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Now, back to where we left off....


"Relax John! I'm letting you drive. Take me wherever you think is best. I'm all yours." I said.

He got out of the car smirking and smacked me on the ass. "Damn, I can't wait to get in that ass!" He said.

As John got into the driver seat of my car, my mind and body slipped into hormone valley! Hot and humid! Wet ass, dry mouth! Oh, I can't believe this is happening, but I'm so glad it is! I said to myself.

I looked over at John and put my hand on his upper thigh. I then leaned over and started nibbling on his ear and sucking on his neck. My hands began to move over his trouser snake and he began to moan.

"Damn Niles, you better stop before you make us have a wreck!" He said.

"Oh, I guess I misjudged you. I like a man who is good under pressure." I said as I sat back in my seat.

"Ha! You got jokes! Get back over here, but stay away from my ear....that's my spot!" He said.

Why did he tell me that?! I have no idea. He must not know me as well as I thought.

I immediately went to his ear and started whispering sweet nothings. As I spoke the air escaping my mouth began to sensually tickle his hot spot.

"Ohhh shit...okay remember payback is a bitch!" He said smirking.

Just as a sly response was about to escape my mouth, John pulled into his driveway and into the garage.

Just as we cleared the garage door John started tonguing me down! We kissed passionately for several minutes without coming up for air. When I did come up for air, I asked John to show me his room.

We got out of the car and John came over to me and took my hand in his.

"Follow me" he said.

John speedily guided me to his room and locked the door behind us. Our make out session continued as we stripped down to our birthday suits.

I pushed John on his back and knelt down to salute the general. There it was standing there at attention, waiting to be adorned with a new medal. Whew, I thought to myself. I may not be able to walk after this training session! I began to kiss at the base and worked my way to the tip. Then my tongue came out to taste and lick the fleshy tool. John was moaning like crazy!

"You are such a tease" he said.

With that my mouth opened and traveled down his dick. I swirled my tongue around his large mushroom head and played with his piss slit.

"Damn! Superhead don't have nothing on you!" He said.

My mouth was producing so much saliva as I was enjoying this experience to the max.




"Suck that shit" he said as he propped himself on his elbows to watch the show.


I then went further down trying to consume his meat. He entered my throat...let the games begin, I thought to myself.


"SSSSSSSHHIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!" He yelled as the vibrations from my humming traveled through his dick.



As I looked up at John, his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. I moved down to John's balls and did the same actions.


One at a time...gently humming and sucking.



Then back down in my throat went his dick.

"Awe shit, you're going to make me nut!" He screamed.

In between me humming on his piece while it was lodged in my throat, I began milking it with my throat muscles.







"I'm cumming! He screamed."

I deep throated his dick once more and swallowed every drop into my throat. It just kept going and going! His dick was jumping like a wild horse! I held it there for a minute and then let it fall from my mouth. Still semi-hard and glistening with spit, I picked it up with my hand and licked it from base to tip sucking up any left behind cum.

"Okay, shit, I need a minute" he said pushing me off.

I joined him in the bed as we made out for what seemed to be an hour. The entire time John was kneading my ass and exploring my inner cavity with his fingers. I started to play with his nipples sucking one while flicking and twisting the other with my finger. My leg was already laying across him when I felt his amazing member begin to stir. I moved over to straddle him and like clock work his piece was pointed at my hole. I grinded, swirled, grinded and swirled, giving him a preview of what was to come.

John flipped me over and started kissing me - TRAVELING SOUTH!

"Oh shit!" I said audibly, while thinking is he about to return the favor?

John kissed James and the giant peaches and lifted my legs.

"Ohhhh myyy Goddd!" I said as I felt his tongue at my entrance.

He was really slow at first, probably coming to terms with what he was doing. Then, he sped up, licking kissing, sucking, and fingering my hungry hole.

This beats a blowjob any day! Is this what girls experience getting ate out? I don't want him to stop! My head was spinning!

"Yes, eat that ass boy" I said.


"Oh fuck! Get in there!" I said as a second finger invaded my hole.


Without missing a beat John reached over to his nightstand and retrieved some baby oil gel.

The cool lubricant was spread over and was inserted in my hole with one, two, then three fingers. John sat back on his legs and lubricated his dick. He lifted my legs and put them on his shoulders. He leaned down and started to kiss me passionately.

Parting my lips he asked, "You ready?"

"Yes J! Please be gentle. I've never...uh, uh..." I stuttered off nervously.

"I'm your first?" He asked.

"Wow...I new you were tight but I didn't know." He said leaning down to kiss me again.

This time it was more intimate than before. I wrapped my legs around him, and grabbed his ears while our tongues made love to each other's mouths.

"Okay babe, I promise I won't hurt you" he said.

"Oh that thing is going to hurt, just be REALLY easy until I get used to it."

"Okay" he said lining up his dick.

He pushed and pushed and finally...

"FUCKKKK!!!" I screamed, he moaned.

Tears started streaming down my face and I grabbed his hips to hold him in place.

"You want me to pull out?" He asked.

All I could do was shake my head no and hold his hips. I couldn't muster up anything but tears.

"Whatever you do, don't pull out!" I'm not starting this shit over again" I said finally.

He smirked and started kissing me again. I began to relax and loosened my grip on his hips. He pushed in about another inch. The pain was unimaginable, but as he pushed deeper into my love canal, the pain was met with pleasure. Finally I could feel his balls resting on my ass so I knew he was all the way in. I also knew from the moans and profanity escaping his mouth. My hands went behind him to hold him in place until I was ready for him to put in work. The kissing continued as he started to grind in my ass sending shivers through my body.

"Okay, do your thing J babe" I said.

With that he started slowly going in and out of my ass building up speed. The amount of pleasure I had at this moment can only be described as euphoria! I was in the clouds. This man was making love to me! The slow steady paces were met by longdicking as he nearly took his entire length out of me and rushed back in.

"Fuck me J, fuuuucckk ME!" I said.

John continued this for what seemed like hours.

"Shit, you are so tight!" He said leaning down to kiss my neck.

"Ohhhh shit J!" I moaned, now meeting each downward thrust with an upward thrust back.


We both froze.

To be continued....

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