Once afternoon I was setting in the kitchen looking at the mail that had just arrived, and something caught my eye. Some sort of sweepsteaks letter addressed to Dad, from somewhere in Los Angeles.

I yelled Hey Dad, there's a letter from a Sweepsteaks thingie in Los Angeles, Dad said O.K. I'll get it in a minute.

Dad came out of the bathroom, having just had a shower, in his birthday suit, drying his hair with a towel, looking like a model, I was really proud of my Dad he was a really handsome man and very well built, sexy as hell and a wonderful Dad.

He was a foreman for an Iron working crew for a Big nation wide Construction company and he sometimes traveled to other cities to oversee job sites.

Dad walked up to the table with the towel wrapped around his waist and said let me see that, I ask whats it all about? He answered I had entered a drawing a few months back, an inter-company drawing for a free getaway vacation for two in Hawaii, Lets see here, he said, and he opened the letter, He looked down at me and started laughing, Pack your bags Kid were going to Hawaii, and he started laughing like crazy, I said what? He said I won, I won the friggin trip to Hawaii, All expense paid 6 beautiful days and 7 gorgeous nights completely paid for.

I said Dad you gonna take a lady friend, he looked down at me and said Hell no, son, Your my best buddie and we will find all the ladies or whatever that we need there.

Then I really got excited, I gonna go to Hawaii, Damn, wait till all my buddies hear this.

Well thats when I got to thinking, Dad doesn't know that I am gay, Im 19 yrs old, and I would love to do it with an island guy.

I then thought back to a few years ago right before Mom was Badly injured in the car accident and passed away and I was saddened that she wouldn't be going with us. But I couldn't let that hamper the trip, I couldn't change it, she would have wanted us to really enjoy it.

Well the time came and we boarded the plane to Oahu, we got there at almost sunset their time and did the entry things as required and finally got to our beachside bungalo, Man it was gorgeous, a beachside view, and the sunset was gorgeous, and I could see guys in their tight little speedo's strutting on the beach and my cock started to stir, I put on my swim trunks and walked down to the beach, met up with a young Hawaian and started a conversation, His name was Kai, He was of Polynesian descent, dark skinned and very good looking, muscular, we mades friends very quickly, and he was sending out signals like no bodys business, and finally he just came right out and said He wanted to suck my cock, he loved mainlander dicks, Hey what could I say, but sounds good to me, I hadn't got off in about a week. So we found a secluded place up the beach away from the action and I thought he would tear off my shorts. Damn could this kid suck cock, my dick was on fire as he rubbed my nuts, fingered my asshole and slid his wonderful lips, hot, wet and oh so marvelous down the full length of my seven inches of rather thick, throbbing dick. All I could think, and I started to giggle, was Hey Kevin, Welcome to Hawaii, this truly was an Island Paradise. Kai kept the pressure up and It wasn't very long that I started feeling that churning up feeling you get just before you blow the load, and shure as hell he took it all the way to the hilt, Kai was moaning, and slurping and mumbling with his mouth stuffed full of cock, come on man, give me your load, My nuts had just about gotten as tight as they could possibly get and I started jerking, grunting and saying Oh Fuck, yea man take it all, Here it is and I gave the kid all my man nectar I had to give, oh fuck, it was awesome, Kai slurpped and swallowed and licked my dick head till I thought I would faint.

While still licking my cock, He looked up and said I love manjuice from the mainland, and just smiled. I said Kai that was fucking awesome. I said I can do you if you'd like and he said tomorrow, I have to be somewhere in about ten minutes, and he got up and left, leaving me with my shorts down around my ankles, I pulled them up and went back to the bungalo and Dad was watching T.V. He said Well son Having a good time. I said, This place totally rocks Dad.

Then I said you wanna go to the Windjammer for a drink or something, He said that sounds like a winner, So we went to the nearest little bar, eatery, close by and got a snack and something to drink, Dad had a few Mai Tais and I had a Beer.

Dad was getting a little happy and we walked around the place there at the beach and then went back to the bungalo to get ready for bed.

The next day was fun we had a wonderful day, and that night we went to a genuine Hawaian Luau, down at the beach, the food was just awesome, and the drinks were flowing and we were haveing a wonderful time. Dad was a little more than happy and I was feeling a little saucy too. We watched the entertainment and I couldn't keep my eyes off the fire dancers they were gorgeous. Well we went back to the bungalo for bed after the Luau and Dad kinda giggled and said Hey Boy you having a good time and I said just great Dad, We got ready for bed, the window was opened slightly and the Moon was shining in and Dad walked over to the window and pulled off his clothes and stood there stark naked, and yelled Hello Hawaii,

I said Dad the windows opened he said Yea I know. let em look, and giggled and jumped on the bed.

Well since we were Father and son Dad had gotten a Single and there was one queen sized bed and Dad and I slept together, no biggie there.

I turned out the lights and I thougt my Dad was sleeping, his breathing was rather course and I was thinking about Kai yesterday giveing me that awesome blowjob, and I stuck my hands down into my briefs and started rubbing my hardon. My Dad was laying there naked and I could see his cock and balls and believe me My Dad wasn't small in the dick dept. about 7.5 inches uncut and I could see his cock was kinda standing up kinda stiff I was looking at it and I started jerking off, and I wanted to reach over and touch it and then I thought, fuck man this is my Dad, So I just went back to Jerk the ole cock, I was really into it good when all of a sudden My Dad set up and said Hey Son Let ole Dad take care of that for you. and he reached over and took my dick into his hand and started Jacking me off, I was shocked, stunned, and so fucking turned on I was about to asphixiate, My Dad had my cock in his hand and was jerking me off, Then I remembered His dick sticking straight up, I had never touched a dick with a foreskin before and I reached over and grabbed his dick, it felt huge and the foreskin felt awesome, I began to slide it back and forth and Dad said, that feels awesome son, and He Kinda laid back and said I haven't felt anything like this in several years. I felt so turned on doing this for my Dad. and I said Dad you know that I really Love you and he said yes son, and I said Let me make you feel really good o.k., he said well alright If I can do the same for you. I said Alright Dad. I leaned over his body, which was awsome looking in the light moonlight there in the bungalo and I pulled back his foreskin and began to lick his cock head the feeling of his cock was just unbelievable, He was starting to slightly raise up and moan, then I started massaging his ball sack, His nuts felt just like a coulple eggs in a skin bag he had huge nuts. I was in a state of god knows what, He then said Oh God son, that feels so fucking good, its been so long, I then slowly slid my wet, warm, sex starved mouth down the shaft of his engorged cock about half way, and started a slight sucking pressure, swirling y tongue around the cockhead, and he hunched up a little and said oh fuck son, then I went in for the kill, I started sliding my mouth up and down his cock and my mouth was so sensetive I could feel the tightness and swelling getting more and more in Dads Cock and the Head was beginning to flare out tighter and tighter, The veins in his cock was bulging and His nuts had pulled up to either side of his very rigid cock, Damn I was so turned on that I was about to blow, My Dad was huffing and puffing, moaning and wimpering and saying Im gonna blow it, I'm gonna cum, Well I had to make this a moment for Dad to remember, I wanted him to know a completely wonderful night of pleasure from this, and I stopped just long enough to lick on my finger and get it wet with a good amount of saliva and then when Dad got close to the blast point, I gently slid a finder into his asshole, My Dad went totally balistic, humping my mouth, grunting, huffing and his dick was like a peice of marble so frigging hard you couldn't have mashed it with a vise, He clamped down on my finger that was up his ass, and all but yelled Oh Fuck, and he started shooting a load of cum, Fuck it was totally awesome the man who had given me life was unloading that life giving semen into my mouth, I loved it, and I took all of it. I felt like I had just won the pulitzer prize or something, I had never been happier in my life to give my Dad such pleasure.

My Dad calmed down a little bit and was really quiet for a few minutes, and then he spoke up, Fuck Son What have I done. I let my own son suck me off. At first I didn't know what to say, I knew Dad was feeling embarassed, and then I just took my Dad in my arms and Said Hey Pop, What you did was make me about the happiest son in the whole world, You made me know you were just like me and I wasn't a freak of nature, I love you Dad and I wanted to make you Happy, and I know you needed the touch of another human being. And I will want to to it again, soon, If you'll let me. We finally dozed off in each others arms and slept soundly.

The next morning Dad woke me up kissing me on the cheek, and as I awoke he said Son I have to tell you last night was just unbelieveable, I said yea I know, and then Dad reached over an started stroking my morning hardon. I just let him do it.

It didn't take me very long and I blew a wad all over the place I had cum up on my face in my hair and all over my chest. Dad said Fuck yea son,your just like your ole man. I just smiled and reached up and kissed my dad on the lips, He looked down and smiled.

We really enjoyed the next day, we went swimming and went to a nice restaurant and had a nice dinner, and then went back to the bungalo to talk or watch television.

My Dad said, Son I need to confess something to you, I said yea Dad what's that? He said, Back when I was in the Marines, I, well, I had sex with a couple guys in my barracks, So I wasn't totally new to the gay sex.

I was a little shocked about this confession but not upset.

Later that day we went back to the bungalo and Dad said have you ever fucked a guy or been fucked by a guy, I said yea a few times, He said would you like to fuck me I really liked that when I was in the marines, I said sure Dad, then I leaned over and started licking his abdomen, and licking down to his cock which was as hard as a hammer head, then I lifted his bottom up and dove into his man crack and started licking his ass hole it was awesome, he started moaning and grunting again, then he said do it now son, do it now, I ask him do you want me to wear a condom, he said not unless you feel you need one. I lubed up my cock and I worked a few fingers into Dads poop shute, and lubed it up, and I began to finger his bum, He almost went wild. He was saying Oh fuck son, I then raised up set up, face into his ass with my cock and took my hand around my dick and started rubbing the head of my dick against his rectum, I could feel the heat and then I started pushing and he pushed back and finaly my cock broke thru and he jumped a little and said fuck son your really pretty big, but don't stop, I then let it set a few and then started pushing again It was hot inside his body, and then he said I want it all, and I gave it to him, he went wild then once he adjusted to it he started humping up against my balls and slamming his ass up to meet every thrust it was building up to a very hot blast, and I just kept pounding, My Dad was like a whore on the busiest night of the week. His ass was a fire under me and I was feeling the heat, Damn it was awesome. I noticed his cock was rock hard and he kept saying, that's the spot, yea fuck that's the spot, then his cock let loose a load of hot creme that shot up to his shoulders, I thought that's pretty awesome for a thirty nine year old man, I reached down and swiped up some of his come and put it in my mouth and Dad, looked me straight in the eyes and said Kevin I love you so much, and I said I really love you to Dad, and then I felt the surge comming on, I started to buck, and grunt and slamm the ole cock to the hilt, and Dad reached up and held onto me and said give me all you got son, and man did I ever I thought I would have a stroke blasting a load into my Dad's intestine and I thought my Dad was gonna cry, He was so happy, I layed over and just breathed extrememly heavy, and Dad said Kev, that was awesome. Your fucking good at this.

Well the Vacation went on just wonderful, and My Dad and me had the time of our lives, enjoying all the sights of Hawaii during the day and enjoying each other during the nights. I let my Dad Fuck me a couple day later and I thought I was gonna have to call a medic for him It was so intense.

All In all It was a wonderfull Hawaii Vacation. and When we got back Home We no longer had Hawaii, But my Dad and I had each other and relived the wonderful times we had there all the time. I will never forget that wonderfull Hawaii Vacation.



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