Kyle was bored and somewhat depressed as he shuffled across the parking area towards the ticket office of the multi-screen indoor theater. He bought a ticket for the afternoon matinee and wandered inside the lobby. Kyle wasn't particularly hungry so he passed on popcorn and drink following the signs guiding him towards the theater with the sign above the door displaying the film: Dinner for Smucks.

The film had been billed as one of those silly ass Steve Carell comedies. Kyle took his seat center high up in an almost empty theater hoping that the movie might lift his spirits. There were no other patrons around him, something that pleased the twenty year old. Kyle had gotten off work early and just wanted to be alone for a couple hours.

Kyle was broken hearted. He had broken up with his boyfriend of the last two years a couple days before and he missed him. They were midway through the summer break. Kyle was going into his junior year at college and his boyfriend would be a senior. Kyle didn't understand the breakup. Kyle thought he and his boyfriend were in a serious long-term and loving relationship. He had met Jonas in a theater drama class a few days after he entered college.

The classmate was a year older and a grade ahead of Kyle, but that made no difference. The first time Kyle's blue eyes met Jonas' green eyes the Scandinavian sophomore captured Kyle's heart; it was love at first sight and vice versa. The two immediately bonded sharing everything, including a bed; however, his former boyfriend abruptly told him a couple days before that he'd met another guy with a bigger dick.

Dick size had never been an issue between them or at least Jonas had never mentioned it. Sure, Jonas was a little bigger than Kyle but that made no difference to the younger man. Kyle couldn't understand, was that all their relationship had been based on, dick size? The college student felt somewhat used and abandon by Jonas. Kyle had heard that a lot of gay relationships were all about: the size of guy's dick? Gays seemed to be more competitive than straight guys when it came to size. Kyle felt that at seven and half inches in length by six and half inches of girth he had a respectable size piece of meat to satisfy any guy or gal.

Throughout Kyle's life he had never received any negative comments about the size of his equipment. His former boyfriend told him the new guy was well past eight inches, almost nine with seven inches of girth. The other argument for the new guy was that he was older and uncircumcised; whereas, Kyle had been cut at birth. For some reason a lot of the gay guys at the college they were attending were choosing to be with older uncut guys.

In fact, there seemed to be a movement by some of the uncut guys to launch lawsuits to stop circumcisions. Some were talking about suing their parents for have them cut at birth. Some of the sessions Kyle had heard about had gotten very heated with chants to kill the pigs that performed circumcision. Kyle couldn't understand that thinking, so he just marked it up to more campus militancy. For him there was nothing pretty about the uncut cocks that he'd seen. Or was it about money?

Was Jonas looking for a sugar daddy? Money is definitely an enticement that makes people do strange things, especially during a major economic downturn. Money or the lack thereof appeared to be a factor for Jonas and a solid relationship. Money and a big fat uncut cock was what it took to turn Kyle's former boyfriend's head. The old boyfriend had made the choice to breakup their relationship; it was over and Kyle was not looking for a new relationship. He wanted to finish college and play around a bit before settling in with another guy in his bed again.

Yes, Kyle was aware that playing around could be dangerous. He was just hoping that luck would be with him as he played the field looking for nothing more than enjoyable sex. As he continued watching the trailers there were some of the younger actors that made his cock come to life. He was fantasizing about what it would be like to engage in sex with them.

Kyle could feel his cock slowly snaking its way down the inside of his right leg. As the head began peeking out of his shorts into the darkness Kyle was rubbing his finger over the crown, feeling the texture lines. From the time he could remember he enjoyed playing with his cock, but more enjoyed someone else playing with it. He knew he was seated up high enough that he could pull down the waistband of his shorts exposing the full length of his cock and jerk it right there in the theater, but decided against it. As the trailers continued droning on he didn't even notice the person that took a seat to his right until he felt an arm rub against his on the armrest and a bare leg touching his.

He looked over at the boy filling the seat next to him and wondered why the lad had chosen that seat with all the vacancies in the theater. From what Kyle could determine in the dimly lit area the boy appeared to be about sixteen maybe seventeen. He appeared to be a very thin waif with long curly dark hair. He also did have a slight odor about him, but Kyle figured he gotten off work early. Kyle decided to introduce himself. 'Hi, my name is Kyle.'

'Shawn,' the younger boy whispered back reaching over to accept Kyle's hand. As there hands parted Shawn's middle finger lingered in the palm of Kyle's hand as he withdrew it. Kyle was aware in some parts of the country that was a secret handshake signal that the hand shaker was gay and wanted to hookup.

'What's up with you Shawn?'

'I come in here to get out of the summer heat. I just keep sitting through showings and hopefully I don't get caught.'

Kyle chuckled saying, 'Sounds like you got it down my man.'


'Why don't you go home and relax under the air?' Kyle asked.

'No home to go to,' the lad replied.

That comment left Kyle speechless. The kid was homeless for whatever the reason. He could feel the young man's bare leg rubbing against his. Kyle knew that feeling and what it could mean - flirting. Suddenly, the boy's hand dropped into Kyle's lap where he began groping looking for Kyle's cock. He found it and began gently rubbing it back to life through the fabric of Kyle's shorts.

The boy had Kyle hard in a matter of seconds. The lights in the theater went down as the movie began. At that point the lad whispered, 'Can I blow you for five dollars?'

Kyle simply responded with, 'Uh-huh.'

The boy easily moved between Kyle's legs in the darkness of the theater. He pulled the draw string of Kyle's shorts loose and then pulled the waistband down exposing the full length of Kyle's cock. Without a word the boy grasp the cock at the base pulling it towards his mouth and then took the head into his mouth and began ministering the blowjob. In a matter of minutes Kyle had cum and the young lad was cleaning the remnants of cum from a now withering cock.

As the boy returned to his seat Kyle whispered, 'Is this how you support yourself, Shawn?'

'Pretty much.'

The two sat in silence throughout the rest of the film laughing occasionally at some of mirth in the movie. Kyle thought about taking the lad out for a bite to eat. As the film ended Kyle asked, 'Would you join me for dinner, Shawn?' There's a Denny's just up the street.'


The two boys left the theater and began walking towards the restaurant. Once inside and seated Kyle said, 'Order whatever you want.'

After ordering the boys engaged in conversation while waiting for their food to arrive. Kyle wanted to know why Shawn was homeless. He discovered that Shawn was from Tennessee. His father a drunk had pretty much physically and verbally abused the boy most of his life, so after high school let out he struck out on his own and began hitch hiking across country. He'd celebrated his eighteenth birthday on the road and what he was wearing was all he had as far as clothing.

Suddenly, they were interrupted by the waitress bringing their food order. Shawn dove in as though he hadn't eaten in a while. Kyle reminded Shawn that they had all the time to eat and that there was more food.

'Thanks Kyle. You've been so very kind to me. I appreciate the meal, companionship and kindness.'

'So, where you going from here?' Kyle asked.

'Maybe go back to the theater or just find a safe place to curl up and go to sleep for the night.'

'Shawn, you deserve more out of life than giving blowjobs in a theater for five dollars a pop. Would you like to go to my apartment where you can take a hot bath and get a good night's sleep? No strings attached.'

'Well, yeah!' Shawn said excitedly.

The two got up from the booth. Kyle left a tip and picked up the ticket to pay for the meals. As they were walking towards Kyle's apartment Shawn asked, 'Don't you drive?'

'Oh yeah. I just enjoy walking. Besides, it's good exercise.'

Yeah, I've done my share of walking in the past weeks,' Shawn responded.

'Hey, let's stop in here to see what's on sale. Maybe buy you some clothing, at least a change out.'

The boys entered the store and quickly noticed that there was a major sale going on. Shawn picked out a pair of trousers, underwear and a couple T-shirts. Kyle had decided to take advantage of the sale to purchase a pair of slacks. On the way to the cashier Kyle noticed that sneakers were on sale also for $19.95.

'Let's get a pair of sneaks,' Kyle said, 'and you need some socks.'

With all the clothing and sneakers Kyle and Shawn made their way to the cashier. The total came to less than one hundred dollars; the most of the expense was $40.00 for the two pair of sneakers. Kyle handed the sales clerk his credit card. She processed the sale and the two were out the door with their bags of new clothing.

In a matter of minutes the two were entering Kyle's apartment. As Kyle closed the door Shawn exclaimed, 'Wow! This is a really tight apartment!'

'Thanks. The bathroom is right through there,' pointing to the door.

Kyle led the young man into the bathroom. He laid out fresh bath linen, a new toothbrush, disposable razor and showed him the different bubble bath products if he wanted to use them.

On the way out Kyle remarked, 'Enjoy your bath and throw your clothing out the door.'

Kyle wasn't looking for a new sex partner or lover he just wanted to extend a modicum of humanity to the homeless boy. Kyle had never been homeless, so he had no idea what it was like living on the streets. He came from a caring and loving family. His family was helping him with tuition and books; however, the other living expenses were his to bear. He had a part-time job that was making ends meet. He didn't need another mouth to support, but he felt a need to give some comfort to Shawn.

Shawn appeared with a towel wrapped around his slim waist. The smaller boy approached Kyle smelling so fresh. The boy threw his arms around Kyle's neck, burying his head in Kyle's shoulder and neck. He began weeping. Kyle held him letting him cry.

Finally, Shawn broke free saying, 'How am I ever going to repay you?'

'Well, you are in luck. I work part-time for a temp employment agency. If you are interested I've got an application in my briefcase. Why don't you fill it out and tomorrow I'll see what I can do about getting you some work, probably only going to be minimum wage to start.'

Shawn eagerly sat down at the kitchen table and began filling in the blanks on the form. After he was finished he handed the form to Kyle. Kyle began looking it over asking, 'So, you've got a drivers license. You did complete high school that's very helpful. You type and have computer skills another very helpful thing. You took a year of Spanish in high school. I'd say with all probability I can place you tomorrow sometime.

'Really!' Shawn exclaimed.

'Yup. Now, you can stay with me tonight sleeping on the couch or in bed with me, that's up to you. But I get up early in the mornings.'

'What's early?'

'I'm generally up by five to relieve myself, down to the gym here in the complex for a workout and finish that off with a jog before returning here for a swim, if I have time. After that I shower shave, dress and eat breakfast. I'm at the office by seven thirty,' Kyle said.

'I think I can manage that schedule if I'm welcome to tag along,' Shawn said.

'Sure thing. You're welcome to stay up and watch television if you care to or turn in,' Kyle said.

'I think I'll go to bed,' Shawn said.

The two entered Kyle's bedroom where he turned down the bed covers on his big queen size bed saying, 'By the way I sleep in the raw, hope you don't mind.'

'No problem.'

Kyle stripped down and crawled into bed. Shawn released the towel around his waist placing it on the chair back. That was the first time Kyle had glimpsed the lad's naked body and a beautiful body it was with very nice looking equipment. He lay there wondering if running into this wayward waif was coincidence or intended from a higher power. Whatever the reason the meeting was thus far having a positive impact. Before going to sleep Shawn leaned over kissing Kyle goodnight on his cheek and then whispered, 'Thank you.'



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