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Let's get back to where we left off.


"Damn, can I get a kiss bye or something?!"

I pulled him back in and gave him a kiss that should go down in history! I pushed him up against the wall and entangled my fingers with his, lifting his hands above his head. We were licking and biting like boys at choir camp! I let his hands go first, put my hands on his firm pecs and sucked that juicy tongue until it was dry. 

"Imma call you baby boy!" He said slapping my ass and turned to walk away.

"You better!" I said closing the door. I leaned up against the door for a second grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't believe what just happened! Sex is just getting better and better! I don't know how I'm going to juggle this one!

"NILES! What are you doing?! Let's go!" John yelled from upstairs.

"I'm coming, shit! You can't rush perfection!"

"Perfection that still needs a shower! Bring yo ass!" He said.


I ran up the stairs and hopped in my shower for the second time. I was surprised there was still any hot water left! After douching for the second time today, i jumped out the shower and started applying my lotion/baby oil combo to my body (extra oil for my asshole). I just love the feeling of a hot-n-ready hole.

I walked into my room wearing a towel and walked directly over to my underwear drawer. I could feel John's eyes burning into my phat ass! I reached in and got out some black cotton bikini briefs and slid them up my legs under the towel. Once they were on I let the towel drop and turned to see John's face. His mouth was wide open! I smirked. 

"Calm down boy! Remember our pact." I said.

"What pact?! I'll do whatever you say if you let me get at that again."

"Look, I thought you came to pick me up for a movie. If you just want to fuck, you can leave now!" I said slipping on a pair of jeans.

"Urgh! You're right. We're starting over. I'll be patient." He said mockingly.

"So, 90 days from today, we'll revisit this. No fucking anyone else, it's just me and you. Aiight?"

"90 DAYS?!?! Motherfuckin' Steve Harvey!!!"

"Haha, yes he's very wise! I'm worth it aren't I? I also said no fucking anyone else. Can you handle that?" I said pulling my jeans back down to reveal my bubble butt. 

"Shit, yea bae you are. My dick is going to have a hard time tho! No ass or pussy for 3 months. You better have an alternative plan, bc Peter needs to leave the gate on the regular!"

"I think I can make some arrangements for Peter." I said sticking my finger in my mouth.

"Shit I gotta get out of this room before I rape you! I'll be in the car." He said holding his dick and running out my room.

I said all of this without even thinking this through! Justin, there's no temptation there, Mr. Williams crazy ass can't have anymore ass, but I at least have to suck him dry. I mean, my grades do depend on it! What about Joe?! He just fucked me so good my ass came! He said he's going to call. I'll just have to put him on probation too. Now that he knows what I have to offer, he'll gladly oblige. I slipped back on Joe's tshirt, (I just loved his scent) threw on my kicks grabbed my wallet, keys, and Dita's and headed to John's car.

"Oh shit! Where's my phone?" I said running back in the house.I found it in my bathroom still playing Maxwell from my shower(s). I picked it up and saw I had a missed text from Tiffany.

"Niles, Joe is going to come by and look at your yard. He wants to grow his landscaping biz and get more customers over in your neighborhood. Also, wish me well! Today's my first date with Sean!!!"

That's why he came?! He mowed my lawn alright!! PS the landscaping co is just a front for his drug money.

"He just left. He made me a special offer I couldn't refuse. He's hired! Good luck...don't do anything I wouldn't do! Where are y'all going?" I responded. 

I can't tell her, that her thug brother just came and dug me out a new hole and planted his seed! I'll have to see where this goes. There was a delay in her response.

"Let's roll...I don't want to miss the opening scene." I said as I hopped in John's car. 

"Opening scene?! We're going to miss more than that!" 

"Oh, sorry I forgot you were Morgan Freeman. Should little ole Ms. Daisy get in the backseat?"

"Shut up! Ok bet, I'm going to show you what this Malibu can do."

"Ha! Don't blow out your engine!" He hit me in the shoulder, and had a big cheesy grin on his face. The grin I first fell in love with. 

My phone buzzed. "The movies to see the new Madea movie." Tiffany text'd me. 

"Ha! Well we will see you in a second then!" I responded. 

"We who?!" Is the text I got as we arrived at the movies and walked up the main sidewalk and I heard a laugh that was all to familiar. I hurried around the corner and there was Tiffany talking with her flavor of the month. He looked real buff from behind! Tiffany only messed with older guys. I hadn't met him yet, but wanted to meet this man!

"Tiff!" I called out.

"Awwwwww!!! Look at the happy couple!" She said just loud enough for the four of us to hear. I just gave her a dirty look. John responded by grinning and putting his arm around my waist. Shocking everyone in view. I ignored it. 

"Hi Sean, I'm Niles...heard a lot about you." I said extending my hand. Whew! This boy was fionnneee!!! His teeth were damn near perfect and white, white, white!!! He reminded me of a buffer Lance Gross. He also reminded me of a guy I met online a while back. What was his name, hmmm...can't remember. 

"You too...nice to finally meet you man." He said shaking my hand back while looking deep into my eyes.

"Uhhhhummmm" John cleared his throat. 

"Oh, my bad! John, Sean...Sean, John." I said. They exchanged handshakes.Next thing I know someone slapped John's arm from around us.

 "Cut that shit out!" We both turned around ready to throw down. It was Joe grinning from ear to ear! If Florida Evans were here she would've say damn, damn, damn!!!!

"Wassup baby boy? How's that ass doing?!" He asked slapping my butt.

"W-w-what?!" My eyes bucked, and I began having neck spasms looking back and forth from John to Joe, to Tiffany.

"WHAT THE FUCKKKK?!?! Who dis' dude Niles?!" exclaimed John. I was mute at this point! 

"Shut up Joe, just because you saw him kissing doesn't mean they had sex! Excuse my idiot brother John."

"I bet they did..." He said winking at me.I can't believe him right now! What is he trying to do?! Damn he's fine! 

"Awwww, wassup man! You saw us?! Shit, when? In the parking lot?!!" John asked all nervous. 

"Yep, I saw y'all! Don't be nervous, y'all were fogging up the entire parking lot with that kiss." Joe said to John, but his eyes never left mine. 

"Nice shirt Niles. Let me go get the tix." He added winking, then walking away. 

"Thanks." OMG! If he doesn't stop it!"I'll go with you." John and Sean said.

I followed them with my eyes following the thug walk of Joe. I felt myself biting my lip and shook it off. The moment I turned my head I saw Tiff giving me the evil eye.

"What is he doing here?!" I asked trying to divert.

"You know my mom sends one of my brothers to chaperone my dates. They can sling dick from here to Egypt, but I can't go to the movies without at least one fool on my ass!"We both laughed. 

"Let's go get some Icee's while they do that." I suggested.

"Ok...but, don't change the subject bitch..." Tiff said as we walked over to the refreshments stand. 

"WHAT? Why are you calling me a bitch?!"

"Why are you wearing my brother's shirt?"

"What?! This is my shirt!" 

"Really Joe "Bird" Freeman?!" Tiffany said pointing to the bottom of 'my' shirt. 

"Ugh fuck me!!!" I said in mental anguish.

"Thats your problem now! Always fucking! So, what you couldn't just let him look at your yard?! You had to give him a tour of your bedroom too?" Tiffany said sarcastically. 

"The kitchen actually." I said bowing my head.

"NILES!!!! MY BROTHER!!!!" She said loud enough for the guys and everyone behind the counter to turn around. 

"Five large mixed cherry and coke Icee's please!" Tiffany yelled at the nosey cashier."

Tiffany I'm sorry! I never meant for it to happen, it just did! I came downstairs thinking it was John....."I started to explain.

"Boy! I'm not mad that y'all fucked, I just can't believe Joe is gay!"

"Your words not mine." I said as the guys came back over.

"I got the tix for everybody...y'all got the drinks? Let's go in, John said to everyone, but looked directly at me.

"We all headed into the already packed theatre just as the opening credits rolled. The only open seats were down in the gallery, right up front. 

"Tiff y'all enjoy your date. I'll sit with my boy Niles. No monkey business with my sister either Sean!" said Joe.

OMG! why is he going to sit with us? Well I guess he shouldn't have to sit alone, but really?! We made our way to our seats. I was in the middle. I could feel both John and Joe staring at me from time to time. John finally says 

"I'm glad we're doing this." 

"Me too." I said gripping his knee. John slid his arm under the chair arm between us and felt for my hand. Once he had it, he squeezed it, looked at me and smiled and then his focus went back to the big screen.

Just when I got semi comfortable, Joe grabs my arm and pulls me closer to him blowing his hot thug breath in my ear, "So the dick was that good, you're wearing my name out in public?"

I shot him a look that was intended to be  a look of disgust, but it  turned into a smirk.

 "You need to ditch ole boy and come hang with me tonight."

"I can't do that."

"Yes you can"

"No I can't"

"Yes you can"

"Shut up and watch the movie."

"Shhhhhhhh" John said. Joe shifted in his seat away from me and acted like he was annoyed that I was turning him down. I tried moving my foot closer and he moved it further away. It was actually cute...I guess this was his jealous side. Whatever I thought, I won't respond to I just moved closer to John.I was so comfortable with John, but at the same time I couldn't watch the movie for looking at Joe! 

This is crazy...I need some air. I jumped up and headed to the bathroom. The smell was putrid! Ugh, I'm going outside. I walked outside and around the back if the building, and leaned up against the brick wall, just to center myself and escape my love life. 

"You aiight?" I turned to see Joe beside me.

"Joe what are you doing out here? I get up, then you...this looks suspicious as hell! Go back!" 

"I could give two fucks, and who are you getting loud with?! You know you don't want me to go anywhere. You couldn't keep your eyes off of me in there." He said stepping closer and closer to me. 

"Joe, stop...go on now!" I said pushing his chest away from me, but he went nowhere.


"What's so funny?" 

"You're telling me to go, yet your leg is around me! Which is it? Go or stay?" I looked down in awe, as I saw my right leg lifted and my shoe lost behind his back. I looked back up and got lost in his eyes. Joe's hand began to run up and down my raised thigh. 

"What do you want me to do baby boy?" He asked. 

I could hear R. Kelly singing, "My mind is telling me noooo, but my body, my body is telling me yeah-eh-es!!!"

I pulled him in closer and started my tongue/lip action. Damn he could kiss! My weakness! I placed both my hands behind his head and interlocked my fingers, never wanting this to end. Joe lifted my other leg and pressed me firmly against the brick wall, holding me in place. Which was no small feat, even with all of his muscles. We continued making out for what seemed like forever. He pulled away, letting me down to my feet slowly.

 "What are you doing to me?!" I mumbled.

"Me?! What are YOU doing to ME?! You know, you're the only man I ever been with? I haven't even stroked my shit with another dude! I don't know what you did, and how you did it, but you got me feening for you."

"I didn't do anything! You're the one who showed up at my house and just took it! Why'd you come to my house earlier, and I want the truth." I asked.

"Truth is after I saw you in the parking lot kissing ole boy, I couldn't get you out of my mind. I thought I would come and feel you out, who knew I would be feeeeling you out. I don't think me taking it is correct either! You gave it to me!" He said tucking his hands inside my bikini briefs. 

"Yea, I can't even explain it, you just do something to my body, and I can't control myself. You have to know I don't do that EVER!" I said kissing on his neck."

I didn't think you did...your ass is so fucking tight! Better than any pussy I've ever had." He said fingering my throbbing hole.

"Mmmmm please stop! This is wrong. That was a weak moment earlier. Im here with John. We're trying to make things work."

"Is that right? Why can't you make it work with me? I know you like me more."

"I'm sorry. I do like you a lot. But, I owe it to myself....." My words trailed off as Joe spun me around, pinned me to the wall and pulled my underwear and jeans down to reveal my firm bubble butt. Next thing I knew I felt a wet sensation circling my hole, as he spread my cheeks with his strong hands. 

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" I cried out.

"What were you saying?" He said between licks.

"Mmmmmm, I don't remember! What are you trying to do to me?! I can't be out here!"

He shut me up by working his tongue up my chute. Damn this boy is doing thugs to my ass, that's making my eyes water! Then Joe began spitting on my ass. I knew what was next. Just then, I felt him press his piece at my entrance. Sneaky lil bastard, had already worked his pants down while tonguing me down.

"I'll be gentle at first. My spit is all the lube we have out here." He said not knowing I lube my ass daily. Still nothing could prepare me for this rod! It was just something I had to get used to, as he pushed and pushed and pushed until finally....

"Aaaaarrrrggggghhhhh!!!" I yelled out, he echoed in a loud groan.

 "Damn baby boy relax! It feels like you are going to snap my tip off with that tight ass!" I tried to relax, and I did. He pushed further, about four more inches. I started moaning and wiggling my ass and he pushed the other half in!

"Oohhhhhhhwwwwwweeeeee! It's so big!" 

"Tell me you like it..." He said as he pulled out and slammed back in.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!"

"Tell me you like it...." He repeated his actions.

 "Mmmmmfffppphhhh fuckkkk!!!"

"Tell me you like it..." He did a double pull out this time.

"Shit boy! I don't like it! I fucking love it!"

"Yeaaaa, I know you love it!" He said as he began hammering away. My fingertips are going to be bloody I thought, trying to grip this brick wall. I pushed all the way back on him and gripped his ass so he wouldn't move. This caused him to lose his balance for a second, and he gripped my hips to steady himself and step back a couple feet, never leaving the depths of my ass. Once I cleared the wall, I leaned forward and gripped my toes allowing him to go deeper in my ass. 

"Damn baby boy, you're wild!"

"Shut up and fuck me!" And that he did! 

"Who's ass is this?!" He said drilling into my hole.

"Mmmfffppphhhhh!" Was all I could respond. He began drilling harder, grinding in my ass...I was leaking precum like never before. 

"I said who'!?!" He said with each thrust.

 "Ooooaaaahhhh it's yours, it's yours!!!!" He slapped my ass repeatedly. So hard I knew they were going to be sore. Joe started angling himself to piston in and out of me from right to left, up and down....swiveling in and out of my ass! I saw stars and felt this intense heat, I knew what was next....

"Fuck, you're so tight and fucking wet! Ooooooaaaahhhhhh....yea baby...this ass is mine forever-ever!" Was all I heard before falling to my knees in the midst of this mind blowing orgasm. My entire body was trembling. My ass was clenching and releasing like crazy! Joe fell to his knees as well never leaving my ass as he unloaded a violent load up my ass. I could feel it shooting hard against my walls. He fell over onto my back trying to regain his composure. My eyes were still stuck in the back of my head. 

Just then the fire alarm goes off and the back doors to the movie theaters came flying open. We scrambled to get our bearings and pants pulled back up, but we were already caught. The first people out the theater were Sean and Tiffany. If looks could kill. Just as Joe zipped up his pants, out came John. Luckily our clothes were back in tact. However we had not caught our breaths yet. 

"What are y'all doing back here?!" Sean asked very stupidly. It was then I remembered him. We had met online! I remember being attracted to him initially, but once we started talking he was such an idiot! His conversation was awful and I had to explain my jokes. He got away with pretty all of his life. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. I have got to tell Tiff, her bo' his a mo'! 

"Let's go get something to eat, I'm hungry!" Tiffany added trying to undo the awkwardness. I couldn't think of a worse idea.

"Yea, I'll treat." Joe said.

"I think I've had enough of your treats today." John said.

"Whatcha say playboy?!" Joe said moving closer to John.

"You heard me dude, Niles what the fuck you doing out back with this dude?"

Before I could respond, Joe spoke up..."Watch how you talk to him,I came to check on him, something you should've done."

 "You got one more thing to say to me, before I blow up on your ass! I was talking to Niles!" John yelled back.

"Well I'm talking to you!" Joe said tempting John. 

"Let's just go!" I stepped in pulling John around the building and to his car. Once we got in the car...

"You fucking that fool?!"


"Niles, don't lie to me. I know that's your girl's brother. You've had plenty of opportunities. Have y'all ever fooled around?"

It got quiet. Should I lie or tell the truth?

To be continued....

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