I'm Mark Waters. I'm a twenty-one year old gay male and totally happy with myself and lifestyle.

To give you some background of my life, I need to say that my dad was only fourteen when I was born. he and his parents refused to let my mother put me up for adoption and took over raising me.

As I got older, dad was more like a brother than a father, however he was strict yet extremely fair. At eighteen he joined the army, served his enlistment, then went to college on the GI bill. At twenty-four, he graduated and got a nice job and he and I moved out on our own.

I thought it strange that dad didn't date and told him that he needed to get out some. He agreed and began having our fifteen year old neighbor boy stay with me some on Friday nights.

I loved having Troy stay with me. He was fun and like me, loved video games. By the time I was thirteen, I had begun jerking off with a couple of my buds from school. Within a few weeks, we were sucking and fucking each other. I knew then that male sex is what i wanted, but knew I had to hide it from dad.

Troy still sat with me even at thirteen, as dad was very protective. He was always home no later than half past twelve and I enjoyed having Troy there. he was muscular and built and good looking and usually wore snug jeans showing a nice bulge.

One friday night, I decided to throw caution to the wind. As Troy and I played video games, i asked if he had ever played around with his buds when he was younger.

"What do you mean, Mark?"

"Well, did you ever jerk with them or maybe do more?"

"What? Why the fuck are you asking that?"

"Just curious. I do it with my buds and thought that if you did it also we might do it together."

"You're kidding aren't you?" he asked.

"No. Really, let's get naked and do it together. It will be fun."

"Mark, that's not why I'm here. Besides, it wouldn't be right."

"Come on, please," I said as I reached over and felt his cock. It was already partially hard.

"See, you're getting hard. You want to do it, don't you. Please, at least let me see it."

"Okay, but you know this has to be our secret. You can't tell anyone."

"I won't," I said.

So it began with Troy and I. I loved sucking his cock and having him suck mine.

Dad started having to work until six and I frequently had one or two of my buds over after school and we'd get naked in my room and have oral and anal sex. They were always gone by the time he got home.

Then, during my junior year of high school when I was seventeen, things changed drastically.

There had been a severe thunderstorm and lightning had struck a transformer near our school just before noon. Not knowing how soon we would get electricity back, they dismissed school early.

I arrived home and went in and heard strange sounds coming from dad's bedroom. I eased back and peeked in and was shocked at what I saw.

There was dad with one of his co-workers and another guy all nude on dad's bed. My dad and Greg, his co-worker that I had met, were in a sixty-nine while the other guy was eating dad's ass.

My cock became instantly hard as I watched, leaking precum like mad.

The guy eating dad's ass paused and said, "Brad, your ass taste as good as your cock does. Let me see how it feels around my cock." When I got a look at his face, I saw that it was Troy.

With that, he grabbed some lube and applied it to his cock and in one steady movement had it buried balls deep in dad's ass. After he began pistoning in and out of dad's ass, dad stopped sucking Greg's cock and said, "Fuck me, Troy. You're cock feel wonderful up my ass. Shoot that load up me." He returned to sucking Greg.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Troy had given me no indication what so ever that he was having sex with my dad. I wondered how long it had been going on.

I continued to watch secretly, and soon saw Troy climax up my dad's ass as dad and Greg both climaxed and swallowed. I had been rubbing my cock through my jeans and had filled my briefs with my own huge load.

I quickly eased back out and left, not wanting dad to know that I had watched. At least not just yet.

I parked my car up the street and waited. I soon saw Greg come out and get in his car and leave and seconds later Troy came out, walking next door to his house. I started the car and headed home, finding dad in just a pair of briefs.

Shocked and nervous, he asked why I was home so early. I told him, acting as close to normal as possible, but the picture of what I had seen kept playing in my head. I went to my room and quickly jerked out another load.

That Friday, Dad went out and I was alone. I called Troy to come over and he was there quickly. I greeted him totally nude. He was now twenty-two and a senior in college.

"Damn, you must be ready for action," he said seeing me.

"Well, you know how much I enjoy being nude."

"Yea, I do," he said as he began removing what few clothes he was wearing.

After we had a hot kissing and make out session we went into a hot sixty-nine. Soon, we were feeding each other huge amounts of hot thick cum, which we both hungrily swallowed.

As we lay cuddled, I calmly asked, "Troy, how long have you been having sex with my dad?"

I felt him tense and he asked, "What the fuck are you talking about? I'm not having sex with your dad?"

"You sure. I know you like the way his cock and ass taste, and how good your cock feels up his ass."

"Mark," he said, sitting up, "just where the fuck did you get that idea?"

I told him about seeing him with dad and Greg.

"Oh, shit! Does Brad know you saw us?"

"No, and you'd better not tell him or I'll tell him you started making me have sex with you when I was little."

"You wouldn't" he said.

"Not as long as you don't tell him I know. I'll do it when I think the time is right. But for now I want some answers from you."

"It's been about a year now. He was mowing the yard one Saturday and saw me in my room sucking a bud of mine. I quickly closed the curtains and didn't know if he saw or not until later."

"What happened?" I asked.

"You were at school and he called me over and told me he had seen me and asked if I'd be interested in going to bed with him. I said sure and the rest is history."

"Is his ass as good as mine?" I asked.

"Almost," Troy replied.

"Just remember. Don't let on that I know."

"I promise,"he said.

We fucked each other before he left and I had to figure out a way to let dad know that I knew he was gay. I soon devised a plan.

In the past, I had spied on dad in the shower, jerking off. It was a large walk-in shower with clear glass.

I again began spying on him. Three days later, I saw him reach down and begin stroking his cock slowly. After a moment he turned his back to me. When he did, I immediately removed my briefs, eased into the bathroom and stepped into the shower with him, my cock as hard as his was.

When he turned around moments later he saw me stroking mine also.

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed.

"Hey, you looked like you were enjoying it so much that I decided to join you. It gives us something else that we can do together, unless you want to go to bed and do what you, Greg and

Troy were doing a few days ago."

He turned snow white and asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Dad, the day we got out of school early, I saw everything when I got home." I told him everything that I had seen.

He was almost in tears as he apologized, saying he had wanted to tell me but was afraid of what I'd think of having a gay dad.

"I think its fucking cool. It gives us more to-talk about because, you see dad, I'm gay also."

"You're what?"

"I'm gay also. I have been since I was thirteen or so. and I have to be honest, there is nothing I'd like more than to have sex with you."

"Son, I have to admit that you are one hot young man, but first you're eighteen, and second you're my own son."

"So what?" I said. "We would both be consenting."

"I'm sorry, I just can't do it. If you want, we can finish what we started here but nothing else."

We jerked and watched each other shoot our loads down the drain. As we dried off, I told dad how I preferred to go nude and since we were both gay, I planned on going gay here at home.

We sat and talked and I asked if he was meeting other guys on his Friday night when he went out. He said he was getting a room at a local motel and taking guys there.

"Well, save your money. Feel free to bring them home. I won't mind and when I meet someone I want sex with I'll also bring them home."

"Where have you been doing it before?"

"Some of my buds I'll bring here when you're gone. I meet others out in the park and have sex in the woods."

"Son, please don't do that. I'd rather you bring them here. Out there, there is too much of a chance for the law to walk up on you."

"Any problem if I start asking Troy over when your here?"

Dad smiled and asked, "have you done him before?"

"Yes, but I seduced him. He tried to resist."

"Hell, go for it if he wants to."

Over the next several months dad and I would jerk together at times and we both would bring guys home. It surprised dad at first that I left my bedroom door open when I had a guest. Many times, I'd see him stop and watch for a moment or two and soon he began doing the same and I'd pause and watch. The guys he brought home were from their mid-twenties to early thirties and hot. I'd always tell dad I wanted to do them also.

"Well, forget it. I've told them all that they will answer to me if they tried anything because of your age."

"Spoil sport," I said.

The more dad and I jerked together and I'd see him with other guys, the more I wanted him.

Soon, my eighteenth birthday approached and dad said we needed to do something special. As hard as I pushed him, he would never tell me what he had planned.

My birthday was on a Saturday and Dad had conspired with Troy to get me out of the house early that morning on some wierd errand.

When we returned home, Troy followed me in. I called out to dad and he said he was in the den. I went in to find him nude and suddenly ten of the guys he had been with that I said I would like to have sex with came strolling out of the kitchen, all nude.

"Happy birthday, son. Why don't you and Troy get those clothes off and join us."

"What's going on?"

"Well, you're now eighteen and you have said you wanted sex with all these guys. It's your present from me."

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, stunned. Here were en hot muscular good looking guys all naked and waiting. Troy made eleven. When I turned to ask him if he knew about this, he was already totally nude.

I quickly stripped, tossing my clothes into a corner. The guys all came up to me one at a time, kissing me and fonding me and wishing me a happy birthday.

After they all finished, I looked at dad and said, "This is the best birthday ever!"

"Well, I have a special birthday resent for you if you don't mind the rest watching?"


Dad walked up to me and tongue kissed me passionately as he fondled my now hard cock.

After the kiss, he whispered in my ear and asked, "Do you still want sex with me?"

"Hell yes, and I don't mind an audience."

Seconds later, we were on the floor in a hot sixty-nine as the other sat around and watched. Before long, we both climaxed and dad's load was the best I'd ever had. After we had both swallowed and kissed they all applauded. We sat and talked for a while when dad asked, "You ready for round two?"

"What ever you want," I said.

"Fuck me, he said softly.

Soon I was fucking my own dad's ass soon filling it with my hot load. Then I had the pure pleasure of having his cock up my ass and his load deep in me.

After he had filled my ass, he said, the guys are waiting and they are open for anything."

"Damn, I feel like a kid in a candy store," I said. "Guys, just sit still. I'm starting at one end and going to make the circle."

I did and when I reached the end, I had eleven more loads of delicious cum in my belly. Dad was amazed and I moved to his chair and sucked him off again.

The party lasted all day and into the early morning hours of Sunday. During the evening tho, I was given my birthday presents. I received several dildos and butt plugs of varying sizes and well as lube and a couple of hot gay DVD movies.

When they all finally left in the wee hours of Sunday morning, dad looked at me and asked, "Did you enjoy your party?"

"Man, did I ever, and the best part was the sex with you. I love you dad, but what made you have sex with me?"

"I met a guy last week that has a nineteen year old son that he has sex with and he told me that it was the most awesome sex he had ever had. He was right."

"If you see him again, please thank him for me."

"I will, now lets get some sleep."

"Sure," I replied.

"Mar, son, would you like to sleep with me tonight?"

"Very much," I replied.

I slept with dad that night cuddled in his arms and when we woke up we had another sixty-nine.

After that party, whenever one of us brought home a partner, we always offered for the other to join in and make it a three way. It happened less than half the time since dad and I were having sex almost daily.

I graduated and entered the local college. Troy had graduated and got a job in town. His dad was transferred to another state and we had him move in with us. Troy and I soon became lovers as did dad and his co-worker, Greg.

We bought a larger house outside of town that was on wooded acreage. it was private and the four of us lived nude and had sex with whomever we wanted when we wanted, but we always slept with our partner.

It's been five years and we are all still together and have started our own company which is very successful.

I still look back on the vest birthday ever. Nothing could possibly top that.




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