The Story Is Told By Johan

My name is Johan, a six-foot, 175 pound, light blue eyed, and a blond with Swedish ancestry beginning my first year as a graduate student majoring in International Relations. After receiving my undergraduate degree in my home country of Sweden, I came to the United States and enrolled in the graduate program at The University of Tennessee to pursue my master's degree.

From the first day of the Fall Quarter in my European politics class, I sat next to Cal, a real hunk and former jock. I learned that at his former college, he had been the starting quarterback for four years on the football team while breaking the school's all-time passing yardage. He stood five-feet and 11-inches, weighed around 170 pounds, light brown hair and eyes, and what appeared to be an awesome package between his legs. I could see how he would have the co-eds after his body. As a straight man, I had no interest in sex with him but was eager to find out how to get some tips from him on how to get some pussy on campus. For the first few days, I had no idea he was gay.

I noticed that Cal was always early to class as was I. We had time to chat before class. He was very engaging with me and seemed to want to become good friends.

About a month into the class, I was walking the 12 blocks from the liberal arts building to my apartment when Cal pulled up by the curb in his sports car and asked me: "Hey Johan, how about a ride to your apartment?"

"Sure Cal, its been a long day, I'm tired and hungry. Thanks so much. By the way, I love your car and especially that you have the top down."

As Cal drove slowly toward my apartment, I could tell he had something on his mind. I too wanted to ask him about those co-eds and some pussy. Then Cal said: "Johan, do you have time for us to go by my condo and let me change out of these hot clothes into some shorts and a tank top. Maybe we can go to dinner together."

"Sure Cal I'd like that. I want to ask you about how to hook up with some of the hot chicks on campus."

I noticed an instant concern on Cal's face. Maybe he was shy and did not want to talk about girls and sex. He might even be a virgin.

When we arrived at his condo, it was a beautiful location with the ring of condos over looking a nice lake. As he went into his bedroom to change, I sat down on the sofa and gee whiz there were several gay magazines on the coffee table in front of me and a shelf filled with DVD gay flicks. Holy shit Cal was gay. No wonder he looked disappointed when I brought up girls. Maybe I should just have him take me home. Boy this scene had become uncomfortable. Not only had I not ever had gay sex, but I'd been a roaming playboy that had fucked so much pussies that I'd really lost count. How was I going to deal with this scene?

At that moment Cal called out to me and asked: "Johan, come in here and see my master bedroom with a balcony overlooking the lake. "

Holy shit, when I entered his bedroom, he was standing in the middle of the room butt naked. There was a massive large mirror on the ceiling and several posters of nude male athletes on the walls. I bet he masturbated while looking at those posters. He had on a solicitous smile and he had a huge rock hard cock standing at attention. Did he think I might be bi-sexual or would his incredible athletic body turn me on? Holy Louise, was he ever correct. I'd never seen a more perfect male body. He not only had a huge red-hot cock but he was laced with muscles up and down his body, trim ribbed chest and stomach along with melon sized biceps. His body was almost hairless except for the right places such as pubic hair that was well trimmed. He really was a Greek god like one sees in the art figures in Rome. Looking at this Greek god for the first time in my life, I felt my cock stiffening to its full 8-inches while looking at a male body. Cal noticed my hard on that matched his huge hard on. Fuck what was happening to me? Was I being seduced by the most perfect male body I'd ever seen?

Cal took charge, came up to me, put me in a tight bear hug, slid his hand inside my pants and briefs, started squeezing my rock hard leaking cock and began planting hard wet kisses on my red lips. The feel of his soft hand on my cock caused my entire body to tingle. Shit I wanted to have sex with this stud. Whatever happened to straight Johan? Cal had bagged his prey at the first attempt. Was I really gay or just overwhelmed by this hunk's manly beauty? Whatever , I wanted him to fuck me. He smelt so wonderful and his naughty smile was melting any resistant I might have had.

"Oh Johan, I've wanted you from the first day in class. I love that handsome gorgeous Swedish body. Since meeting you, I've masturbated at least once a day lusting after your Scandinavian body. I've never wanted any guy as bad as I want you. My heart almost stopped when you asked me about the co-eds."

Cal continued to play with my cock and kiss me for several minutes before he picked me up and threw me on my back on his big bed. He stripped me of all my clothes. He climbed on top of me, laid down on my sweaty body, began to use his hot body to hump me and drove his tongue deep into the back of my throat. I felt his 9-inch cut cock rub across my steel hard dick. Wow, I had no idea that sex could be this hot and great.

As I looked up at the big mirror on the ceiling, I watched Cal's hard hips and tight butt rapidly moving up and down as he humped me harder and harder. His hot breath and moans had me crazy with lust. My hormones went wild and I felt intense heat in my balls. If we kept humping our entangled bodies, I'd not last long. I had shivers up and down my spine. As we got close to the line, Cal got up and had us move into a 69 position. As I sucked and swallowed my fist cock, I was delirious with the strongest libido of my life. The smell and taste of another man's cum and sweaty body had me fast becoming a fucking gay addict for a full meal of semen. Yea, I loved this big male cock in my mouth. We spent a long time sucking cock, fingering those tight assholes, sucking on those steamy balls and rimming each other's ass. The man odors were so enticing that it caused me to crave his cock.

Cal took charge as I became his bitch when he said: "Baby, it is now time for you to take my 9" up your ass. I'll be gentle but man I want that virgin ass of yours. I've got to have that Swede pussy."

I got on my back on the bed, Cal put a pillow under my ass, he lubed my ass and lubed his huge thick throbbing cock. Cal began to spank my ass cheeks and continued until they were blood red. Holy shit that so turned me on. I loved being his bitch and his rough use of my ass. I began to feel his cock head rub up and down my ass crack until he began to part my outer ass muscles with his huge snake. Soon he had his cock all the way inside me. I felt his hot cock push against my prostate and the ramming of my ass was underway. I watched his hard butt and hips once again bounce up and down in the mirror with the erotic feeling wiping the pain out of my mind.

My ass became so wet from the lube and his leaking cock juices allowing his cock to slide in and out with perfect ease. Holy shit, I loved my first cock up my ass. As his cock began to become even harder and the veins in that dick pulsate, he finally pulled out to avoid an ejaculation. We kissed and whispered sweet sexy words to each other.

Then Cal had us stand up and he suggested a fuck position that I thought only happened in porno movies. Fuck he used his strong athletic hands and arms to lift me up in his arms with our faces touching. I put my hands around his neck as he used his hands clasped around my butt and hips. He had me lean my head back until I felt his big daddy slide inside my now wet ass. Wow, I was being fucked while being held in this Greek god's arms. He used his powerful body to plunge his huge cock in and out of my ass while holding me in his arms. I felt his breath on my face and neck that made me even more aroused.

In this position, our piercing eyes showed pure lust as we stared into each other's eyes. The feel and smell of our growing sweating bodies produced primitive animal instincts for raw sex.

After several minutes of this raw sex and wild fucking, I felt his cock stiffen, his breathing increased and he let out a loud grunt telegraphing his approaching orgasm. With one more strong thrust of his dick , I felt a gusher of warm cum fill my man pussy. The cum began to lubricate my ass tissue and prostate. The warm feel and smell was so arousing as my own hard cock hit my new fuck buddies body. Soon the thick ropey cum began pouring out of my ass onto Cal's body and running down his legs. Shit, the feeling of cum so excited Cal that his cock actually shot a second big load of cum in my ass. Again we experienced a flowing of cum onto his body. Cal pulled out and gently put me down on the bed, as he gave me the most erotic kisses. The air had a wonderful aroma of man cum.

After we rested for some 30 minutes, Cal said to me: "Baby, I love getting fucked. Please fuck me. Drive that big cock in my man pussy just like I did for your ass."

I was way over due to get my rocks off. My cock was stone hard with blue balls.

The invitation caused my cock to swell and began to bob up and down. I put Cal on his stomach on the bed, put a pillow under his crotch, lubed his ass, drove the lube deep into his ass and lubed my cock. I slowly began to drive my cock deep into his experienced ass where many cocks had been before. Hell, his ass muscles sucked my cock into him as if he had a vacuum cleaner inside that man pussy.

My carnal lust took over. The feel of my cock rubbing against his soft ass walls, the strong suction pulling my cock and the pressure of his prostate on my cock caused me to drill his ass unlike any woman's pussy I had ever put my cock in. I loved the tight feel and squeeze of his ass on my rock hard wood. My cock had never had such an awesome feel from fucking before. The lust was so strong that I lowered my body on his flat frame and pounded his ass while driving my entire body hard into his sweaty body. I fucked while we both moaned and grunted in pure ecstasy. Every inch of my body was shivering and tinging with the most erotic feel that a man's body could ever experience.

"Oh Baby fuck me harder. That is it. Give me all your cock. Yea, oh yea, your cock is so big and hard. Empty your balls of that rich semen inside me. Fill my ass with your man juices. Ohhhhhh, Yea, Aaaaaaaaaa, Fuuuuccccckkkkk me! Oh fcuk yea, Mmmmmmm. Oh hell yea. Oh damn, shit yea."

Cal's dirty talk, begging me to come inside him and his lust for me had my cock harden even more. I felt the orgasm began and soon I blasted squirt after squirt of my cum deep into my new friend's pussy. It had to be the biggest load I'd ever shot. The surge of the cum from my balls seemed to last for ever. There is no better feeling than a giant orgasm and especially why dumping that load in the man pussy of a Greek god.

When finished, I pulled out, turned Cal onto his back and plunged my cum covered cock down his throat. He sucked my cum covered cock as if it was a popsicle on a very hot summer day. For the longest time, Cal would not let go of my hard cock. He sucked my cock like a baby calf sucking it's mother's tits for nutrition. I thought he might make my cock a permanent part of his mouth. Man was that ever hot.

I knew I was now hooked on man sex. No woman's pussy could ever again compete with a man's tight ass or a man's dick up my ass.

I spent the night with Cal and we sucked cock and fucked ass most of the night. We were two really horny fucking sex addicts.


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