Its been two weeks since Ali disappeared from their room at Trailer Coastal Hostel,but it was indeed a very happy moment at the U.O.D.(University of Doha)as the student looked auspiciously to the All Universíty Concert Nite(AUCN) which is in few weeks time.The students were even happier because the examinations were slowly passed off and so it was for Frank becos he would be perform a duet with Katie William as both qualified the best vocalists in U.O.D.and wil compete with equal or even better talents frm the 12 participatin universities as the show wil be held in U.O.D to celebrate her centenary feast.

But one thing bothered him and that was Ali,he now squats wit two of his friends off campus: Friedriech Von Kel a young German geek who was the ex-Mr U.O.D.most handsome guy in campus,and also Kennedy Gold Walters an English dude with red hair,bright green eyes and well built.He learnt Ali plans to rent a rent a room off campus next semester but what trouble most was he never got the chance to apologise for freakin him out..

Lately Frank had been quite busy with music rehersals with Kate in their dept. which never ended til late at nite to guarantee their winning the show after which he wil retire to the hostel very weak and wil quickly fall asleep.So he really never got a chance to visit and even if he did he does not knw the address of his new abode He remebered two week ago after the ugly encounter with Ali,he came back from classes the next day to find Alis corner empty and he almost collapsed after readin the note he found on his bed "hey little faggot am off from your reach and sight,am movin in with two of my friends off-campus dont even bother lookin for me".

He had left in a hurry even to say goodbye,Frank had cried and cried like a baby that nite but he could do little or nothin and since then he never saw Ali again as the followin wèek as examinations all through and he had tight schedule with the 'Big Concert Thing'.

Minutes blended into hours,hours into days,days into weeks and soön the D-day was here.

It was a perfect day for such auspicious event,the light sun,the wind blowin mildly as the whole school was alive with preparation for the nite.The field,the auditorium,even the heap of firewood for the bonfire everythin was set and ready like a paintin dat had just come alive as lot of activities went on til about noon.

At about 3:15pm frank went to get his new purchase;a deep black suit,silver colored shired,a gold color bow tie with a Prada designer shoes,rolex titanium gold watch etc he swore he would look mind blowin and he did.


....Universîty of Ðoha...Frank Guy and Katie William,Frank felt his heartbeat skip as he a crowd of about over a million students and other dignitaries from his college and other invited colleges clapped and cheered as he appeared before the wildly excited audience.

Sittin in at least the fifteenth row was Ali Musa as he watched Frank appear like a star of the highest bliss.His appearance was breathtakin and his looks mind blowin Ali felt a twitch in his dick.Dyin his hair a deep shade of black the color of ebony and his outfit clung tightly to his now muscular body which screamed"HOT'"

Frank stood on stage like a superhuman with air of God-ness around him as Katie appeared frm behind him in her wine red dinner gown lookin beautiful (that was the concept).Lookin into the crowd Frank saw the love of his life,with a cloud of warmth under his eyes but that look in Alis eyes like a stallion on heat wàs unusual he was havin effect on him he thought.

They performed a duet of the song'no air'by chris Brown ànd 'i surrender' by Celine Dion..etc...and then frank performed solo of the song 'grenade' by Bruno Mars.Ali marveled on his seat also shakin' with lust like a stallion on heat at the sensation franks voice had on him,no doubt Frank was good but tonite he thinks he is just...perfect

His dick achin from the resistance provided by his jeans,Ali was almost leaking precum.He hated to admit it but he was begining to fall for Frank,he has never like this before for anyone not even his girlfriend Natalie.But one thing was for sure Frank is slowly and unconcious turning him...'Gay'.

After the performances,Frank and katie left and retired to the costume room behind the stage amongst other performers as they awaited the result of dat year's AUCN show with temperatures rising.His temperature rise for two things;first he saw Ali he had not seen for over a month now and the sight of him frankly performed that magic back there on stage he thought.Secondly the college that wins the provincial competition will be qualified to compete in the All International College Nite(AICN) in november at Hollywood LA.

As his mind wondered he turned and was shocked to deathpoint by who was standin behind him..Ali Musa.Strugglin to maintain balance he stuttered I..I..I Ali placed his index finger on his lips and started"buddy am very sorry for treatin u very bad,i was meant to love u forgive,i knw its hard but pls give me a second chance cos i..i,..I love u Franklin Guy".that is it its hard but out at last Ali thought amidst tears.

Frank stood transfixed pinchin himself to make sure he isnt dreaming,first he just performed nicely thanks to Ali and now he was beggin for a second chance and did he hear him right or his imagination playin pranks on him again.?did Ali say'I love you? Its too good to be true he embraced him as Ali began kissin him hard and deep......



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