I had been gay since I was fifteen but managed to hide it from my father. He and mom were divorced and he had gotten custody of me. He tried to raise me right, but I knew early that he was homophobic.

I had graduated high school and worked for the summer, saving all my earnings. Dad had agreed to pay for my college education, and the money I earned was going toward a down payment on a car. Things were going well until that fateful day.

It was a Tuesday, and dad had said he would be late getting home due to a meeting he had to attend.

I decided to invite a bud over for some fun, namely sex. He arrived and we stripped and went at it there on the living room floor. About half an hour later as we were involved in a hot sixty-nine, dad suddenly walked in.

'What the hell?' he screamed. 'My own son is a fucking queer!'

We both jumped up and scrambled for our clothes as dad back handed me across the face. My bud managed to get his pants on and after grabbing his shirt and shoes he bolted for the door.

As I tried to dress and talk to dad, he continued to slap and punch me, calling me every ugly name he could think of. It finally ended with him telling me to pack and get out.

'What ever you leave behind, you fucking fag, is going to be put out for the trash. I never want to see your face again. I can only hope that none of my friends find out I have a queer son.'

I went in and packed as much as I could, deciding to head to the west coast. Numerous guys that I had been with said that I had the body and equipment to be in porn movies. I decided to give it a shot. After packing and retrieving my savings from their hiding place, I walked out not looking back.

As I walked toward the highway, I thought about what I had been told. I was right at six foot tall, muscular chest, nice pecs and abs from working out, slim waist and carried a nice eight inch cut cock with mushroom head when fully erect. Soft, it was only six inches. I decided that if I had a chance to do any porn, I'd get my revenge.

Instead of using a movie name, I'd use my real name, Bradley Long, Jr., and when the firs DVD was released, I'd mail it to my dad's closest fiends as well as his boss.

I reached the highway and headed west, holding out my thumb. No luck as nightfall arrived. I eased way up under an overpass and settled in for the night.

The next morning I continued my journey. The sun was blazing and hot. Mid morning, I was becoming depressed at not getting a ride. Then, my hopes changed as a big blue Kenworth eighteen wheeler passed and slowed, pulling to the shoulder of the road.

Hurrying as fast as I could with my heavy load, I reached the cab of the truck on the drivers side. The driver was shirtless as he leaned out the window asking, 'Where ya headed?'

'LA or San Francisco. Either one is fine.'

'Well, I'm going as far as Vegas, if you want a ride.'

'Fuck yea,' I said smiling.

'Come on around and hop in, then.'

I hurried to the passenger side, opened the door and shoved my bag in. The driver pulled it in shoving it toward the back.

As I began to climb in, I suddenly froze as I looked at the driver. He was totally nude.

Seeing the look on my face he said, 'Sorry if i offend you. My AC is out and it's hot as hell in here. I'm trying to get to the next dealer and get it fixed. If you still want a ride, get your ass up here.'

I continued and plopped my ass in the passenger seat, and as I closed he door I said, 'Let's get rolling.'

As he pulled out, I said, 'You don't offend me in he least. It was that I just wasn't expecting to see you nude.'

'Well, I don't usually drive like this during the day, but you can see how hot it is in here.'

'Yea, I can,' I replied. 'You said you don't drive like this during the day, but what about at night?'

'If the weather isn't too warm, I do at night some. I love the freedom.'

'Nothing wrong with that,' I said, casually taking in his nude body.

He appeared to be in his early thirties, had a nice build, medium hairy chest, nice muscular arms and what appeared to be a nice cock.

'What's got you on the road,' he asked.

'Long story, but just let me say that my dad and I had a big fight and he kicked me out of the house.'

'So, that's where the bruises came from.'

'Yea. I didn't realize I had any.'

'Just a couple but they're not that bad,' he said. 'And by the way, I'm Luke. Luke Collins.'

'I'm Bradley Long, Jr. but everyone calls me Brad, or BJ for Brad Junior.'

'Which do you prefer?' he asked smiling.

'Well, I know what BJ could stand for and it doesn't bother me but call me Brad if you would.'

'Then Brad it is,' he said.

As we shook hands, I noticed that his cock had stiffened just slightly.

As we drove and talked, I found out that he was thirty-one and single. He said he didn't want to feel tied down. He'd been driving nine years and was an independent owner-operator. I asked what that meant.

'I don't work for any company, thus the name LC Trucking. I haul loads for anyone that needs something delivered. I'm basically my own boss. If I want time off, I take it.'

'Nice,' I said.

He asked what my plans were once I reached the coast. I said I hoped to get into some form of acting, not saying exactly what form.

When he saw me wipe the sweat from my brow, he said, 'Brad, if you get too hot, feel free to join me. I was raised with three older brothers that ran around nude half the time when our parents were gone.'

'Did you do it also?'

'Hell yea. I wanted to be like them.'

I laughed and pulled off my tee shirt. He looked over and asked, 'Damn, Brad, how old are you?'

'Eighteen, why?'

'Man, you got a nice fucking build for eighteen.'

'Thanks. I have been working out for three days a week. Don't know if I'll get a chance now. At least not for a while.'

'Well, I've got a few stops to make before I get to Vegas. You ca help me unload and get some work in and I'll pay you for the work.'

'Hey, thanks.'

A while later, I loosened my belt and opened my jeans. Seeing this, he said, 'If you want to get comfortable, you can hop in the sleeper and have more room.'

'Sounds good,' I replied.

I went into the sleeper and after moving my bag out of the way, I stripped. When I returned to the cab, he asked, 'Cooler?'

'Yea, a little,' I replied. 'That sleeper is bigger than most I've seen.'

'You been in many?'

'This is he first. the others I've only seen from the outside.'

'Well, since I basically live in my rig, I had it custom made.'

'It's nice.'


Before long I began to nod off and he noticed.

'Brad, when did your dad kick you out?'

'Yesterday afternoon.'

'Where did you sleep last night?'

'Under a freeway overpass.'

'You didn't get much sleep did you?'

'Not much,' I replied.

'Well then, since we got a few hours before we get to the dealer. Why don't you hop in the back and get some sleep.'

'Hey man, thanks. I really owe you.'

'No you don't,' he replied. 'I'm enjoying the company.'

As I climbed into the back, he said, 'Unsnap the curtains and close them. You'll sleep better if it's dark.'

I did and as lay there in the double bed trying to go to sleep, I couldn't help but think of Luke and his hot body. I wanted him, but how could I get him?'

After probably twenty minutes or so, I felt the ruck swerve slightly. I go up and barely peeked out, surprised at what I saw.

Luke was holding he steering wheel steady with his knee as he rolled a condom onto his now hard seven inch thick cock with both hands. I continued to watch as he began a steady stroking on his beautiful tool. My own cock quickly stiffened and as I watched him jerk off, I did the same.

Before long, he climaxed and filled the condom with thick pearly white cum. I grabbed my tee shirt and ejected my load in it. Luke carefully removed the condom and looking out the driver's side mirror, quickly tossed the filled condom out onto the highway. I hated to see him waste perfectly good cum.

I returned to the bed and was soon asleep.

Some time later, I awoke to him gently shaking me saying, 'Hey bud, time to wake up.'

'Huh?' said groggily.

'We're just outside of town where I'll get the AC fixed. We need to get dressed.'

I sat up on the side of the bed and as he stood there, his cock was only inches from my face. My eyes locked on it and he stood still, not moving for a few seconds, before turning and grabbing his jeans.

Putting them on commando, he asked, 'You sleep okay?'

'Fuck yea,' I replied, slipping mine on commando also. Opening my bag, I pulled out a clean tee shirt and put it on.

We pulled out of the rest area after both taking a piss and headed into town. We arrived a the Kenworth dealer and found a spot for Luke to drop the trailer. He then pulled the tractor up to one of the garage doors. He told them his problem and they went to work checking it out as we walked to a nearby cafe for something to eat.

After eating, we walked back to the dealer to check on the status. It wasn't good.

'We can't have it ready until about ten tomorrow morning,' the manager said. 'If you want, we can take you down to the truck stop. There is a decent motel next to it.'

'Guess we have no choice,' Luke told him.

We climbed into the rig and Luke said for me to grab what I needed and throw it into his smaller bag. 'The rest of your stuff will be safe here.'

With bag in hand, Luke led the way to the van they used to shuttle drivers.

As I waited outside, Luke checked us into the motel. When he came out, he said, 'You didn't now I was your older brother, did you?'


'The only thing they had available was a room with one king bed. The old man was apprehensive about renting it to two guys. I said it was okay 'cause you were just my younger brother.'

'Damn, you're sneaky.'

We went to the room and loved the coolness of the room. As I turned on the TV, Luke said, 'I apologize for not checking with you about sharing the bed, but since we've been nude together most of the day, I didn't think you'd mind.'

'Hell no. I have no problem with it,' I replied as I kicked off my shoes and removed my tee shirt, Luke watching. When I began removing my jeans, Luke began stripping also.

Seeing that he was hesitant, I said, 'We did it in the rig so why not here.'

'Well, with it being cool in here, I wasn't sure if you'd want to.'

'Hell yea. It's more comfortable.'

We pulled back the spread and top sheet and propped up and found a good action movie to watch. Later, after the movie, Luke did some more channel surfing.

Soon, he said, 'Holy shit! This place has pay-per-view porn.'

'Nice,' I replied.

'You like porn?'

'Fucking love it!'

'Well, we just might have to check it out later after we eat and back in for the night,' Luke said.

We both napped for a couple of hours, then went to the truck stop to check it out. As Luke roamed around the store area as I went to the trucker's lounge restroom. It was empty and I checked out the stalls. The last two had a glory hole and I went into one, leaving the end one empty.

Dropping my jeans, I sat down and waited, but not for long. I soon heard the door open and the distinct sound of cowboy boots walking on the tile floor. He came straight to the last stall and entered. After sitting down he worked his jeans down around the top of his boots. then as he leaned back, he unsnapped his red plaid western shirt, revealing a very hairy chest.

I casually watched as he began playing with his nipples with his left hand and stroking his cock with his right. He was in no way shy about doing it.

I watched as his cock grew to close to eight inches then placed my open mouth up to the hole. he stood and slid his cock through the hole and into my waiting mouth.

I sucked hungrily wanting to taste his cum. Soon, he fed it to me as he moaned in pleasure.

As he pulled back he motioned for me to put mine through, but knowing Luke was waiting, I pulled up my jeans and left.

Luke was in the game area of the lounge when I came out. I walked up and watched him as he played, keeping an eye on the restroom door.

Seconds later, the driver appeared. He appeared to be in his forties, good looking, nice build and had a thick dark beard and moustache to go with the very hairy chest. He was hot and I had had the pleasure of taking his load. I only wished that I would have had time to give him mine.

We went to eat and Luke insisted on paying, telling me to save my money for California.

As we walked back to the motel later, Luke said, 'Brad, we've got to more nights on the road before we get to Vegas and since we're sharing the bed tonight I assume you don't have any objections to sharing the smaller bed in my sleeper?'

'No objections at all. Luke, I feel totally at ease with you.'

'I'm glad. I feel the same way about you.'

We got to the room and checked out the adult porn movies available. 'Want to watch two guy work over one woman?' Luke asked.

'Sounds good to me,'I replied. I was positive that a good hot pron movie would get Luke boned and I might have a chance to suck him or feel him up my ass.

The movie started after Luke entered his credit card number and we lay back to watch. As the movie began I casually worked my way slightly closer to Luke. Moments later, He moved closer to me. I was sure something would develop.

The movie was going good with one guy fucking the woman's cunt and the other fucking her mouth. Both guy were well built and hung. Both our cocks began to stiffen, soon laying totally hard on our stomachs.

I looked over at his and could tell he was looking at mine. Suddenly, he said, 'Holy shit! Is that thing real?'

'Yea, why?'

'How big is that mother?'

'When hard, eight inches.'

'Damn, and only eighteen. You make mine look small.'

'Not hardly,' I replied.

We turned and looked into each others eyes. We held our gaze as if frozen in time.




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