We turned and looked into eachothers eyes. We held out gaze, as if frozed in time.

As we lookend into each others eyes I saw something. I wasn't sure if he was wanting me to kiss him or daring me to. I decided to take the gamble.

I leaned forward slowly, as did he, and our lips met softly. I pulled back slightly and again looked into his face. He smiled slightly and I went in for another kiss.

This time, however, when our lips met, I parted mine and offered my tongue. He immediately responded and parted his lips, offering his tongue. Our kiss turned passionate as our free hands began to explore each others bodies, soon finding each others hard cock.

The kiss lasted longer than I expected but when it did, without saying a word, Luke quickly flipped around and we were instantly in a hot sixty-nine. As if starving, we hungrily sucked each others cocks working for our reward.

We both climaxed only seconds apart and after we both swallowed, Luke returned to laying beside me and we kissed again.

When we seperated, he looked at me and said, 'I've wanted to do this ever since I picked you up, but I wasn't quite sure if you'd be into it, but I thought you might be since you had no problem with sharing a bed nude.'

'Luke, I felt the same way when I climbed up and found you nude. I felt you might play.'

'Well, in a way I'm glad the AC went out and we had a chance to be nude and discuss the situation.'

'Luke, I have a confession.'


'When I got in the back to take a nap, I felt the truck swerve. I peeked out and watched you roll on a rubber and jerk off.'

'I didn't want you to see dried cum on the floor or on my legs,' he replied. 'Now, can I asked you a question?'

He sat up and looked at me and asked, 'Did your dad find out about you and kick you out?'


'What happened?'

'Dad had called me saying he wouldn't be home until about nine. I decided to call one of my buds from the school football team to come over. We were in a sixty-nine hen dad came in. His meeting had been cancelled. He started screaming, calling me all kind of names. While he sarted hitting me, my bud slipped on his shorts and beat it out the back door.'

'The bastard! Did you hit back?'

'No, but I should have.'

'Well, why California?'

I told him what I'd been told about being in porn and what I'd planned to do to get revenge.

'Brad, I hae to see a damn nice young man like you get into porn. We can think of some other way, I'm sure.'

We kissed some more and later as we lay cuddled, Luke said, 'Brad, I want you deep in me. Fuck me, please.'

I smiled as he pulled his legs up. I soon entered him and began fucking him as he moaned and said how great it felt. After climaxing, I slowly pulled out and said, 'Now, you have to fuck me.'

He did and he was fantastic. Somehow, he knew just how I liked it.

After a shower together and a second sixy-nine later, we went to sleep cuddled in each others arms. We slept late the next morning and after giving each other a blow job, first me sucking him then him sucking me we went to breakfast.

Shortly after we returned to the room the dealer called saying the truck was ready and the van was on the way to pick us up.

Luke settled up with the dealer and we returned to the road.

'Luke, what made you stop and pick me up?'

'I have no idea. Usually the only time I pick up a guy is if they are in the military. There was just something about you that I liked and trusted.'

'Well, I'm glad you did. You're awesome.'

'Me or the sex?'

'You. The sex is just an added benefit.'

He looked at me and smiled. Once we were on the open road, I slipped into the space between our seats and got on my knees.

'You're not,' he said.

'Oh yes I am,' I replied as I reached over and opened his pants and pulled out his cock. I began sucking it slowly and lovingly. After about fifteen minutes he said he was close. I finished him off and after swallowing, I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.

'Damn it, Brad, you keep that up and we're going to end up in the ditch. Now I want you but I can't have it unless I stop.'

'It's here whenever you want it,' I replied.

An hour later e approached a rest area and he pulled in saying, 'Get in the back and drop'em.'

I did and he came back and sucked me dry. After a passionate kiss we went in, pissed ad returned to the road.

That night and the following night, after we stopped, ate and showered in the truck stop showers, we had m\hot passionae sex in his sleeper; sucking, fucking, rimming and kissing.

The following morning, our last morning together, he said, 'We should be in Vegas about noon.'

'I know and I hate it. These last few days have been the best of my life.'

'Mine too. But I have an idea.'

'What is it?'

'I'll tell you later, after we unload and I make a phone call.'

I wondered what he was up to.

We made our delivery and with an empty trailer, we went to a truck stop. We went in and ordered lunch. After placing our order and eating, Luke said, 'You stay here or go to the game room. I have a call to make.'

I went to the game room, checking out the younger drivers in the lounge and game room. About twenty minutes later, Luke returned saying, 'Come on. Let's go.'

'Where? I thought you said you'd get a load out of here and be on your way.'

'Things have changed,' he said, then leaning close to my ear he said, 'now get your hot ass back up in the truck.'

I looked at him curoiusly and he smiled, saying, 'I'll fill you in once we get on he road.

We climbed into he rig and he went into the sleeper tellingme to follow. I did and after closing the privacy curtains we kissed and had a sixty-nine. After servicing each other we redressed and hit the road, headig toward LA.

'Now, will you tell me what the fuck is going on?'

'You'll get your revenge the way you want but I won't let you get tied up with any porn studios.'

'Will you please tell me what's going on?'

'Brad, as I told you I'm my own boss. I'm taking a few days off. I have a close friend in LA that is a professional photographer. He does weddings and such as well as nude shots for guys to show to the studios. He agreed to make a movie of me and you for you to use for your revenge. We've got a plot worked out. He will be ith us and d the filming then make us al the DVD's we want.'

'Nice, but I still need a job after thats over.'

'You have one. Drivers frequently hire local guys, called lumpers, to unload their trucks. They hire guys at each delivery stop. You will be my lumper. But the difference is that you will ride with me and be my employee. I'll pay you a salary for your work. We wil still be together.'

'Fuck, Luke, are you serious?'

'Yes, I am. I know we just met but I care a lot for you and about you. I want to protect you.'

'That's great but what happens if either you or I find someone we want to have sex ith?'

'We have sex with them. We can work out a code to use if either of us wants to use the sleeper, or we can go to the other guys rig if they're a trucker.'

'Fuck, I'm not believing his. I care for you to. You've been so good to me, I can never repay you.'

'Yes you can by staying out of the porn business.'

'Deal,' I replied.

That night we arrived in LA and Luke dropped the trailer ad e went to a motel. He called his friend and had him meet us to go over the plot for our movie.

He arrived and Luke answered the door.

'Clay, I want you to meet the star of our movie. This is Brad.'

We shook hands nd Clay said, 'You lucky fucking bastard. He's one of the hottest studs I've seen in a long time.'

'Wait till you see him nude,'Luke said, nodding at me. I began stripping as Luke and I had planned before Clay arrived.

I did a slow strip and when I dropped my shorts and kicked them aside, Clay's eye's grew large and he exclaimed, 'Holy shit! I want some of that.'

Luke had told me hat Clay was totally gay and was hot in bed. I slowly walked over to Clay and said, 'What's stopping you?'

Clay looked from me to Luke. Luke smiled and nodded and Clay began sripping as did Luke.

Clay dropped to his knees and took my semi-erect cock into his mouth as he began removing his own shirt. He eagerly sucked me to a climax.

Afterward, he finished sripping and as I sucked Clay, Luke fucked him.

Afterward, Clay filled us in on his idea for a plot.

'I'll be riding in the truck with Luke with my camera and you will be hitchhiking. Luke will pick you up and you two just paly it by ear from there. You can have sex in the sleeper first then Luke will suggest you get a motel room and come back here for the finish. I'd suggest a lot of kissing and sucking in the truck then do anything and everything here.'

'How about tomorrow morning?' Luke asked.

'Fine with me,' Clay answered. 'You two can plan your acivities tonight. But after it's over, I want some action.'

'Clay,' I began, 'you do this for me and you get anything you want.'

'Nice. I'm sure it will be the best payday of my life.'

'How long will it take to get the DVD's?' I asked.

'With making the introduction and title and credits, I would say three days max. How many copies do you want?'

I added it up and said, 'Two dozen should do it. One for each of us and he rest for me to distribute.'

'What name you want to use?'

'My real one. Bradley Long, Jr.'

'Okay,' he said. 'Luke, you will be Matt Walker.'

We took Clay to dinner and returned to the motel. We refrained from any more sex that night in order to be ready for the next day.

The next morning, Clay knocked on our door at eight, movie camera in hand.

'You two ready?' he asked.

'Yep,' we replied.

I used Luke's small bag as mine for the shoot. We drove out the highway and they dropped me off. I began walking back into town. I soon heard the rig approach and held out my thumb. Clay was filming me through the windshield. I climbed in and Luke pulled out. Our conversation soon turned to sex and hen it did I reached over and rubbed Luke's crotch. Soon, I had my head in his lap sucking him. He pulled into a rest area and we got in the sleeper and kissd and made out then sucked each other one at time then had a sixty nine. Luke suggested we get a room.

We returned to the motel and went into the room and began undressing each other. I had told Clay to make sure he got plenty of shots of my face. Luke and I rimmed, kissed, sucked and fucked. There were breaks to let us recharge then we were at it again. the video ended with us pretending to go to sleep, cuddled in each others arms.

'You two were fantastic. If this was to be sole, it would be a hit, believe me. I can't wait to get it finished and see it. I'll be in touch with a copy and let you see it and make aure it's what you want before I make the rest of the copies.'

As promised, I gave myself to Clay for what ever he wanted. He fucked me, sucked me, and had me suck him. He was totally satisfied with what he called his fee.

the next two days, Luke and I did some sightseeing, finding a nude gay beach, and then in San Diego, found a Marine and Navy Ensign to have sex with, but not together.

Clay called and said he had the initial DVD ready for our preview.

It was very professional. It began with an opening saying 'Independant Studios present The Hitchhiker staring Matt Walker and introducing Bradley Long, Jr. the hottest new star in years.'

With our names was our picture, mine remaining on the screen longer. The action began and we watched it all the way through. It was perfect and I told Clay so. 'Make the copies. It's perfect and you have plenty of great shots of my face ucking rimming and showing the enjoymnt when Luke fucked me.'

'I'll have them tomorrow.'

That night we ate at the truck stop and I ran into a twenty-six year old married driver at the urinal in the restroom. He invited me to his rig.

As we walked out I passed Luke saying I'd be back later. He smiled and said 'Have fun.'

'Who was that?' the driver asked.

'My boss. I ride with him as his lumper.'

'He knows what you're doing?'

'Oh yea. He's into it also.'

'Damn nice. I wish I could find one to ride with me, but I don't think the wife would want me bringing him home with me on my time off.'

'Does she know anything?'

'Not a thing. What I do on the road is my business.'

We got to his rig and after stripping we made out and kissed then sucked each other. After a break we fucked each other.

As I returned to the truck stop, I saw Luke climbing down out of another rig. Seeing me he smiled. I knew that he had scored also.

The next morning Clay delivered the twenty-four DVD's in professional looking cases.

Luke found a large delivery going about a hundred miles back east of my home town where dad lived.

We headed out and Luke pushed it so when we got to my home town we could lay over a couple of days.

I bought bubble envelopes and addressed them, and used Luke's computer to write la letter to enclose in them.

In the ones I sent to dad's friends and boss, I wrote: 'Dad is so proud of my new job he wanted me to make sure you got a copy of my first film. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as dad does'.

In dad's I wrote: 'Dad, please watch this movie all the way through. When you kicked me out I heard you say you hoped your friends never found out about me. Well, guess what. All your close friends including your boss received a copy of this movie along with he attached note. Enjoy your popularity.'

I mailed them all express mail.

When we arrived in town, I called dad and asked if he liked he movie. With Luke listening in, he heard my dad again call me names and say he'd never be able to look any of them in the face again.

'Dad, if you could have accepted me for who I am, none of this would have happened and no one else would have known. Think about it. You have my number if you ever want to talk.'

I hung up and looked at Luke. 'Let's get on the road. We have a deivery to make.'

We headed out and made our delivery a day early. Over the next six months we traveled to or through nearly all of the lower forty-eight states.

Then, as we headed out of Protland, Oregon, Luke looked a me and said, 'Baby, I love you.'


'I said I love you. I've fallen deeply in love with you. You mean everything to me. I couldn't go on if you ever left me.'

'Fuck, Luke, I have no intentions of ever leaving you. I love you too but didn't know how to tell you. I didn't know how you felt.'

'Well, now you do. Will you be my life partner?'

'Of course I will. I'd love nothing better.'

It as agreed that Luke would teach me to drive the rig and when I reached twenty-one I'd apply for my CDL license. He changed the name of the 'company' to 'L & B Trucking', making me a partner.

I got my CDL license at twenty-one and six months later I got a call from a lawyer. My dad had passed away. I was the only next of kin. We parked the rig and flew home. The lawyer met us at the airport and assisted in the funeral plans.

After the funeral, we met with him and he handed me an envelope. In it was a letter from dad apologizing for how he had treated me and saying he loved me, and that he was leaving everything he owned to me.

I had the lawyer liquidate everything except hi stocks and with it Luke and I expanded our business. We hired office staff and Luke and I remained on the road. I took online accouning courses while on he road and we'd make unannounced visits to the office and at night I'd audit the books.

That was eight years ago and Luke and I are still driving and are happier than ever. I really feel I owe my happiness to my dad for kicking me out.






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