big black cocks sliding against each other, deep in the confines of my hunky football coach.

            “Easy, easy. . . Fuck!” Coach Jackson cautioned him as he let him in. “Damnit, Jones, you’re not going to make this easy on me, are you?”

            “Would you want me to, Dan?” Jones countered smoothly, leaning his head in to nibble on Coach Jackson’s ear.

            “Aw fuck, Jones. You and Africa are putting it to me good. Fuck!”

            I looked down and Coach Jackson’s beer-can cock was drooling, flailing around on its own as the two of us double-fucked him into paradise.

            “Fuck, Coach, you’re getting double-fucked by two big black cocks and you’re loving it!” Brad called out to him from the sidelines.

            “Yeah, Williams?” Coach Jackson replied to him, smirking. “You like watching me give it up for two hung big black cocks?”

            “Fuck, I love it, Coach.” Brad praised. “You just remember who that cunt belongs to.”

            “I don’t know, Williams . . .” Coach Jackson grinned. “After these two you might be spending the next few months or so trying to reclaim your territory.”

            “Sounds fun to me, Coach.” Brad said, reaching his hand out to feel Jones’s bull balls swinging under him as he fucked his mate.

            “You feel those, kid?” Jones panted, turning to Brad. “I’m about to blow my wad with those big low-hangers. This stud’s gonna take my load.”

            “Do it, Jones.” Brad egged him on. “I want his pussy swimming in black jizz by the time you two are through with him.

            “Well then here’s my contribution. . .  UGGHHHH!!” Jones’s bellowed as he picked up his pace.

            Instantly I felt his already huge prick surge against mine as he released his load, absolutely flooding Coach Jackson’s ass with his cum.

            “Yeah, Jones! Knock me up! I want that load!” Coach Jackson yelled as I watched as his own rock-hard prick started shooting all over my chest, completely untouched as he got the load fucked out of him by two big black cocks working together to get him off.  “FUUUUCK!!”

            I couldn’t hold it any longer. Feeling Jones’s huge cock against mine as he loaded Coach Jackson up was too much and I started shooting, adding my own load to the one already swimming around inside of him.

            “Goddamn that’s so fucking good!” Coach Jackson groaned, relishing the sensation of getting used by two horny black men at the same time.

            I don’t know if it was because I had shot so soon before or because fucking along side another cock made Coach Jackson’s pussy so tight, but this orgasm was so powerful it was making me light-headed. I watched as Coach Jackson’s mountainous muscles flexed as he caught his breath, sweat running down his neck as he completely surrendered control to the two of us.

            “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I heard from the other side of the room. I looked over and Brad was behind Officer Davis, railing into him as the officer sprayed the hardwood floor underneath him.

            “You ready for my load, Officer?” Brad asked him, slamming his hips into him, a determined look on his face.

            “You got me, kid. I’m taking it!” Davis replied, hanging his head down as he continued to shoot.

            “Fuuck!” Brad shouted, thrusting himself forward for one final push as he inseminated the officer under him, his balls jumping against one another as he shot.

            I felt Jones’s huge cock slowly slide out of Coach Jackson, with an audible pop as he withdrew. Coach Jackson’s hole completely enveloped my own cock, grateful for the lighter load.

            “Don’t you fucking move one step, Dan.” Officer Davis stated, quickly straightening up and making his way over toward us.

            He looked down upon Coach Jackson’s mighty ass and without another word, got down on his knees, eagerly replacing the recently vacated spot where Officer Jones’s cock had been with his tongue.

            Coach Jackson leaned is head up with a grin. “You two got anywhere you need to be for the next few hours?”

            Jones laughed, wiping his brow. “My partner and I have the rest of the night off, fellas. What do you say we get a quick break in before round two?”

            Brad sat down in one of the chairs exhaustedly. “You two are doing us a real favor here. What kind of citizens would we be without showing you guys how much we appreciate our officers in and out of uniform?”

            And with that, I collapsed in one of the armchairs, exhausted and readying myself for whatever else the rest of the night had in store.



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