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It's been a rough year, but without further ado...


Standing here in the midst of getting "caught" by Justin, my new conquest, I was beginning to feel a lot of different emotions.

One being anxious about my 'follow up appointment' with John, and two, nervous about where this leaves Justin and I.

Ughhhhhhhhhh! Please let this blow over...I have to be more careful!!!  I thought to myself.

Back to where we left off......


There I was speechless, horny and weak as hell, as the two guys I was falling for were trading looks at each other. You could've knocked me over with a feather! That's the feeling I had. 

"Why are you looking at me like that Jus?" John said with a smirk on his face.

"Whatever man, just let me know when you are free." Justin said sharply and began walking away.

I looked around to see Tiffany standing in ears and eyes reach of this sticky situation. 

Thank God! I thought as I walked up to her.

She gave me the once-over and said "You sure were in there a long time!"

My first thought was ''what?!'' Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!!! SHE SAW ME GO IN THE WEIGHT ROOM!!!!

"Niles, what is going on?!" she asked.

"I-I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"What do you mean you don't know?! A blind person could see what's going on here! You need to come clean! TALK TO MEEE!!!" She pleaded.

Ughhhhhhh!!! Just a little dickplay! I said smirking.

Oh my God! Dickplay?! How long has this been going on!? She asked eagerly.

Other than a kiss, this was all that ever happened. I don't know what's wrong with me! I'm falling for the both of them! I explained.

Well from the looks of it, it's about to get messy...Niles, they're friends, be careful. She said as we walked in our 2nd period class. 

As I walked into Biology II being taught by Mr. Williams, I avoided ALL eyes and focused on my seat. Once I got there, I looked around to see Justin staring at me. Once he realized he was staring he looked away. Mr. Williams rambled on about something, as Tiffany started grilling me.

"What happened in there?!" Tiffany asked.

"Uhhh...just a little game of lollipop." I responded.

We both laughed...quietly to ourselves, but loudly to others!

"Niles and Tiffany, see me after class" Mr. Williams said.

"Awe shit" We mumbled under our breath.

At the same moment John and Justin were giving me a knowing look, as they could probably guess what we were laughing about.

After class Mr. Williams dismissed everyone except me.

"What about her" I said pointing at Tiffany.

"She was just laughing at your joke. How about you tell me so I can laugh too." 

Tiffany closes the door behind her, and we were left alone. Mr. Williams took notice and made a few steps to lock the classroom door. 

Mr Williams was a smooth light skin brotha, with hazel eyes and full juicy pink lips.  He was fresh out of college at 24 years young, and was the shit, in my opinion. We had built up quite a rapport in past years. Thanks to him, I've learned how to "suck a mean dick", in the words of John. 

As he walked towards me, he started to ask about my earlier joke with Tiffany. I shut him up by sucking on his earlobe and neck. This was his free period, so I went to work. I sat him on the edge of his large mahogany desk and knelt down in front of him. I couldn't help but notice his already swollen piece through his ill fitting khakis! (his clothes were always too big) I unzipped and pulled out one of the most perfect penises in the world! Sitting at full attention, his 8.5in smooth meaty dick was ready to enter my blowhole. (It was like it had never been touched! It was the prettiest dick I've seen to this day!) As usual I began to tease his golden dick. Starting with the base and kissing/licking to the tip. Then circling the head with my tongue before devouring his member with my wet mouth.

Ahhhhhh shit....yes, fuck yea...were the sounds coming from my naughty teacher. 

The harder i sucked, the more he grabbed my head and started face fucking me. This was a normal thing for us. In the science lab with my fine ass teacher. Life was golden, at this moment. 

"Damn, you're better than my wife."

I let his dick plop out my mouth, and got up off my knees. I stepped back, and this caused Mr. Williams to come down from his high. 

Woa, why'd you stop?! He asked. Was it the comment about the Mrs.?!

I said yes. You always say that my blow game is better than your wife. I don't know how I should feel....

I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't say that. He said.

Oh, its fine...That kind of talk really turns me on. I said smirking.

I pulled him up from his desk, and I took his previous position. However, I laid down and rested my head at the edge of his desk. Mr. Williams knew exactly what this meant. 

You little slut, he said.

Mmm hmm...fuck my face Mr. Williams. 

He responded by burying his piece of man meat in my open hole. I tightened my lips and started sucking him like a hoover. Man this man drives me wild. Maybe I can get him to teach me how to take a dick? I thought. Ahhh, maybe John will put on his teachers hat tonight. The thought of this took me to a place of euphoria. 

Mr. Williams pushed forward...his dickhead  popped into my throat. As he held it there, I performed a little "head" massage by swallowing repeatedly. This sent Mr. Williams over the wall! He began grunting and shaking and I knew he wouldn't be able to hold out too much longer. I swallowed and moaned on his dick, which sent vibrations through his piece.

Fuuuuck, I'm cumming babe. He said.

The word babe threw me off, and I began to choke on his amazing cum load. He had never called me that before! I sat up, grabbed tissues from his desk and started to clean my face. I went to a sink in the back of the room and washed my face. All the while thinking what was that about?

As I walked back to the front of the class to grab my belongings, Mr. Williams came up and planted a kiss on me, while grabbing on my ass and pulling me in closer to him.

I pulled away and looked into his eyes. "What was that about?" I said.

You are fucking awesome babe.....

OMG, there it is again!

I can't help but to imagine what your ass feels like. Maybe one day I'll get to find out??? He asked.

I was in shock. This is the man that was too straight to go all the way , but now he's kissing me, and calling me babe! This tells me something different. I was speechless. 

The bell rang, and I came out of my trance. I grabbed my stuff and jetted out the classroom. 

All I could think about was "3 guys". I now have to worry about 3 guys! Great!, just fucking great!! I said.

As I approached my locker, Tiffany was standing there waiting on me. 

Umm, where were you last period? Both of your boys were in there, so I know you weren't with them. 

I just needed to clear my head. I said.

Well it doesn't look clear Niles. I told Mrs. Sobel that you were sick so she marked you excused. 

Thanks Tiff. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to be exposed to the school, I don't want to expose them, but I want them both soooo bad!

Tiffany looked at me and said, I've never seen you like this before. Dare I say that you are in LOVE with two guys? 

Love is a powerful word, but I def am in strong like. I said. Oh there's Justin. I'll catch up with you later Tiff. 

'Wait up!" I yelled to Justin as I rushed towards him. 

Justin turned around and kept walking. 

Really? I said. You didn't hear me back there? 

Oh, were you talking to me? Didn't know if John was around. He said.

Well, would you look at this...he's jealous! I thought to myself smirking. 

I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I wanted to ask if you have plans tomorrow night after the dance. 

Umm, I don't know. Depends on if any honeys are there for me to mack on. He said.

Rolling my eyes, I said. Well, my parents are out of town this weekend, and I was wondering if you would like to come over afterwards. I can order some pizza and we could play some video games. 

I'll let you know. He said dryly. With that we walked into our next class. 

I sat in my 4th period class contemplating on my sexual desires. What should I do? John plays with my head way too much, but I really like him. Justin is so sexy though.  Well, so is John. But Justin feels like high-school hubby material. And is Mr. Williams falling for me? I am not trying to compete with his wife, but damn he is fine! 1st period-gave John a bj in the weight room. 3rd period gave Mr. Williams a bj in the science lab. NOW i'm sitting here and Justin is staring me down (but not in a good way). What to do, what to do?

Ring, ring, ring! Finally, it was lunch time! I had to get out of here for a bit and clear my head! I walked...practically ran to my car. I clicked unlock, hopped into my car and sped off. Letting my sunroof back, I enjoyed the sounds of Usher coming from my CD player. I stopped at the local gas station that had a Subway inside of it. I ordered a turkey sub and sat down by a window near the back to eat. As I ate my sub and looked out the window, I saw the town slut making out with some guy in the back of the parking lot. There's Sheena, doing her daily chores, I thought. Laughing to myself. My laughter was cut short because I could tell the guy looked familiar, but I couldn't make out the face because  of her dark tinted windows. As i watched this display, she disappeared into the guys lap. She was obviously doing a poor job bc the guy bucked forward and pushed her off of him. Then, it happened. I saw his face. It was John. I was disgusted. Sheena was the biggest slut to ever exist! She had slept with several football players over the years, and if rumors were true she let the entire basketball team run a train on her. (For those unfamiliar, a train is like an orgy, but there's only one person being used). I couldn't believe my eyes, and to top things off, I think John saw me looking! I gathered up my things in a hurry, to get out of there! As I was getting in my car, John came running towards me. 

Niles, wait up! 

Ugh, WHAT John! 

Woa, what's wrong with you?! He said. 

Nothing. What do you want? I said. 

Well, what's up? John said rather suggestively and with a smirk. We don't have to be back for another 30 minutes. 

(Calm Niles, don't let him see you sweat- is what I was thinking)

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! (yea, so much for being calm) What, was that slut Sheena not doing it for ya? She should be an expert with all the practice she's getting around here. I cant believe you right now! Go away, just go away John!

Wait, wait, I don't have a way back to school! I rode with that bitch out here, she got mad when I pushed her off of me and told me to get out! Can I PLEASE ride back with you. 

Fine, but don't open your mouth to me!  I don't want to talk to you! 

We drove back to school in utter silence, that is until I felt him staring at me. 

WHAT?! Get out of my face! 

You are really mad, aren't you? 

Fuck yea! I can't believe you would lay with her! She's the biggest whore ever! 

Umm this coming from the guy who seduced me this morning and gave me the best head of my life?!

I pulled over to the side of the road. I KNOW you are not calling calling me a ho?! I don't get trains ran on me! I don't lay up with just ANYBODY! I AM NOT A HO! 

Maybe not, but you are freaky as shit! Sheena was gagging and chomping on my dick like a mad woman...and not in a good wayI she was gnawing at it like gristle on a chicken bone! I thought she would've been better and freed me of whatever this thing is that has me so into you. 

I don't know whether to slap you, kick you out on side of the road, or kiss you! Why must you play games with me John? I'm really starting to feel you, so if I'm just a good dick sucker to you, I rather cut my losses now.

Are you listening to me? I just said I was into you! 

Well, being in the car with that ho, sure fooled me! 

How about this? John said as he leaned over and kissed me. 

I tried to fight it, but he kept pulling me in. Closer and closer. My hands started to explore his body. First, i caressed his head, and worked my way down to his adult male pecs. (no high school kid was built like John. Hell, he was more built than Mr. Williams!) His abs were so defined, I felt like I could climb them. Shit, this boy has body! At last, my hand found his prime member. It was already rock hard and full mast. I swear it got harder and bigger the more I jacked it. 

Mmmm babe. Let's skip school and go to my house. I need to teach that ass of yours a lesson for yelling at me! John said kneading my ass. 

Ha! Conceited much? What makes you think, you are getting some ass?! 

This...he said as he popped a finger in my asshole.

"Ooooaaahhh!!! I want you so bad!" I can't believe I just said that aloud! 

He started grinning. "So, what was your question? What makes me think what?" 

Kiss my ass! I said laughing. With that I got out of my car and went around to the passenger side. 

What are you doing?! We are in the middle of everything! Not here! Let's go to my house!

Relax John!  I'm letting you drive. Take me wherever you think is best. I'm all yours. I said.

He got out of the car smirking and smacked me on the ass. Damn, I can't wait to get in that ass! 

To be continued....

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