It was a new academic year at the University of Doha a town known for its charming beauty and also tourist attraction.Everywhere in the university had come alive with exuberance as new student came to complete their admission process and as old students meet with their buddies after a vacatiòn of what seemed like eternity.

So it wás for these two buddies who will later become the best friends the campus ever saw.

Hey buddy.......!!!! Frank shouted while wavin his hands at his friend on get sight of him at the enterance hallway to the schòol.

Whatsup...dude.. Ali said flashin a perfect set of white teeth as he stretched out his hand for a handshake after which they embrace each other and went hurryin to the lady at the counter to get their rooms for the sessiön because it was rescheduled every new academic session.

Ali Musa Yusuf a young guy of Nigeria decent stood 6'10,with skin the colour of undiluted chocolate,deep dark hair which he always cut short,light brown eyes,consipucous nose,well shaped sexy red lips,with six packs to adorn a muscular frame which seem to be his body.However Frank Guy was the exact contrast of Ali,of mixed parentage of Nigerian mother and American military father,he stood 5'2,very light in complexion,blue eyed,brownish blonde hair,pointed nose,perfect set of white teeth which glistened when he smiled,muscular ripped body which was not however a match to Alis.Frank came from a very wealthy family at least thrice as that of Alis.

......Trailer Coastal hostel..room25...a tiny female voice nearly musical called.Frank silently prayed he'd be in the same room with Ali and as if readin his thought the lady behind the counter called

..Ali Musa..and...,Frank felt his breath stop,mouth wet dry,his eyes closed as he felt his heart pound loudly against his chest as heard.......Frank Guy.He shouted yessssss stressin the last letter to hide his urge to dart towards Ali and givin him a tight squeezy hug while kissing him deep and hard.The thought of being with this muscled god in the same room for a session ie 9 months and nearly a year sent blood to his semi-hard dick.

As they got to their room room25,it is wide,two big bed almost king size lay opposite each other at the ends of the walls of the room,two small cupboards beside each bed,a ceiling fan,refridgerator and a wardrobe.After arrangin their stuffs to their corners Ali hurried off to see his girlfriend and promised to grab lunch øn his way back.Frank went for a còld shower in the bathroom after which he'll catch some nap before Ali cömes back.As he slippèd into his bed in only white silk briefs, memories of h0w he and Ali met flashed his mind***************

It was a year ago in his first year.Frank was admitted into the school of music,then he was 19yrs old,two year younger than Ali who was then in his second year in the school of chemical engineering.

That fateful afternoon he had gone to the eatery near the school of a stonethrow from his to grab some hot dogs and soda for lunch but the waitress couldn't understand him becos of strøng American accent.He was gettin red out of embarasment when thank heaven Ali showed up to make his demand known to the waitress after orderin same lunch.The waitress aplogized while hurryin off to get their demand.

They introduced themselves and found out they were two rooms frm each other and since then they became great friend goin' out together to sports,gym,lunch and also read together.Ali was a football as well as basketball freak and so was Frank in cricket,swimming and badminton.

His mind quickly moved to his first swim with Ali at the school pool near the auditorium a stone throw frm their hostel,and he remember havin a raging hardon seeing Franks perfect almost flawless muscular bubblebutt in his swimsuit which he quickly hid by jumpin into the pool.

He smiled an drifted to sleep wearin the smile on his face*****


**********CASTASTROPHY******* Things went øn fine until one day which will change their lives and may take their relationship to a height ø may say HEAVENLY BLISS.........***

It was mid-first semester in late February Early March,Ali who had always thought his friend Frank straight came back to the hostel room one mornin' earlier than usual becos his next class was by 2:00pm.He had gone to check on Frank but their department had gone on an excursion inside town,so he retired to the hostel very tired.After slippin out his wears and puttin on a pair of tight blue briefs,he moved to Franks cupboard to grab some chocolatetwhich Frank usually packed in the secönd row after which decided to check out the first row.

Reáchin inside it he brought out a playboy magazine which was not unusual to be found in students apartments.As hè flip it open what he saw surprised him it was............GAY PORN MAGAZINE..he quickly dropped it and to further heighten his shock he discovered three huge dildos of various shapes and DVDS OF gay sex he quicky dropped it and closed the cupboard in total terrific disbelief. He sat øn his bed some more he looked at the clock it was 1:51pm he dressed up and hurried of to lectures in a rather gloomy mood.........





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