Every few days, I go on-line and check out the newspaper from my hometown to see what's been going on. One day, I saw a notice that my high school was having their twenty year reunion and were needing addresses of former students. I sent an e-mail and within days I had a response giving the date and cost.

I signed up and paid for my ticket. As the time drew closer, I wondered if my former best friend would be attending.

Cory Baker and I went to middle school and high school together and had become best friends. as I thought back, my mind drifted back to school days..........

Cory was always more athletic than I was but we were still close. Near the end of our junior year of high school, we became even closer.

Cory was one of the schools top football players and was liked by all. We went on many double dates together, and often drove out to a secluded spot and would fuck our dates side by side on a blanket.

During our younger years, we had built a 'fort' in the woods behind our homes and it was where we would go to talk about what buddies talk about.

One Saturday just as the summer began, Cory called me and said, "Meet me at the fort. Man have I got something to show you."

I dressed and headed into the woods and soon arrived at our fort. There was Cory with several magazines on the ground. They were hardcore porn magazines and I wondered where he had gotten them.

When I asked, he said, "Last night my parents went out and I went out front to sneak a smoke. I was in the shadows when Mr. Walker came out. he was acting real funny, looking around and all. He had something in his hands and after looking around, he dropped them in his garbage can. I went over to see what it was and found these. They are getting ready to move so I figure he didn't want his wife to find these."

Looking at the covers, there was one straight porn magazine, one lesbian magazine, and three bi-magazines showing two men with one woman.

As we looked at the magazines, Cory talked about how horny he was and suddenly dropped his pants and began jerking off. It wasn't long before I did the same. That was the start of our fun.

Over the summer, we met often at the fort and would jerk off. after a while we began jerking each other. Then one day as we were stroking each other and looking at one of the bi magazines where one guy was fucking the woman while sucking the other guy, Cory said, "I wonder what it's like to suck a guys cock?"

"I have no idea," I replied.

"Mark, you willing to try it and us do each other?"

"Fuck, man, are you serious?"

"Yea. Just see what it's like."

I agreed and we sucked each other to a climax, quickly spitting out the load. This began happening on a regular basis. I can't remember just how it happened, but we began kissing. One thing led to another and before long we were not only kissing and sucking but we were swallowing and fucking each other in the ass.

During our senior year, when we dated, if we didn't get any sex from our dates, we didn't mind. After we took them home we'd go out and have sex together. By graduation we were having sex three to four times a week.

After graduation, I got the shock of my life when Cory announced that he was joining the Marines. He left for boot camp and returned home before reporting for his first assignment. During his stay at home, we had sex once at a local motel.

While he was in the Marines, we somehow lost contact with each other. I was anxious to see him again and wondered if he still enjoyed male sex.

I came back to reality and found my cock rock hard from my memories. There was only one thing to do.

Since Graduation, I had gone to college and became a CPA, got married then divorced. I was only thirty seven and enjoying life. I wondered abut Cory.

The date for the reunion arrived and I drove back home and checked into the motel. The young desk clerk caught my eye and on several occasions he licked his lips. I noticed that it appeared that he had a growing bulge in his pants.

"I grew up here as a kid and graduated high school. I've been gone a while and would like to find out what's been going on since I left. If you can, when you get off come by my room and we can chat."

He smiled and said that he wasn't supposed to go to guest rooms but he would this time but it would be just after eleven that night. I said that was fine.

He was in his early twenties and working at the motel while going to college.

He arrived just after eleven and I answered the door in just a pair of boxers. I noticed his eyes scan my body from head to toes, pausing at the open fly of my boxers.

I let him in and we began talking and after a while I began to get a boner. It wasn't long before the head of my cock eased through the opening of my boxers. He couldn't take his eyes off it as I said, "He wants to be free. You mind if I get rid of these shorts?"

"Not at all," he said.

As I removed my boxers, I said, "Feel free to join me."

Seconds later, he began removing his clothes and was soon as naked as I was. his nice long cock was also hard as stone. It wasn't long before we were in each others arms, kissing and fondling each other.

After a hot sixty-nine and later fucking each other, he left and I slipped into bed.

The next day I drove around town before returning to the motel to get ready for the dinner and dance.

Upon arrival, we checked in and got our name badge. I asked if Cory had responded and was told he had but hadn't arrived.

About forty-five minutes later, as I sat at the bar, a voice behind me said, "I was told someone was looking for me."

I turned to see Cory smiling at me. I jumped up and gave him a hug as he hugged me back.

"Damn, it's good to see you again. I've wondered what happened to you," I said.

"Mark, it's good to see you also and I've wondered about you."

He ordered a beer and we found a spot to sit and talk for a few minutes.

I told him he still looked as good as he did in high school. He smiled and said that he had developed his build in the Marines and after serving one enlistment he decided to get out and go to school. he said he kept working out regularly. I found out that during college he married and after four years got divorced.

"Man, you sound like me. I was married five years. I'm happier now than I was when I was married. There just wasn't any love there."

"I know what you mean," he replied.

We had dinner and stayed for the dance for a while but later he said, "I'm ready to get out of here."

"So am I. Why don't we take off and get a six pack and go to my motel room where it's quiet."

"Sounds like a winner," he said.

I told him where I was staying and he said he's stop for the beer and meet me there.

A short while later we were in my room, me still wearing my slacks and him in his slacks and his shirt half unbuttoned showing his muscular hairy chest.

After the Marines, he said he went to college and got a degree in structural engineering, and now owned his own construction company.

"Cory, did you ever do what we used to do after you joined the Marines?"

He smiled a moment then said, "Yea, but I had to be so fucking careful. I couldn't afford to be kicked out for having male sex. But after I married I stopped."

"I continued in college some but stopped during my married years."

Looking at me, he said, "Mark, I've really thought about you a lot. You're still my best friend."

I walked over to him and said, "You will always be my best friend." I leaned down and pressed my lips to his.

Suddenly, he parted his lips and offered his tongue as he stood and held me close. Slipping my hand into his shirt, I began to play with his nipples, remembering how he used to love that.

Then, in a flash, he lifted me and carried me to my bed. We lay together and made out and moments later began to undress each other. Before long, we were in one of the hottest sixty-nines I've ever had.

Cory spent the night with me and the next morning, we fucked each other like animals. It was so great to be with him again.

Afterward, as we lay in bed, his phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he sat the phone back down and said, "It's a guy I've been with twice over the last few weeks. He's pushing me to move in with him but he's just not for me. I keep telling him I'm not interested but he won't stop calling."

It turned out that Cory and I only lived about two hours from each other. We vowed to keep in touch and visit each other.

the following weekend was the start of us spending every weekend together. Either he'd visit me or I'd visit him.

Then, one weekend, he said he had an offer for me. It seemed that his bookkeeper was retiring and he needed someone to take his place and wondered if I'd be interested.

"You can still do your CPA work on the side," he said.

I asked if I could think it over and he said yes.

The following weekend when we met I accepted his offer. he smiled and grabbed me and kissed me passionately, asking "Will you move in with me?"

"Until I can find a place of my own, yea."

"Well, I think it would be best if my lover lived in the same house as I do," he replied.


"Mark, I want you to be my lover. I've cared for you since high school, but never realized that I truly loved you until the reunion."

"Cory, yes I'll be you lover. Nothing could make me happier. And I dare that other guy to make a pass at you. If he does, his ass is mine and he won't like what I do with it."

"Wow! Settle down. He already knows he can't get to first base with me."

I moved in with Cory a our life so wonderful. We love each other so much.




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