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Ho's Bath

By Walter Boothe Jr.

Chapter One

Armpits, asshole, crotch, and face. I haven't taken a shower or soaked in a tub since I was 14, dropped out of school and became a whore like my Mama. My Mama taught me that in my line of work, a ho's bath had to be quick and sustainable. The 15 minutes spent in the shower or hour luxuriating in a tub after a trick is giving the next whore out there a leg up on the money.

Armpits, asshole, crotch and face. A quick sprits of Curve cologne and a swish of scope erased the smell and the memory of the last lame mother fucker who crawled my body, told me how hot I was, came too quick and placed $100 in my hands.

I counted my money. I had $700 already. I decided that that would be it for the night. I went down to the local café and ordered a slice of apple pie with lots of whipped cream and a vanilla milk shake. I never eat regular food, just sweets. My fellow ho's male and female marvel at how I am able to maintain such a lean, sculpted body when all I ever put into it is junk food.

My name is Khom (pronounced cum) by the way. A fitting pronunciation for one who does what I do. Most tricks think I'm shitting them when I tell them my name. How ironic that a boy whose name is pronounced cum, would make his living from having mother fuckers cum in and on him.

Any way, I intended to call it a night and go back to hotel, chill and watch True Blood. That was my intention, but a super sexy older man walked into the café and changed my plans.

"My name is Myron." He said. "If you have a couple of hours, my apartment is just a couple of blocks from here; I could really use some company.

Normally, I don't get all caught up on looks. I've had fat fuckers, old farts, and helplessly ugly mother fuckers dig me out as often as drop dead Adonises of all colors; to me they were all the same. Myron, however was something different; a different level of sexy all together. He was over 30; how much so I wasn't certain. His body was lean and well toned. His skin was a rich milk chocolate complexion, and the thing that just had my dick dripping was those sleepy eyes of his.

"Hi Myron, my name is Khom; it's $100 bucks an hour."

"Well," he smiled exposing the most perfectly white teeth I'd ever seen, "It's a good thing I went to the ATM." He paid for my order and a lead me out of the café. I gave a backwards glance to Flo, the waitress and one of my Mom's closest friends. She gave me the head nod that told me that she has mentally clocked my John's description to give to police in case she didn't hear from me again.

Soon as we were on the street, Byrdie, my adopted little ho sister came up to me and Myron. Byrdie was 18 but could have passed for twelve due to her petite stature and childlike mannerisms. Byrdie was actually a male named Brandon, but he sold his body dressed and painted as a female.

"Hey Khom, you got any rubbers left; this guy wants to fuck me behind the dumpsters."

"Byrdie; don't be fucking behind no dumpsters!" I chastised, "You can get arrested, tell this guy he's gotta spring for a hotel."

"He's only got $20; he says I can have it if I fuck him behind the dumpsters."

"Byrdie; you don't fuck for under 100, tell him to get lost if he can't afford that .You don't even give a blow job for under $50."

"I know Khom, but he's really good looking and he showed me his dick and it's really big and it won't even hard yet; who is he." Byrdie finally noticed Myron.

"My client." I said handing her a handful of condoms. "Don't fuck without these, and if I'm not back at the motel when you come in for the night, don't let anybody else in."

"I won't Khom; I never do, because that's our place and we've got to respect it."

"Exactly." I said. "And keep up with your cell phone and mace; this guy starts acting crazy, pepper spray him and call the cops. If they arrest you for tricking call me or Mama, we'll be down to get you out."

"Ok, you be safe too." She said giving me a hug. "Bye Mr. Client." She Said to Myron before running to meet up with her waiting trick.

"Do you think she will be ok?" asked Myron.

"Byrdie knows how to survive; sometimes she gets a little scatter brained, but she knows how to reach either me or my mama."

"Well that is a good thing," he said. I knew that he meant well, but I didn't like the fact that he felt sorry for Byrdie. Byrdie was a little off, true, but she was just as sharp as anyone. "Here's my car." He said pointing to a burgundy Ford Explorer.

As I got into the vehicle, I shook my head as I saw Byrdie, follow some skuzzy looking guy behind the diner where the dumpsters awaited. I silently prayed that she would be ok as my client pulled out of the parking lot.

Chapter Two By the time we got to his home, Myron's dick was standing up in his pants like a flag post. I didn't even give him time to undo his seatbelt. I massaged the huge mass that tented his pants. He groaned in delight as I took it out. Damn! Myron had length and width. I ran my tongue around the pulsating head. Precum was already starting to drip from his piss split. His balls emitted an intoxicating musk. It wasn't about the money at that point; I just really wanted this man to fuck me.

When I took him completely in my mouth a sigh escaped his throat that told me everything. It had been a long time since this man had known the pleasure of another man.

"Oh......Khom.....Oh shit...Khom!!!"

His eruption was damn near earth shattering. In six years of tricking I'd never seen a man spazz and cum so much from a blow job. I prayed that he hadn't spent himself. Sure, I'd get the money, but I wanted him inside me.

"You Ok?" I asked when his shaking subsided.

"Yea." He panted. "We better go in the house to handle the rest of our business."

I was glad to hear that he intended to do more. Just as I was exiting the vehicle my cell phone rang. It was Byrdie. The minute I answered it her loud sobs boomed in my ear.

"He wouldn't give me the money! He said I tricked him! He fucked me, he's supposed to pay! He's supposed to pay!!!!!"

"Byrdie where are you; what happened." Dear God not now; I wanted to fuck Myron.

"I'm back at the motel; he said he wasn't expecting to fuck a boy, and so he's wasn't going to pay me."

"Goddamnit Byrdie, I told you not to fuck with that guy."

"Not the dumpster guy; he paid me. The cute boy I picked up after him. I sucked and fucked him in the back of his car and then he refused to pay; he hit me Khom and pushed me out of his car and didn't pay me." She began crying uncontrollably.

"Byrdie; don't go back out, and don't let anyone in the room. I might be late getting in. We will deal with this tomorrow ok."

"Ok Khom; I just feel so stupid."

"You're not stupid; it can happen to anybody; I've got to finish my date. I have my key, so just go on get you a bath and go to sleep; I'll be back later."

I did not wait for her to respond before hanging up. I knew that Byrdie would not let anyone into the room.

"Is your friend ok?" asked Myron. It was clear by the look on his face that he was worried that I would have to leave before we got the chance to really get down with the get down.

"Yea, some asshole just cheated her; she'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Let's just do what you brought me here for."

"Well, well, the bedroom is this way." He smiled leading me into a room that looked like it belonged on the cover of a major interior decorating magazine. I hadn't paid much attention to the living room because of Byrdie's call. The king sized bed with the black leather headboard seemed to beckon to both of us.

"Are you going to undress me; or do I have to do it myself?" I teased.

"Do it yourself." He said sitting at the foot of the bed."Slowly, starting with your shoes"

I removed my Dolce and Gabbana sneakers. A moan of excitement escaped his mouth when he saw my grey cashmere footie socks.

"Leave those on." He grunted when I started to remove them. Man what is it with dudes and wanting to fuck me with just my footie socks on; this was the fourth guy today.

I slowly undid my belt. His cock was starting to throb in his pants. Quicker than he wanted me to remove mine, Myron took off his pants and cast them aside. His white boxer briefs were stained from the episode in the drive way. By the time I had removed my own pants and stood before him in my sheer grey boxers, his dick was cocked diesel and had broken past the restraint of his underwear band. Simultaneously, we each removed our under wear. I had barely got my hands on my tee shirt, when he pulled me onto his lap. I unwrapped the condom I had in my hand and stretched it down unto the pulsating beast between his legs.

"Myron!" I shrieked when he entered me. I was used to going through the motions with tricks, but Myron had me turned all the way on. Finally a body that was lean, fit and sexy like my own. Finally a face that was damn near picture perfect. Finally a man with a big dick and the ability to use it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and teased his buttocks and thighs by running my cashmere socked feet up and down them. This sent him into overdrive. He stood up on the bed with me still attached to him. He sat me across the top of the tall head board, spread my legs wide and proceed to drill me.

"Piss!" he grunted between thrusts. "Piss."

With the pressure that he was putting on my prostate, I had no trouble. Piss shot from my semi hard dick as if I were a newborn baby boy having his first diaper change. His face and chest were soaked. He fucked me so ferociously, I feared he would drive my body through the wall. I screamed from pleasure, but pain was damn sure starting to rear its ugly head. My pleas for him to slow down and take it easy fell on deaf ears. He was a man possessed and unleashing months, possibly even years of sexual frustration.

"Oh ...Khom.....Oh Shit!" The rubber could not withstand the force and abundance of his second eruption. My asshole was flooded.

"Hey!" I said quickly pushing him off of me and darting to the bathroom to get his semen out of me I had already started to run the water in the sink for my ho's bath when he entered the bathroom.

"I didn't mean to do that." He apologized. "I swear on my mama that I don't have anything." He added.

I half heard him; I was frantically looking for a wash cloth.

"Why don't I run you a nice hot bath?"

"I've got to get back to Byrdie."

"You said that she was fine, come on, let me give you a bath and then I'll take you to Byrdie, I swear."

"It can't be a long one." I said.

"Then let's bathe each other in the shower; I got just as dirty as you did."

He had the type of shower with multiple heads that sprayed from every direction. The warm water felt like heaven. He selected a patchouli and citrus scented body wash for me; I selected green tea and musk for him. He bathed my body with a gentleness that he did not show when fucking me. His bath giving was like a combination of a sensual massage and a caress.

I tried to be as sensual when bathing him. Knowing that I wasn't doing as good a job as he had done to me, I sucked his dick to climax in the shower.

As we toweled each other off he looked troubled.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"You're a beautiful person Khom; I should not have fucked you like that." His eyes were glassy as if on the verge of tears. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm a whore, Myron, it's no big deal."

"Regardless of what you do for a living, you did not deserve that. It's just that it had been so long and ........"

"It's ok, Myron." I said looking deep into his eyes. Damn those sleepy eyes.

"Next time, I'll be gentle."

As he drove me to my motel, his proclamation "Next time I'll be gentle", echoed through my brain. I was hoping that next time would not be very far off.

"This has been an amazing date." He said pulling into the parking lot of the Murfree Inn motel. He handed me a fist full of bills.

"Myron, this is way too much." I said when I counted it and found that he's given men $1,500. "You only owe me about 350."

"Keep it." he said.

Mama didn't raise no fool; I quickly said thanks and got out the vehicle.

"Hey." He called after me. "Can I get your number, in case I want another date?"

"Nope; just find me at the diner or out in the street." I had broken too many boundaries with this man and had to reign it in. "Never come here looking for me." I added.

"Ok." He said looking disappointed. "See you soon." He drove out of the parking lot. I made a mental note that I now had $2,200 bucks in my pocket. I planned to take the next day off, perhaps treat Byrdie out and get her spirits up again.

Chapter Three

Byrdie was still awake when I came in. She was watching Scooby Doo on Boomerang.

In true Byrdie fashion as if nothing bad had happened to her hours earlier she said, "God you're walking funny; he musta had a monster cock."

"You're so silly." I laughed just realizing myself that I was indeed walking funny from the intense plowing Myron had subjected my ass to. Seven guys prior and he alone had me doing the hurting ass walk. "Are you ok?" I asked sitting next to her in her bed. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, which always made her smile. I loved Byrdie with all my heart and never could have forgiven myself if something bad had happened to her. My Mama warned me that I did not need to have a person like Byrdie as my tag along, but I didn't feel comfortable with her out there trying to fend for herself without some type of guidance.

"I'm fine; thank you for telling me I'm not stupid."

"You're not Byrdie; every whore has had that happen to them at least once."

"I bet your mama hasn't" I shivered as my mind flashed back to the image of the one man who tried to get away without paying my Mama. The mess the Drain-O made of his face haunted me till this day. To make matters worse the poor bastard was charged with rape by the DA, my mama had as a long standing client.

"She had, but the guy paid big time."

"I want to be that kind of whore; I want to have money and power and everybody scared of me like your mama does Khom"

"No you don't!" I snapped. "Then you would have to be a bad person, I don't want you to be a bad person. I want you to be Byrdie."

"Ok; I won't be like her. Don't be mad with me."

"I can never be mad with my Byrdie." I said giving her a hug. "In fact tomorrow we are both taking the day off and we are going to the mall and to the movies."

"Oh boy, then we better get to sleep so tomorrow hurries up and gets here."

"Good idea." I chuckled as I reached over and turned out the lights. I didn't bother to go to my own bed. I knew that Byrdie was shaken from the incident and wanted me to stay with her in her bed.

"Night Khom; you really smell good, he mustn't use that cheap soap like other guys you sell to."

"Goodnight." I sighed wondering what ever I was going to do with Byrdie.

Chapter Four

Even though I figured that it would be the dripping shits, I agreed to see The Smurfs 2 with Byrdie. We had just finished purchasing our popcorn, candy, and drinks when we spotted Myron with a little boy who appeared around six and as eager as Byrdie to go see the Smurfs and a Teen aged boy a few years younger than me who looked as if he just couldn't be bothered. I quickly ushered Byrdie past them before she could say anything to Myron and out him in front of his kids. I could feel Myron's longing stare. I knew that my ass looked good in my Versace skinny jeans.

"You make me fucking sick!" I heard the oldest son say to Myron in disgust as he trudged away from his father and into the theater that was showing Fast and Furious Six. Obviously he either already knew or suspected something about daddy dear's sexual preference.

"Why didn't you and your client speak to each other?" asked Byrdie once we were in the theater.

"Byrdie; discreet in the streets, freak in the sheets."

"Ok; you two didn't want everybody to know he bought your ass last night." Only Byrdie. I had to chuckle, but remind her that we were in a theater full of kids and we could not talk about work. A few minutes later, Myron and his youngest son entered the theater. The little boy who had his father's sleepy eyes appeared elated at the huge bucket of pop corn and the box of Sprees. Myron sat right next to me.

I stared straight ahead at the screen, but he, once the lights were down and his son was as fixated by the computer animated blue people as Byrdie was whispered in my ear "Bathroom" He instructed his son to stay put and not talk to strangers, when he got up. I then saw him go over to the usher and point to his son before exiting the theater. I counted to fifty in my head and got up to go join him.

I had turned enough tricks in movie theater bathrooms to know that Johns always went to the bathrooms on the other side of the theater in order to hook up. Myron was no different. The minute I stepped into the bathroom he seized me by the waist and bent me over the sink.

"I have my sons with me, so we cannot have sex, but I've just got to taste you." He tugged my jeans and under wear just beneath my but cheeks. He spread my ass with his hands and inserted his hot and wonting tongue. I gasped in ecstasy and gripped the sink as his tongue explored the region that his dick had pummeled the night before. His saliva was like a balm meant to heal the abrasions left from his savage cock slam. His tongue was almost as thick as his dick had been the night before and certainly was hell bent on probing just as deep.

"Myron.....Oh Fuck!......Myron" I screeched as I flooded the front of my boxers with cum. Only then did his tongue stop boring through what felt like the very depths of my soul.

"I've gotta get back to my son; call me." He left the bathroom before I had the chance to ask him for his number. I quickly used some paper towels and hand soap to wash my crotch in the sink. I probably should have washed my asshole too, but I wanted to prolong the sensation of his saliva in my ass. When I pulled my pants up, I realized that he had left something in my back pocket. It was a 50 dollar bill and a slip of paper with is cell phone number on it. I smiled. Thinking to myself , "Damn he could have had that one for free." I tucked the money into my wallet with the money he gave me last night.

When I returned to my seat, I could tell right away that Byrdie was not happy. I tried to reach into her pop corn bucket and she snatched it away. Fine! I would let her have her little piss party. I felt too good to even let her bother me.

When the movie was over, Byrdie just wanted to go home instead of going for pizza, her favorite food. She was really warm with me, but didn't say a word about it until the cab let us off at our motel.

She plopped down on her bed and began mindlessly flipping through channels. I sat down beside her and put my arms around her. To my surprise she shoved me to the floor. "Get off me you fucken liar!" her voice was high and shrill. This was the tone it took when she began to spiral out of control. "You said no working today, we were going to hang out and have some fun, but you turned a trick anyway,"

"Byrdie , I didn't intend to."

"Liar!" her voice pierced the air as an ashtray went crashing against the wall. Thank God she had decided not to throw it at me on the floor. When she was having one of these episodes she gained super human strength and deadly aim.

"Byrdie , you have to calm down before you get too upset and somebody calls the cops; you don't want them to put you back in the hospital?"

Byrdie turned crimson and suffered a violent shaking spell. I knew this was her method of getting a hold of herself. Tears poured from her eyes. She didn't protest when I got back onto the bed and wrapped my arms around her.

"I'm so sorry." I apologized. "I didn't mean to upset my Byrdie." Slowly she began to calm down and my peaceful, rational Byrdie began to emerge again.

"He's not a good man, Khom; he had his kids with him and he still did that with you. He couldn't even respect his kids."

"You shouldn't judge people Byrdie."

"My daddy did the same shit; he would fuck other women right in the same room that me and my sister was in. Your client left his little boy alone in the movie theater. Somebody could have hurt him. My daddy left me and my sister alone in a movie theater when I was 11 and my sister was four. He went to go fuck some whore and this man made me ...........he said he'd kill my sister if I didn't......"

"It's ok Byrdie; all of that is behind you now."

"I can tell that you like him Khom; he isn't the man you think he is. He doesn't care about his children."

"Byrdie, he did something wrong, that doesn't mean he doesn't care about his kids. Let's not talk about him anymore. I know that you have to be hungry let's order pizza and find something to watch on TV."

"I'll go place the order ." she said retrieving her cell phone. I never understood why she went to the bathroom just to place an order, but that was Byrdie. The usual she called over her shoulder.

"Yea." I said anticipating the next time that I would hook up with Myron as much as the taste of cold Pepsi and cinnasticks dripping with icing.

Chapter Five

Almost a week had passed since the episode in the movie theater restroom. Tricks came and went(Figuratively and literally), but my mind was captivated by one Myron Chambers. Over the course of six days we got to know each other over long phone conversations late into the night when Byrdie and his sons were asleep. I learned that he was 43 (Good black don't crack!) , divorced and had two sons, Maceo, 17 and Mckeen, 6. He got to spend one week a month with them plus holidays. Myron by trade was a photographer who traveled all over the globe, and had had his work featured in National Geographic as well as Time magazine. He was currently between assignments and living in North Carolina to be closer to his sons.

I learned that Myron's son Maceo did not approve of his sexuality, which caused them to have a strained relationship. In getting to know more about Myron, I secretly wished that there was more to tell him about me; at least something significant. My mother gave birth to me when she was 14. I was a trick baby whose father could have been either Arabian or Latino.

My mama once told me , "I was fucking so many spics and rag heads when I got knocked up with you ain't no telling who shot you in me. At least you got good hair and nice features out the deal."

My mama was an unapologetic whore who was all about the mighty dollar. I admired her for the fact that she did not sugar coat things when I was growing up. "I fuck and suck for a living; we live in a nice neighborhood, I drive a Lexus, and you wear designer clothes and have all the best toys. If any of those little shit kids at school try and fuck with you over what I do; look them in the eye point to what you got on and let them know that their daddies bought it."

Being a whore was pretty much all that I knew, so I spent the majority of our phone conversations listening to and admiring the life that was Myron's. I wanted to be a part of it.

Word on the street was that a guy was going around assaulting whores. He'd lure them in his car, have sex, then beat them up, and push them out of his vehicle without paying. I assumed that Byrdie's had been an isolated incident, but four other whores , three female and one male had encountered the same thing. Each thought that his or her encounter was unique until it became clear through talk on the streets that they had all been assaulted by the same guy driving a different vehicle. Byrdie had been assaulted by a guy in a jeep, while another whore had been attacked by a guy in a Escalade, two of the victims had on separate nights been attacked by a guy in a Crysler New Yorker. Despite different cars, the MO and description of the perpetrator were the same. All victims described a young black male between the age of 19 and 25 wearing Fendi shades and a fitted skull cap.

Whores knew that it was pointless to go to the police, so we protected each other by posting warnings to each other's cell phones through text messages to be safe and on the look out.

I made certain that Byrdie understood to never again get in the car with a guy who doesn't have his face exposed and reminded her each time she went out to make certain that she had her mace. I had become more cautious too, and did not see anyone who was not a regular. Here lately the John who was becoming the most regular was Myron.

Damn! I had broken another rule with Myron. I spent the night at his house. After hours of the most intense fucking, we were both too spent to go anywhere. I was confused when I first woke up. I was used to the motel and looking over at Byrdie asleep in the other bed. To awake buck naked in a king sized bed had me damn near on the verge of panic until the soothing and familiar touch of Myron's hand on my ass helped me to realize where I was. I felt his hand gently rubbing up and down the slit of my ass. I remained silent. I didn't know if he was aware that I was awake. One of his fingers, the middle one pierced the lips of my anus. He began to nibble on my right ear. I moaned to let him know that I was awake and fully ready to get fucked again. Just when he about to insert a second finger a thud in the living room interrupted our groove.


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