Lets recap. I've had an amazing few days with my new stud, but suddenly things blow up because of someone telling Seth he was 'hurting' me. And now, I'm just trying to figure out what the Hells going on.


The way he yelled at me hit the depths of my heart. After the few days we've spent together, it's been absolutely perfect, up until now that is. The way his muscles bulged , and the way his veins pressed against his skin, as if they were trying to be released, along with the rest of his anger and emotion, was slightly intoxicating. He was so masculine, it just gave the atmosphere a certain kick, for a gay like me anyway.

Also I hadn't heard him inhale since he began, and I wasn't sure when he would take a breath. I'm sure by this time, his body ran on pure adrenaline, and air was pointless. It was about three or four minutes before he took a breath, and shook his head. He must've realized how irrational he'd sounded, not letting the other even explain his story.

"Look, I don't know why the hell this happened, but you better say something now before I really get pissed off at you." His chest pumped heavily, in rhythm with his quick, uneven intakes of breath.

"Caleb, I don't know what your talking about, and that's all I can say. Can you please just explain everything from the beginning?" This probably wasn't going to get through to him, but I took a shot at it anyway.

"Alex, your getting me-" then he stopped suddenly. It must've been because I was crying, not hard, but a few tears. Like when you have a really crazy yawn, and your eyes water? Yeah like that. "Alex, what the fuck. How are you crying when you did it?" What the hell was it? What did I do?

"Did what Caleb?"

"You told Seth that I was hurting you, or keeping you against your will or some shit. Why Alex? Is taking care of a friend the new definition hurting someone? I guess your hurt a lot then right?" He chuckled deeply then flipped me off. "I don't know why you don't trust me, and I'm getting to the point where it's really tearing at my insides. What did I do?" At this point, he seemed like he was in the same position as me. His face was serious, but you could see the hurt in his eyes. He was shaken, confused, angry.

"Listen Caleb, I haven't talked to anyone since I got here with you. I even got a message from Seth lasts night. But I didn't say anything, I swear to God." Hopefully he was calmed down enough to listen to my story.

"Show me."

"Here." I slid the phone out of my back pocket and dropped it in front of him. He picked it up, and cocked his head to one side slightly. "Ah, shit." I took the phone back and entered in 'scarred' then handed it back. He looked at the screen, and his eyes grew wide. When I realized what he was looking at, I slapped it out of his hand.

"Alex-" he started. The upturned screen revealed it all. There, on the dim screen, laid a peaceful Caleb, wrapped around a pillow. His perfect back and shoulders exposed fully to the probing eyes of the room. He shook his head quickly and mumbled something along the lines of 'what the hell.'

"Caleb, I can explain. Y-you already know I'm gay. It's just, you- you're so, I don't know." The words ran out of my mouth, disorganized and incorrect. "I-I like you. A lot." He looked up and his eyes were red. Was he-

"Alex, why. Why do you keep fucking with my feelings?! Everyday since I've been with you, you fuck around with my head." What did he mean? His, feelings? Why would I, the faggot Alexander, have anything to do with what went on in his head? I guess all straight guys aren't the same. "Look, we have school, and we only have so many excused

absences. Lets go, and from then on, we'll work it out." No, I didn't want to go yet, I wanted to sit here with him and hug him again, and talk with him about this. We couldn't go through the day with this in the back of our heads.

"I'm getting in the shower." So quick, he said it. As if nothing ever happened, as if he never woke me up and yelled the sense out of me."I have clothes in there if you want, or I can take you home to get a change." He pointed towards a small multi-drawered container. As he walked towards the bathroom, I went over to the 'thing' in the corner, and looked through his clothes. They were all pretty decent, some brands I've never even seen before. I picked up a pair of shorts, and a grayish shirt, that read "express" on the front. I wonder if he'd get mad If I took a pair of his boxers. I shrugged as I took a pair of dark purple boxers, and went back to the bed to sit down. I could hear the shadower in the next room, and the thought of Caleb naked would've usually gotten me hard, but this certain situation was different.

Around ten minutes later, I could hear the squeaks of the knobs being turned. The shower water faded quickly, and the sharp, high pitches sound of metal scraping against each other made me jump. It must've been the shower curtains. I waited for a few minutes, then knocked on the door unevenly. "Yeah?" He said in his normal deep voice.

"You decent?" His reply was quick, and it stung.

"Wouldn't matter much to you huh?" I grimaced slightly.

"Sorry." I whispered.

He swung open the door, and pushed pass me. He was obviously back in his previous mood. I walked in behind him, and saw he left his phone on the counter. Right when I was about to pick it up, it vibrated furiously. I let it go, waiting for it to go off, and when it did, a message popped up on the screen. "Dude, that's, crazy. If you like him the-"

I read over the partial message slowly, eyes wide. Who was this guy he 'liked'? I tried to erase the message from my mind, but it sat right on the top of my mind. "I need to hurry up" I told myself. Of course, as soon as I dropped my boxers, Caleb came in, talking about his phone. "Sorry, I just left- oh fuck!" I turned around, and tore a towel off of the rack, and covered myself.

"S-Sorry." I whispered

He turned around and left, and in the way out, I could hear him punch the wall and yell. "What the HELL!"


"Let's go!" I heard Caleb shout from outside. I yelled back and ran out of the front door. When I hopped in, he sighed, hyperbolically. I told him sorry for the 3rd time today, and we drove off.

"Um, I, I'm really sorry about this morning."

"Shut up" he shot back.

"What the fuck, Caleb?" I said firmly.

"What, Alex?" He said, emphasizing my name.

"Why the hell are you being so rude?

"Feel like it."

"Oh wow, how mature of you."

He stomped on the brake and turned to me.

"You know what Alex, this is getting worse by the second. I'm fucking tired of this."

"You're the one that's not listening! You wouldn't let me fucking explain! I am just as clueless as you are!"

"Fuck that! My mind is so fucked up right now you wouldn't even understand! You put me through so much mental anguish, and you don't even know!" He was yelling again.

"Mental anguish- shut up Caleb! Mental anguish? Did we just completely forget about how you tormented me for years! 'Faggot, ass fucker, dick sucker.' I guess we forgot about that huh? And what about all the fights? All the damn time you used to beat on me, and your fucking lucky I felt a certain way about you! I always wanted you as a friend. Always Caleb. Always. And now that I do, your tearing it apart, just as quickly as we made it." At this point, I was on the brink of tears. And his face had a mixed expression of guilt and surprise. He looked at me, right in the eyes, and apologized. Apologized?

"I'm, sorry." Then, he leaned forward and hugged me. That same hug that we shared yesterday, only, full contact was restricted because of the car. "We'll get through this. I know it. 3days of friendship, and I feel like I can't live without you." I sharply inhaled. He can't live without me? There was something, different, about him. He let go, and pushed away from me. The he turned back and smiled, "Those are my boxers."

Definitely something different about him.


When I got out of Caleb's car, I heard someone call my name from further away, and I was absolutely elated to see Kelsey, waving and jumping vigorously around. "Kelsey!" I yelled at her, and ran over. She crushed my torso with an extreme hug, and I gasped slightly.

"It's been like, forever! After all this stuff at school, and Seth, you just up and disappeared!"

"Yeah I know, it's been craz-"

"I even had to call Seth!"

What? "What?"

"I called him , cuz I was worried!"

Then it hit me. It must've been kels who told Seth I was gone, and that Caleb took me. He must've twisted it up into his own thoughts. The realization pierced through my every nerve, and when I turned to explain to Caleb, what I saw was terrifying.

Caleb must've heard what she said. In a deep voice, he growled 3 words that would change our relationship forever.

"It was you."


Guys I'm so sorry. That's all I can say. But anyway, I have an important note. The guy that emailed me a few days ago, pls email me again! I forgot to save it, for the updates you wanted. Also, ik it's short, sorry.


Blue Simple

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