When Mike called and asked when I could get another leave, I asked him if he missed sex with me as much as I missed sex with him.

"Hell yea bro. Having sex with you is like having sex with myself. Besides, there are some things I need to talk to you about."

"Can't we talk on the phone?"

"Well we could but it would be much better if we talked in person."

"I've been thinking about taking leave so let me check and see when I get take it and I'll let you know."

"Perfect. I'll be waiting for your call but don't let dad know. I love seeing his face when you surprise him."

I checked and three weeks later I arrived home early on Friday. When I entered the house, I found Mike totally nude and hard, watching a hot gay porn.

I immediately stripped and we quickly began a hot sixty-nine. After bringing each other to a roaring climax and swallowing each others hot thick big load, we kissed a few minutes before I asked what was so important.

We went to the kitchen, preparing coffee before sitting at the table.

Looking at me, Mike said, "It's dad. But it's not his health. He's fine."

"Well, what is it then?"

"About a week and a half before I called you, I had Josh here ad we were in a hot sixty-nine in my bed when dad got home early and caught us."

"Holy shit! What happened?"

"We didn't hear him come in. We only realized he was there when we heard him right next to us asking if he could join. We jumped and looked at him and he was totally naked and hard as a rock. Before we could gain our composure, he was down on the bed alternating between my cock and Josh's, sucking like starving dog."

"WHAT?" I said loudly. "You mean dad was sucking your cocks?"

"Oh yea and when we climaxed he took every drop and swallowed. Later that evening, he came to me ad asked me to fuck him. I did and then had him fuck me. Afterward, we talked and he admitted that he had been into men since before he and Mom married. He said he managed to keep it from her and us. He said he'd meet guys at bars and if they were from out of town, he would go to their room for sex."

"Did you tell him about me?"

"Hell no! In fact, he thinks your totally straight and doesn't want you to know about him at all. But I have a sneaky plan."

I laughed and asked "And just what would that be?"

"This afternoon, just before he gets home, you go into the bathroom and hide. When he comes in and strips, and I forgot to tell you he and I live nude at home, I'll get him in bed and start making out. I'll stop and excuse myself to use the bathroom, but instead of me returning to his bed, you will go instead. Once actual sex begins, I'll slip in and ask to join."

"Mike, dad's going to shit when he realizes what's going on."

"I know and I can't wait."

Just before Dad arrived, I took my place in the bathroom. Dad came in and I heard him tell Mike he wanted a kiss.

"You know how much I love you and your brother, don't you?"

"Yes, we both do but I just wish Mark was into it and could join us."

"That would be nice," Dad said.

"Well as soon as you can get out of those clothes, I want you in bed. I'm horny as hell."

I eased out of the bathroom and up to the door of dad's bedroom. I was anxious to see him nude and boned. Seeing him my cock sprang to full rigidity. He and Mike got into bed and began making out,kissing and fondling. After a moment, Mike excused himself and headed for the bathroom, finding me in the hall,my cock hard as stone and leaking. After a moment he hurried to the bathroom and flushed the toilet then rejoined me in the hall, smiling.

I then returned to dad's bed and began kissing and fondling him. After a moment dad pulled away and flipped into a sixty-nine. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on his cock and taste his cum.

We soon brought each other to a roaring climax and swallowed. Dads cum was delicious and as we kissed passionately, Mike eased up to the bed ad asked, "Which of you wants my load?"

Dad jumped and looked at Mike then at me. "Fuck, which of you did I just have sex with?"

"Me,"I said, "and I'll share Mike's load with you, if you want to?"

"Mark, you're into guys also?"

"Yes dad, I am," I said and began sucking Mike's cock, sharing it with dad. I took Mike's load and kissed dad sharing the thick sweet load.

After dad and I swallowed Mike's load, we talked and I told him about how I started with my drill sergeant. He told me about how he started in high school with his best bud and his buds dad.

We went to dinner and after returning home, we had a hot three way in dad's bed not only sucking each other but fucking each other. It was so hot fucking my dad and feeling him deposit his load deep into my hole.

Dad managed to take the next week off and we three had almost continual sex. When Mike was in class, dad and I had sex. Josh joined us at times.

About a week and a half later, Brad called saying he would be in the area of the base and wanted to get together. I told him i was at home where we met and he said he would be there the next night.

"Can you stay over tomorrow night?"

"Sure. You want to get together?"

"Oh yea. Definitely. Call me when you are close and I'll meet you at the truck stop."

He agreed and I hung up before he had a chance to ask here we would have sex.

I met him and had him grab a bag and get in the car. When he did, he asked where we were going.

You'll see. I have a big surprise for you."

We soon pulled up to the house and started in. "Get ready for your surprise," I said, knowing how much he loved getting fucked.

We stepped into the living room and dad and Mike came out of the den, both nude and boned.

Brad froze for a moment, then looked at me and back to Mike. "Mother Fuck! Identical twins."

"Yep,"I replied. "That's my brother Mike and my dad, Carl."

After a round of hand shakes, Dad smiled and said, "Make yourself comfortable like us."

Brad looked over at me and saw that I was already half nude. He immediately stripped and within seconds we were all nude. After entering the den, I started things off by kneeling between Brad's legs and sucking his cock. Dad and Mike moved closer and began kissing Brad.

After I got Brad off, he sucked me, then Mike and finally dad,swallowing all three loads. After swallowing dad's, he said, "This is the first time I ever sucked off any guys in front of one of their relatives, much less their father or sucked a guy with his sons watching."

"Let us recover, and you'll be getting the father and both his son's loads up your hot ass."

"Now that I'm looking forward to," Brad said.

Before long, dad was fucking Brad's ass as Brad moaned in pleasure. Mike was next and I took last position.

After I added my cum to Mike's and Dad's, Brad smiled and said,"That was awesome. I've never enjoyed getting fucked more than I have today."

Later, Brad fucked dad a while, then Mike, and finally deposited his load in my ass. After he pulled out, dad surprised us all.

Immediately, dad got down and began sucking Brad's load out of my ass. Once he had it all, he fed a little to all three of us before swallowing the remainder.

As I prepared to take Brad back to the truck stop so he could get a little sleep, dad gave Brad his number, telling him to call whenever he was in town.

"After tonight, you can be sure I will. It will be hot to have sex with you two one night then with Mark a few nights later."

And that's what happened.

All too soon, I had to return to base. However, one weekend every month dad and Mike would fly to town and we would have non-stop sex at my apartment.

I finished my enlistment and moved back home, getting a job with dad's company.

About a month after I started, Mr. Jacobs, the boss asked if I could work late one Wednesday evening to help him with some papers. I agreed, and around seven that evening, he suggested we take a break. We sat in his office, sipping a beer when he said he was going to change to prevent ruining his new suit.

He excused himself and went into his private bathroom. When he returned, he wore only a white undershirt and boxers. "Feel free to get more comfortable if you want to," he said.

He was forty-nine, but only looked to e in his mid-thirties. he was well built,muscular and hairy, as well as damn good looking. My cock began to stiffen and I tried my best to hide it.

Mr. Jacobs saw it and his began to stiffen, slowly forming a tent in his boxers making my cock even harder. I was standing and he quickly stepped up to me and grabbed my boner saying, "I want that hot too you got. Let's take a look at it." He immediately began unbuckling my belt and opening my pants. With one hand on each of my hips, he immediately pulled down my slacks and briefs, releasing my hard cock.

He quickly dropped to his knees and sucked me to a fantastic climax, hungrily swallowing my load.

He stood and removed his undershirt and boxers and told me it was all mine if I wanted it. I smiled and eagerly swallowed his long slim cock. Moaning softly, he rested his hands on my shoulders as I sucked his cock dry. After swallowing his load, i stood and he immediately began tongue kissing me. I returned the kiss and after we separated, he said, "Mark, you're as hot as your dad said you were!"


"Son, you dad and I have been getting it on since a month after he started. I know all about you and Mike. I want the three of you to meet me at my camp this weekend for uninhibited sex. Your dad said you would all be there."

"Count on it," I said. Then after a thought, I asked, "Did dad know this was going to happen tonight?"

"Yep. He knew I was going to put the make on you."

I had to laugh.

That weekend was wild with the four of us sucking and fucking whoever we wanted whenever we wanted.

We often had sex with Mr. Jacobs, with him stopping by our place after work. At work, Mr. Jacobs would call either dad or I to his office after work for sex. Sometimes he'd call both of us to his office together.

About six months later, Brad talked with dad and asked if he could get him a job locally. Dad talked to Mr. Jacobs, telling him how hot Brad was in bed. Brad immediately was hired as shipping supervisor. I convinced dad to let Brad move in with us. A month later, Brad and I were lovers. We had an open relationship, and I didn't mind him having sex one-on-one with dad, Mike, or Mr. Jacobs. However, most of the time when he had sex with Mike or Dad, I was involved.

Several of my fellow Marines have visited and had sex with the four of us and it's awesome. Our relationship with each other couldn't be better and we all love each other deeply.

THE END...........

(Coming Soon: Royal Sex)



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