'Alright, so there you have it Alexes, your new schedule.' 'Thanks' I told the guidance counselor as I left her office. 'Now who do I have right now?' I asked myself as I made my way towards the gym. 'PE! Easy' I opened the door to the gym as I saw the guy that would change my life for ever. He looked at me as i awkwardly made my way to the teachers office, past the gym. 'Hello there' Mr. Asin said. 'Um, hi I just got changed into this class' I calmly explained. 'Oh yes, go ahead and go out there and stand on the black line' 'Alright everyone, ready to exercise' he said as we all stood on the black line.

We stretched for about ten minutes and as he explained our weekly sport, volleyball, my future lover was staring at me with these devious eyes. As i turned to see him, he quickly turned his head. 'Ok folks this side on one team, the other side on the other team' I of course was on the opposite team of the guy. 'Hey whats his name?' I asked my friend. 'Um... joseph, why?' 'Oh just wondering i thought i knew him.' I quickly said. Time flew by as he kept throwing the volleyball right at me. 'Cant play with the big boys?' He said in a taunting voice as he made his way past me to sit down. 'Um, yeah whatever' I snapped. He chuckled and sat down. 'Wait, where do i sit?' i asked the teacher. 'Um sit next to Joseph' he said.'Over here, girl scout' he said as I made my way. 'Yeah thanks little boy' I giggled. Considering he was a freshman and, well me just a year older than him, a sophomore. 'I'm joseph' He said. I checked him out a bit he had curly hair a little dark skin and from where?? Puerto Rico, oh sweet lord. He seemed like he had a nice six pack, and later he proved his point. 'Uh,uh Im Alexes,' I sheepishly cried out. 'Nice to meet you' he said as his friend made his way over. 'Sup dog' he told joseph. 'Sup bruh' Joseph responded. I think I had just fell for a guy with 'swagger' oh jeez i thought to myself. As class ended I walked out with joseph out of the gym 'Hey Babe' I heard a girls voice say. Joseph quickly turned around and said 'oh wassup baby' I looked at him confused and he looked back at me disapointed, 'I, I, I gotta go' I quickly lied and hurried along. 'Bye' The girl said. 'Buh, buh, bye' Joseph studdered. All that reckless flirting for nothing I thought as I made my way to french. Why would he do that...?


Alexes Boy


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