Tom, Justin and Darryl stood facing each other in the empty locker room shower. Their teen erections stood out super stiff from their hairy crotches as the eighteen year old team mates admired how each other's bodies glistened with the heavy streams of urine that they'd just sprayed all over each other. They were reluctant to touch their dicks; each boy was so on the edge of ejaculating and they wanted to make their circle jerk last. Tom was even unconsciously thrusting his long erection into the air as the other two boys admired his huge, blunt dickhead. It took all of his and his team mates' self control, to keep their hands off their hard penises...

The three eighteen year old high school seniors had been best friends since grade school. Now they were the core of their school's basketball team and that meant that they hung out together even more. Not to the total exclusion of others; they were actually quite popular, but the three had a special bond that had only grown stronger since they began masturbating together recently. It was such a relief to admit and even demonstrate to each other that they played (a lot!) with their big dicks and athletic bodies, especially since they all lived in a smallish Midwestern city that was very conservative. Good preppy boys like these three never admitted to each other that they jacked off.

But all that changed at the start of the basketball season. One day, Darryl, Justin and Tom held back from joining the rest of the team in the locker room after practice; they wanted to work on their free throws a bit longer. By the time the three had finished and entered the locker room, everyone else-even the coach-had left. No big deal; they often stayed late and locked up (team captain Tom had a spare key) and of course Coach didn't mind if his best players wanted to practice a little longer.

Something about the fact that it was just the three of them, naked in the locker room, that seemed to generate a bit of electricity in the air. The locker room reeked of the sweaty armpits of teen males, there were a few dirty jocks strewn around the floor and benches and as our boys passed the toilet on the way to the shower, the smell of dried piss and even a few un-flushed big teen dumps wafted into their nostrils. Each boy was starting to feel that tingle in the pit of the stomach as their full-grown sex organs got puffier and their hairless anuses began to flutter involuntarily.

Tom let the other naked boys lead the way while he darted into the boys' bathroom for just a moment. He didn't really want to piss but he walked past the urinals and peaked in the now-empty stalls. He was right; two of the toilets were full. One had a huge coil of thick brown knotty turds while the other held a much looser load. The latter toilet looked more like diarrhea, familiar to Tom since he'd started secretly experimenting with laxatives. He noted how the back of the toilet and the floor behind it had been sprayed with a teenage boy's liquid brown bowel movement.

Embarrassed by his weird curiosity, Tom quickly turned back toward his friends in the shower. He stopped though at the sinks to admire himself in the mirror just for a moment. All three boys were similar in height and build and were among the hottest boys at school. Tom was the most clean-cut all-American looking of the bunch. He was 6'4' tall and weighed about 160 lbs. He had short, straight medium brown hair and deep brown eyes. He had a handsome, round and boyish face and flat ears. His normally pale complexion was nicely tanned. Overall, he was very clean-cut with a big smile always ready to go. His body was lean and fit and he had very good pectoral definition, very broad shoulders, strong arms and legs, and six pack abs. Tom's torso was hairless except for the fine, brown hairs of the treasure trail he'd started growing. His nipples were very large diameter and flat. The boy's long legs were moderately hairy and he had big, size 13 feet. Where the teen did have an abundance of hair was in his pits, always being exposed under the tank tops the basketball team usually wore. He also had some fine hairs on his muscular, round yet small bubble butt and around his penis. Tom's pubic hair wasn't particularly dense or deep but the medium brown hair covered a very broad area, rising pretty far up his abdomen before tapering away toward his navel.

Of the three eighteen year old friends, Tom had the hairiest balls, which wasn't saying too much. His overfilled testicles were really large, like lemons but the sac didn't really hang down much. But it was Tom's enormous penis that was his real pride and joy and which he admired in the tall mirror in the locker room toilet. Even soft, his dick was long and very thick, hanging down a good seven inches. His circumcised cock head was especially big and blunt with a flared out crown and a really long piss slit. As Tom erected, his dick would fill out rapidly and climb upward. His full erections measured an incredible 11 ¾ inches long, with a ruler-straight shaft capped by a huge bell-shaped dickhead that was slightly wider than his nearly three inch diameter shaft; the head itself would become taut and darker colored from its blood-stretched girth. Because his erect penis was so large, Tom's boners couldn't really rise past a 45 degree angle from his hairy groin. Only when he was about to cum or piss would his big erection stand up even higher.

Soon, the naked teen joined his two friends in the concrete shower room, a large rectangle with shower heads on each wall and the entrance offset from one of the long walls. The other two teens were just standing naked waiting for Tom; they hadn't yet bothered to turn on the shower.

Darryl stood closest to the entrance. He was the same height as Tom and weighed about the same, perhaps an extra five pounds or so. Darryl, though, had coal black buzz cut hair and deep brown, almost black eyes with longish lashes. Not that he looked feminine though; Darryl had perhaps the most defined pecs of the crew with smooth pale skin and long nipples like pencil erasers. His legs were hairier or at least were more noticeable as the black hairs against his pale skin stood out more than the lighter brown hairs of Tom. But unlike Tom, Darryl had no peach fuzz hairs on his body; the hairy parts were much more clearly defined. Darryl had thick black hair in his pits and a dense bush over his dick. But he had no hair on his ass, around his puckered out anus or on his balls. He did, however, have a bit of a beard toward the end of the day while the other two eighteen year olds barely needed to shave daily yet.

Darryl's genitals were also different from Tom's but no less awesome. His erect penis was the shortest of the trio at only about eight inches long. But it was still very thick with a round head unlike the huge helmet shape capping Tom's dick. Darryl's erections stood straight up in the air and curved back so his head usually rubbed hard against his abdomen. Also, unlike his friend Tom, Darryl's penis was uncircumcised and he had a thin, tight skin covering his head even when fully erect. His foreskin looked almost like a wrapper around his penis and the skin was even offset a bit so it covered the thick lips of his piss hole. Darryl always had to move his skin around when he needed to empty his bladder, especially when he was also erect. But the most unique element of Darryl's sexual organs, and what all his team mates noticed, was Darryl's balls. Not only were they unusually large and heavy, like extra large lemons, but they hung extremely low from the tall boy's crotch. He was, of course, both fascinated and aroused by his huge testicles and often measured how far they hung from the point where his sac met the skin near his asshole. Normally, his sac extended down nine inches but, when masturbating, Darryl could pull hard on his sac right above his fat balls and extend the total length of his ball bag to nearly a foot.

He never wore pants or shorts in his room at home and got really used to his big nuts banging around on everything. In fact, he was getting into gently slapping and punching his balls while masturbating and lately managed to stuff his testicles and some of his sac into his rectum. Jacking while looking at his ball-filled anus really turned Darryl on. His muscular butt cheeks were the biggest and most prominent of the three boy's asses. He had a big bubble but that stuck out a bit, forming a nice shelf at the bottom of his spine. Between his cheeks, Darryl had a big anus (as did all these tall boys). But Darryl had managed to stretch his asshole out with his private sex experiments and so he was now quite loose which aided his ball self-fucking and gave him the best orgasms ever. As the eighteen year old jock got close to ejaculating, he bore down and shit his brown-streaked balls out of his hole then fired a load over his head and into his mouth.

Justin (and of course Tom) secretly loved looking at Darryl's naked crotch and would carry those images home in their heads to use during his marathon masturbation sessions. As for Justin himself, he was marginally the tallest boy of the group at 6'5' tall and yet was also the thinnest, weighing barely 150 lbs. He had by far the most boyish face and looked far younger than his actual eighteen years. Justin had light brown hair that was cut pretty short except on top where it got swept around a bit, though he kept it off his forehead. His big ears stuck out from his narrow face.

Now, while Justin's body was the skinniest, his athletic prowess had given him some decent muscle definition and his skinny arms and legs were deceptively powerful. Justin had the smallest nipples of the bunch but, like Darryl's nipples, they tended to stick out prominently when he was cold or excited. He frequently got excited (and embarrassed) around his fellow teen boys and so Justin had a near-permanent blush on his cheeks. He was also the shyest of the bunch and the most awkward about his physical development.

Not that he had any reason to be. The tall, skinny baby-faced teen was very sexy naked as his two best friends could easily attest. He had a fair amount of hair on his pale, skinny legs and he had, by far, the hairiest armpits. In his b-ball tank top and with his arms at his sides, Justin's long underarm hairs stuck out in front and back a good inch or two. Even wearing normal t-shirts, Justin's pit hair was often exposed out the sleeve opening. Unlike his two friends, Justin also had the beginnings of a hairy chest. Fine light brown hairs formed a pattern across his pecs and, lately, in a thin line down his front, past his navel and into his big pubic patch. His bush wasn't as broad as Tom's, or as dense as Darryl's, but it was the deepest at three inches. All that long pubic hair meant that Justin tended to have the smelliest crotch after sweating all day (and suppressing his very frequently erecting dick).

Technically, Justin's dick wasn't quite as long as Tom's at - only' 10 ½ inches but it was so different in appearance that it was spectacular in its own way. While Tom and Darryl's erections stood up, Justin's arced out in an upside down shape, pointing his piss hole directly in front of him. He had the smallest dick head of the three boys but it was long and capped by a huge foreskin that actually added an extra inch or more of length past his piss hole and making his penis look as long as Tom's. Justin's foreskin wasn't tight like Darryl's. Instead it formed a thick, open tube that resembled a big open pipe with his exposed piss lips visible inside. Those lips were as unusual as the rest of Justin's large penis. They formed a long, protruding spout that flared out past the bullet shaped dickhead. In fact, Justin liked flicking his finger back and forth on those rubbery big piss lips, making them swell up and protrude even further, at least a quarter inch or so past his helmet. In girth, Justin's long arced penis was about the same big thickness of Darryl's but not quite up to the nearly three inch diameter of Tom's teen sex organ.

Justin's testicles were big like his friends and his tight sac was sprinkled with hair, almost as much as Tom's rather sparse sac hair. His hairy teen balls would rise up so high that they straddled his big shaft when he was real close to ejaculating or when he was pissing hard out of his long, curved boner. The erect teen could piss hands-free a good ten feet out in front of him. His sperm traveled nearly as far as well.

So on that momentous day after practice, Darryl and Justin watched their naked friend Tom casually join them in the shower room, his long fat teen dick swinging between his legs. Tom immediately noticed that Darryl was standing with his legs spread pretty wide so his huge, sweaty ball bag could hang free. The three boys stood in their usual triangle with Tom facing Justin to his left and Darryl to his right. No one had turned the showers on yet.

Darryl and Justin watched as Tom lifted his arm and scratched his hairy teen armpit. Tom sniffed his hand and said, 'Yeah I guess we need to shower, huh?' Darryl smiled at the jest.

Justin, however, got a slightly worried look on his face. 'Guys, I gotta piss real bad.'

'So piss,' Darryl said. 'Everyone pisses in the shower at home, right? So why not here?'

'Yeah, dude,' Tom added, 'Go for it. I piss all the time in the shower, don't you?'

Justin blushed furiously and quietly said, 'Yeah, I do that a lot.' The three tall boys became suddenly silent again. Justin turned slightly, facing between Darryl on his left and Tom more or less straight ahead. His long, hairy dick dangled a good eight inches down, with at least an inch of long, open foreskin hanging off it. All three boys quietly stared at Justin's penis. The silence was finally broken as a thin stream of urine began pouring from Justin's skin spout, splattering on the concrete floor. Within seconds, though, his piss gathered both force and volume, erupting out from his rapidly erecting penis. As Tom and Darryl watched, mesmerized, Justin's arched penis jutted out from its hairy base as a huge, thick spray of urine shot some six or seven feet out onto the floor nearer to Tom than Darryl.

As Justin's stream seemed to grow even larger, his penis began to erect fully. For a brief moment, he was embarrassed to show how sexually aroused urinating made him, but Justin noticed, even if Tom and Darryl so far hadn't, that the other boys were erecting now too. Justin's mind was reeling as he realized that he was going to see other teen male erections for the first time ever. Tom's giant penis was now filling out rapidly as Justin's urine spread across the floor and around his big feet. He looked over and saw that Darryl's equally big bare feet were now getting soaked in their friend's piss.

By the time Justin's huge bladder had emptied itself on the floor of the locker room shower, Tom's giant dick had stretched and filled to it's nearly foot long length and the huge helmet head had turned an angry dark reddish color. His straight erection now stood up from his cock hair pointing at Justin's chest and looking close to exploding in teen male sperm.

As soon as Justin finished pissing, he looked up and nervously announced, 'Your turn,' to his friends. As he and Tom watched Darryl's big penis curve up and onto his abs, Tom decided instantly that there was nothing he could think of more exciting than showing his best friends how his enormous erection could piss big time from the long slit. As Darryl and red-faced Justin silently watched, Tom thrust his pelvis forward and prepared to relieve himself in front of his friends.

The boys watched as Tom's long, fat penis jutted even higher and his pisshole suddenly turned from an inch long slit into a wider oval as a hot, wide stream fired out of his aroused sex organ. Justin's stream was super powerful but Tom's was almost on another level entirely.

Justin's and Darryl's groins tingled with electric waves as they watched Tom urinate. His stream shot out over ten feet, even hitting the wall behind Justin. The stream was so forceful that it didn't break up either. It remained intact as it coated the floor behind and between Justin and Darryl. But the most amazing part was how it just kept coming as Tom urinated with the same amazing power and volume for over two minutes and the whole time, his giant dick was so hard that it looked like cum was going to fly out any second.

Tom was secretly proud to show off how sexily he urinated. He was especially aroused when he watched the giant pool of his piss flow toward the drain in the center of the room and how Justin moved slightly over to it so he could stand, barefooted, in Tom's piss. Finally, as Tom's piss load tapered off, the last of his load slid out of his long piss tube past his large slit and dribbled down the underside of his giant dick shaft. Darryl and Justin watched as Tom's urine soaked into his hairy balls and dripped onto the wet floor between his feet. Done pissing, Tom's erection stood motionless and engorged, seemingly defying gravity on account of its extreme size.

The silence was finally broken when Darryl muttered, 'I have to piss too.' Justin and Tom immediately looked over to their friend with the giant ball bag in horny anticipation of his bathroom display. If they'd been standing just a bit closer, they would have noticed that Darryl's big upward curving dick was leaving a wet coating of semen on his abdominal muscles as its skin-covered dick head rubbed against his belly. Both Tom's and Justin's erections jumped slightly as Darryl grasped his penis shaft with his right hand; the boy's hadn't touched their erections in front of each other before now. They were edging closer to masturbating and they knew it.

But Darryl had to grab his boner because he needed to aim it away from his sweaty teen body. As his long ball bag hung suspended below, the black-haired teen relaxed as piss suddenly popped past his foreskin. His stream shot up nearly vertically about four feet into the air. But, as Tom and Justin saw, Darryl's tight skin cover made some of his smelly urine stream down his arched shaft, coating his hand in piss. Even more of Darryl's urine dribbled down onto his huge hairless sac.

But as the boys all watched, Darryl's piss-wet hand slipped and his dick snapped back sending a tall stream onto his chest and torso. So much piss shot out of Darryl's penis that the load fanned out across his chest before streaming down into his pubic hair and down his legs. Still, Darryl made no attempt to grab his dick again and aim it away. He was used to going to the bathroom on himself and considering that Tom had wet his own shaft and balls and all three boys were soaking their big bare feet in each other's bladder contents, he saw no reason to stop pissing on his own chest. In fact, a few times toward the end, Darryl bore down and fired his piss higher, hitting his chin real hard at least three times. Justin and Tom said nothing but quietly moved closer to admire their teen buddy's urine-glistening body.

By the time Darryl had finished urinating on himself, the boys were standing a bit closer together. They were silent but their throbbing erections, on the absolute edge of ejaculating, said everything.

'You guys want know...take care of...?' Darryl began asking as his nervous voice trailed off.

The silence continued interrupted only by the sound of the three scared, aroused teen jocks breathing hard. Finally, Tom decided to make the first real move. He was by now desperate to masturbate his giant hairy dick and wanted even more to do it in front of his masturbating friends. So he cautiously reached out and gently, with a feather-light touch, glided his right hand from near the base of his big shaft up to and onto his unbelievably swollen dickhead before gliding back down until he hit his bush.

As Tom slowly made another run of his hand up and down his monster erection, Justin let out a slight moan/whimper and, hand shaking, cupped his hand over his penis head and began to pull his thick, long foreskin up and down. As he pushed down, his palm slid all over his protruding wet piss lips. He couldn't believe it but he was finally doing the unthinkable and masturbating in front of Tom and Darryl.

Both Tom and Justin tentatively began to masturbate a little more vigorously as they waited in nervous anticipation to see if their friend, Darryl, was going to join them. Well, it only took Darryl a minute to make up his mind and do what he'd secretly fantasized about: playing with his dick and giant ball sac in front of his two best friends. So Darryl used his left hand to cup his fat, extra low-hanging testicles and begin to massage them by rubbing his palm all over them. To Tom's and Justin's erect delight, Darryl began sliding his right hand all over his urine-soaked torso before grabbing his penis and sliding his wet hand up and down. The three boys were now seriously masturbating in front of each other.

Tom was so close to the edge that he had to stop jacking his monstrous erection more than a few times. The third time Tom stopped masturbating, Justin and Darryl watched as Tom's huge helmet head flared out even more and his long piss hole suddenly opened like a small mouth, showing a vertical oval nearly a half inch wide at the middle. Justin's heart nearly stopped beating as he realized his best friend was about to ejaculate. But Tom tensed up real hard, leg muscles popping, and managed to hold back his orgasm. He began masturbating again.

Witnessing Tom's piss slit open up and prepare to shoot nearly sent Darryl over the edge. His whole body shook as he pulled his hands away from his cock and super-sized testicles. Darryl involuntarily shot a small stream of piss up about a foot into the air and back on his torso and pubes. As Darryl urinated on himself again, Tom's muscles clenched hard and he quickly pulled his hand off his long penis one more time. But it was too late. As Tom stood there, arms at his side, his piss hole opened up and he fired a huge squirt of his thick teenage sperm way over onto Justin's crotch.

Justin immediately pulled back his long foreskin, exposing his big dickhead and pouting piss hole as his friend Tom ejaculated on him several more times. The force of Tom's cumshots was so great that it almost stung Justin. Some of Tom's cum even squirted right onto Justin's protruding piss lips.

Seeing Tom shoot at least a cup of young male sperm onto his pulsating sex organ sent Justin over the edge next. He quickly fired back onto Tom's hairy groin with a big, more watery load of cum. Justin's sperm shot out in several long, continuous streams that almost looked more like he was pissing than ejaculating. Tom's long dick had a whitish coat all over it and still more of Justin's teen male body fluid soaked into his pubes and dripped from his urine-soaked balls.

No way could Darryl hold out much longer after watching his two best friends and basketball buddies ejaculate on each other's sex organs. As he took the last few strokes on his way to a massive teenage orgasm, Darryl involuntarily did what he normally did when masturbating. He thrust his pelvis forward and hunched over while opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out. As his astonished and still-aroused friends watched, Darryl's giant balls sent a huge load up his piss tube and straight up into his mouth and all over his face.

When they were done, the three tall high school athletes just stood there looking at each other. No one's dicks deflated much. Justin and Tom had sperm dripping from all over their genitals while Darryl just stood there, mouth open and tongue hanging out. He had his own semen dripping from his chin and around his mouth. Big globs of sperm coated his tongue.

Suddenly, all three boys broke out into uncontrollable grins as the magnitude of their actions sank in. They were each so relieved to have actually displayed their erections to each other, urinated and finally masturbated on themselves and each other. Finally, Tom broke the silence saying, 'We should do this again.'

Justin replied, 'Yeah, we should do this all the time.'

'Totally. That was awesome, guys,' Darryl enthused.

The very next time, a few days later, the boys managed to up the ante a bit. They had a big game that night (a Friday) and had quietly discussed staying behind to stow the equipment etc. while the rest of the team showered and left. Tom, Justin and Darryl had all been on edge all day during class, desperately trying to conceal their huge boners from their unsuspecting classmates. Tom was especially nervous and excited in anticipation of watching his two best friends urinate and masturbate their erections. He couldn't wait to expose his giant jutting erect penis to Justin and Darryl. The horny teen athlete also wanted so badly to demonstrate how he relieved his full bladder and how taking a piss aroused his giant hairy sex organ even further.

Toward the end of the game (which their team won), a member of the other team fired a passing shot at his team mate but accidentally hit Justin in the belly. He wasn't hurt bad, though. However, after Tom, Darryl and Justin waited for what seemed an eternity, the coast was clear; the boys' locker room was finally empty and everyone else had gone home. They had plenty of time before they needed to be home and had the dank, sexy locker room all to themselves to do what they needed. So the three boys locked up behind themselves, just in case, and silently walked over to their adjacent lockers and began to strip. Darryl had pulled off his basketball jersey as they entered the locker room and so he was farther along while the other two boys pulled their shoes and socks off. The room was dead quiet when a sharp slapping sound of skin on skin startled Tom and Justin. They looked up and saw Darryl standing there naked. His penis had already erected and when he yanked his jock off, his boner jumped up and hit him in the abs. All three nervous teens had the same thought simultaneously: - it's going to happen; we're going to piss and jack off again.' Tom's hands shook as he pulled down his jock and then stood up, showing his thick, giant hard on.

Justin saved taking off his shirt for last; he wanted to hurry up and expose his engorged genitals to his erect friends. When he finally pulled his jersey off, the other boys quickly noticed the bright red mark from that basketball on Justin's lightly hairy stomach.

Still, none of the boys spoke as they walked single file from their locker bay and into the shower room, where they assumed the same positions as last time (only not as far apart from each other as when they started last time). Their erections spoke for them. Darryl's dick was leaking allover his abs and pubic hair while a long strand of sticky semen hung from the tip of Justin's big open tube of foreskin. Tom's enormous penis was so rigidly aroused that it looked ready to burst. His giant dickhead had already turned an angry reddish color as the skin stretched to the max.

But then Darryl and Tom noticed the red mark on Justin's belly. Darryl spoke up, 'Dude, that looks painful.'

'It just burns a little,' Justin quietly admitted. They were quiet again, waiting for someone to signal that it was cool to cross that line and begin their sexual experiments. Tom decided to get things going.

'Um...uh, I have to piss real bad,' the tall, super-hung boy blurted. Justin and Darryl stared excitedly at Tom's erection and especially at his dilating piss hole.

Half-joking, but in a serious tone of voice, Darryl said, 'Maybe you should go on Justin. It'll help soothe the burning.' Tom's heart nearly stopped when he heard that suggestion and he and Darryl looked at Justin for his reaction.

Justin didn't flinch; he turned to face Tom directly and, spreading his legs slightly, thrust his groin toward Tom's huge, erect sex organ. Although nervous and shivering perceptibly, Tom decided he had to go for it. He was going to relieve himself on Justin. The other two boys watched as Tom's penis jumped up and down a couple times and his piss hole expanded even more. Suddenly, Tom unleashed a jet-like blast of hot piss right onto Justin's hairy crotch and all over his dick. Like last time, Tom's stream was both wide-diameter and very forceful.

To Justin, it felt like the greatest sexual thing he'd ever done. Tom's urine shot onto his dick, balls and pubic bush, soaking the tall, skinny teen and running down his legs and off his big bare feet. Justin began to move his hips around slightly, in order to coat all of his genitals in his friend's urine.

But after more than a minute of non-stop pissing, Darryl spoke up. In a quiet, almost breaking voice, the dark-haired teen said, 'Aim some on me, too.' Tom, who still hadn't touched his dick even once (for fear of cumming too soon) turned to his right while still pissing, and sent his heavy pale yellow stream onto Darryl's crotch. Darryl just moaned slightly and then, to Justin and Tom's erect delight, grabbed his huge, low hanging ball sac right above his testicles and pulled the big balls forward and up slightly. Darryl was determined to get Tom to urinate on his excessively large testicles. The other boys were amazed that Darryl could pull his balls forward so far that they stretched a good foot from his crotch as they were battered hard by Tom's piss stream. By the time Tom stopped pissing, Darryl's ball bag had turned bright red from the stretching he gave it. But finally, Darryl let go and the big testicles dropped down and swung back and forth between his hairy thighs.

As soon as Tom finished going to the bathroom on his friends, Justin began. Without warning he just whimpered and unleashed his bladder onto Tom's big dick. Tom's mind was reeling as he felt Justin's hot urine coat his penis; he was on the edge of orgasm and hadn't touched himself at all so far. For Tom, getting urinated on seemed even sexier and dirtier than when Justin had ejaculated on him last time. All too soon, of course, Justin had to turn and piss on Darryl who was waiting patiently to feel more hot urine on him. Darryl spread his legs and let Justin's stream hit his big dangling sac hard so that it was pushed back and forth in the piss, almost like a punching bag. Right before Justin's urine ran out, Darryl cupped his hand in the flow and poured it on his dick.

With Tom's dick on the edge from watching his two best friends play in Justin's bladder contents, he spoke up. 'Darryl, can you push your dick out enough to get some on me and Justin?'

'I don't know,' Darryl said. 'You guys better stand closer so I can piss on you.'

'Ok,' Justin said, 'but don't let your hand slip this time.'

'That won't be easy,' Darryl quietly joked.

Both Tom and Justin stepped forward a few feet. They secretly hoped that Darryl would piss on himself again, though. Tom, for example, had been going to the bathroom on himself for a while now, as he masturbated at home alone. He was so excited last time to see one of his best friends doing the same thing. Justin secretly felt the same way.

So the two boys stood there in front of Darryl, their naked and aroused bodies already dripping with each other's urine as they waited for him to empty his bladder on them too. Darryl didn't make them wait long; he'd been drinking water earlier and was bursting. He grabbed his erection, pulling it away from his body as far as it would go. Then, spreading his long legs real wide and letting his unusually large ball sac swing free, dripping in piss, Darryl began to urinate. Tom and Justin both moaned in unison as the first spurts from Darryl rolled down his own shaft, over his hand and down his sac. Darryl looked down, excited at how sexy his giant testicles looked when soaked in the three boys' piss.

His stream gathered force, shooting up and out in a tall parabola about five feet high. Tom went first, thrusting out his hard-to-bursting penis into the falling stream. All three boys watched as Tom wet the entire foot long, beer can-thick shaft, in Darryl's heavy leak. Rivulets of urine slid down the upward jutting penis into Tom's soaked pubes before cascading down his long, hairy legs and across his own big teen balls. Tom was so aroused and on edge at turning his giant penis into a toilet for his friends that if Darryl hadn't switched over to pissing on Justin, Tom would have ejaculated without touching himself.

Instead, Tom watched as Justin thrust even farther forward, allowing Darryl's cascading load to thoroughly wet his own giant sex organ. The baby-faced, hairy teen desperately needed to get some more urine into his thick bush and all over the fine hairs on his chest. As Tom and Darryl watched, Justin even grabbed his huge open foreskin in both hands pulling it up and stretching the opening about three inches wide as Darryl's giant arc of piss filled it up like a big bowl. Justin loved the feeling of Darryl's bladder load falling right onto his swollen red piss lips.

As Justin stood there holding his urine-filled foreskin up, Darryl pulled his hand off his dick and, hunching over like last time, went even further in bravely showing his friends what he does with his piss. As the stream from his blunt, skin-covered dickhead sprayed his pecs, Darryl began seriously lapping at the yellow fountain with his tongue. Tom and Justin held their breath as they watched their friend ingest his own urine. By the time Darryl finished pissing, all three boys were within seconds of ejaculating, especially when Justin finally let go and they watched as his great arced boner emptied its hood-full of urine onto the concrete floor. Like last time, after only a few strokes the boys sprayed their thick teen sperm loads on each others' aroused hairy crotches.

Over the next several weeks, this had become a ritual for Tom, Justin and Darryl. Though they never actually talked about what they were doing, and were totally unchanged in their outward behavior at school, they each anticipated with almost crazy desire, the chance to do these dirty things together. The tall, horny teens only had a few chances; it wasn't that easy to ensure that the rest of team and the Coach left with enough time for the boys to engage in their sexual behavior. Still, they pissed and ejaculated on each other three more times, which is what was happening when this story began.

Only this time was different. It was a Friday after practice and the three tall teens were horny as usual. They held back while drinking water from the fountain over and over and shooting some free throws. Nothing was said but the goose bumps on their arms and legs gave it away. They knew that they were going to relieve themselves on each other and then masturbate again. They couldn't get enough.

In the empty locker room, they stripped. Tom pulled his shorts off first, exposing his already erect twelve inch hairy dick with the swollen giant helmet head. He walked slowly into the shower, letting the other two naked, erect athletes admire his round, muscular ass. As Tom got in position, he watched Justin walk into the shower with his great curved uncut boner so rigid that it did not even move or bounce at all as he walked. Finally, Darryl walked in. He broke the otherwise dead silence with the sound of his giant, low-hanging ball sac slapping his thighs as he walked over to the other erect boys.

Tom's heart was pounding as he assumed his piss stance. He spread his legs wide, thrust his huge boner forward and held perfectly still. The other boys watched intently, waiting for the signal from Tom's dickhead when his piss slit would dilate. But Tom had secretly decided to up the ante a bit more. He was scared of what he wanted to try, but he had settled on a plan.

As his giant penis's piss slit opened up to its full half inch wide dilation, Tom bore down and cut an enormous deep, rumbling fart. His face immediately turned bright red from embarrassment but, to his instant relief, neither Justin nor Darryl flinched or laughed or did anything. They just stood there, erect, waiting for Tom to urinate on them.

As Tom's rigid, long sex organ prepared to piss, Justin spread his legs real wide and cut a real deep and very loud fart of his own. He too blushed deep red but was secretly turned on to the echoing sound of their big farts in the concrete and tile shower room. Tom looked down at his engorged penis and couldn't tell if sperm or urine would fly out of his dilated slit first. That's when he heard the rumbling gas burst out of Darryl's large anus. As Darryl let go, the horny teen could feel his powerful anal wind blow on the back of his long, dangling ball bag.

The three teen athletes started urinating almost simultaneously, more turned on than ever after sharing the sound and smell of their rectal gas. As Darryl relieved himself on his chest and into his mouth, Tom and Justin pivoted from side to side, making sure that they urinated on Darryl too. They especially made sure to piss on Darryl when he tugged his long sac forward and stretched his giant balls into his friends' hot yellow streams.

When the boys were done relieving themselves on each other, their tall, naked athlete bodies glistened with drops of each other's urine (or in Darryl's case, his own heavy piss). Drops clung to Justin's fine chest hairs and streamed off of Tom's edge-of-cumming dick. This time, though, the smell of their big farts still hung in the humid air of the shower room. Tom gently wrapped his large hand around his extra-thick shaft and began to masturbate. He stopped on his first downstroke and froze. While making direct eye contact with his friends, Tom pushed out another loud, voluminous fart. He quickly pulled his hand off his penis and tensed his leg muscles to stave off his orgasm.

Darryl looked at Tom and Justin and, breaking the silence, said 'I've got a lot of gas in me still. What about you guys?'

Justin just nodded his head and blew a huge fart out of his long anal slit. It was clear that the teens were sexually aroused by each other's gas; their untouched erections were so stiff that it wouldn't take much more than a fly landing on their dickheads to make them cum. Almost simultaneously, Tom and Darryl let go with long, rumbling farts that added to the heavy rectal stink in the shower room. Tom, though, felt the tip of his huge shit log right at the entrance to his large, puffy anus.

Justin nervously cleared his throat and quietly asked his team mates, 'Can you guys fart some more?'

Both Tom and Darryl whispered - yes.'

'Cool,' Justin responded.

But then Tom said, 'I know I've got more gas but it's behind my turd.'

There was dead silence and Tom suddenly wished he hadn't said that. It was crossing a line, he was sure.

And then, to Tom's instant relief, Darryl quietly said, 'Why don't you let it drop on the floor and then fart again with us?'

'Yeah, Tom,' Justin quickly added, 'Let's all do it.'

The teens were quiet and frozen in place. Darryl and Justin could see the look of concentration on Tom's blushing face. Then they saw Tom's giant erection lift a little higher and his piss hole dilate again. As Tom's heart pounded in his chest, he nervously announced, 'I can't stop it. It's coming out.'

They all heard the soft crackling sound as a thick, hard and knotty turd slowly began easing out of Tom's pooched out anus. Justin and Darryl focused between Tom's spread legs, below his testicles, anxiously anticipating seeing his excrement reveal itself.

And what they saw was beyond their imagination. Slowly, a three inch thick and two foot long dark brown column of shit hung suspended between Tom's legs as more of his shit emerged from his wide-stretched asshole. Justin panted, 'Fuck, look at how big it is.' Seeing his friends' excited reaction was more than a relief to Tom. He was so proud and his erection bounced even higher as he revealed to his closest friends the massive size of his big teen dumps. It felt so great to stand there and push a fat column of shit out of his pulsating asshole as they watched.

Tom's giant shit log kept coming out and it wasn't until the tall teenager had a three foot turd hanging out of his rectum that it finally broke off and hit the concrete floor with a wet slapping sound. He cut a sharp, loud fart and dropped a couple more, smaller turds onto the pile between his big bare feet.

As Tom's giant erection hovered on the edge of release, Darryl suddenly announced, 'My turn.' And then, as Tom and Justin excitedly watched, Darryl stood there and crapped. It began with a really wet fart sound that was almost instantly followed by a massive series of huge clumps of very dark brown, semi-soft shit that kept pouring out of him and dropping onto the concrete floor with a wet sound. Darryl's shit was rapid and yet kept going on as his mound built up between his feet until it was well over a foot high. The boys figured he must have shit at least a couple pounds of thick, soft excrement. It smelled really strong too, causing all three dicks to swell up and jump around.

'Damn, Darryl,' Justin exclaimed, 'That's how the stallions on my uncle's farm take a dump. I think your load is even bigger than theirs, too.'

'Yeah, that was awesome,' Tom enthused. Inside, Tom fleetingly imagined he was lying on the floor and feeling that huge clump of smelly shit falling out of Darryl's colon onto his big dick.

Darryl just smiled, proud of his big dump, and then grunted slightly. He then pushed out even more thick, wet crap onto his big mound. Some of this final load even slid down the back of his eight-plus inch long ball bag, leaving bits of shit on his testicles. At the same time, he and Tom both looked over at Justin, who'd made a soft whimpering sound. Justin's balls were rising up in preparation to ejaculate.

Tom and Darryl heard Justin fart and then they watched, puzzled at first, as Justin cupped his left hand and brought it down behind his back. But as Justin grimaced, Tom realized what his friend was planning. 'Oh man, do it Justin,' Tom moaned. Now Darryl caught on to Justin's dirty sex act.

Justin had a frightened look on his face now, hoping and praying that he wasn't about to go too far. He winced as his asshole stretched open super-wide. Tom and Darryl heard the familiar crackling sound of a hard turd slowly exiting a large teen anus but Justin could feel it. He was taking a dump in his hand. As the hairy young teen defecated, he had to bend slightly to the left to allow more room for his monster dump to pile up and coil around in his big hand. For the next two minutes, Justin's feces stacked up in his trembling hand while Tom and Darryl, pulses racing, tried to be patient and wait for Justin to reveal the full extent of his bowel movement.

Finally, Justin finished shitting and slowly pulled his left hand back around in front of him. He looked at Tom and saw his tall friend's piss slit dilate even wider as he edged ever closer to a shit-inspired orgasm. What Tom and Darryl saw was a huge single coil of hard, knotty brown shit that must have stacked up nearly eight inches from the palm of Justin's big hand.

At the moment that Tom saw his friend Justin holding his own excrement, he cried out, 'Oh fuck,' and pushed his dick as far forward as he could. He began ejaculating without touching himself. His giant erection fired multiple huge streams of teenage sperm so far and so forcefully that it splattered all over Justin's feces. Long ropes of Tom's ball juice draped all over the mound in Justin's hand.

Darryl moaned, 'That's so fucking hot,' as he grabbed his penis and began masturbating. At the same time, Tom gathered some of the remaining sperm that had dribbled from his big helmet-headed boner and coated his shaft. His dick had not gone soft and he was more than charged up to go for another orgasm.

Justin, more turned on (and relieved at his friends' acceptance of his shit-touching), begged, 'Please guys, pick some of yours up. I want to see you holding it too.' Darryl and Tom quickly pondered Justin's horny request. Of course, both boys were dying to handle their turds in front of Justin and each other, especially after watching Justin take his right hand and gather some of Tom's sperm off the big shit mound and wipe it on his dick shaft.

Tom bent down and quickly picked up a foot long length of his long, solid turd and held it up in front of the other boys. Then Darryl squatted down and, with his huge ball sac resting on top of his dump pile, scooped up a large soft mound of his own. The boys edged closer together and began to masturbate in earnest. In only seconds, though, the boys were ready to cum. Tom held his hard turd along side his giant dick shaft, even letting his penis graze his feces. Seeing that, and seeing clumps of soft shit sticking to Darryl's big, swaying balls, sent Justin over the edge first. He held his coiled stack of shit out in front of him and ejaculated all over it. Then it was Darryl's turn. He again hunched over and quickly shot perhaps the biggest cum load of his life into his waiting mouth.

Tom was again so close to shooting his sperm and he instantly knew exactly how he wanted to. He'd already coated Justin's stack of shit so he walked, jacking hard, over to Darryl. In a quiet voice, Tom said, 'I want to shoot all over your pile, Ok?' Darryl just nodded and stepped back slightly as Justin raced over to witness this final act of teenage male sexual release. First Darryl, and then Justin, squatted down on either side of Darryl's huge load of smelly dark brown semi-soft shit. Then Tom spread his legs real wide and squatted low. He pushed down his huge penis, getting that apple-sized helmet head within an inch of Darryl's dump. His piss hole opened wide and Tom ejaculated with astonishing force (considering he'd just cum only a few minutes ago) and spattered his sperm all over Darryl's huge excrement.

As the boys came down from their orgasmic high, they realized they had a massive cleanup ahead. Well, Darryl began using his size 12 bare feet to push his shit toward the big central floor drain as Tom picked followed suit. The only problem was that Tom's much harder dump was more difficult to move that way. So instead, Tom picked up his dump in both hands and followed Justin into the adjacent toilet where they dropped their loads into the same bowl. They didn't flush. Then, as Darryl watched, Tom and Justin walked back into the shower, urinating along the way. Darryl relieved himself one more time, and then the boys showered and went on to their respective homes and their dinners.




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