As we began to prepare dinner together, we were standing side by side, talking. I don't remember what he said, but I turned to look at him and when I did, I saw him looking into my eyes. Our gaze locked together and we slowly began moving toward each other.

Closer and closer our faces got, when suddenly he ever so gently pressed his lips to mine. After a short moment, we parted, again looking into each others eyes. This time I moved toward him,and soon felt electrical shock waves pass through my body as his thick chest hair brush against my smooth chest and our semi hard cocks rubbed together.

Our lips met again, and this time our tongues were soon exploring the inside of each others mouth. After a hot passionate kiss, we parted and when we did, Marc smiled and said, "We better get dinner prepared."

"Yes, we should, but I think desert will be better."

"I'm sure it will be," he replied.

We finished dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. As we finished, I took his hand in mine and led him to my bedroom. We were both ready for 'desert'.

We were soon laying side by side as we began kissing and exploring each others body with out hands.

Soon, Marc began kissing and licking his way down my body as I moaned softly in pleasure. He began working on my cock, sucking me lovingly, before later moving on to my balls, then to my ass where he gave me the best rim job I had ever experienced.

After a few moments I stopped him and puled him back up beside me where e again kissed passionately. I then began servicing him as he had done me. Both his cock and his ass were delicious.

Before long, he began to change positions and seconds later we were engaged in a hot sixty-nine, hungrily devouring each others cock. Soon, only seconds apart, our cocks erupted feeding each other our huge built up loads. We each eagerly accepted the sweet thick creamy load fed to us and after swallowing, we again kissed for several moments.

We cuddled together in silence for a while before he softly said, "Damn, am I gad you picked me up."

"So am I. I'm just glad I saw you in time."

We kissed and cuddled for a while in silence when both our cocks began to stiffen again. He reached down and began stroking mine ad said, "I want that up my ass."

"Gladly," I replied, "then I want yours up mine."

Smiling, he said, "What ever you want."

Seconds later I had my cock buried in Marc's ass and was fucking him wildly as he moaned in pleasure. It didn't take me long to reach my climax and I convulsed as I filled his hot tight ass.

I slowly pulled out and rolled onto my back and raised my legs waiting for his entry and the pleasure of having him deposit his load up me. He didn't keep me waiting and was soon fucking me with his fantastic cock. After filling me with his hot thick load, we showered together before returning to bed. Cuddled together, we ere soon asleep.

The next morning I awoke to find his hot et mouth gently sucking on my morning wood. Soon, I filled his mouth and before he could swallow, I said, "Kiss me!"

He did and we shared my load. Then I sucked him and as he filled my mouth, he said, "Share it with me."

I did and it was awesome. We headed for the kitchen to start pot of coffee and as we did, he asked, "Mike, do you ever eat your own load when you jerk off?"

"I have when I jerk off to hot porn which is often. Ho about you?"

"Hell yea! I eat it every time I jerk off regardless of where I'm at. Cum is too precious to waste."

"I can't argue that," I replied.

As we sat pool side drinking our coffee, we began finding out about each other. I told Marc that I was a civil attorney. He asked when I realized that I was gay and I said in my junior year of high school.

"How did it happen?"

"I was on the football team," I began, "and went in after classes to ask my coach a question. I thought everyone was gone but when I got to his office I found him, the assistant coach, and the team quarterback, all naked and coach and the quarterback in a sixty-nine and the assistant coach fucking the quarterback."

"Holy shit! What happened?"

"They jumped up scared shitless then coach noticed the boner in my jeans and told me to come over to him. Before I knew it, he had my jeans down and was sucking me while the assistant coach began eating my ass. The quarterback began kissing me and soon he had his cock in my mouth. I enjoyed seeing guys naked and looking at their cocks and had wondered what it would be like to have sex with another male. We al got together regularly after that. What about you?"

"I had jerked off with some buds in school but nothing else. I knew I enjoyed watching them shoot their loads. Then, after I joined the Marines, I was in boot camp and had gone to the showers. It was late and soon the drill sergeant came in nude and took the shower right next to me. I noticed that he kept looking over at my cock and before long I started getting hard."

"What did he say?"

"Nothing right then, but he started getting boned also. We showered, both totally boned and afterward he began stroking his cock, telling me to join him if I wanted to. I did and after a moment he suggested we dry off and go to his room. We did and once there we started stroking again then he suddenly reached out and began stroking mine. As he did he took my hand and put it on his cock. Then after a few minutes, we lay down on his bed n basically a sixty-nine position and he began sucking my cock. I loved it and was curious. I soon started sucking him and he rest is history. We sucked every night and soon started fucking each other. He sure made boot camp fun. I was assigned to the military police and sent to a base on the east coast. One day my supervisor called me into his office. As I stood waiting to see what he wanted, he came up and began groping me and said my former DI had called him and told him I was hot. We had sex and he introduced me to orgies."

"All fellow Marines?"

"Mostly, however at times there were civilians involved."

"You still in the Marines?"

"Yea, but I get out in just over five months. I've been taking online courses to become a private investigator when I get out."

"I see," I said then asked if his brother knew he was gay and he said yes but totally accepted it.

I soon got quiet and he asked what was wrong.

"I hate he idea of you having to leave today," I replied.

He lifted my face to look at him and said, "Who says I have to leave today?"

Looking into his eyes, I asked, "What?"

"Rick has no idea that I'm arriving early, so I can stay here until Monday morning if you really want me to."

"Fuck yea, I want you to," I replied, jumping up and kissing him.

We stayed nude the entire weekend having sex several times day. On Sunday, I asked if he would be interested in a three way.

"Only if he is as hot as you," he replied.

"Well, he's a couple of years older, extremely well built, good looking and has just over eight beautiful inches."

"That's all I needed to hear. Does he like to shove it up guys asses?"

"Oh, yea and love others up him, especially two at a time."

"Holy fuck! He likes to be double fucked?"

"He loves it."

"Get him over here."

I made my call and set it up, telling my friend to come straight from work.

At shortly after five the doorbell rang. Marc and I were still nude and I went to the door. Marc stayed in the den and when my friend and I walked in, Marc nearly shit.

I introduced Marc to Clay and said, "Yes, he really is a state cop."

"Mother fuck," Marc said. "I've dreamed of sucking a cop while he was in uniform."

"Here's your chance," Clay said before tongue kissing Marc.

Marc quickly dropped to his knees and while Clay and I kissed, Marc extracted Clay's cock from his uniform pants. Soon, Clay moaned and I knew his cock was buried down Marc's throat.

After Marc took and swallowed Clay's load, Clay stripped then sucked Mark then me.

We visited a while before Marc said he wanted Clay's cock up his ass. Moments later, Clay had eight and a half hard thick inches buried in his ass. He moaned continuously in pleasure. Soon, Clay filled his ass with a hot thick load.

After pulling out, Clay looked at me and said, "Now, you know what I want."

I had Marc lay on his back and as he did, Clay sat on his cock. After a moment, Clay leaned forward and I got into position between Marc's legs and began inserting my cock into Clay's ass with Marc's.

"Fuck! This is awesome," Marc said.

Before long, Marc and I both climaxed up Clay's ass as Clay said how much he was enjoying it.

"It's been a while since I had two studs up me at the same time. Thanks. It was super hot."

We watched at Clay dressed and Marc asked if he was sure he had to go.

"Oh yea. If I'm too late, my wife will be calling to see where I'm at."

"Fuck! You're married? Does she know anything?"

"Yes, I'm married and no she doesn't know I love sex with guys."

Clay left and later Marc and I had a hot sixty- nine before eventually fucking each other before going to sleep.

Monday morning we had another sixty-nine before I dropped him off at the truck stop.

"May I stop on my way back through?" he asked.

"You damn well better," I replied, before driving off.

We talked almost daily and just over a week later there was a knock on my door. It was Marc.

I let him in and after a long hot passionate kiss, I asked how long he could stay.

"A couple of days, then I have to get back to base."

"Let's make the best of it," I said escorting him to the bedroom.

After a hot sixty-nine I asked how his visit with his brother went.

"Much better that I ever expected."


"The night before his bachelor party he and I went drinking. He got pretty wasted and I made him stay with me in my hotel room. I had one king bed and he was my brother. During the night, he woke me up and said he was horny and asked me to give him a blow job. I tried to refuse but he begged me and said he wanted to see what it was like. I gave in and blew him."

"Did he remember it the next morning?"

"Oh, yea. He said it was awesome and asked if he could fuck me. I let him and while I was on my back and he was pounding my hole he tongue kissed me. I loved it and later that afternoon I asked if he wanted to do either again and he quickly said no. He said that although it was enjoyable, he just wanted to see what it was like and had no plans to do it again."

"His loss," I said.

Marc and I had wild passionate sex while he was there and I was extremely depressed when it was time for him to leave.

"I'll call," he promised.

I dropped him off at the bus station and drove home with tears in my eyes. I realized that I had fallen in love with him.

TO BE CONTINUED............



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