Vegas Bound

Part Two of an Alpha Male/beta boy Fantasy

By Everett

The pretty hitchhiker I picked up in the diner the previous evening slept in my arms all night.  I woke to find him looking at me.  He smiled briefly when he saw that I was awake.

“Are you ready for your first morning with me?” I asked.

“I'm ready, Sir,” he answered.

“I need to piss,” I said.  “How about you?”

He laughed when he answered.  “Yes, Sir,” he said.

“Come on,” and I led the way into the bathroom.

We stood together at the toilet bowl and started to piss.  The boy grinned at me, arched his back and wagged his dicklet playfully so his yellow stream crossed mine repeatedly.

I went back to bed and held the covers up for him.  He crawled under and snuggled up against my warm body, his head resting on my chest.  He began rubbing his hand through the hair of my chest as we chatted.

“You like rubbing my chest, don't you?”

“Yes, Sir.  It's so big.  I like how I can feel your hard muscles, and I can run my fingers through your hair.”

“Suck my tit,” I told him.  “Suck it like you wanna get your breakfast milk out of it.”

He lowered his mouth and sucked.  “That's nice,” I said softly.  “You like sucking Daddy's tit?”

“Umm,” he hummed as he continued sucking.

“You're a good boy,” I told him.  “You make me feel good.  Maybe you'll like this.”  I rubbed his sensitive nipples with the balls of my fingers before gently pinching them between finger and thumb.

“That kinda hurts, but it makes the head of my cock tingle.”

His little cock rose in jerking motions as he sucked.  He reached down and began to stroke it.  I slapped his hand away.  “If you wanna jack a cock,” I growled, “it had better be mine.”

“Sorry,” he said.  He wrapped his fingers around my shaft and slid his hand up and down.  By now his little dicklet was seeping precum.  I touched it to my nipple and squeezed.  Precum seeped over my nipple.  “Lick it off,” I told him.  “Suck all your precum off my tit.”

He licked and sucked away.  “I'd like to suck your whole body like this,” he said.

“Another time,” I said as I started to get out of the bed.  “No time for that now.  We've got to get moving.

“You're going to be my valet starting today.”

“What's a valet?”he asked.

“It's a kind of servant who helps a rich man get ready for his day.

“OK, Sir.  What should I do?” he asked.

“Get my travel bag from my suitcase and put it on the back of the toilet. Take my razor and shave cream out and place them on the sink.  When we're ready we'll take our shower.”

“Together, Sir?”  He asked.

“You bet,” I answered.  “That's the best way, don't you think?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said smiling at me.

Once under the spray, my boy followed my lead.  He shampooed his hair and washed his face.  I had him wash my body before I washed his.  Hiswdicklet lengthened and filled out as I washed and fingered his asshole.

“Enough of this,” I said.  “Rinse off.  We'd better get on the road.”

After a hearty breakfast we settled in for the next leg of our trip.

“I want to know what you think about what's going down between us,” I said.

“I don't quite understand what you mean, Sir.”

“I'm lucky to have seen you back at that diner yesterday.  It seems to me that we were fated to meet.  I think you were put on this earth to serve me; to be my valet - my own little beta boy.

“Beta boy, Sir?” he asked.

“Beta boy,” I reiterated.  “I am the Alpha Male in this budding relationship, if that's what's developing.  I'm the Man who calls the shots; the Man who you were born to serve and please and satisfy. And you are the beta boy, the weak little nothing who will serve me and dedicate his life to giving me pleasure.

“You're off to a good start.  I'm pleased with the way things are going so far.”

“Thank you. Sir.”

“You're right to thank me.  You don't deserve me.  I'm too good for you.  You know that, don't you?”

“I guess so, Sir.”

“There's no place for guessing here,” I said forcefully.  “This is the way things are: I am the Alpha Male and you are the beta boy.  And now you know what that means.”

“Yes, Sir.  Now I know.”

“I will protect you and do my best to see that your needs are met.  But an Alpha's protection comes at a price.  You must serve me with my comfort and pleasure foremost in your mind.  If you fail in that I will let you go and find another beta boy who won't fail.  There are plenty of betas out there, and I will replace you in a heartbeat.”

“I won't fail you, Sir.  I don't want you to replace me.  I want to stay with you.  I'll do what you want me to do.”

“Cook my dinners, scrub my floors and lick my feet?”

“Yes, Sir.  Yes to all those things.”

“I want to be sure you truly understand what you are agreeing to.  Will you suck my cock when I want you to and turn up your ass for me anytime I want to fuck it?”

“Yes, Sir.  I'll do those things, too.  I want to sleep in your bed with you and call you 'Daddy' like I did last night.  I want to be your beta boy.”

“Nuff said,” I said.  “We'll leave it there for now.  My old grandma used to say, 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'.”

“I don't know what that means, Sir.”

“Ask me in a month,” I said.  Maybe it'll be clear in a month.”

*         *          *

I was thinking about my new boy as I drove along - about him saying he would to take care of my sexual urges - and I was getting horny. I decided to put him to the test.

“I haven't unloaded my balls yet today,” I said.  “I want you to take care of that for me.”

“What do you want me to do, Sir?”

“Open my pants and take my cock out.”

“Now, Sir?  While you're driving?”

“Now, Fuck Face,” I barked.  “Just do what you're told without questioning me.”

“Yes, Sir.  I'm sorry, Sir.”  He opened my pants and took out my cock.

“Jack it,” I said.  “Get me hard.”

He started to jack my cock, but without lube it was not real comfortable or very successful.  “Use your mouth,” I said.

He lowered his face to my crotch and put my cock in his warm mouth. “That's much better,” I said.

He sucked me as we rode along.  After several miles I saw a sign for a rest area.  “We're getting off here,” I told him.  “Better sit up.”

“Would you like me to close your pants, Sir?” he asked.

“Nah,” I answered.  “Let's see how things develop.”

I drove to the nearly empty far end of the lot and parked near a thicket of trees.  There was a tractor-trailer sitting nearby with its noisy diesel engine running.

“You ready to give me a nice mid-morning blow job?” I asked.

“If that's what you want, Sir,” my boy replied.

“What I want,” I said, “is your hot mouth wrapped around my pole and sucking out a big load of man-juice.”  I reclined my seat.  “Suck it,” I said.

My boy looked at me and gave me a wide grin.  “Yes, Sir,” he replied.

He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth.  “Ohhh, yes,” I sighed when he started sucking.  “Work it,” I said.

He held my corona just inside his mouth and moved his tongue and lips over it.  After a while I, said, “Deeper.  Take more of my cock in your mouth.”  I put my big hands on the back of his head and pushed it up and down over my cock.  “Ahhh,” I sighed.  “That's right.”

After a while, I moved my left hand under his chin and, with my right hand on the back of his head, held it firmly in place and started to lift my pelvis repeatedly up and down.

“Can you take it all?” I asked and without waiting for an answer I deep-fucked his throat.  He gagged and lifted off me.

“Again,” I said and deep-throated him again, and again he lifted off.

“That's okay,” I said.  “That's a good beginning.  We'll work on that. In time you'll be begging me stuff my cock down your throat.  Want to try it again?”

“Okay, Sir,” he said and he lowered his face and swallowed my cock in increments until he again had my big glans in his throat.  I grasped his head and raised and lowered it several times.  When I allowed him to lift off and breathe I said, “You're making very good progress.  You're such a good boy.  You doing fine,” I assured him.  “All you need is practice.”

My boy smiled at me.  “Thank you, Sir,” he said.  “I hope I can make you come, Sir.”

“You want to taste my man-juice, do you?”

“Yes, Sir.  I do.”

“And take a big load from my balls down your throat?”

“Yes, Sir,” he grinned enthusiastically.

“A big load made just for you?  A special gift from me to you?”

“Yes, Sir.  That's what I want.”

“Then do it, Boy.  I know you can do it; 'cause that's what we both want.

“You can start by licking that precum from the end of my piss slit.”

“Yes, Sir,” he said.  He licked the spot and raised his head.  A silky strand connected my cock and his lower lip.

“Get it all,” I said.  “Taste it.”

He licked up all of my precum and savored its flavor.

“Like it?”

“Yes ,Sir,” he said.  “I do.”

I leaned forward, took his head in my hands, and turned his face up to mine.  “You are my sweet boy,” I told him.  “My own very good, very sweet boy.  Now, get me off.”

He took my shaft in his hand and went after its bulbous tip with a fervor he had not shown before.  He worked it with his lips and tongue making me sigh and groan.  I began thrusting my hips up and down.  I took hold of his wrist and moved his hand behind his back. He worked his tongue rapidly along the underside of my shaft while bobbing his head faster and faster.

“You're going to make me come,” I whispered.

Spurred on by my comment, he sucked harder and faster.

“You want it, Boy?  Here it comes.  Get ready to swallow.  I want you to swallow it all.”  I shot a first pulse of cum over his working tongue.

“Good, Boy,” I said.  “Take it, Cocksucker” and I repeatedly pulsed my seed into his eager mouth until my balls were empty.  “Taste it on your tongue, Boy.  Let me see my special gift to you.”  He raised his head and opened his mouth so I could see my collected cum on histongue.  “Now, swallow it down.”  He swallowed and closed his lips around my shaft.  I slowly reduced my fucking motion and relaxed in my seat.

That's when I heard heavy footfalls approach my car.  My guess was that a man was striding to the tractor-trailer that was idling nearby.  One glance out of my window proved that I was right.  He looked me in the eye and grinned as I closed my pants and zipped my fly.

“Sit up,” I said in a stage whisper to my boy.  He hadn't heard the man approach and was a little slow to respond.

As he neared my car the trucker spoke through the open window.  “Nice mornin',” he said, “for whatever you've got to do,” and he chuckled as he walked on.

“Better move,” I said as I turned my car's engine over and put it in gear.

“Do you think he knows what we were doing?” my boy asked.

“If he has an I.Q. over fifty, he does.”

                                                                        *         *          *

It was well after noon when I pulled off the highway at the first diner we came to.  I selected a booth.  My boy and I waited for a waitress to bring us menus.  I often need to piss after sex so I said to my boy, “I gotta go.  How about you?  You need to piss?”

“Yes, Sir, I do,” he responded.

“Well, come on then,” and I led the way to the mens' room.  It was empty and we took our places at the row of urinals.  I looked over and watched my boy watching me as I started to piss.  “You like what you see?” I asked.

“You have a nice cock, Sir,” he said.  “It's long even when it's not hard.”

“Wanna hold it while I piss?”

“Sure,” he said and he reached over and took my cock in his hand.

Just then the door opened and the same trucker who saw us at the rest area strode in.

“You guys at it again?” he asked.

“Never enough,” I said.

“Your boy has a real cute ass,” he noticed.  “Ever rent it out?”

“Not yet, I haven't.  You interested?”

He took his cock out and pissed.  “Wish I had time,” he said, “but I gotta be in Vegas and I'm behind schedule.  Maybe some other time.”

“Your loss,” I said.

“I'm sure,” he replied.  “Ever get to Vegas?” he asked.

“Headed there now,” I replied.

“With the boy?”

“Funny question,” I said.

“Just wonderin',” he said.  “Gotta run,” and with that he left the mens' room.

*         *          *

We drove west with little conversation.  "May I ask you something, Sir?" the boy asked.

“What is it?”

“I was just wondering where we're going.  Do you live in Las Vegas?  Is that where we're going?”

“The answer to both questions is 'Yes'.  Ever been to Las Vegas?”

“No, Sir.  My mom calls it 'Sin City'.”

“I think maybe your mom is a lady of strong opinions.”

“Yes, Sir.  She is.  That's why she kicked me out of the house.”

“What happened?  If you don't mind me askin'.”

“It's OK,” he said.  “She met Paul – He's my step-father. - after she divorced my father.  Paul kept hanging around and she finally agreed to marry him.  What she didn't know is that Paul was more interested in me than he was in her.  He started fooling around with me almost as soon as he moved in.”

“How old were you?”

“Ninth grade.  Fourteen, I guess.

“At first he just touched me through my pants and got me hard while we watched TV.  After a while he started taking my cock out of my pants and jacking me off.  That was OK if that was all he did.  But he was always touching me and trying to kiss me.  If Mom went out of town for a couple of days, like to a conference or something, he'd crawl into my bed at night and suck me off and try to make me suck him.  I told him I didn't want to do that but he threatened to tell Mom I was making sexual advances if I didn't, and I knew she'd go ballistic, of course.

“The time Mom caught us we were in the TV room.  Paul had just sucked me off and I was sucking him when she came home early.  End of story.”

“So your main complaint is . . .?”

“He's weak.  He's like a girl, always following me around and wanting to do things to me: You know; give me massages and eat my asshole.  Plus, he's skinny and doesn't have any muscles.  He's hardly like a man at all.”

“Well, Boy, I'm a Man.  If you have any lingering doubts on that score, I'll clear them up tonight.”

“I already know you are, Sir.  I don't have any doubts at all.”

*        *          *

It was dark when I pulled into a motel parking lot near the Utah border.  "We'll stay here tonight," i told the boy.  Be home by tomorrow."

“Yes, Sir,” he said.

After our supper we went for a dip in the motel pool.  “We'll shower together,” I told my boy on the way back to our room.  “I like to get a little frisky showering with a boy.”

I finished washing, then soaped my cock and jacked it until I was hard.

“Face the wall,” I said, and I lathered up my boy's back, finishing by sticking my long middle finger up his twat.  I fucked him with my finger, pressing against his prostate with each pass.

“Concentrate on the massage I'm giving your little walnut.  You like me playing  with your boy-cunt, don't you, Slut?”

“Yes, Sir.  I like it a lot.”

I inserted a second finger to stretch his tight hole and finger-fucked deeply.  I raised my hand, lifting him up onto his toes.

“Feel this,” I said  I teased his twat by sliding my soapy glans back and forth across its puckered opening.  “You want it Boy?” I asked. “Ask for it.  Beg me to push my cock into your your sweet pussy?”

“Fuck me, Sir,” he said.  He jutted his ass out to open his hole and make penetration easier.  “Stick your big cock up my pussy.  Please, Daddy.  Please fuck me.”

I continued to rub his pucker with my glans.  “Is your twat hungry for my man-cock?”

“Yes, Sir.  I want to feel you going into me and fucking me, Sir.”

“Sorry,” I said.  “You'll have to wait,” and I stepped back and stood under the warm spray.

“Rinse yourself,” I instructed, “and dry off.”

As I was toweling my hair, I looked back into the shower stall and saw my boy jacking again.  It wasn't anything serious.  I knew he wouldn't come, but he was hard and he looked like he was enjoying himself.

“Stop that,” I said.  “What did I tell you about that?”

“What, Sir?”

“About jacking.  I told you that your dicklet was for me to play with, not you; and that if I ever found you playing with it that you would be punished.  Do you remember now?”

“Yes, Sir,” he said sheepishly.

“Did you think that I was kidding?”

“No, Sir,” he said.

“Well,” I said, “I knew it was only a matter of time before you broke that rule.”

I sat on the edge of the bed.  “Come here,” I said.  “Lay across my knees.”

When he was in position I slapped his bare ass.  Again.  And again.  With the fourth swat he began to recoil.  “Lie still and take it,” I warned.  “You broke a rule and this is the result of disobeying me.”  I paddled him some more with my open hand.  He started to cry out.

“This doesn't really hurt,” I told him.  “I'm not doing this to hurt you.  I'm doing it to teach you a lesson - to make you remember,” and I swatted him some more.

“Stand in front of me,” I said.  He stood and looked at me.  “Stand in the position I told you to take.”  He spread his feet, put his hands behind his back and lowered his eyes.

“Very good,” I said.  “Now, what lessons did you just learn?”

“To not play with my cock, Sir.”

“Your what?”

“My cock, Sir.”

“You don't have a cock.  What do you have down there?”

“Uh. . . a weenie, Sir.  A pee-pee.  I can't remember, Sir.”

“A dicklet, you dumb ass.”

“Yes, Sir.  I have a dicklet.”

“And what else did you learn tonight?”

“That I will be punished if I break one of your rules, Sir.”

“Are you glad that I am teaching you how to behave and that I am enforcing my rules?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And what is the appropriate response when I teach you something and when I punish you justly?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Very good,” I said.  “Are you all right?” I asked.

“Yes, Sir.

“Good.  Then turn around and let me see your ass.”

He turned and I softly rubbed his perfect mounds.  “You have a beautiful ass,” I told him.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“And it has a very pretty red glow about it tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.”

“Get on the bed, Boy.  Lie on your tummy.  It's time I get to see what treasure you've got for me back there.”

I rubbed my big hands down his thin pale back to his shapely butt.  I spread his ass cheeks apart and peered down at his pink pucker.  “Sweet,” I said softly.

I slid my thumb over his pecker, barely touching it.  “Do you like this?” I asked.  “How does it feel?”

“Yes.  I like it, Sir.  I like when you touch me there; when you pay attention to me and touch my hole.  It makes me feel good all over.”

“Call me 'Daddy',” I said.  “I'm going to be your daddy tonight and you're going to be my sweet boy and let me make love to you.  Isn't that right?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“I'm going to love your boy-cunt and make you glad that you have something that I want so much.”

“Are you going to fuck me, Daddy?  I've never been fucked before.”

“Don't worry.  I'm going to fuck you.  But first I want to play with your cunt and get it ready for my cock.”  And with that I leaned over and kissed his sweet clit.  I kissed it and licked it and stuck my tongue into him as deeply as I could.

“Oooh, Daddy.  That feels so good.”

“Reach back and spread your cheeks for me.  You have a beautiful hole, you know.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

I dug into my overnight bag and took out a tube of gel and a small dildo.  I smeared some gel around his hairless hole and on the dildo.  When both were prepared, I touched the tip of he dildo to his pucker and pressed until the sides of his slit parted and the tip entered.  I pulled it out and pressed it in the same way several times.

“How does this feel?” I asked.  “I want you to get used to having yourhole penetrated.”

With the dildo partially embedded I ran the tip of my finger softly around the lips of his spread anus.  “Feel how good that is,” I said.  “It feels nice having the rim of your asshole massaged like this, doesn't it?”

“Yes, Daddy.  I like it a lot.”

“Good boy,” I said.

I tossed the dildo aside and touched his hole with the tip of the middle finger of my right hand.  “Are you ready for me to push my finger up your ass now?  Do you want me to fuck you with my finger?”

“Yes, Daddy.  I want you to do what you want to do.”

“That's right,” I said.  “Your asshole is mine to play with, isn't it?”

“Yes, Daddy.  I like it when you play with my asshole.”

“Roll over on to your back,” I said, “and spread your legs wide.”  I pushed my finger into him with one slow, steady push.  “Concentrate on the sensations in and around your cunt while I finger it.” 

“Ahh, Daddy,” my boy sighed.

“I'm going to fuck you now.  That's what you want; my big man-cock up your pretty boy-cunt.  Spread your ass cheeks for me.”  I applied more gel around his hole and onto my turgid cock.

“Relax,” I whispered in his ear.

I wedged my cock-head between his smooth ass cheeks.  “Just relax,” I cautioned again and began to push my cock into him.

His whole body tensed and he squeezed his sphincter tightly.

“You've got to relax your hole,” I said, and I pressed more of my cock into him.

“It hurts, Daddy,” he told me.

“I know, Baby, but I need for you to relax.  You want to let me fuck you, don't you?”

“Yes, Daddy.  That's what I want, but it hurts.”

“Then you need to relax.  It will only hurt for a little while,” and I pushed more of my cock into him.  He whimpered in pain.

“It won't hurt after you get used to feeling me inside of you,” and I pressed some more.  Then I pulled out a little and pushed in more. Out a little and in more.  He twisted as if he were trying to get away from my invading cock but he stopped whimpering.

“See,” I said.  “I'm almost the whole way in.  It already hurt less,doesn't it?”

“I guess,” he said softly.

“You can do this,” I whispered in his ear.  I continued my small fucking motions.

“You are such a good boy.  There, I'm all the way in,” I said when I finally felt my pelvis touch his warm ass mounds.

“Oh, Daddy,” he almost cried.  “You're really fucking me, aren't you?”

“Yes, Sweetheart,” I whispered.  “Feel this.”  My fucking motions – out and in – grew slowly longer and harder and faster.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” my boy whispered.

“This is what I need,” I said, “a boy to fuck until I dump my big load.  Are you going to be that boy?  Do you want to take my load when I need a boy to fuck?”

“I want to be your boy,” he said.  He reached his small hand back and held it against my hairy ass cheek as I pumped.

“My faggot-boy?  My cum dump?  Any time I want to fuck your little boy-cunt?”

“Yes, Daddy.  That's what I want.”

I turned his head and kissed his mouth deeply.  “It hurts less already, doesn't?”

“Yes, Sir.  It does.  Fuck me until it doesn't hurt any more.”

I rolled us over so that he was face down under me, my cock embedded deeply up his ass.  And I continued to fuck him.

“Is this what you want?” I asked again.

“Yes, Daddy,” he whispered.

I lay on top of him, lifting and lowering my hips to fuck him gently.

“You like having a strong Man over you, don't you?

“Yes, Sir.”

“You need a strong Man to be in control of you.  You are a weak shit who can't get away from me until I am finished with your ass.

“Do you want me to fuck you harder?”

“Fuck me, Sir.  Fuck me until you come in me.”

I started fucking him more rapidly, withdrawing nearly the whole way and plunging back in.  I turned his head so we could kiss again.

“I'm getting close,” I said.  “I'm going to send my load deep up  your ass.  You will keep it in you and remember who you are and who I am.”

My fucking became more forceful.  “Who are you, Son?  Are you my faggot-boy?  My cum dump?”

“Yes, Daddy,” he said.  “I'm your faggot-boy.”

“Here's my load, Son,” I said as I began to pump my seed into him.

“Ahhh, Daddy,” he cried.  “Fuck me.  Fill me with your hot cum.”

I fucked and pumped until my balls were empty of their heavy load.  I relaxed my weight on his thin body.

I spoke softly into his ear.  “You love having a strong Man hold you in his arms, don't you?” I asked.

“Yes, Daddy, I do.”

“A Man who will be your Daddy; who will protect you and love you.”

“Yes ,Daddy.  That's what I want.  You're what I want, Daddy”

“And you will give yourself to me to fuck and to fill with my seed anytime I want.”

“Yes I will.”

“Who is your Man, Boy?”

“You are, Daddy.  You are my Man.  And I am your faggot-boy.”



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