It all started about 8 years ago when Justin transferred to my high school. I was a freshman who was involved in everything except sports-which I took a lot of heat for, being 6'5" and 236 lbs. I was a good looking, black guy with the perfect footballer physique. Justin, on the other hand, was of a different breed. Carmelized onion complexion, but only stood 5'10". He had a swimmers build, with the bubble butt of a heavyweight champion!!!

I remember the first day I laid eyes on him. Here I am, sitting in my 1st period class, staring at my fine ass Biology teacher (but, that's another story)!

In walks my principal with a new student that took my breath away! She introduced him as Justin, an added that he was originally from here and remembers some of his old classmates. Some of the other guys began to recognize him from the past, while passing handshakes and greetings. The girls were grinning from ear to ear. I on the other hand was too fixated on him to even speak, let alone smile, or to even move my foot out of the aisle, as he made his way to his seat. I tried to compose myself. Everyone suspected me to be gay, but I never gave them any proof. I remained speculated by many, and only known by ONE *.

The ONE* that I am referring to was my first high school crush. I will refer to him as "John" When he came around, my entire body quivered. John was the young, up and coming basketball player. I always had attractive girls around me, and of course "straight" guys used me to get to them, often! John was that guy, claiming to be interested in my best friend, but I knew otherwise. Just his behavior around me, how sensual his tone an mannerisms were around me. I knew he was feeling me, but I couldn't become the target in high school. If he wanted me, he had to come get it! And boy did I make it obvious! I decide to give him a taste! One time he bit the bait, and i reeled him in! We were changing for P.E. Class as we did everyday. I always took a long time to avoid showing my bulge to the other guys. That day, I was transfixed on John, he wasn't wearing any underwear. I think he wanted to be last one in the locker room...yea, not happening. I put my back to him and began stripping. I wore a sexy underwear was a jockstrap. I bent all the way over, arching my back, exposing my always lubed virgin asshole. As I slowly turned around, John was in awe. I walked up to him and planted the wettest kiss possible on his luscious lips, while grabbing his dick. Then I grabbed my gym shorts and ran onto the gym floor. All of the time in class, he was sooo confused and flustered! I loved it! This story to be continued!


Anywho, back to the story.

Justin fit into the high school scene perfectly! He was the guy the girls wanted to fuck, and the guys wanted to be. I was with the girls on this one! My high school was in a small rural town that was poverty stricken. Other than me, Justin was the only other sophomore who had a car, and drove to school. One day we were both walking to our cars, and I began to "chit chatting" with him.

"How'd you enjoy your first week back, Justin...right?" I said.

"it's been good to see everyone, and that everything is still the same. I seem just to fit in..." he said jokingly.

"A perfect fit," I said under my breath.

He looked back, and asked "what did you say?"

I acted like I didn't hear him and asked, " big plans for tonight?"

He responded, "whatever you're doing".

I nearly fell down! " you mean", I said.

He smiled, jumped into his Firebird and took off, leaving me standing there in pure heat, rock hard.

All night, I thought about how to deal with this in the days to come.

The next day, I arrived to school early to avoid running into him by accident, and having another embarrassing moment! I stood outside of my 1st period class and waited for the bell to ring. The bell rang, and I ran into my class, sat at my assigned desk and opened my book.

Mr. Williams, spoke and said, "well good morning to you too! A little eager today are we?!"

I didn't even look up, I just said "I'm trying to be a better student!"

As I said this the rest of my class began to walk in. Including John and Justin TOGETHER! John and I never embarked on anything else than our locker room kiss. I just saw it as a failed attempt. He loved his basketball popularity too much to become to attached to me. Or so I thought.....

As the class went on, I couldn't even get Justin to look at me.  However, John had no problem staring me down.  This scared me!!!  I just knew that the lost and found buddies were hitting it off and probably talking about me.  I began to think of an alternative plan, what to say to either of them, if anything.  I decided, it is what it is.  I'll just deny it! The next bell rang, and I gathered my things to go to my next class.  While I walked to my locker, I can hear footsteps close behind me.  I opened my locker, placed my Biology book in, pulling out my Algebra 2 book, and felt a slap against my head.  Not hard, just a pat.  I turned around to see who it was, and it was Justin.  He smiled and kept walking.  I didn't know what to think! As the day(s) and weeks to come went on, Justin would slap the back of my head in passing to his classes.  He could play it off as him being "macho" around the speculated "queer."  However, I enjoyed it. With each pat, came a graze down my neck.  I loved the feeling of him touching me. This behavior carried on until the following school year. To be continued...

Feedback please....negative or positive!!! This is my first installation. Should I continue?!?!



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