I missed Marc terribly and looked forward to our phone conversations. I wanted to tell him how I felt and how much I loved him but I was scared of rejection if he didn't feel the same way towards me.

I knew I had to get over him somehow and returned to going to my favorite bar on weekends. One Saturday night I ran into Jim and Tony, lovers and some of my closest friends.

After a few minutes of conversation Jim looked at me and said, "Mike, what's going on? You're just not the same since we last saw you."

I took a deep breath and told them about Marc and how we met.

"You fell in love, didn't you?" Tony stated.

"Yes, I did.

We talked and a few minutes later a hot stud came up to the table. He was muscular, good looking and had long wavy blond hair down to his shoulders. They introduced him as Rick, another friend of theirs.

Rick and I hit it off and he invited me to his house. I went and the sex was unbelievable. When he sucked my cock, he knew just how to send shock waves through my body. And when he fucked me, it was like I was floating on a cloud.

We began seeing each other fairly regularly but my feelings for Marc remained strong and I still looked forward to his calls.

Time went by and Rick and I continued to see each other and after a few months the calls from Marc became less and less. I was devastated yet I still loved him dearly.

Then one Saturday night afer we left the bar, Rick drove to the marina at the lake. When he parked, he turned to me and said, "Mike, can we talk?"

My heart raced and I knew what was coming as I said "Sure."

"Mike, these last few months since I met you have been the best ever. I'd be honored if you would be my lover."

"Rick, I'm honored that you ask me, but I can't accept. There is someone from my past that I still love. I care for you as a dear friend and the sex is awesome, but I still love him. I'm sorry."

"I understand but I hope we can still hook up from time to time."

"Sure," I replied.

Being the gentleman he was he leaned over and kissed me gently then asked, "Would you like me to take you home?"

"Please," I replied.

Rick and I continued to see each other but not as frequent. And when we saw each other at the bar we continued our friendship.

Then, about a month later, I had just arrived home from work on a Friday afternoon, when the buzzer on the gate sounded. Pressing the intercom button, I said, "Yes?"

"I have a delivery for a Mike Rivers."

"From who?" I asked.

"Don't know, sir. I just deliver."

"Okay, come on in."

I pressed the button to open the gate and a moment later walked to the front porch. A second later, I saw a cab emerge from the woods, making it's way along the circular drive. I wondered why a cab would be making a package delivery.

The windows were darkly tinted as he pulled up to a stop at the base of the steps. Standing up on the porch, I waited as he came around and opened the rear passenger door.

I saw one leg come out, covered in camo material. Then another. Then, I suddenly saw his face and his huge beautiful smile.

Marc stepped out, and as he began climbing the steps, I lost it and ran down the steps to meet him part way. As the cab driver removed his luggage from the car, I grabbed Marc and wrapped my arms around him and kissed him passionately, completely forgetting the cab driver was watching and not caring.

When we separated, Marc turned to pay the driver, who said, "It seems someone is glad to see you."

"I think so, too. How much do I owe you?"

"Twenty five, sir."

I watched as Marc handed him two twenties and told him to keep the change. "Thanks for your help," Marc said.

We headed inside and once there, we tossed his bags aside and kissed again. After the kiss, I looked into his eyes and said, "Would you like o retire to the bedroom?"

"I thought you'd never ask," he replied.

We hurried to the bedroom and quickly stripped. After more kissing, we were soon in a hot passionate sixty-nine. We took our time sucking each others cocks, totally making love, not just having sex. Eventually, we both climaxed and I immediately remembered how sweet and delicious his cum tasted.

Back in the den, both nude, with a cold beer, I asked, "How long can you stay?"

"Baby, I'm out. I'm a free man."

"Why the camo?"

"Travel discounts."

"I see and like I said before, how long can you stay?"

"As long as you want me," he replied

"I thought you were getting your PI license?"

"I am."

"Okay, fill me in," I said. "You stopped calling. Why?"

"Toward the end, I was studying like hell for my license exam. I should have called and explained. Then, when I got out I took and passed the exam, but all I could think about was how I missed you. I packed up and came here. Now I have to study for my state license here."

"I was scared you had forgotten about me."

"Never!" he exclaimed.

I kissed him again and said, "Well, you're going to live here if you want to."

"I do. I was hoping you'd offer, because the rest of my things should be arriving on Monday."

We unpacked his things and dressed and went to dinner, then to the bar. I introduced him to Jim and Tony and Jim said, "So this is the mysterious Marine. We've heard a lot about you."

We had a great evening and they invited us to their place the following weekend for dinner.

Once back home and nude, Marc came up to me and said, "I need you deep in me. Nobody can fuck like you can."

We immediately got in bed and seconds later I was fucking his his ass slow and lovingly as he moaned with pleasure.

Once I has filled his ass with my load, he kissed me and told me how bad he needed it.

"Didn't you have sex during those last few months?" I asked.

"I won't lie to you. Yes I did but none compared to you."

"I did also a he even asked me to be my lover but I thought of you and turned him down."



"I'm honored," he replied.

All weekend we had sex. Then during the week, while I was at the office or in court, Marc stayed home and studied. When I got home, dinner was ready and delicious.

On Saturday, as we drove to Jim and Tony's for dinner he suddenly asked, "Would you object or be jealous if they wanted sex?"

"No, because they would be jealous of me for what I'm taking home with me," I said with a smile. "Why don't you suggest it?"

"Why don't we both suggest it."

After dinner we brought up the subject and before long we were a nude and making out. It was hot to see Marc sucking Tony while Jim fucked his ass.

We all did each other before we headed home at daylight.

A few weekends later, we were at the bar and I ran into Rick and introduced him to Marc.

"So, is he the stud you turned me down for? If so, he's one lucky guy."

"I just smiled and remained silent as Marc looked at me.

Marc soon passed his exam and became a licensed PI.

"Now I need to get some clients," he said.

"No problem. I have an empty office in my suite and you can use it. As you build up your own clientele, you can work with me on some of my cases."

He quickly agreed and I soon had him out spying on cheating husbands.

A few months went by and one Friday as we ate dinner with Jim and Tony, Marc took my left hand at the table and said, "Baby, right here in front of our friends, I'm professing my love for you and asking you to be mine for life. Will you accept?"

"Hell yes I accept. I've loved you since your visit after your brother's wedding."

We kissed passionately and Jim and Tony insisted that we meet them at the bar the next night for a party. We did and it was wild.

We began our life together with matching rings and it was super.

A few months later, Marc got a call from his brother. It seems that the marriage didn't work out and he was wanting to visit Marc.

"Greg, I'd love to see you but there is something you need to know."

"Fill me in."

You remember the guy I said I met on the way to your wedding?"

"Yea, why?"

"Well, he is gay also and when I got out I came back to see him and got my license here and we're now lovers."

"Bro, congratulations. I hope yours last longer than mine did. I'd like to meet him."

"I'd like you to," Marc said and gave him our address.

"I should be there by Thursday if that's okay?"

"Sure. We'll be looking forward to seeing you."

Greg arrived Thursday afternoon late and when he saw Marc he hugged him tightly. He did the same to me when Marc introduced us. Greg called me his brother-in-law.

Later, after dinner as e sat by the pool with a beer, Marc asked Greg what happened.

"You probably won't believe me anyway, but I'll tell you."

"Try me," Marc replied.

"For a couple of months after the wedding, I kept remembering what happened after the bachelor party."

He looked at me then at Marc, who said, He knows."

"Okay. Well I was becoming more and more curious. I found a gym that catered to gays and soon found out that sex went on in the steam room. I began joining in, getting sucked or fucking others. Then I decided to go further and started sucking in return. I found I enjoyed it. After a while, I started letting guys fuck me. Soon, I couldn't wait to get off work so I could go to the gym and suck and get fucked. I finally told Pam I wanted a divorce because I realized I wasn't ready to settle down. She agreed and we're still friends."

"Greg, you're really gay?"

"Yep and to be honest, I'd love to return to you the pleasure you gave to me. And to Mike."

"We'll see," Marc said.

We went out to dinner and returned home. We asked Greg if he'd like to go for a swim. He said yes and Marc told him we always swam nude. He was all for it.

We swam for a while and Greg was hot and built but not as nice as Marc. After a while, Marc sat on the edge of the pool while Greg and I stayed in the water next to his legs, all sipping our beers. As Marc tipped his back, Greg quicky went down and began sucking Marc's cock.

"Oh Fuck! I can't believe this is happening," he said.

Greg soon brought Marc to a roaring climax and after swallowing his brothers hot load, he looked at me and said "Your turn now, please."

Marc smiled and nodded as I jumped up onto the side and sat next to him. Greg swallowed my already hard cock and as he sucked me Marc said, "I never thought I'd ever see my brother sucking another guys cock. It's so fucking hot."

That night, we invited Greg to share our bed and before going to sleep I sucked Greg as Marc fucked his ass then I fucked Greg as Marc watched.

Saturday night, we took Greg to the bar and ran into Rick, inviting him to join us. Greg went home with Rick and they saw each other several times while Greg visited.

It was so hot watching Marc and Greg have sex together, being that they were bothers.

Greg returned home and two months later called and said he had received a transfer to his company's office here and as moving in a week. he said he was going to share the house with Rick.

Two months later they announced that they also had become lovers. Occasionally, the four of us would have a four way and it was always hot.

Our business is doing good and between my clients and his private clients, Marc is being kept busy. I just hate that lots of his work is at night, but I often go with him and we have sex in the car while watching cheating husbands or wives.

Our love gets stronger every day!!!!



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