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Let's get back to where we left off.


"I've been wanting to do this for so long. Are you ready?" He asked.

"More than ever...please be gentle." I added and kissed him back.

Justin lined up his amazing meat with my hole and pushed forward. We both sighed at the intrusion. Justin leaned down to kiss me again and continued filling my ass with his man meat. When he hit rock bottom, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck and started meeting his downward thrusts. Justin fucked me in this position for an hour. Slow and steady. Then speedy and precise. He was driving me wild! He lifted my legs higher and layed down on top of me...balls deep. John was bigger, but it didn't feel like this! He was so deep inside of me, I couldn't make a sound or speak! My mouth and eyes were bound open with amazement. There can't be anything better than this! Justin then sped up his movement and changed his tactics. He was long dicking me, with my legs behind my head! Heaven on earth! I saw stars and then it all went black....


When I came back from a place of euphoria, I realized that I had one hell of orgasm and subsequently passed out for a minute.

My ears and eyes were now focusing back on Justin. His face and voice were covered in worry.

"SHIT! ARE YOU OKAY?! NILES! NILES?! Are you okay?! Can you hear me?! Answer me! NILES!" He yelled out.

"Mmmmmm" I moaned back as I realized his amazing member was still buried deep in my ass. I clamped my sphincter tighter and began grinding and swiveling my hips up onto him.

"Fuck, you are hot! You passed out, came back and went right back to fucking!" He said in humor and disbelief.

"Shut up and fuck me! Take me wherever you just took me a minute ago!" I said.

He did just that. When I tell you he fucked the living daylights out of me, I mean just that! After several hours, umpteen different positions, blowjobs and orgasms, we finally fell asleep. I woke up the next morning laying in the spooning position and immediately felt a familiar sensation. Justin never pulled out last night. I couldn't help but notice, that he had morning wood! So I went to work twisting, grinding and clenching my ass for round 10ish. Surely it wouldn't take long after the night we had. (Wishful thinking?!)

"Mmmmm...Good Morning to you too Niley..." He said as he started meeting my thrusts and kissing my neck.

I pushed back hard and held it there pushing further and further until he was on his back, and I on top of him. I rode his dick for all that it was worth...and then some! Occasionally I would turn and read his facial expressions after looking at his curling toes. He was going CRAZY!!! (Boom like an like a figure 8...boom baby, boom baby, BOOM!!! I sang to myself, mimicking the song in movement.) I turned to face him and finished him off to completion. We both finished together, while his hands were pressed firmly on my hips to keep me planted on his piece.

"You are fucking amazing!" I managed to get out before collapsing onto the bed, still in his arms.

"SHIT, I think imma have to keep you! You're a nympho!" He said smirking.

"All for you..." I said gently massaging his dick.

He slapped my ass and said, "Easy tiger, we have all weekend."

"It was so good! Fucking fantastic, I don't want to let it go!" I said.

He moved his hand from cupping my ass and stuck two fingers in my slick quivering hole.

"You are full of my cum!" He said proudly.

"If it were possible, I would most definitely be pregnant right now!" I said as I pushed back on his fingers.

I grabbed his dick and told him "I'm hungry!"

"Yo...chill! You're going to kill my lil man!" He yelled laughing.

"There is nothing little about your man....but, I meant I'm really hungry. Let's get cleaned up and go get something to eat." I suggested.

"Ok cool. Let's shower together...but no monkey business until AFTER we eat!" He said.

"I'll try, but I can't make any promises!" I said winking.

We got up, showered without any serious monkey business and headed to the local diner.

The entire ride over, I was so filled with joy. Just two days ago, a part of my heart was broken and now my heart is filled with happiness. I leaned over and kissed him on his cheek. I wanted this to last forever.

"What was that for?" He asked.

"Just for being you..." I said.

"I'm pretty dope, huh?!" He said with a silly grin on his face.

"Way to ruin the mood, conceited!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Haha...forget you! I'm not conceited!" He said.

"Could've fooled me..." I said coyly.

"Whatever NILEY, we're here!" Justin said.

Ugh! I hated that nickname, but he insisted on calling me that. As we walked in the diner, an unsettling feeling came over me, and it must've shown on my face.

"What? Do you not want to eat here?" He asked.

"Nah, it's cool, I just feel weird all of a sudden. I guess my morning sickness is kicking in already." I managed to say with a poker face.

"Ha! You are out of control!" He howled, which caused the previously preoccupied host to look up from his chart, do a double take at Justin and ask "How many?" with a smile.

"Three" Justin responded.

I looked at him weird and asked if we were expecting someone else.

"No, we're all here" he said rubbing my stomach.

My eyes bucked and I playfully punched him in the shoulder. The host looked confused and amused at the same time. Then he winked and asked if Justin remembered him. My head spun around so fast to catch his reaction, my neck could've snapped into two pieces.

"You look familiar, but I can't put my finger on it." He answered.

"That's too bad..." He said on the sly.

What the fuck?! Was my immediate reaction! I will whoop his bitch ass! Am I not standing right here? This butch queen is pushing up on my man! But, wait is he my man. Are we out?! I'll just keep my cool for now.

He mumbled something under his breath. I knew he said it loud enough just for Justin to hear as he sat us at our table,

"Huh?" Justin asked looking directly at me and then back at the host.

"Enjoy man" he said as he winked at Justin AGAIN and walked away, leaving us in our seats.

This bitch is TRYING me! I rolled my eyes at him, and then looked back at Justin only to find a smirk cross his face.

"I think he was flirting with me, and I think you think the same!" He said laughing.

"Don't joke with me about some disrespectful hoe!" I said and jumped up headed to the bathroom behind us.

I don't know why he ticked me off so much, but he did. I walked up to the urinal and started to relieve myself. I guess in the midst of being royally fucked last night, I hadn't taken the proper time to pee. My eyes closed at the longing sense of relief. The bathroom door opens, and to my sudden surprise, I could feel a presence pressed firmly against my back and ass. I turned to see Justin's face covered with lust.

"Justin, get the f---" was all I managed to get out.

"Shut the fuck up!" He snarled quietly, yet sternly in my ear.

I was shocked! At that moment, Justin pushed my pants to the ground, and started unzipping his jeans. He spit into his hand and lathered up my asshole. I was so scared yet turned on, so I didn't protest at all. Having sex in public and possibly getting caught has always been a secret fantasy of mine. Justin spat again, this time he covered his dick in his saliva. He then lined up his cock with my ass, and entered me completely in one quick motion. All I could do was moan, grunt and bite my bottom lip. I turned away from the urinal and leaned all the way down, spreading my legs wide and grabbing my ankles in the process. Justin grabbed my waist, and started slamming into me, holding onto me to keep me in place.

"You still jealous of that dude out there?" He asked me in the midst of his strokes.

"Mmmmm...fuck no! If he could see me now, he'd be the jealous one!"

Justin slammed into me harder and harder, keeping up a steady rhythm and sound. Hell, the entire diner is going to be in here, any minute. The sounds were echoing from the bathroom like a foghorn!

"Ooooo yeahhh....that' me JOHN!!!"

No sooner than it left my mouth, that I realized I called out the wrong name. Maybe he didn't notice? Then I noticed he stopped his fucking, and pulled out. I tried to act like I didn't know what had just happened (which in retrospect, probably made it worse).

"Why'd you stop?! What's wrong?! Babe?!"

He zipped up, and walked out the door never looking my way and leaving me there with my pants around my ankles. I hurriedly picked them back up, and ran out behind him. (Who thinks about washing their hands at a time like this?)

As, I exited the bathroom, and ran after Justin, I saw the host passing him something on his way out the door. I stopped and gave him the once over. This bitch just can't wait for his chance! Oh right, focus Niles, focus.

"Justin...WAIT!" I yelled to his car pulling out of the parking lot.

I can't believe he just left me! I mean seriously! I didn't mean it! It's not like I was thinking about John or anything! It just slipped out! I mean it was just a few days ago! Let's be realistic here for a moment!

I dug my phone out of my pocket and dialed '1' for Tiffany.

"What up boo?!" She answered.

"Please come get me from this fucking diner, up by the interstate." I pleaded.

"Be right there...hold tight." Tiffany said as she hung up the phone.

Just like Tiff to not even ask any questions. I sat on one of the benches out front, and less than five minutes later, my bestie was pulling up.

"I can't get a read. You look freshly fucked, yet you're in my car. What's going on?" She asked pulling out the parking lot.

I filled her in, and surprisingly she was silent for a change. That only lasted ten seconds, and then a roar of laughter exploded from her lungs.

"You yelled out another dudes name?! Haaaaahahahahaha!" She went on and on. "Be glad you didn't get roughed up! That is a huge blow to anyone's ego!"

"Shit, I wish he would! I mean c''s not like I'm calling a name from ten years ago! It was just a few days ago when I was calling out John's name. I totally get that killed the mood, I even get him being upset, but leaving me there spent, like I'm some street trash. Not acceptable!"

"Yea, leaving you is kind of fucked up! Do you want me to take you over to his house?"

"Hell no, I'll see his ass at school."

"That's only going to make it worse. You should go over later on, at least." She said as she pulled into my driveway.

"Alright, I'll think about it. Thank you for picking me up! Love ya....mean it!" I said about to give her a peck on the cheek. She held up her hand as if she would slap me.

"How many times do I have to tell you?! Don't be kissing me after you have sex!"

"Whatever...I'll talk to you later!"

"Bye, CALL ME!"

I walked in my house and immediately removed my sheets to wash them, and tidied up around the house. This weekend was supposed to be filled with sex and it was cut short with a slip of the tongue. What was I thinking? I couldn't stay mad at him, hell I would've been mad too! However, he was going to pay for leaving me at the diner. I got myself together, called Justin and to no avail. I'll just go over to his house, I thought. Off I went. We didn't live too far from each other.

I pulled up in his driveway and saw a car that I didn't immediately recognize. Just great, he had company, ugh! Well, I at least have to show my face, I thought, as I walked up to the front door. As I approached the door, I heard familiar sounds. They sounded like sex sounds! I walked over to the living room window and almost passed out. There was Justin laying on the living room floor being rode by another dude! I had a million things running through my mind, and the strongest of those thoughts was to find out who it was, servicing his dick. I looked closer and saw a side profile! It was that bitch from the diner! Steam was escaping my ears, and all I saw was red. I went over to the front doormat, and flipped it up to find a spare house key. (I've never done this before, but people always put their spares under the mat or under a potted plant.) I turned the lock and was standing in the living room with a flash.

"What the fuck is this Justin? You sorry piece of shit!!!"

"WOA!!! How'd you get in here?!"

"Through the wall motherfucker! Now. what. the. HELL. is. going. on. here?!"

The "host" was trying to cozy up to Justin while giving me the evil eye. Justin kept pushing him off and tried to explain his actions to me.

"Wait, Bae I'm sorry....I never meant for this to happen...I was just mad at you I guess....You hurt me." The ramblings went on and on.

He talked a lot, but all I heard was "fool" playing over and over in my head. First, John, now Justin! Tears started welling up in my eyes. I have got to get out of here before I lose it in front of him!

I stormed out, still holding the spare key. I made sure to carve a nice piece of artwork in the side of the hosts Ford Explorer. You know, a bumper to bumper deception plan!

I skidded off in tears, only to pull over on the side of the road to gain some composure. As I sat there balling, for what seemed like 30 mins, I heard a knock on my door. I wiped my eyes looking up to see none other than Mr. Williams. At that moment, I looked up to the sky and said seriously?! The man upstairs has a wicked sense of humor!

I roll down my window, and my teacher said, "My wife is out if town, my kids are with my in laws, and I live 5 mins from here...follow me." With that he turned and walked back to his car. He pulled around, and I took off behind him, like a puppet.

As I pulled up to his beautiful modest home, he motioned for me to pull in the garage and closed it after I pulled in. That was smart I thought. No one needs to see my car parked outside of his house!

Mr. Williams grabbed my hand and led me to his living room. "Wait here, I'll be right back." He said. He returned carrying a small pan of warm water, a face towel and some lotion.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Wash the tears away from your face." He responded.

I smiled and proceeded to wash my face, spread some lotion and thanked him.

"So, I'm not one to pry, but what's going on with you? I don't like to see you so hurt." He said.

I filled him in on everything. I always thought of Mr. Williams as more of a friend than teacher anyway.

He leaned over, kissed me and said "thank you for sharing with me, I know it's hard being open about your love life. You're safe here. I will order some take out Chinese and we can talk. You can even spend the night if you'd like."

"Really you're trying to get some at a time like this?" I said.

"NOOO! I said we could talk! I just don't want you to be alone! You need someone to be with you, to hold you. I can do that without seducing you!" He responded.

"MmmHmm...let's just see how the night goes!" I rolled my eyes, thinking this man knows exactly what to say.

Hanging out with Mr. Williams turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. He was a perfect gentleman. We ate, laughed and talked all night. I lost track of time and when I looked at the clock, it was 4am! I jumped up to go home, and he begged me to stay.

"Fine, but I'm not sleeping anywhere near you!" I said.

"Ha! Ok that's fine! You can take my bed and I'll take the couch."

Mr. Williams showed me to his room, and I was overtaken with weirdness. Am I supposed to sleep in the same bed, he shares with his wife? I can't do this!

"This is nice, but I will never be able to sleep in here. This is your wife's bed....this is her house."

"Well the kids room has toddler beds. I don't think 'that body' will be comfortable on those either. What if I sleep in here with you? Will that make you more at ease?" He asked with a smirk.

"Hell no, it would not! You might as well just fuck me here and now, because that'll be what will happen if we sleep together."

"Oh really?" He said with his smile turning more and more mischievous, as he moved closer to me.

"Please, stop! I don't know your wife, but this is just not cool."

"Why do you care so much? Whether I fuck you here or on my classroom desk, you're still being disrespectful! C'mon I want you. I'll show you how a real man should treat you."

"I'M being disrespectful?! Fuck you! It's YOUR wife, not mine! I'm being disrespectful, ha! I can't believe you said that!" I said walking away, looking for my shoes.

"Babe, wait I'm sorry. That didn't come out right. You can't leave, it's after four, and there's nothing in these streets but trouble this time of night. I would never forgive myself if something happened to you. You take the couch, I'll take the bed."


"Cool, it's settled." Mr. Williams them went into his linen closet, pulled out some towels and gave them to me. Along with a new toothbrush.

"Here you go. The bathroom is just through there. Feel free to freshen up before you go to bed. Oh, you'll need something to change into." he said looking at my jeans. He passed me some shorts.

I went into the bathroom, showered and prepared for bed. While, I was in there the visual of John fucking someone else started to overtake my brain. I began to cry a bit. Pulling myself together, I found some of his wife's lotion and put it on all over my body. As, I lotioned up, I began to think about how good Mr. Williams had been to me. I slipped on his loose jersey shorts, that were a size too small for me. Had I not know otherwise, I would swear he had this all planned out. I looked in the mirror, and I knew that tonight Mr. Williams and I were going to go the extra mile.

I stepped out the bathroom, to a dim candlelit bedroom. I glanced over at Mr. Williams lying seductively in his marital bed.

"Please, sleep with me. I promise I won't bite...unless you ask me too!" He said.

"You are full of it! So, what's with the candles?"

"Niles, you are the first guy I've ever been attracted to. Other than my childhood friend, you're the only guy that I've been intimate with. I never knew I could feel this way, and I want more. Lay with me, sleep with me babe!"

After the situation earlier with Justin, I didn't need much more convincing. I pulled the covers back and got into the bed. No sooner than I was lukewarm under the comforter, Mr. Williams was all over me. Biting, nibbling, licking me from head to toe. Oh, Victoria Secret sure does know how to make some intoxicating smells!

"Damn, what are you wearing? You smell good enough to eat!"

"Some lotion I found in your wife's stuff. I hope you don't mind."

"Fuck no. She never smells like this when she wears it!"

"I guess it goes with my body chemistry!"

I push him over on his back, and planted my ass on his throbbing tool. I leaned down and introduced my tongue to the back of his throat. Then, my tongue met his ear and didn't stop until he was reacquainted with his old friend. (Pretty dick! I think that's what I'll call him!) Mr. Williams moans turned animalistic as my head game progressed. I buried his piece over and over again until he couldn't take anymore.

"Okay, okay...Fuck! Hold up, you're going to make me nut!"

"Give it to me, I want your babies in my mouth!"

He forcefully slammed me on my back, pinned my arms above my head, and moved in between my legs, causing them to raise higher in the bed.

"Maybe later, but right now, I want them in your ass. I'm going to show you just how bad I've wanted this ass!"

"Mmmm, show me daddy!" I responded grinding my ass into his dick.

This was all he needed. Mr. Williams lined up his pecker (haha) to my asshole, and started penetrating me ever so slowly. Once he bottomed out, he held his position and intertwined our tongues and fingers. He started to slowly swivel his hips and thrust in and out of my channel. Removing almost all of him, and then slamming all the way back into me. He shifted in between these positions as I got lost within myself. I've had two other lovers and this man was definitely the best. He was making love to me! I now see his baby making moves in full swing!

Ohhhhh...shit! Yeaaaaaa...right there! Give me all you got Daddy! WHY DID I SAY THAT!

He twisted my body to where I was still laying on my back, but my ass was sideways. He lifted his right leg and put it on the side of my face!

At first, I was like what the fuck is this shit, but the moment he started hammering away at my ass, I forgot I was being dominated. (Or just forgot to care!) We flipped and flopped, he gave me some love slaps on the face and ass, filled my mouth with a finger or two, all the while doing physical assault on my ass. We finished on our sides in a spooning position, filling me to the brim with his cream.

"I feel you shooting in me! Don't pull out! I want to lay like this forever!"

I pushed back impaling myself on him, he moved closer making sure not to leave out a single centimeter. He nibbled on my neck and said "I think I love, fuck think! I know I do!"

"Ha!" I said exhausted. "You love this ass!"

"No, babe I love you!"

"Okay, I love you too...." I said putting my thumb in my mouth and falling asleep.

To be continued....



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