I had first met Mike (not his real name) almost 15 years ago in my early 20s. At the time he was dating my close friend and there was even talk about them becoming engaged and eventually marrying. I was struggling with being gay and often confided in my friend the challenges and activities of discovering dick and in turn she would confide in me some of the challenges she was having with Mike.

One challenge she told me about was that his dick was too thick for her and that he shot a lot of cum. Their relationship didn't seem to be going anywhere but she couldn't articulate what was wrong and eventually her relationship with Mike ended and he moved away. 

About 7 years ago, I got a call from her right before Christmas with some exciting news. "Mike just came out of the closet and he is coming to dinner, will you join us?" I was a little reluctant because I was already at a stage in my life where I didn't really want to babysit new gays but I went and when I got to the apartment, I was reminded how hunky he was. 3 years older than me, stood about 5'10" tall and spends a lot of time at the gym giving him a very solid shape in his jeans and tight button up shirt. He always struck me as hairy but fully clothed I couldn't really tell. 

As the evening progressed and the wine flowed, Mike and I hit it off like never before. Perhaps just sharing in the commonality of loving men, but there was a definite chemistry brewing and every time our friend would disappear into the kitchen suggestive comments would float around with the effect of making us both a little randy. The night wound down and it was time for me to leave. 

"Mike you can sleep on the couch here" my friend announced and in a moment of boldness I blurted out, "Or you can come sleep at my place where I have an extra bed." I lied. I told him that my roommate was gone and he could use the other bedroom but I knew full well that my roomie who worked the early morning shift at the hospital would be home and sound asleep leaving the only option another couch or my bed. My friend had the widest and most excited grin on her face I had ever seen and so Mike and I took off a little tipsy toward my apartment only a few short blocks away. 

As we left my friend's place the suggestive language both verbal and body intensified and where as before we had both been a bit reserved in our behavior now my hand was on his back occasionally as we walked, and at one point, his hand brushed against my ass. Not far from my place he stopped, grabbed me and planted a deep passionate kiss against my lips and I melted on the spot. His grip was so strong and tight and he kissed wonderfully. "I have wanted to do that since you walked in the door" he said. 

Now sitting on the couch in my apartment, we continued to grope and kiss hardly saying a word to each other than soft grunt and groans. Taking his hand I led him upstairs and in a few moments we were both standing there in our tight briefs. His body was magnificently shaped. The sort of man who looks good with trimmed hair which covered his bubbly pecs and six pack abs. Picture Jason Statham. 

As we stood there kissing, My pelvis felt the hardness of his dick and my hands roamed his gorgeous bod and muscled ass. This happened seven years ago now but I still remember clearly as he gently laid me down on my bed and hovered over top of me, both of us still in our briefs. He slowly began to move his body along mine and with his crotch almost to my face I pulled on the band of his briefs and a huge thick cock plopped out into my face all wet and sticky from his precum. "Jesus Mike, Nikki told me you were thick but I didn't realize you were packing 8" too!"  "Its 8.5 sexy man" was his only reply as I began to slather it with my spit wrapping my lips around his beautiful fuck pole. 

At this point in my gay life I had discovered poppers and one thing I absolutely loved doing is to popper up while a guy is standing next to the bed while I lay down and swallow the length of his cock and gag. Mike is not only an obliging man but a pig at heart so he pulled his briefs right off and stood up for with his knees resting against the edge of the bed. His big long cock had a slight curve to the side and I slowly positioned myself into place on my tummy. 

Cracking opening the new popper bottle I took a long hit in each nose and after handing the bottle to him and waiting from him to take hit I put the precummy head of his big dick in my mouth and slowly impaled my throat all the way down to his nuts. Poppers have always made my gag reflex go away for this big boy I was glad to have snorted them but even with the poppers my throat was stretched wide open as I gagged on his meat. My eyes were watering as I came up for air and his hands were running across my back and ass cheeks as I gobbled his dick deeper and deeper. 

"Take off your briefs sexy I wanna see your ass" he said to me as I gyrated against his hands running across my tight cheeks. Turning over on my back with my face now right under his nut sack, I pulled down my briefs and my not-so-small curved 8" dick plopped out and he stroked it to spread around my precum. With a hand full of my juice, he licked one of his fingers. I have always liked the taste of my own precum and it made me ooze more seeing him lick it up. Turning me around, now both of us completely naked and raging hard, we rolled around, kissed, licked, sucked and teased each other. Every time I would get his cock in my mouth my ass felt like it was opening wide for him and he even commented once as I was on top 69ing him that "every time you swallow my dick you pucker opens right up for me." And everytime my pucker opened up, he would tongue fuck me hard and deep. 

For whatever reason, maybe it was planning on my part but whereas I had gone to the shop for a new bottle of poppers I had not thought to buy condoms. Small problem, and with my legs up around my head and his tongue buried deep in my ass, he rose up to my face kissing me and asked, "where are the rubbers, I need to fuck you." I reached in the night stand in vein and cursed myself for not having bought more but we quickly realized that not all was lost. We could still have a lot of fun without fucking and so we went back to our making out and spreading precum all over each others' bodies. My will power gave way with every tongue lashing he gave my ass and with every gag on his dick and once more I found myself on my back with his wet dick sliding across my slutty hole and I surprised myself and him by blurting out loud, "I can't take it, fuck me raw, I need that cock in my ass," "We shouldn't do this sexy," was his only reply, but no sooner had he said this than he reached over to the night stand and pumped some lube into his hand and smeared a bit inside my ass saving the rest for his already glistening shaft.

"Poppers?" I asked. "You first babe" he said sticking two fingers into my ass tenderly feeling around . I lost my virginity to a big dicked black drag queen who fucked the shit outta me when I was 22 but Mike was even bigger and I took 2 hits and then another from the poppers as he positioned himself outside my ass. After I snorted up, he took the bottle and snorted in both nostrils as the rush of the poppers took over my body. As he was still snorting and my eyes were rolling into the back of my head, he pushed the big head of his dick against my hole. Leaning forward he closed the bottle and held his position for a moment before meeting my mouth with his to kiss me deeply. 

As our tongues mashed around, he pushed the first of 8.5 long inches into my guts and I squirmed and moaned as his fat cock split me wide open. Although it painful at first, after a few seconds of this big boy sliding into me, my hole was ready for the whole thing and he slowly impaled me finally stopping as the head of his monster cock now pushed against the top of my ass. 

He held his position kissing me flexing his cock muscles and I could feel every squeeze of him as he stretched and loosened me up. And then while he pushed against the top of my ass he smirked an evil grin and pushed even harder. To my surprise, it didn't hurt as I thought it would. I even grimaced a bit thinking that this was going to fucking sting but instead the sensation is best described in my mind as a "pop." 

The fucker had popped through the second sphincter of my ass opening me right up. "Oh fuck yeah" he murmured into my ear as I appreciated that now I had 8.5" of cock all the way in my ass. He was literally balls deep in me and his gorgeous raw cock was completely filling me. And with him so deep I could grip my ass down on him and at one point it felt like he was going to come out of my throat as he kept pushing deeper and deeper. My ass was so relaxed otherwise around this monster though and as we continued to kiss and enjoy the popper high he slowly started to pull out. I shuddered as each inch emerged from my greedy hole and when he was all the way out he slowly began to impale me again only this time there was no resistance from my tight pucker, only pure enjoyment as he fucked his cock deep into my guts and once again popped through the top of my ass. 

Over the next two hours, Mike fucked me raw in every imaginable position hard and long but mainly with my legs up in the air and him on top of me. Alternating positions, I would greedily clean his dick while we got into the next position licking his wet dick and tasting my own ass juice on his pole. On my stomach he rammed me harder than I have ever been fucked and even when at times it would hurt I think he either ignored it or realized that I was loving every second and every inch of the pounding. I would later tease him that he must have had some latent anger for me from years ago because we fell into sub and dom roles all too easily. And to this day, if a guy is fucking me raw, nothing makes me hornier than for him to pull out and I clean off his dick. What can I say? I look all sweet and innocent but spread my legs and fuck my hole hard and I become a dick loving pig. 

While bent over my desk he said he wanted to cum inside me but I had to taste his wad. I justified in my mind that there would be more opportunity to take a load in my guts and so I wryly said I wanted to clean every last drop of cum off that dick with my tongue after he pumped it down my throat. He obliged me which was a surprise but before blowing his load, he grabbed me from behind and shoved his cock into my ass pulling me upright against his muscled torso with hands on my pecs. I thought I would pass out from the pleasurable pain and we held onto each other for a few short seconds as his cock once again popped the top of my ass and his legs shuddered from holding the position. He started to shake as he tried to push it into me deeper and then pulled out. Spit, lube and precum flowed from my well fucked ass and splashed onto the carpet as his dick fell out and bobbed back and forth. "Did you cum in my ass stud?" I asked. He just smirked and said, "lay down on your back sexy man, I am not done with you" I thought "that bastard, he deprived me of a cum shot in the face," but I am a good little bitch so I laid down on the bed and raised my legs up to my head. 

He took over and grabbed my ankles and slowly inserted his monster dick into my sloppy hole and fucked me again until a smile appeared on his face. "You ready for my cum sexy?" I only had to nod my head once and he reached down to the shaft of his cock, pulled out of my ass and with the other hand placed on the back of my head, positioned is dick in front of my face and released his grip. 

My friend was not kidding that this stud shot huge loads. What came out of that snake was nothing short of porno worthy. It must have been 8 or 9 long ropes of cum that splashed against my face, in my mouth, over my face and to the headboard behind. If I had not been there like a cumwhore licking it and trying to catch it, I suspect it would have flown 2 feet straight out. As I would learn the next time we screwed, it flew more like 3 feet, but here I was a very happy and content little bottom just fucked raw by a huge dick belonging to a very sexy man and now I was gobbling every drop of his seed I could get. 

As often happens after poppers are used, some uncontrollable giggles arise and after swallowing a pint of his jizz I burped and we both starting laughing as we fell to the bed exhausted, well fucked and now licking my fingers clean of his seed. We had left my friends house around 1230 that night and laying there wiping and eating the cum off my face and the room smelling of poppers and sweat I looked over to the nightstand clock and noticed that it was now 445 in the morning. I had just been splayed like a shish ka bob for the better part of 4 hours. "You're still hard my friend," Mike said to me. 

In the intense fuckfest I don't remember touching my dick once, and it was true, I had just had my brains fucked out and swallowed a big wad of cum and in all this time, I still hadn't cum. "Do you want me to help you blow that load?" he asked. In my mind "YES PLEASE" was all I could think of, so he once again grabbed my legs and positioned his spent dick near my hole and proceeded to spit on my loose ass. Within the time it took for his gob of spit to drip down from his mouth my eager ass, his dick was semi hard again and he had the same smirk on his face that started this whole adventure. In no time at all he was fully hard again and this time using spit as lube he slid back into my hole while I jerked my 8" dick. As he went deep again I was in heaven and after pounding me hard for a few short moments, I blew my load all over my chest and up onto my face giving me another taste of some sweet cum. As I jerked the last bit of cum from my cock and shuddered he grunted and shoved deep into me saying "I'm gonna cum again!" And with that I saw every muscle in his body tense up and he blew another load deep into my guts. 

As he blew his body shook and shuddered and he pushed deep into me. I don't recall him popping me open again but it seemed like he was cumming forever, even more than the first time. He fell beside my cum covered body and began to rub my load all over my chest and abs giving me a taste saying, "we should have done this years ago." I couldn't very well deny it after riding his cock raw all night and after swallowing one of his big loads while taking another up my ass I was in complete heaven. We fell asleep soon after that and woke up mid-morning that day as my cell phone rang. Answering it, my friend asks me, "So how was your night with Mike?" I couldn't very well say "fucking awesome" with the taste of his cum still in my mouth and my ass oozing cum, but she could sense from my tone that it was a very good night. 

As I hung up and looked over at the sleeping hunk in my bed I couldn't imagine what the next encounter would be like...fortunately I didn't have to wait long.



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