I'm Mark Jacobs. I'm a twenty-four year old Marine. During my thirteen months in the middle east war zone, I found another side myself that I didn't know existed. A man gets lonely and horny and when it does things happen.

Me and my three best buds found that out. It developed slowly but to make a long story short, we all four found that male sex was fantastic. Although we started out thinking we were straight, we all four soon realized that we were as gay and any man on earth. Of course, we had to keep it hidden.

Our unit was finally sent home after thirteen grueling months. I was anxious to see my dad and brother but knew I had to continue to keep my desires for male sex hidden.

We were fortunate and got home a week earlier than expected. Instead of calling dad and telling him I decided to surprise him. At our homecoming, most of the others were greeting family. Instead, I grabbed my bags and after going through the process, I began my leave, taking the bus home.

When I arrived home, I rented a car and headed to the house to see my dad. My mother had passed away when I was in my early teens and dad raised my younger brother and I. Mike, my brother, had his own apartment a few bocks from Dad.

It was a Saturday evening about eight when I pulled up in front of the house. I noticed a strange car in the driveway, and thought maybe dad had a girlfriend over or had bought a different car.

I got to the front porch and peeked through the windows. No one was in sight. I tried the door and found it unlocked. Opening it quietly, I slipped in and looked around. It was great to be back home.

Then I heard it. Strange,soft moans were coming from dad's bedroom. It was definitely his voice and he sounded strange. Not knowing if he was in need or had a lady fiend with him I eased down the hall to his open bedroom door.

I cautiously looked in and froze. There in bed was my dad and another man, both totally naked and in a sixty-nine position, hungrily sucking each others cocks. I watched for just a moment then eased back out of the house, returning to my car.

I sat behind the wheel looking straight ahead, not believing what I had seen. I searched my memory and tried to recall if dad had in any way indicated that he was into male sex. Absolutely nothing came to mind. But I had seen him sucking another man and was having trouble believing it.

I started up the car and drove to a motel on the edge of town, next to a small truck stop. I was in civilian clothes and after checking in, I walked next door to the truck stop to get something to eat.

Sitting by the window, I kept replaying what I had seen in my head. Then, something came over me, making me feel that someone was watching me. I began to casually look around. I soon found a young trucker a few tables away watching me.

When our eyes met, he smiled and winked. I knew that look and smiled back. Seconds later, my burger was delivered and as I ate it he continued to watch me. Just as I finished, he got up and paid his check and walked out, soon appearing just outside the window I was sitting by.

Smiling, he lowered his hand and rubbed it over an obviously hard cock. I smiled back and as I did, he casually ran his tongue over his lower lip. I did the same and stood, picking up my check. After paying, I walked outside and found him leaning against the wall, with one foot pulled up and against the wall.

"Hi," he said as I slowly walked passed him.

"Hi to you too. You just passing through?"

"Yep. Laying over for the night. How about you?"

"I have family here but they are gone for the night so I got a room next door until tomorrow."

"Nice,"he replied, then said, I'm Bart and was wondering if i could ask a favor."

"Sure. I'll help if I can. And I'm Mark."

"I checked the showers here and they are filthy. I was wondering if I might impose on you to use your shower and wash the days grime off."

"Sure. Grab your things, and I'll show you the way."

"Thanks, Mark, I really appreciate it."

"No problem," I said.

"I'll be right back," he said.

He left and seconds later returned with a small gym bag. We went to the room and once inside, I locked the door casually telling him to make himself at home.

He began to remove his work boots and socks then his shirt. He appeared to be in his mid to late twenties and was extremely muscular. I halfway expected him to get a change of clothes and head to the bathroom to remove his jeans. Instead, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans and removed them right in front of me. He was commando and his long semi hard cock came into full view.

Seeing me looking at him he said, "Sorry. I should have finished undressing in the bathroom."

"No problem. I'm used to it."

"Oh? How so?"

"I'm in the Marines and home on leave. I'm used to seeing guys naked going in and out of the showers."

"A Marine, huh? You sure have the build for it."

"Thanks," I said. "And I'm not shy either. I enjoy being nude."

"So do I and this is your room so if you want to go that way, it won't bother me at all." With that, he headed fr the bath and I soon heard the shower running. I decided to push the limit, and stripped nude, propping myself on the king size bed and turning on the TV.

When he returned from the shower, he had a towel around his waist. Seeing me nude, he smiled.

"Bart, if you'd like, your welcome to stay and visit a while. I have absolutely nothing planned for tonight."

"Thanks. It feels great to get away from the truck for a while."

"Make yourself comfortable," I said.

"Without the towel?" he asked.

"Sure. Why not?"

He removed the towel and lay on the bed just a foot away from me. I turned to face him and propped my head up on my hand and asked, "You married?"

"Hell no. All the women I've dated get too bossy and demanding. That's just not my style. I like for things to me natural and spontaneous."

"I know what you mean," I replied as I noticed his left hand begining to slightly fondle his left nipple.

"Want me to do that for you?" I asked.

"Sure if you want to. I'd like that."

I reached over and began to tweak his right nipple first them his left. As I did, his cock began to slowly rise. Then, I casually leaned closer and gently pressed my lips against his. He immediately responded by parting them and offering his tongue. When I offered mine, he brought his right hand around my head and held me close, making the kiss last longer.

When we separated, he said, "You get right to the point, don't you?"

"Well, you made it pretty obvious when you were outside the window licking your lips and rubbing your hard cock."

"I'm glad you understood my signal."

Seconds later we were in a hot sixty-nine, eagerly sucking each others cocks. When we both climaxed, we each hungrily swallowed.

Bart spent the night with me and before we went to sleep later we had eagerly fucked each others ass.

"I guess you have to keep things to yourself in the Marines," he said as we lay cuddled.

"Yes, very much so. I just realized I was gay about a year ago when me and three other guys began playing around when out at night on guard duty. The four of us began experimenting and soon we were doing it all."

"And you certainly became an expert at it."

"Thanks," I replied.

The next morning, as we both dressed he asked how long I would be in town. I said for at least three weeks. He said he passed through every Friday night and asked if we could meet again. I said most definitely and we exchanged phone numbers.

After checking out of my room, I began to again think about what i had seen at home. I had to talk to someone, so I called my brother. Mike was twenty-one and worked with dad.

"Mike, hey, it's Mark," I said when he answered.

"Hey bro. When you getting in? Dad and I are planing on meeting you."

"I'm in town already. We got in early."

"Does dad know?"

"No,and i don't want him to know just yet. there is something i need to talk to you about. Can I come over?"

"Of course. Is something wrong?"

"I'll tell you when I see you."

"I'll start fresh coffee and be waiting."

I drove to Mike's apartment and after a warm hug and greeting, he poured our coffee and asked hat was wrong.

We sat at his dining table and as I gathered my thoughts he waited.

"Mike, I don't know how to start."

"Just spit it out," he said.

"it might shock you, but here goes. Do you know dad is gay?"

I watched his expressions as he said, "What? What makes you think he is?"

Mike's expressions told me he did. He didn't show any shock or surprise but I could tell he was nervous.

"I saw him with another man."


"Last night," I replied then told him the hole story.

He listen quietly and when I finished he looked at me and said, "Yes, Mark, I know. I have for a few years. He didn't want you to find out."

"How did you find out?" I asked.

"It was when you were a senior in high school. You had gone camping with some friends from school for the weekend. I was supposed to stay with a friend of mine that weekend but it unexpectedly got cancelled. I got home and found him the same way you did. I confronted him and we talked. I accepted it and he made me promise not to tell you."

"So you've known all these years?"

"Yea. Are you going to confront him?"

"I'm not sure, but I don't want him to know I'm home. Promise me you won't tell him."

"I promise," Mike said.

We talked and Mike said he had some errands to run. I made him promise me again that he wouldn't tell dad I was home or that I'd seen him.

I left and drove around a while thinking. I had to admit to my self that seeing dad naked and with another man had turned me on. Dad was a construction foreman and was well built and damn good looking.

Later that afternoon, I drove passed the house, trying to decide if I should stop and tell him what I knew. When I passed, I again saw the same car I had seen the night before. I made my decision.

I parked and went to the door, again finding it unlocked. I went in and after finding no one in the living room, I went to dad's bedroom.

There they were again, both nude, however this time dad was getting fucked by the other guy. I took a deep breath and eased back to the living room. I quietly stripped and with my hard cock pointing the way I returned to the bedroom. Without saying a word, I eased up to the bed and before either saw me, I said, "May I join in?"

Both jumped and as they did the guys cock pulled out of dad's ass. The man was climaxing and shot his load all over dad's ass cheeks.

The man jumped off the bed as dad rolled onto his back and said "Oh, shit!"

Seeing dads cock quickly softening, I smiled and quickly leaned forward and swallowed it and began sucking.

"Mark, what the fuck are you doing? What are you doing here?"

I paused and said, "We returned early and what does it look like I'm doing. Relax and enjoy it."

I climbed over dad getting int a sixty-nine position and as I returned to sucking dad's cock reached out and began stroking the other mans cock. My own cock was in dads face and I reached down and positioned it against dads mouth and pushed down. Dad opened his mouth and began sucking me. Soon we both climaxed and after swallowing, I moved to the other man and began sucking him as dad watched. After I got him off and swallowed, I climbed off the bed and said, "This is an awesome homecoming."

Dad introduced me to the man. His name was John and he was one of the construction crew that dad supervised. He was twenty-eight and single.

John left and dad and I had a long talk, both staying nude and in his bed.

After I had told dad what I had seen the night before, he laughed and said, "That as one hell of a way letting me know that you were gay also."

I told him that I had told Mike what I had seen and what Mike had told me about how he had found out dad was gay.

"I see," dad said. "Did you tell him you were gay also?"

"No. I wasn't sure how he would accept it."

"He'd have been fine with it, I'm sure."

We finally dressed enough to get my things out of the car. As I unpacked, dad excused himself, saying he had to make an important phone call. He went into the back yard to do it.

Afterward, he insisted on taking Mike and I to dinner. Neither dad nor I mentioned that we had talked about being gay.

After returning to the house, Mike said he was meeting friends and would see us the next day. After he left, dad went to his room and stripped and returned saying he lived that way. I smiled and stripped also and he came up to me and tongue kissed me lovingly before saying he was glad I was home.

We watched Tv for a while cuddled together on the sofa, before he suggested we get some rest.

As we stood, he asked if I would like to share his bed with him. I said I would and soon we were back in his bed, kissing and rimming.

I as on my back and dad straddled my chest, putting his cock in my face. Looking at me he said, "I want to watch my hot Marine son suck my cock." i smiled and took it into my mouth and began slowly and lovingly sucking the cock that produced the seed that created me.

As I sucked, dad was moaning softly. My legs were spread for him as he reached back and began slowly stroking my hard cock. After a moment he stopped and a moment later, I jumped when I felt a hot wet mouth swallow my cock. Only dad and I were supposed to be in the house.

I shoved dad aside enough to look down and see who was sucking me. I was shocked as hell to see Mike hungrily sucking my cock. Dad got off me and sat next to us, saying, "Now we're a complete family. I want to watch my two boys get it on."

Mike stopped sucking and turned so we were in a sixty-nine and dad got to watch us service each other.

Mike and I later fucked each other and dad and he fucked both of us. We didn't get to sleep until daylight.

My entire leave was spent having sex with my dad and brother. That is except on friday nights when I'd meet Bart at the truck stop and get a room.

I didn't re-enlist when my service was up. I returned home and began work with dad and Mike.

I convinced Bart to give up driving and go to work with us. Soon Bart and I were lovers as were Dad and John. Mike had also met a guy and they had become lovers. The six of us frequently got together at dads for a weekend for one hot orgy.

The sex between dad, Mike and I has brought the three of us so much closer than we ever thought we could be.




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