“Owning a Sub” - Part Four of an Alpha Male/beta boy fantasy

By Everett

“Time to get up, Boy.  Assume the position.”

My boy was quick to comply.  I patted and tugged his small balls in their new ball stretcher and asked, “How do you like it so far?”

“If you like it, Sir, . . .” he started.

“I do like it,” I interrupted, “and there's the end of to it.”

When I was finished with my inspection of my boy he asked, “Should I get dressed now, Sir?”

“I've decided that I want you to be naked 24/7, while you're in the house, that is.”

“All the time, Sir?”

“That's what 24/7 means.  Your body is too cute - too pretty - to be covered up.  I want to see all of you every time I look at you.

“Now, set the table.”

I made breakfast for the two of us.  “This is nice,” my boy said. “My mom never made breakfast.  We never ate together in the morning.  I like eating breakfast with you.  Will we do this again?”

“Whenever it suits me,” he said.  “I don't often make plans for the future.”

“Yes, Sir,” he said.  “The future's too unpredictable to know what it holds.”

I laughed at this as I asked, “Aren't you the profound one?

“But I like eating with you, too,” I added.  “I think we'll be able do this often in the future.”

My boy smile at me.

“It will be your job to keep my house clean and neat.  Today I want you to clean the living room: vacuum, dust, clean glass surfaces; all thethings I think you already know to do.”  I showed him where the cleaning tools and solvents are kept and told him he had one hour to finish.

*         *          *

“Why do you think I'm trying you out as my beta boy?” I asked as we were getting ready for bed that night.  “What is it that you think you should do?”

“Serve you, Sir.”

“And to please me in any way you can?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And what is the best way to please me?”

“To do what you tell me, Sir.  To be the best beta boy I can be.”

“Right again.  Nothing pleases me more than dumping my load deep in a boy's warm, wet cunt.  Did you know that?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said.  “I think I did.”

“Show me your cunt, Boy.  Put your butt on the bed here (I patted a place on his side of the bed.) and spread your legs wide.”

He quickly got in to position and spread his legs as I ordered.  His dark slit was slightly open and inviting.  I leaned over and kissed it.  I licked and kissed it several times making him moan softly.

“Oooh, Sir,” he said.  “I love when you do that.”

“You'll love this, too,” I said and I licked all around his hole.  I spit directly onto it and lapped my spittle away.  “Ahhh, Sir,” he cooed.

I put a dollop of fuck cream on his clit and passed my thumb over it several times and pushed some into his young pussy.  He moaned some more.  “Tight hole,” I said.  “This ought to loosen it a little,” and I fucked him with my long middle finger.  He wriggledhis ass and moaned low.

“You're such a faggot,” I told him.  “Do you know what a faggot is, Boy?”

“A gay guy, Sir.”

“Wrong,” I said.  “A faggot is a beta boy like yourself who is obsessed with with the cock of his Man and is happiest when his mouth or his asshole is stuffed with his Master's hard cock; a boy who truly loves being dominated my his Man and can hardly wait for Him to fill his mouth or his ass with the the gift of His hot load.

“You're like that, aren't you, Slut?”

“You know I am, Sir.”

“Your body is mine for sucking and being fucked for my pleasure and my pleasure alone.”

“I love when you hold me and kiss me while you're fucking me, Sir.  That's the best.”

“If you want to be my faggot you have to give me control of your body and all its parts; your mouth, your cunt; everything.”

“I know that, Sir.  I'm already your faggot.”

“Now I'm going to fuck your boy-pussy.  Has your step-father or anyone else ever fucked you?”

“No, Sir,” he said.  “Only you have done that.”

“Do you agree that I own your boy-pussy to fuck now and any other time I want?”

“Yes, Sir.  That's what you want and that's what I want, too.”

“From now on that's what will be,” I said.

“Spread your legs again.  Let me see that tight cunt.”

“After today,” I told him, “you might want to keep your pussy greased and ready, 'cause I'll fuck you dry if you're not ready when I am.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“All right,” I said.  “You feel this?  Feel the head of my cock press against your tight pucker.  Feel my man-cock stretch your pretty hole.”

His voice, when he finally answered me, was soft and quavery. “Yes, Sir,” he said.  “I feel it and I want more.”

He spread his legs wider to open his hole more and swallow my pole.

“And can you feel that I'm fucking you deep up your cunt?”

His response was the same as before.

“Do you feel my cock passing through your asshole and plowing you deep?”

“Yes, Sir,” he quavered again.

“Do you want me to love you enough to keep fucking you this way?” I asked?”

“Yes, Sir, I do.”

“Do you want to be my bitch-boy?”

“Yes, Sir.  I want to be your bitch-boy, Sir.”

“Good, 'cause that's exactly what you are: My bitch-boy.  I love my bitch-boy and will take care of him.  I lowered my mouth to his and we kissed.

I increased the tempo of my thrusts.

“Ugghh,” he grunted each time my pelvis rammed against his ass.

“Feeling my superior cock go in and out of your hole is a pleasure for you, isn't it, Bitch-boy.  You love it as much as I do, don't you?”

“Yes, Sir.  But it hurts a bit,” he said.

“I know,” I cooed.  “I know.  But in time you will get used to that and all you will feel is the wonderful feeling that it truly is.”

I lowered my mouth to his ear.  “I'm getting close,” I whispered. “I'm ready to shoot my load up your pretty, hairless boy-hole.  Is that what you want?”

“Yes, Sir.  Please, Sir.  Please cum inside me.”

He put his arms around my shoulders and hugged me close.  I slowed my fucking and felt my ejaculation building to the point of expulsion.

“My gift?” I whispered in his ear.

“Yes.  Your gift,” he said.  “I want your gift.”

I pressed my pelvis tight against his ass and felt the first pulse of cum pass from me to him.  “Oh, yes,” we cried together.”

“Agghh,” I cried, thrust again, and sent a second shot of cum into him.  And a third.

He wrapped his thin legs around me and dug his heels into my back. “Fuck me,” he moaned, and he was rewarded with three more blasts of hot man-juice.

I continued to fuck him after my balls were emptied of their heavy load.  “You'll keep my cum up your ass all night,” I told him.  “I want you to remember how good I am to you to give you my big load.”

“Yes, Sir,” he said.  “I will, Sir.”

His arms and legs relaxed their hugging a little, and I could feel his small frame convulse. He started to shiver under me.

“Are you all right?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir,” he answered.  “I'm fine.”

He loosened his embrace enough for me to lift up and look him fully in his face.  When we kissed, he hugged me tightly again with arms and legs.  Our kiss was long and sweet.  I lifted and looked at him again.  “You are a lovely boy,” I said.  “And a good fuck I might add.”  He looked back at me and we laughed.

I pulled out.  “Clean me off,” I said, and I put my cock near his mouth.  “I want my cock completely clean.  You'll do this every time I fuck you.”

“Yes, Sir.  Thank you,” he said.  Then he repeated, “Thank you, Sir.”

“For what?” I asked.

“For giving me your load,” he said.  “And for making me your bitch-boy.”

I laughed at this.  “So, you want a full time position with me?” I asked.

“Please, Sir.  Let me be your full time bitch-boy.  I'll do anything you ask.  Please, Sir.”

“Don't whine,” I said.  “It's unattractive.  But I'm seriously considering doing just that.”  He smiled shyly.

“For now, I want you to shower.  I like my boys smelling fresh.”

My new faggot-boy showered and dried off.  He slept with his head resting on my chest, the position I favored and one that became our habit.

*         *          *

Several months later, when my faggot had learned all the rules and happily obeyed them to a T, I saw the trucker who admired his perfect ass in the mens' room of the diner on our second day together.  I didn't recognize him right away.  He was in an ABC store on Freemont when he literally bumped into me.

“'Scuse me,” he muttered.  Then, “Hey.  Hi.  Remember me?”

“Er, you look familiar,” I said.

“I saw you in a diner restroom on 70, somewhere west of Topeka, maybe.  You had a boy with you who had the cutest ass.  I never forget a beautiful boy with an ass as great as his. He was holding  your cockwhile you pissed - until I walked in, anyway.”

“Oh, yeah.  I remember.”

“Thought maybe you might still be together.  I asked you then if you ever rent that ass out for another fella to enjoy.”

“Yeah,” I said, “he's still tagging along behind me, but I've never been inclined to rent him out.”

“Some doms do,” he said by way of persuasion.

“That's true,” I replied.  “Some doms do, but it's not something that appeals to me.”

“Too bad,” he mused.

“I suppose,” I commiserated.  “I guess I'll never say 'Never'.  A fella once told me that it's hard to know what the future holds, but it's just not in the cards for now."

"No.  Well.  Just thought I'd ask,” he said.  “No harm in askin'.”

“No harm a'tall,” I agreed.  “No harm a'tall.”



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