I've always been a fan of this website. I get to read my fantasies happen to other people. But now that I've been here a while, I've come to terms with something. Most of us readers don't have that secretly gay next-door neighbor that wants to hop on your dick. Most of us readers don't have that thought to be straight friend who randomly starts taking off his pants and shoving his cock in your mouth. And to be honest, most of us aren't going to have that incredible experience you read about on this website. Because that is what this website is for. It is to quench your thirst while waiting for that experience to happen. It's to fill that hole reserved for that special time. So here's the truth, fellow readers. Yeah, reading these stories is great, and yeah, realizing how lucky other people are is great, but why is there nothing about most of us? Why is there not a story about those of us that just sit around, waiting for that friend to come out to you, or waiting for someone to move into your spare room and ask you to fuck them? Why? I ask myself this question and realized that its to keep us wanting and wishing. So here's to you, fellow readers. I applaud you.



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