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Sophomore year is finally here! Hopefully i won't have to be soph-no-more! (corny i know!)

The long summer is over, it's time for school to resume. I went shopping days before for my "entrance" into my high school gymnasium. This is where my entire high school body met until the sound of the first period bell. 

As I approached the gym doors, I inhaled deeply and proceeded to walk in. While looking around for a "familiar face", I spotted John. Damn, was he fine! Those long grueling practices really did favor him.  When I realized I was staring at him, and a smirk crossed his lips, I shook my head a little and continued to look for one familiar face. It was nowhere to be found. 

There was one person I could always seem to find! My beautiful, loud mouth friend, Tiffany. She was standing and yelling for me to see her in the bleachers. I smiled at her and began my way up the stairs (bleachers). As I hugged my friend, who I had just seen two days prior, I happened to look over her shoulder. There it was -  the familiar face I was looking for! 

"Justin" I moaned aloud.

"What?!" Tiffany uttered curiously.

I was too busy staring at Justin to answer her, all the while still embracing her in a hug. 

Then, it happened! Justin winked at me, and I melted! Smiling from ear to ear, I let go of my confused friend and sat down on the uncomfortable bleachers. 

Moments later, the bell rang, and I was not too eager to get up. I wanted to be behind Justin...just to watch that magnificent bubble booty, bounce as he walked.

"Let's go Niles!" Tiffany said to me.

"What's the rush, I don't want to be in a stampede?!" Just as I said that, Justin came walking by. I began grinning and hopped up from the bleachers.

Tiffany now getting that something is up says, "What was THAT about?" 

I shyly answered, "what?"

"Oh Niles don't play with me, I saw you! What is going on?!" Tiffany exclaimed.

"would you keep it down, I'm not trying to start anything!" I said.

"Well it looks to me like it's already been started, just needs some finishing touches!" she fired back, laughing.

"ha! Shut up, and get out of the way! You're messing up my view!" I yelled.

"Huh! I need details now!" she said.

"There is nothing to tell!" I said annoyed.

"okay, but let me find out from someone other than you, and I'm going to be the one smacking you on the back of your head!" she rolled her eyes, and went into her first period class.


I was hall monitor first period. While on "patrol" I heard a classroom door open behind me. I kept my position in walking forward. I AM NOT a nosey person! 

"psst...hey stranger" the voice said.

Normally I wouldn't answer to this type of behavior, but I had a feeling of who this was, or so I thought.

"I know you are not psst'n at me, J-J-John?!?!" I said surprisingly!

"I'm sorry, I was just... well...I don't know...sorry." John said.

"Don't sweat it. How are you? What are you doing in the hallway?!" I said.

"I'm working in the office this period, I was just dropping something off with Mr. Williams." he said.

"oh ok, well I'll see you around, I have to patrol the gym, and make sure no one is acting inappropriately." I said.

"Yeah, it can get rough out never know who could be kissing and feeling up a dick!" he said coyly.

"I guess I better get out there then, I wouldn't want anyone to be caught drooling over a little  dickplay." I said abruptly.

John smirked, and followed behind me.

As I turned to say anything smart ass, i noticed him staring at my ass. I turned back around, and said "see something you like?"

"What, man naw! Ain't nobody looking at you!" he yelled.

"Sure...but the office is that way." I said pointing. 

"I know where it is jackass! I was going to the gym too, to see"

As he was talking, I reached down and pulled my sweats up, making the fabric go in between my two globes. This caused John to be flustered.

"I'm sorry, what was that?!" I said turning to see his face.

John was licking and biting his lips like a mad man! I knew I had him right were I wanted him...AGAIN!!!

As he started to speak again, I cut him off, and said, "I wonder if anyone is in the weight room?"

To my pleasant surprise, John said "let's check it out. " 

I looked back, smirked, and said, "you may need a towel..."

He said nothing, just smirked.

I entered the weight room first, with John following me. I heard a click after the door closed and turned around to see what it was.

John locked the door! I was so turned on, but tried not to let him know. "What do you think you're doing?!" I said.

"I was nervous last time, but not now." he said.

"J-John, don't start anything that you can't finish!" I said.

"Oh, I'll just get over here and start!" 

With that, I rushed to him pushing him against the door, and tongue kissing him wildly. My hands, mouth and body was all over his. I could tell he was taken aback so I gave him a little direction. I took his hands from his side, and placed them inside the waistband of my sweats. There he found a smooth round ass and red thong. As Johns hands went to work on my ass, I slipped my hands into his pants and starting probing with his amazing member. The more I played the more it grew. I stopped kissing and looked into his eyes, with a look of amazement. I couldn't believe what i was feeling! It had to be 11 inches... and did i mention thick?!!!! He then smiled, while searching for my asshole with two fingers. I pushed back on them, and shuddered to this mixed feeling of pain and pleasure. Yes, I am still a virgin, but I've had practice....candles, bananas, zucchini. (when you're horny, you're horny!) Yes, practice didn't prepare me for what layed in my hands.

As Johns moans started to grow and his awesome member started to leak precum, I slowly began to kneel, and do of good service to the swollen piece. It looked amazing! I began to tease and kiss from the base to the tip...stopping at the slit for a little tongue action. This sent John over the moon! He started shivering and said, "Damn Niles, just suck it already!"

With that, I did...first the head...John was going crazy! I began working on the rest of his piece, with little discomfort. I didn't only have anal practice, but oral too. (with some things other than veggies and decor...haha...but that's a later story!)

I then began to take his entire dick into my mouth and throat. I have built up a strong gag reflex, just from the daily chore of brushing my teeth. John was in heaven as his hands tugged on my ears as I deep throated his dick. His balls began to tighten, and I knew he was close. 

I began sucking furiously! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! 



"Damn, you suck a mean dick!"


"Mmmmmmmm...fuck yeah! "


"I'm about to cum man" John screamed.


"Oh shit, here it comes!" he yelled.

I then deepthroated his dick and took all of his seed down my throat, not wasting any!

I moaned and hummed, holding his dick in my mouth. John was barely standing. As I let his piece plop out of my mouth, I cleaned it with my tongue.

John couldn't speak, I couldn't speak, neither one of us knew what the other one was thinking. Me in particular...was he going to zip up and walk out and never look at me again? Was he going to laugh at me? Was he going to tell all of his buddies? I was so horny and still at a lost for words. Then the second period bell rang..."saved by the bell" I thought! 

I pulled my sweats back over my round bubble butt and proceeded to the door. But not before John said, "where are you going...I haven't finished?"

There is a God, I thought. I smiled and started to kiss him passionately. I stopped and said, "well you'll have to wait then."

"Dayum, ill be waiting at your car after school!" he said.

"Okay get your self together and get to class!" I said.

Unlocking the door and stepping out into the gym hallway, I was stopped dead in my tracks! It was Justin!!

 "Hey! Where are you coming from? I didn't know you lifted weights?" he said.

Before I could answer, John came out of the weight room, adjusting himself in his jeans. 

"Hey man! Something came up tonight, can we go out tomorrow night instead?" John said.

"Y-y-yeah...I guess so...what the fuck happened in ONE class period?!" Justin said curiously and angrily.

It was clear as to WHAT had just happened. But, I couldn't muster up the energy to say anything, nor walk away! 

There I was speechless, horny and weak as hell as the two boys I was falling for, were trading looks to each other. You could've knocked me over with a feather! That's the feeling I had. 

To be continued-don't forget to comment and let me know what you think!



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