Mandy couldn't stop shaking with need, she was finally going to be with a transexual. She couldn't wait to get that huge cock into her ass and suckle those breasts. Princess had the room all ready,the oils were on the stand and she was completely naked her enormous penis was standing at attention waiting for her.

Mandy entered the room and was grabbed from behind and picked up she wore the miniskirt like requested and Princess slid her entire length into her puckered asshole

'Oh my god she screamed that feels incredible!'

Princess's hands were groping her breasts as she picked her up and down sliding along that enormous cock, Mandy could only moan in pleasure from the intense slamming she was getting to her ass. The pressure was building in her cock she couldn't take much more but Mandy wasn't ready yet. She kept slamming into her as her cock unleashed gallons of cum up her ass.

Mandy started to shake with need, she was so close. Princess pulled out and laid Mandy down on the bed her cock still leaking cum all over the bed. Mandy wanted her, she pulled her down on top of her as they started to make out with intensity of a wild animal, she grabbed her breasts and squeezed Princess squeeled with delight. She slid her still raging cock into that eager cunt slowly tormenting her.

Mandy couldn't take anymore and put her knees back over onto the bed. Princess needed no further encouragement and pulled her hips forward into that tight eager pussy. They were fucking away as Mandy screamed her release into her mouth. The pressure release was so much that Mandy was lifted off of the bed and slammed back down. They laid down next to each other stroking and touching so they could get ready for round 3.

To continue later.



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