Dear Black Men's Magazine,

Have I a story for you about how I met my life partner of ten years. I changed the names around to hide our identities but the story is intact. It all began after a track meet that I participated in with my running club. We were black men in our twenties and thirties going against our peers. After we won the competition, I noticed a member from the competition's group. He had pretty honey complexion skin, clean shaven, gray brown eyes, and sexy dick sucking lips.

'Hi my name is Rodger,' he said with a syrupy voice.

'My name is Anthony,' I said.

We continued with our conversation ignoring our respective teams around us. Even when our teams went out for drinks at a local bar after the match, he and I kept talking only to each other. He was twenty-one beginning law school. I was thirty with a doctorate in statistics. I noticed that Rodger had very effeminate behavior traits, which included a faint lisp. Also, I could not help but notice Rodger's slight switch when he walked moving his deliciously plump and perfectly round ass in a mesmerizing fashion.

As our teams were leaving the bar, he and I exchanged phone numbers. Upon my arrival home, I felt exhausted and in desperate need of sleep from today's events, I received a text from Rodger.

'Are you busy?' the text read.


'Ok, meet me at my place. My address is...'

'Sure,' Needless to say, my bout of fatigue quickly left for a chance to meet up with Rodger again. I am not sure why I was so attracted to this guy. Light skinned guys were never my thing.

Nonetheless, I showed up at his home not knowing what to expect. Like a good dog, I just followed what my master said.

As I proceeded to knock on his front door, I noticed that the door was ajar. I let myself in without any thought of danger that could have occurred.

'Anthony,' Rodger's voice beckoned from upstairs.

'Yes,' I said.

'Come upstairs.'


Damn, this guy must have some pull. I ignored all of my senses and simply did as he said. I couldn't believe that I was walking through a stranger's house.

'I'm in here,' Rodger said behind a closed door.

As I opened the door, I said, 'Ok Do you usually leave your front do-' I was interrupted by the beautiful sight on the other side of the door.

Rodger was lying on the bed facing the door. He was naked with his well-defined honey colored legs in the air. His pucker was tight and watchful like an eye on a head. Rodger's body was magnificent; he had strong tight arms, a solid chest and six-pack abs. His dick was raging at 8 inches.

'Come in, Tony,' he ordered.

I immediately did so. My dick was hard like a chisel seeking to shape Rodger into my piece of art.

'Get on all fours and eat my manpussy, Tony,' he ordered.

I obeyed without a second thought. It's hard to describe how delicious Rodger's pussy tasted. Eating Rodger's pussy was like eating a delicious peach. Like a peach, Rodger's pussy was hairy and juicy. I removed my clothes to show that I was ready, too.

'Damn, nigga. You have such a big dick,' Rodger said.

'That's right, bitch. It's 9inches long. And you are going to take this monster dick in your tight pussy,' I said triumphantly. Finally, I was able to shrug off his sense of ownership.

Rodger looked at me with surprise in his eyes. He must not have expected me to swing a Mandingo dick.

'Turn over on your stomach, bitch,' I said.

'Yes, big dick daddy.'

As his face laid in a pillow, I could see his juicy manpussy in full view. I began to devour his pussy like a hungry Ethiopian.

'O, Tony,' he whined.

The sound of Rodger whining made my dick drip precum. I lost control of reality and wanted to give him more. I started to place my left middle finger in his manpussy.

'Yes, Big Dick Daddy. Yes!' he cried.

I then placed another finger in. Rodger gyrated his body in response to this deep action. While I fingered his manpussy, I started to nibble on his ass.

'You like that, bitch?'

Rodger didn't respond. Instead, he kept gyrating.

'I asked do you like this, bitch. Answer me!' I said placing a third finger in his manpussy.

'Yes daddy. Oh my god, I am going to cum.'

'That's right, bitch. Cum for daddy.'

Rodger turned around and started to jerk his dick. His honey balls swelled in pleasure. I immediately placed my mouth on his 8inch piece.

'Ah-Ah-Ah Dadddddyyyyy!' he screamed.

His load squirted in my mouth while I continued jerking my 9inch meat. I loved this kinky shit we were performing.

'Oh shit, I'm cumming.'

'Do it, daddy. Do it,' Rodger purred.

'Yeeeeaahh!' I yelled when my cum hit my brown chest.

I lay on the bed with Rodger resting on my chest.

'Oh, Tony I never had been so close,' Rodger said lying on my defined chest.

I drifted asleep for twenty minutes. Suddenly, I felt a warm sensation on my cock. I awakened to see Rodger sucking me.

'Damn, you are a cum hungry bitch,' I said as Rodger attempted to suck the skin off my dick and gently squeezing my brown balls.

'It tastes so good, Daddy. I never had a dick so big before.'

'Really?' I asked.

'The biggest I ever had was a 7.5 inches,' he said. Then, he proceeded to complete his job.

'You want me to cum?' I asked.

'mmhmm,' he moaned.

'I don't think so,' I said pulling him off my piece by tugging on his left ear. 'I want to fuck your man pussy.'

'But Daddy, I never had a dick that big before. I don't know how to handle it.' he whined.

'You'll learn.'

As I lay down, he got on top of my dick. He was in control of how my piece's insertion into his body. At first he got the head in.

'Damn, you have a tight ass,' I said in ecstasy. It took everything I had not to plunge into his manpussy. I thought my finger play from earlier would have loosened him up but obviously not.

He waltzed back and forth on my dick. Slowly-slowly-slowly lowering himself onto the base. Finally he hit my nuts.

'Oh my god. I am taking it. It's so big, Daddy,' he said while riding my monster.

After three minutes of this, I couldn't take it. I wanted to tear his pussy up from the inside. I flipped him over onto his back and proceeded to plunge my dick into his hole tearing down his walls.

'Ah-ah-ah. Daddy! Fuck me, Daddy!' Rodger screamed.

His legs were again in the air around my head. I smiled with pleasure looking down on him. His honey walls felt so good. My rhythm was steady and strong. Each time I pushed in deeper and deeper into his ass. At one point, I would take my piece out leaving the head in and then slam myself back in.

Each time I slammed in he would cry, 'Ah' Rodger was a good bitch for taking this pressure.

I lifted him back on top of me and turned him around so that I could grab his nipples while I fucked his pussy.

'Shit-oh shit,' he said. Riding my dick. Rodger made his ass tighter trying to squeeze the cum from my cock.

Rodger never touched himself but his hard 8inch tool swung in the air making him reach an orgasm.

'Oww, Daddy. I gotta cum. Oh Daddy, please I gotta cum,' he moaned, which sounded more like a plea for the ass play to end.

I let him touch himself while riding me.

'Ah-Eh-Ehhhhh!' Rodger cried squeezing my dick with his sweet ass.

'Oh shit, mawfucka. I can't take it,' I said. 'Earh!' I screamed as my cum went shooting into Rodger's body.

He laid his sweaty back down on my chest.

We gasped for breath, as I played with his nipples. My 9inch dick was still in his manpussy.

'Oh, Daddy. I never knew I could do that,' Rodger said in shock.

I pulled my dick out of him and he rolled onto the bed. We dozed off for a minute. It was now 6am in the morning.

'I guess we have to leave,' I sadly said.

'Yes,' Rodger responded. 'But before you go, your dick must be really dirty going in and out of me. Let me clean you off.'

'Seriously?' I asked. 'I was in you pretty deep.'

'I know. Come here.'

With that, Rodger applied his dick sucking lips to clean off my tool, neverminding, the smell of shit or taste of his own anal fluids.

'Damn, you really are a cum hungry bitch,' I said.

'mmhmm.' Rodger said.

BHTM, our sex life has been amazing. After ten years, marriage, and relationship up and downs, I still fuck this man like our first night together. He's the best bitch that I have ever had.





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