'i always knew it would end this way,you and me' those were the last words i thought id ever speak.standing across from me was my boyfriend easton,holding the gift id given him for his birthday yesterday.a walter ppk.now i know your thinking.'stan,what could make your boyfriend want to kill you'well ill tell you

the break-up for one wasnt as easy as most. but to get to the break up,youll need the break down. easton marcus flynn and i had been dating for the past three years.we met at an office party when he spilled his drink all over himself and begged me to help after making the stain bigger.we fucked like monsters in the last stall.and that was the beginning.we quickly moved into a place in hidden oaks together.a starter home if you would.we got on well enough together.until last year when he got promoted and had no choice but to fire me. no problem right.hell his salary alone was twice what he made in a shitty office. but then the stress got to him.he had three times s much stuff to do,from strictly business trips overseas to overnighters curled on his tacky office couch.but so is life,sacrifices and such. but then thing turned even more bitter.one day he would accuse me of cheating,the next thing was i stayed with him for the money.so as a show of love i threw him a big bash at a friends house by the lake.everyone showed...including his ex. now his ex...knew all to well of the restraining orders against him.hed broken into our house one night,while we were there.but easton brushed it off saying it was nothing.and pleading with me to let it go.everyone bought gift from sex toys we could 'share'as his sister put it.to the gun i bought him. 'thanks sweetie'he said kissing me

'youll defiantly get good use out of it'i added staring down his ex.

'play nice'he whispered 'he just wants to stir you'

'fine'i agreed taking a few plates into the house

'ill help you'rich stated taking some remainig plates sliding the glass door behind him

'you might want to take that gun back from him.he might turn on you' he stated pouring soap all over the dishes. 'what are you talking about' i asked not paying much attention

'he hit me too you know...apologized right after..then he hit me again...and after a while i accepted that...it had to happen..so i left him..went back home' 'your fucking crazy'i interrupted 'but you know im right,has he given you those shitty,going out of town lines...just so you know...he told me that same story..little did i know he went across town and held himself up with someone named jared' he stated as if he knew more than i did 'get the hell away from me'i begged starting to get angry 'then he lost his shit...kept me from seeing my family,friends.pretty soon.he started raping me' 'get the fuck out before i call the police'i screamed as everyone stole glances inside the kitchen

'whats going on babe'easton asked glass in hand 'nothing...richard was just heading out' i stated as everyone started crowding inside

'just remember what i said'he stated before turning to leave

the party went on for hours before people slowly headed home.the only thought rolling through my head was whether or not richards words held any merit...even if they did i had the resources to run...a hidden bank account,family that would lie to anyone,and more than enough time on my hands.if the cheating were true i had my secret love life with his best friend.

'so,what was all that about..with rich back there'?he casually asked on the drive home

'he...had these delusions that i was in danger with you...i told him hes crazy..but he just kept at it' 'dont listen to him...hes been after me since our breakup' 'whyd you guys break it off anyways'? i asked staring right at him 'he got clingy...id be in important meetings and get calls from him saying he saw me with someone at bars snd he knew id been cheating for months' 'thats weird' i stated as we pulled into thee garage and walked inside instantly changing and heading to bed for an awkwards night sleep

the next morning things went great.easton went to work while i ran errands.at three exactly i got a call from him asking me to show at his parents place at seven exactly i pulled up to his parents place...not expecting any of what happened next. 'im in the back'he yelled luring me to the back christmas lights leading the way. as i opened the gate..i saw my demise 'so..you just decided to fuck my best friend in our bed'he yelled,knowing all to well that no one lived near hear. 'what are you talking about east-' 'shut up...he told me ok...he couldnt take anymore of the backstabbing, so he told me...how could you'? he cried avoiding the hole in the ground 'how long have you known' 'about a month' 'you gonna kill me'i asked 'yes' he stated firing off a shot that hit me dead in the arm...'ive always loved you' 'i always knew it would end this way...me and you'i replied as a bullet wizzed through the air..and right into eastons stomach.the person who fired the shot already speeding off leaving me with the sound of sirens ringing in my ears



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