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Let's get back to where we left off.


"Fuck me J, fuuuucckk ME!" I said.

John continued this for what seemed like hours.

"Shit, you are so tight!" He said leaning down to kiss my neck.

"Ohhhh shit J!" I moaned, now meeting each downward thrust with an upward thrust.


We both froze.

"Who the fuck is that" John said obviously annoyed.

"Seriously, right now....who is that? Are you expecting someone?" I asked.

"I don't know...let me go check it out." John said as he pulled out of me.

PLAWP....was the noise my ass made when he pulled out.

Ding Dong.

"Hold up, damn I'm coming." John said as he threw on a pair of black jersey shorts, that did nothing to conceal his piece.

"Should I get dressed?" I asked.

"Don't you move a muscle, I'll be right back." He said.

"Hurry back!" As I said this, my legs were still buried in my chest, and my asshole was contracting like crazy.

I lowered my legs and went to the bedroom door so I could hear what was going on in the other room.

"Please sign here." An unfamiliar masculine voice said. "Thank you. Sorry if I disturbed you. Have a good day man." He added.

"You too..." I heard John respond back.

I jumped back in the bed, as I heard the front door close. This time I was face down, ass up. I stuck two fingers in my hole as I swayed and backed upon them. Knowingly putting on a show. I couldn't help but think what the delivery guy was thinking. I knew he had to see that amazing piece of man meat flopping around in those shorts. My mind began to wander, and I was soon thinking about being stuffed at both ends with two large cocks. This daydream was sending all kinds of shivers through my body. It was then I realized John had entered the room and was tonguing my ass. He snickered and said, "Damn man, couldn't wait for me?"

"It's all yours daddy." I said, as I looked over my left shoulder. John pulled out his dick and placed it at my entrance.

John said, "Thats what's up!"

With that he buried his piece all the way in my waiting hole.

My initial scream turned into moans. "Fuck me, fuck meeee, fffuuuuccckkkkk meeee."

John was long dicking me at a speed that would put a porn star to shame. He continued this violent, yet sensual fuck for a long time, while flipping me in different positions.

I was moaning like a alley cat in heat! This boy knew how to fuck! Is this what I've been missing all these years?! Had I known I would've started a while ago!

John was digging deep in my love channel now while I was lying on my back again. I met each downward thrust with an upward thrust, finally sitting upright and pushing John on his back. Now it was my turn to show him what he was missing.

The lyrics to one of my favorite songs came to mind. (808 by Blaque)

Boom like an 808....I sang in my head as I began to bounce wildly up and down on his long shaft.

"Fuck yea, ride that shit boy." John said.

Circles like a figure eight....I sang as I swiveled and grinded on his dick in the form of the number 8. This was driving me insane as well as John. I was trembling at the sensation.

"Damn boy, you are going to make me nut!" He said.

I repeated these steps over and over again milking his dick for that sweet love nut.


I raised my feet and planted them in the bed, as I sat back down on his dick in a chair/squat position.

Boom like an 808.....

"Ohhh ffffuuuuccckkkk!!!" He screamed.

I felt strong currents being emptied deep into my ass. I slowed my bouncing, but didn't stop. I was too close to cumming myself.

"Alright damn, what are you trying to do to me?!" He said.

I put my legs back under me and knelt down to meet his lips. I kissed him passionately while twisting his nipples. I felt his semi hard dick harden again, and the assault on his piece continued. I spun around on his dick, so that my back was facing him. I bounced, swiveled, grinded, and bounced on his dick for another minute or two. I could've sworn his dick grew another inch this time around, it was harder than ever. He slapped my ass over and over, and then grabbed my hips and began thrusting up into my ass.

"YESSSS!!!" I screamed as I came. It was such a violent orgasm as I bucked and shivered on his dick rapidly! I could feel my ass tighten around his dick, and he seemed to notice too.

"OHHH MYYY G-G-GGGOOODDD" he said, as I felt him empty his nuts into me once again.

I layed back on his chest and kissed him intensely for only a minute, as I needed to catch my breath after that moment we just shared. I wanted to suck my thumb and grin from ear to ear!!! I was so fulfilled and happy right now! I knew I had made the right decision in allowing John to be my first.

I looked up at him, and he pushed me off him saying, "Okay, you gotta bounce, my mom will be home in a minute." He jumped out of the bed and headed for the bathroom.

As I heard the shower turn on, the happiness I felt, turned into hurt and anger. Is he serious? Get your nut off and get out? I am so confused! I know my sex game was good from all the moans, eye rolls and passionate touching and kissing. So, what could this be? Did he just use me? I jumped up, threw on my clothes and headed for the garage. I was so upset, I wanted to back out the garage without letting the door up. But then I thought, what would that do but cause damage I couldn't afford to pay on my PT grocery cashier earnings. I let up the garage and sped away passing other classmates realizing it was after 3:30 and school was over. I was so out of it, I didn't even see my friend Tiffany until she stepped out in front of my car forcing me to stop.

She stood there as I came to a screeching halt, with a look on her face that said, "I wish you would hit me!"

She switched over to my passenger door and got in. Where the hell have you been? I know you saw me. What were you just going to....... Her words trailed off as she looked me in the face and became worried.

"NILES! What's wrong?! Why are you crying?!" She asked.

Crying I thought! I'm not crying! I reached up to wipe my eyes and prove my theory and felt tears galore! OMG! I didn't even realize! I also hadn't moved since she stopped me in the middle of the street. Cars were behind me, and were blowing their horns for me to move on. Everything was a blur. She got out the car, swearing and wailing her hands around at the cars behind us, as she made her way to my door. She opened and told me to move over. I did. She hopped in and took off. She didn't say another word until we were at the drive through of Baskin Robbins.

"How can I help you?"

"Can I get two bobsled brownies please?"

"Pull around"

Tiffany paid for our dessert and handed me mine and pulled over into a parking spot. After a few bites, her first question was, Niles are you okay?

I answered with a nod, then a yes, then a no. "I don't know..."

"What happened Niles?" She asked.

I filled her in on my first time and how great it was until I was made to feel like a $2 whore, without getting my $2!

She was pissed off and began to say how she would fuck John up! Who the fuck does he think he is?! Ole ugly ass dude! I never knew what you saw in him anyway. I gave her this look like, girl, stop!

"Too much?" She knew John was nowhere near ugly, but she was trying to make me feel better.

"Umm, lil bit..." I said.

"So, what are you going to do?" She asked.

"I don't know. A part of me wants to call him, but I don't have his #. The other part of me wants to forget this ever happened and move on."

"Well, I can't tell you what to do, but if I could I would choose option #2. He ain't shit, he will never be shit! He better hit them books because basketball isn't going to work out for him, like he thinks." She said.

I smirked and thought to myself, leave it to Tiff to try and make me feel a little better! She always knew what to say. Even if we both knew it was bullshit!

"Thanks Tiff, let's take you home, so I can go home and sleep. I'm exhausted." I said.

"I bet you are. Sounds like you've been through a basic training obstacle course!" She winked and pulled off.

We both laughed.

As she pulled up to her house. She asked me if I was okay to drive home. I told her I was fine, the shock had worn off. I leaned over to give her a cheek kiss goodbye and she slapped me!


"I love you, but if you bring those dick sucking lips near me, I will hurt you!" She said.

"They've always been dick sucking lips" I said.

"Yeah, but they weren't fresh before!" She laughed.

I pushed her out of my car laughing.

"See you tomorrow nut lip" she said laughing and running into her house.

"I'm going to get you tomorrow!" I yelled just before she ran inside.

I backed out of her driveway and started on my way home.

My phone buzzes and I instinctively knew who it was. Then I remembered he didn't have my #. I picked it up and it was my mom.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hey son, will you pick up some Velveeta on the way home. I'm making mac and cheese and don't have any cheese! Ha!" She said.

"Sure mom" I said.

"Are you okay son?"

"Yea, I'm fine"

"Okay sweetie, see you in a minute"

I pulled up to the grocery store I worked PT at, and parked. I walked in not really looking anyone in the eye, but spoke to everyone as they called out to me. I walked back to dairy and got some Velveeta and stopped by the pops to get some ginger ale. There I saw him. Justin. And he was walking towards me. It's too late to turn around now!

To be continued....



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