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I'm Mark Rivers. At the beginning of my juniro year of high school, I didn't consider myself gay although I did enjoy looking at other guys nude and especially their cocks. Like the other guys in school, I dated and fucked pussy frequently yet I loved gym class and football so I could see the guys nude.

Upon graduation, I decided to join the Marines instead of going to college as my twin brother, Mike, was planning.

I joined and headed off to boot camp, where I got to see some hot extremely muscular studs nude in the showers. Being totally without sexual release, it was common to see some of the guys in the shower with erections.

We managed to survive the training and on the last weekend of boot camp we got a weekend pass into town. We were released at five on Friday afternoon and had to be back on the bus Sunday by tem at night.

We piled onto the bus and when we arrived we all split and I found an inexpensive motel near the drop off point. I went to my room, changed into civilian clothes, and headed out to see what I could find.

A few blocks from the motel, I found an adult video store with an arcade. Fortunately, the legal age in that state was eighteen so there was no problem with me entering. I paid the admittancde fee for the arcade and entered the dimly lit room.

Inside, there were numerous booths continuously showing movies of your choice. I began looking for an empty booth, finding the first few I checked with the doors locked. I soon found one unlocked, but when I opened the door, inside I found two guys, both totally nude, kissing and fondling each other.

One with a military style haircut saw me and motioned me to join them. I smiled, backed out and shut the door. I found another booth unlocked and empty.

I went in and began going through the movies, looking for one that interested me. I soon found a gay movie showing two very masculine muscular hairy bearded guys kissing, making out, fondling each other and eventually sucking and fucking each other.

As I watched, I slowly dropped my pants to my knees and began stroking my hard cock. Moments after I began stroking, I noticed a mans hand slide through a large hole in the partition on my left. He was reaching for my cock.

I turned and stepped closer and as his warm hand grasped my cock, waves of excitement shot through my body. Gently, he pulled me toward the hole. I eased closer and soon had my cock through the hole and into his booth. Suddenly, I felt his warm wet mouth close around my cock and realized I was getting my very first blow job. It felt awesome and I knew immediately that it wouldn't be my last.

As he sucked my cock and licked my balls, I watched the guys in the movie suck and fuck. It was a turn on to see them shoot their loads into each others mouth and swallow. I became extremely curiopus as to what it was like to suck another guys cock. I pulled back and motioned for him to put his cock through. He did and I quickly began sucking his hard tool. I found it a real turn on and wanted to taste his load.

Before long, his large cock exploded and his load fired volley after huge volley of thick creamy cum into my mouth. I collected it all and savored the semi-sweet taste before swallowing it all. I knew from that instant that I was at least bi-sexual and wanted more cock.

He pulled back and motioned for me to put mine back through. I did and he immediately returned to sucking my cock. I was so turned on that it didn't take me long to climax. My cock began throbbing as my huge built up load fired off into his hot mouth. Once he had it all, I felt him swallow. I was now in him as he was in me. I was curious as to who he was.

I pulled up my pants and waited for him to exit his booth. When I heard him unlock his door, I did the same and stepped out into the hallway. He stepped out and we stood face to face only a foot apart. Our eyes met and our gaze held for a long moment before he turned and quickly headed for the door.

I stood, still in shock, realizing that I had sucked and been sucked by Sgt. Baker, my drill sergeant. He was damn good looking, well built, and hung. I was scared beyond belief as to what might happen when I returned to base, but it was too late to worry about it now.

I checked a few more booths and found the guy with the military haircut nude and alone in a booth. He again invited me in and I accepted. After locking the door I stripped nude also asking if he was in the military after seeing his haircut..

"No, I just cut my hair this way because so many guys love sex with a guy in the military."

He leaned closer and began kissing me. It was my first experience kissing another man and I totally enjoyed it. After the kiss, he reached for the lock and asked if I would like a three way. I said sure, curious as to what it would be like.

A few moments later, the door opened and there stood an extremely muscular guy wearing a tank top, jeans and biker boots. His head was shaved and he wore a thick but short beard and moustache. His arms, chest and back sported several tattoos.

The guy nodded as if asking if he could join. The other guy motioned for him to join us. He did and soon began stripping also.

Once he was nude, he tongue kissed us both thenknelt and began alternating between our cocks sucking us. Before it was over, he had sucked us both off, we had sucked him and did a lot of kissing and fondling.

We all began dressing, and the biker was dressed first and left the booth. I was next and once out in the hallway, I saw the biker standing at a booth two booths down. I approached and as I did, he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the booth, quickly closing the door.

Once inside, he asked, "You really in the military?"

"Yea, why?"

"Some come in here looking like they are in the military but aren't. They do it just to have sex."

"Really?" I asked.

"Oh yea. That other guy is one of them. He's actually a car salesman. I've seen him when I've passed the dealership where he works."

"Well, I'm the real thing," I said.

"Can you meet me tomorrow at the park? I have a place we can go and be alone."

"Sure, what time?"

"How about about nine. We can make a day of it if you want."

"Great. I'll be there."

I slipped out of the booth to see the other guy leaving the arcade. I hesitated before leaving.

As I walked back to my motel, the boker pulled up next to me, asking if I would like a ride. I agreed and he took me back to my motel. As I got off his bike, I asked, "How would you like to start our date right now instead of tomorrow morning?" I couldn't believe I had asked this total stranger to spend the night with me, another first.

"Fuck yea!" he exclaimed. He parked his bike and we entered my room. I told him I was Mark and he said his name was Rex.

Once inside, we stripped and I confessed to him that it was my first night of having sex with a man. He couldn't believe it.

Until early morning, we kissed and made out, sucked each other and he had me fuck him. I got brave and had him fuck me. It hurt like hell to start but I was soon enjoying it. We slept cuddled together and the next morning I experienced my first sixty-nine.

Afterward, as we lay cuddled together in bed, I asked what he did and he said he was a parole officer for the state. He was also the president of a local motorcycle club.

"Do any of the other members in the club know your into sex with guys?"

"Hell no! If they found out, they would probably beat the shit out of me. They are all gay haters."

We had sex most of the day and that night I returned to the arcade and had sex with four different guys. Sunday, before checking out of the motel, I returned and had sex with three more.

I knew then that male sex was for me.

I was waiting with the others when the bus arrived to take us back to the base. We entered the barracks and there waiting for us was Sgt. Baker, looking as intemidating as ever, esecially when he saw me.

Nothing was said, but he watched me closely. Early Monday morning, after we returned from breakfast, he called us all together for an announcement.

"Men, this is your last week. I always pick one person to assist me with all the paperwork I have to complete. This time, after much consideration, I have decided to get Cpl. Rivers to assist me. The rest of you can report for normal duties."

Once everyone was gone, Sgt. Baker had me follow him to his office. After closing the door, he looked at me and said, "Rivers, you can make this last week easy or difficult. It's your choice."

"Sergeant, I'd like to make it easy."

"I'm glad. For starters, What happened Friday night must stay just between us. If anyone finds out, we'll both be kicked out of the service."

"My lips are sealed, sir."

"Very good, and while the others are gone, we can repeat Friday's activities here in my office if you want to. I know I certainly want to. Besides, I want it somewhere besides my mouth."

"Same here," I said.

I then confessed to him that when i sucked him it was my very first time sucking another guy. He couldn't believe it.

Then before we started work, we closed the blinds and began kissing and making out. Soon, we were on the sofa ina hot sixty nine. Then after lunch, we removed out pants and savagely fucked each other. It was awesome.

All week we had sex morning and afternoon. Friday arrived and we received our assignments. I was assigned to a bse in North Carolina. Sgt. Baker called me asside and said, "After your settled, look up Sgt. Brown. He is into the same as us and is expecting you. I think you will definitely enjoy time with him."

"Thanks, Sarge," I said. "I'll always remember you, since you were my first."

"I'm honored," he replied.

I reported to my assignment in North Carolina and after a week I looked up Sgt. Brown after I was relieved of duty. Immediately, he took me to his deserted office and we had a hot sixty-nine aftea passionate make out session. We had sex two or three times a week, and spent many weekends together. If i wasn't with him on weekends I was in a nearby town in a motel room having sex with guys I met at the local adult video store.

I finally got leave and decided to surprise dad and Mike. I went home without telling them. I arrived and dad was at work and Mike was at school. I settled into my room and was in need of some clean socks. I went to Mike's room and checked his dresser.

As I removed a pair of socks, I found a DVD hidden under them. Lifting it out, I was shocked to see what it was. I replaced it and returned to my room.

When Mike returned home, I remained in my room without letting him know I was home. Dad wasn't due home for several hours yet.

A few moments later, I heard the doorbell chime. Seconds later, I heard Mike and another person talking as they passed my room. I heard Mike say, "My dad won't be home for a while yet, so we have plenty of time." I wondered just exactly what he meant.

I waited and after a few minutes, I heard the TV in Mike's room begin playing and it wasn't a regular show. Mike had put in the DVD I had found.

I eased out of my room and down the hall to Mike's room. Peeking in, I froze, totally shocked at what I saw.




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