If you have not read parts one and two, you might wish to read those hot stories before reading parts 3 and 4.

Upon hot athletic stud Cal and the blond Swede Johan returning to Cal's condo from the restaurant, we had an hour to chat before it was time for the 21-year-old handsome waiter to arrive to joinus in a steamy sex encounter. We spent the hour engaging in more foreplay kissing, giving each other messages and Cal giving me some hot tips on erotic sex moves.

At 1 AM, the doorbell rang and Cal answered and invited Bo to come in for an exciting fuck session with the three of us. They really wanted this chance to help me continue to experience my first night of man sex. Cal mixed three strong drinks with three different types of liquor. We took time to relax and down the drinks as I sat between the two hot dudes on the sofa. After some ten minutes of hot sex talk, Cal and Bo shocked me when Cal said: "Hey buddy, Bo and I have a confession to make. We've been having sex for the past two years after I met him at the athletic club. I've been so hot to fuck you Johan ever since the first day in class. I've shared my lust for you with Bo and we both have dreamed of a three-way all these weeks. We have a surprise for you tonight. We often tape our hot sex with my home video system. Bo go over and turned on and play one of our hot scenes for our new fuck buddy."

Holy shit, as the video played, I watched Cal and Bo in a 69 devour each other's huge cocks as they swallowed those horse cocks to the base. I could not believe how hot those blowjobs were. The sound of the sloppy moans and wet cocks caused my boner to began stiffening and soon my cock was stone hard. I noticed that Bo and Cal had developed huge bulges in their pants. Soon Bo was on his back on the bed and Cal began to drill his bubble pink ass with his red hot cock. We were all three horny as hell at that point.

Bo and Cal noticed my increased hard breathing, the huge tent in my pants and they began to use their hands to fondle my crotch. Soon I had a growing wet ring in my shorts and pants.

I could not take this scene mush longer without busting a nut.

Cal stopped the video and said: "Bo I think Johan is ready for us to take him to my bed and fuck the hell out of him. I want you to show him that 9-inch dick of yours and make his first night of man sex something he will never forget."

"Yea, Cal, holly shit, Johan has a cute ass and I'm horny as hell knowing this is his first night of taking a man's cock. Man, I want his fresh meat bad."

I had already been so turned on from the sex at the restaurant with Cal and yea the big hot blowjob we had with that African American hunk in the restroom. I was so lusting after Bo, the handsome black haired and olive skinned well-groomed swimmer type body waiter, who reeked of man testosterone smells. His sexy eyes had me almost in a trance. What were Bo and Cal going to do to my Swedish body?

My cock had begun to twitch, throb and ache to escape my tight pants. I felt my ass muscles puckering in anticipation of getting both those hot cocks inside me. 

They took me to Cal's bed, they used their sexy hands to undress me, took off their clothes, placed me on my back on the bed, put their completely naked bodies on each side of my now sweaty naked frame, began to take turns plunging their wet tongues to the back of my throat, driving their rock hard cocks into my hips while leaking pre-cum on my legs, using their young sexy hands to jerk off my pulsating cock, and talking dirty to arouse me even more.

Bo whispered in my ear: "Hey, you new gay bitch, guess what? I've got a vein covered 9-inch cock with a 6-inch wide shaft ready to spread that tight ass of yours until you cry uncle. Cal loves my cock up his big ass as I pound his fucking ass until he comes. How about that, you little whore. You are now at my mercy, you fucking nasty bitch."

I felt my cock began to jerk up and down as I'd never been more horny. Man, Bo knew how to turn me on. I began to beg: "Oh Bo, fuck me, fuck me, drill my man pussy with the most beautiful dick I've ever seen. It is as hot as Cal's boner. I want both your cocks to fuck me raw."

Bo got a bottle of lube, showered my ass with the lube, greased his own huge missile, spread my legs far apart making room for his big cock, brought his tool to my ass entrance and began to plow that cock up and down my ass crack making me wild for his cock in my ass.

At that moment, Cal put his strong legs on each side of my head and began to plunge his monstrous cock down my throat. At the same moment, I felt Bo's cock pop inside my ass, as he drove that dick all the way in. The pain was severe but at the same time it was so arousing to feel his cock began to massage my ass tissue and prostate. At the same time, Cal's cock had invaded my throat filling ever inch of my mouth and throat. I began to guttural and gag as I tried to breath while stuffed with such a huge instrument in my mouth. Holy shit, both my holes were filled to the brim. I felt Bo's cock drilling my ass while Cal was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. My own cock was bobbing up and down. I felt a surge building in my nuts. At that moment, as Bo continued to drill my ass, he grabbed on to my cock and began to jack me off. Holy fuck, I was giving Cal a blowjob, getting fucked and getting masturbated at the same time. This was the best sex of my young life. I'd never felt such an erotic pleasure. I never wanted this sex to end. How long could I hold out before shooting a volcanic mother load?

After some five minutes of pure animal lust and ecstasy, I felt my cock swell even more, my piss slit opened, my balls tightened and I got the most sensual moment one has during sex when I felt my cum rush up my cock and blast all over Bo's hands and my body. It was the most awesome and huge cream load I'd ever shot.

After all that pleasure, I never dreamed  that I could experience anything more erotic but it then happened. Cal pulled his cock out of my saliva filled mouth, came down behind Bo, they put a huge pillow under my ass lifting my ass high in the air while Bo's cock remained in my ass and the next thing I felt was Cal's cock plunge in my ass underneath Bo's big cock. Holy shit, they ripped my ass wide open as I then had two 9-inch cocks drilling my man pussy at the same time. I began to scream, yell and wail from such stone hard cocks spreading my ass beyond what I thought possible. As I moaned and thrust my ass upward to take those huge cocks, they went wild thrusting those missiles deeper and deeper into my ass and guts. I experienced a double penetration. The feel was very painful and yet so pleasurable to know these two hot studs had their cocks in my ass at the same time. They were so turned on feeling their cocks rub against each other and the feel of those cocks on my ass walls.

They went wild fucking my ass for some five minutes when I felt both cocks swell even more, their breathing became rapid, their nuts tightened up against my ass and they both shot their massive mother loads of sticky cum at the same moment. I felt a river of wet cum fill eve corner of my ass. Cal slowly pulled out first followed by Bo's big cock.

They lowered my ass and they took turns drinking the cum as it flowed out of my ass. Then they kissed me as they shared the hot cum. The taste was awesome.


We relaxed in each other's arms for some 30 minutes when someone rang the doorbell. Who could that be at 2 or 3 AM? Cal went to the door and returned to the bedroom with guess who? It was that dark handsome 6' 3" tall 250 pound African American stud that we had sucked his cock earlier in the evening at the restroom. Holy shit, what did this mean? I needed an explanation. 

I asked: "Cal, how did this dude know to come here? What is going on?"

Both Cal and Bo smiled  and Cal said: "Well Johan, we have more news for you. Bo and I have know this hot guy for the past year and have had some hot sex with him. Let me introduce you to Ryder, our hot buddy."

Ryder said: "Hi Johan. Yea when we met in the restroom we did not tell you about the fact that Cal, Bo and I are fuck buddies also. Cal slipped me a note to meet here now. I'm here to fuck that ass of yours after Cal and Bo has split it open so it can take my 12-inch big black cock. Are you ready for me. I'm horny as hell to drill that cute pink bubble ass of yours. It is so hot to be part of welcoming you to the gay life style. We are inducting you into the gay club with all this big cock fucking."

Ryder took off his clothes and wow, he had muscles ever where. His arms were much bigger than my legs. His cock looked so huge and was lined with throbbing and pulsating veins as he put me on my back and spread my legs for the oncoming attack of that horse like cock.

I became so excited at seeing that incredible hot black cock that my cock actually began to swell again. I desired to feel his horse cock inside me. I noticed that Cal and Bo were turned on and their cocks began to stiffen.

Ryder got between my legs and with no reservation, he plunged that monstrous tool deep in my now ripped ass. He threw the entire weight of his body on top of me and began to fuck the hell out of me. He used the full weight of his body and cock to drill my ass. I felt as if his cock had gone deep into my colon. The feel and smell of his body was so awesome. His cock was so hot and wet. He only lasted for a few minutes when he grunted and gave one final hard slam of his cock inside me. He erupted with a huge load of thick warm cum in my ass. As he pulled out, Cal and Bo took their now rock hard cocks up to my face, gave several jerks and shot huge loads of cum all over my face. Then Ryder thrust his cock in my mouth forcing me to lick his cock clean of the cum.

We kissed and took a community shower. We then went to bed to spend most of Saturday sleeping. Man, my first day or night of gay sex was beyond a description of pleasure.


Naughty Eric


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