I heard my twin brther,Mike, arriving home and wanted to surprisehim. Then I heard a secnd voice that sounded familiar, then Mike said "Dad won't be home for a few hours yet."

I waited fr a moment before opening my bedroom door and easing down the hall to Mike's room. Ibegan hearing moans emitting from his room and eased close enough to peek in.

When I did, I saw Mike on his back, legs pulled up and his ass at the foot of the bed. I then recognized the other person. It was Josh Taylor,our best friend in high school.

Both Josh and Mike were totally naked and Josh was steadily sliding his cock into Mike's ass, saying, "When I get through, I expect you to fuk me."

"Don't I always?" Mike replied.

Josh began sliding his cock in and out of Mike's ass and as he did so he leaned forward and he and Mike tongue kissed passionately.

I watched my brother take Josh's load up his ass then fuck Josh. As I watched, I quietly eased my cock out of my pants and slowly jerked off, depositing my load on the carpet.

I couldn't believe what I had just seen and as I started to turn and return to my room, I watched as Josh and Mike got into a sixty-nine and began sucking each other. I so wanted to experience sex with my twin brother and knew I had to find a way to make it happen.

Back in my room, I stripped and lay on my bed. After a short while, I heard Josh asking Mike when they could get together again.

"As soon as possible," Mike said. "I'll give you a call." I heard them enter the hallway and Mike say something about the carpet being wet. I knew he had stepped where my load had landed.

As they headed down the hall, I pretended to be asleep and heard Mike say with a start, "When the hell did he get home? I had no idea he was here and hope like hell he didn't see us." Then Josh said softly, "Damn, his cock looks just like yours."

"It should," Mike said, "since we're identical twins."

"Damn, if you had sex with him it would be almost like having sex with yourself."

"Yea, it would, and I'dlove to do it but he's totally straight."

I continued to pretended to remain asleep until I heard the door close signifying Josh had left. I got up and waked to the hall just as Mike started to return to his room. He had remained nude and there we stood, both naked as the day we were born. I hadn't seen Mike nude in almst two years.

"Hey bro," I said. "What a way to greet your brother."

"Uh, I just got home and was changing and thought I heard someone at the door."

"Hey, man, if you like to run around nude, it's cool with me. I do it in my apartment all the time. I don't mind doing it with you if you want, but not in front of dad."

"Damn, dad would shit if we both walked around nude," Mike said as he gave me a hug, our cocks against each other. I so wanted to reach down and grope it.

Stayig nude, we went to the kitchen and each grabbed a beer from the frige.

We talked about what had been going on and he asked why I hadn't let them know I was coming home. I said I wanted to surprise them.

"Well, that you did," Mike said as we headed back to our rooms to dress since dad was due home soon.

I turned and entered my room and Mike continued to his. After a moment he returned to my door and asked, "You didn't happen to go down the hall to the bathroom did you?"

"Uh, no why?"

"I just wondered. I thought I felt a wet spoton the carpet."

I wanted to say he had and it was my cum.

We heard dad pull into the drive and Mike suggested I stay in my room for a moment.

I did and heard dad enter the kitchen from the garage and say, "You know I don't mind you drinking my beer but seeing two bottles on the table, I hope you're not supplying your friends."

"I don't think you will mind me sharing with this friend."

"Oh really? Who is it?"

Easing up behind dad, I said, "It's me."

He spun around and upon seeing me hugged me tightly. Once over his shock, he insisted we go out to dinner.

We had a great evening and caugh up on what was going on. I found out that Mike didn't have class he next day and was happy to be able to spend time with him.

I heard dad leave for work and lay in bed for a while. After a while, i heard Mike stiring and got up. I headed for the bathroom, staying nude since I sleep that way. Mike came out of his room also nude and upon seeing me asked, "Shall we stay this way? I do when dad's not home."

"Hell yea. I see nothing wrong with it," I said as i stepped up to the toilet. Coming closer, Mike said, "Move over. There's room for two."

I did and standing side by side we both began pissing and checking out each others cocks.

We then headed to the kitchen for coffee and once we both had a cup in hand we ent to the den. As we sat there, curious to see Mike's reaction, I began to casually fondle my cock.

I saw him watching and he quickly said, "You keep that up and you're going to have a handful."

"So what? Don't tell me you don't do it also."

"Hell, what man doesn't?" Mike replied.

"Well, I have news for you. If I get ready to get off, I don't care if you watch or not. Fuck, join me if you want to."

"You'd really jerk off in front of me?"

"Sure. There are a couple of buds from base that I jerk with when we watch porn."

My cock was half hard and I noticed his was rising. Slowly, I began to stroke mine and moments later he began stroking his.

"Let's go get comfortale," I said.

We got up and he followed me to my bedroom, our hard cocks swaying back and forth. We lay side by side and began stroking our cocks.

Looking at Mike, I said,"Shall we do something most brothers do at a younger age?"

"You thinking about what I'm thinking?"

Withoutsaying anything, I casualy reached over and grasped his hard cock and began stroking it.

"That's what I was thinking also," he replied as he grasped mine.

For a few moments we stroked each other then I decided to go all the way. Before he could react, I flipped around into a sixty-nine and swallowed his cock totally.

"Mother Fuck!" he exclaimed before eventually swallowing mine.

We took our time bringig each other to a climax but when we did, it was awesome.

After we both swallowed, I quickly held him and tongue kissed him. He immediately responded and we kissed passionately.

After the kiss, we lay cudded together as he asked how long I had been into male sex. I told him the story about the video arcade and my sergeant and he thought it was hot and exciting.

"But how did you know I wouldn't try to stop you?"

"Well, when you started getting boned out in the den, I figured you wouldn't top me. Besides after watchng you and Josh yesterday, I felt secure in my actions."

"Fuck, what all did you see?"

"I was in my room when you came in and watched you two fuck each other and have a sixy-nine.

And you did feel something wet in the hall."

He began laughing ad said, "You jerked off while you watched, didn't you?"

"Sure did."

He kissed me again and said, "Well, you brother would love to have that hot Marine cock up his ass."

"Any time," I replied.

"Right now?" he asked.

"Sure. Look in my bag. There's a tube of lube."

He did and lubed my now hard cock and his ass. Seconds lateri was fucking my rother wildly and he as loving it. After filling his ass, I had him fuck me.

That afternoon, he called Josh and invited him over, not telling him that I was there.

While we waited I asked when he and Josh got started.

"It was during the end of the summer between graduation and college. We went to a party and got prety drunk. Dad was gone on business and I said Josh could crash here. One thing led to another and we both admitted we were horny. Before we knewit we were both nakedandjerking eachother, then sucking each other. We both admitted that we enjoyed it and kept at it and soon started fucking each other. Before long neither of us had an interest in pussy."

"Does dad have any idea?"

"Fuck no. None at all," he said, and asked, "The guys you jerk off with, is that all you do?"

"Fuck no. They are all into oral and anal also,"

When Josh arrived, Mike had me hide in the bathroom. Once they were both naked and ready for sex, Mike excusedhimself sayinghe had to piss. He came to the bathroom and seconds later I returned to the room and kissed Josh. He had no idea we had switched.

Once we were in a sixty-nine, Mike waked in. Josh was totally confused and didn't know who he was sucking. Wefinaly told him andold him aabut the day before and that morning.

During my leave, Mike and I had sex almost daily with Josh joining at times. Mike and I became so much closer and I hated to leave him.

I was going to take a bus back but after teling dad goodbye that morning, I decided to have Mike take me to the local truck stop. I decided to thumb it back to the base. I had money for a bus ticket if necessary but I knew many truckers also played and wanted to hitch a ride with one of them.

After an hour or so, I noticed one driver who appeared to be in his late twenies eyeing me. He wasgood looking and muscular and wore a tank top, which revealed a hairy chest, and tight jeans and cowboy boots.

I went to the restaurant and sat at the counter my bag on the floor by me. I wore my camo's so everyone would know I was military. A few moments later the trucker came up and sat next to me. After ordering coffee, he asked where I was headed and when I told him he asked if I needed a ride. I said yes and he said he was going within a hundred miles of my destination and offered me a ride. I quickly acceted.

We headed out making small talk and getting to know each other. I had placed my bag back in his sleeper and noticed he had a nice queen size bed. I noticed him freuently glance over at my crotch and at my ass when I would go into the sleeper.

As evening neared, we stopped for dinner and afterward,he said he wanted to get more comortable. Stepping into the sleeper, he made no attempt to close the privacy curtain. i turned in my seat to talk to him as he stripped nude and put on only a pair of short nylon sports shorts. I got to see his extremely hairy muscular chest and it was awesome. His nipples were large and I desperately wanted to suck on them.

He climbed into the drivers seat and as he sat down, part of his cock and balls escaped from his shorts. He made no attempt to conceal them.

As wepulled out onto the darkening highway, he confessed, "When I'm alone, I usually drive nude", and glanced over at me to see my reaction.

Looking over at him I replied and said, "You don't have to change your routine just because I'm here. I normally live nude when home."

"Well, hell, buddy if you want to get nude gofor it and since you don't mind,I'm going to do it."

With one hand he casualy slid down his shorts, leaving them on the floor in case they were needed in a hurry. After a moment, I stepped back into the sleeper and stripped downtotally nude and returned to the passenger seat.

"Thanks. You being nude also puts me more at ease. And by the way, you have a fucking nice build."

"So do you," I replied.

Once we were out of town a ways he casually began fondling his nice thick cock. Aftera short moment I did the same. Before long we were both totally boned. I looked over at him and he looked at me and smiled. I knew then he played or at least got sucked.

Without hesitation, I removed my seat belt and knelt next to his seat. A second later, I was slowly and lovingly sucking his rock hard large cock.

"Fuck yea. Nice," he said.

After a few moments, he slowly pulled me up and toward his face and gave me a hot wet tongue kiss. After the kiss, I returned to his cock and took my time getting him off. He fed me a huge thick load and I loved it.

Before long, he pulled into a rest area for the night. He headed for the sleeper, taking my hand and pullimg me behind him. Once the privacy curtain was closed, he dropped to his knees and sucked me to a roaring climax then kissed me.

Soon we were cuddled together in his bed when he said, "In the morning before we head out, I want your cock up my ass."

"Gladly," I replied.

The next morning we lovingly fucked each other before headng out. During the rest of the trip, we had sex several times a day. As we neared the drop off point, he got a call from his dispatcher telling him that the customer wouldn't be ready for the delivery for three more days.

He turned to me and said, "Change of plans. The customer can't take delivery for three days. I'm taking you all the way to the base."

"How fast can you get us there?"

"Faster that you know,"he replied.

As we entered town, I had him go to a nearby truck stop and park his truck. We got a cab to my apartment which was a block from the main gate of the base. I had four days left on my leave and he and I had sexday and night until he had to leave.

As he prepared to go out and wait for his cab to take him back to the truck stop he began laughing.

"All this time, you referred to me as Bud and I just called you Marine, we never did exchange names."

I gave him mine and he said he as Brad McDonald and hat he could make arrangements to pass through once a month if I wanted him to. I said definitely.

He did and it was awesome. However I continued to ook forward to my next leave when I could again havesex with my twin brother.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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