I hear the shower as it starts in the bathroom. He is in there. I slowly stir from the night's constantly interrupted slumber. It was a loud night, again, with him. I know it is time to get up but I do not want to. Damn it, I absolutely do not want to. The bed is warm and these sheets are even warmer as I snuggle, bringing them tighter against my bare skin.

Another day, another measly dollar earned and added to an already lousy paycheck, from a job that irks the teetotal shit out of me, I want to be gone from this damned miserable place. I am tired of living out a ragged suitcase and eating crap from lousy greasy-spoon diners. This is the last day we are going to be here, thank gawd, on this particular job site and I am so damned ready to get the hell back home.

"Hey, dude," a female voice comes from behind me, in the direction of my co-workers bed. His paid companionship for the night. She beckons me.

Another aspect of this job is my damned stupid-ass co-worker, who walks around, like an idiot, with shit for brains.

I turn to see her, the whore, my co-worker paid so foolishly for, I imagine, sucking his cock, last night, and other sexual favors, I surmise. She pulls her flimsy halter top over her naked bra-less, over her somewhat less than perky tits.

"Tell that man, he has one mighty fine cock and if y'all are ever come back, this way," she says as she puffs on her cigarette, "...find me; I'll do more than just suck him off. I'll fuck the shit out of both of you guys. I'll fuck your and his brains out."

"Ahhh, all right, "I mumble under my breath, half-listening to this cheap street-corner whore, spew her bile, as I the think of the noises that emanated to all hours of the night from their bed, which kept me up.

The door slams, as she makes a hasty retreat from the hotel room.

"Thank the fuck, the bitch is gone," I say, loudly, to myself, as I toss back the sheet that covers my nakedness. My cock stirs awake as it is freed from its soften cotton confines of the warm sheets.

"HEY, MAC! Was that the door?" my co-worker yells over the shower from the bathroom.

"YEAH!" I yell to him, "YOUR WHORE JUST BOLTED."


He yells from the bathroom where I hear the shower, still running.

I stand, running my muscled hand over my lightly haired chest while fondling my sweaty somewhat-hard cock, with my other hand, which is neatly nestled and pressed into my unshaven pubes, loosening him, from his very hairy pubic confines.

I stroke him, lazily for a second, as I stand by my hotel room bed, but my piss-fueled hardon has other ideas, I have to go. I have to go, badly. The urge is overwhelming.

As I walk into the bathroom and stand before the commode, lifting the 'ringed' lid, he, my co-worker, slings back the plastic shower curtain, which separates us. He glares at me in my hardened nakedness as he leans down turning off the spraying showerhead.

"The bitch is gone?"

I nod my head, 'yes' as nature takes over its business between my parted legs.

I am relieved when the night's storage of piss begins, emptying my full bladder.

"Ahh, "I moan, lightly, as the pleasurable sensation washes over my person and out through my morning woody, which is deflating, rapidly, as I my bladder empties.

"So the bitch is gone?"

"Yep," I say, "GONE! She said next time we are in town, we are to look her up and she will do more than just give you a blowjob. She will take care of the both of us."

I laugh to myself as I relay this to him, her previous words.

"Uh, it would be nice if she first learned how 'to do' a blowjob, first, before she moves onto fucking," he laughs as he expresses his disgust.

"What? She didn't suck you off?" I ask.

"FUCK, NO! I ain't contacting that lousy bitch again, "he says, "she gave the worse head and then she would not even leave, after, her failed attempt to blow my load. I hardly got any sleep last night because of that rank bitch. She kept pushing and pushing but I held her off."

"You didn't fuck her, either?" I say.


I laugh to myself again, this is hilarious.

He is such a motherfucker, a damned stupid dumbass motherfucker, but he is one fine thing to gaze upon, daily, on this fucked-up job, it is its only saving-grace.

"So you didn't bust that nut, last night, with her?" I ask as he stands drying himself off in the shower-tub with his towel raking over his lean and muscled lightly haired body. His cock, growing, stiff as he describes the last night's failed seed ejaculation.


"You mean with all that moaning and groaning, last night, you did not even blow your wad or fuck the bitch?" I ask.

"NO!" He reiterates, again.

"How much did that bitch cost you for doing absolutely nothing?"

"Fifty bucks," he says.

I shake the last drops of my waning piss from now limp cock.

I shake again because I want him to see me do it.

I want to tease him.

I turn to him as my cock, stiffens, once again, between my legs.

I see his eyes linger down, as I grow hard.

Like an invisible switch, turned on, his cock grows rock-hard, pointing out vicariously, close to me.

"So you wasted fifty bucks of your hard-earned money on a no-good whore?" I ask him, smiling.


"You are such a fool. You are aware of that, aren't you?" I say as a man of notable experience under my non-existent wearing belt.

"I am still horny, though," he says, "I need to bust this nut."

He points his eyes down to his now, very obvious, very erect cock.

I can see he is horny, his cock is a barometer of his horniness. He is rock-hard, thrusting out his steel-hard tool.

I turn to face him or the appropriate placed portion of his anatomy. He is slightly higher than me, in his stance, as he stands with the towel looped around his neck in the shower.

"You need help with this?" I ask as I roughly grab his cock, catching him, unawares, while gently stroking mine as I gaze up at him.

I squeeze him, tight, his hard equipment, pulses in my grip. It seduces me with it appealing stiffness between his still wet and water-soaked legs.

"You want me to give you a proper suck, buddy, show you what a real cocksucker can do?" I say as I tighten my grip on his rapidly grown cock in my hand, "Do you?"

"Yeah," he says, easy, "Yeah, I do."

"You like this don't you?" I say as I squeeze him, even tighter in my hand.

He nods his head at me but does not have the need to say anything, his facial expression say everything I need to know.

His cock has made its wishes, known, too.

A single-lone drop of pre-cum leaks, streams from his stiffened elongated man-tool.

He moans as I grip his tool, still tighter. It is now a purplish-hue in color as the blood has fully filled it tiny vessels, which line this magnificent organ.

Another drop of pre-cum, leaks, heavily, from his erect tightly gripped tool.

"You do like this," I say as I smear the droplet of jizz over the reddened crown of his cock with my finger as I tighten my grip on his steel-like girder tool.

He exaggeratedly nods his head as I paint his cock with his cream.

"Perhaps you'd prefer my mouth," I say as I squat, gulp down, the now fully erect shaft.


He yells out as I take down his stiff flesh-root down my throat-gullet.

He jumps and gyrates as he stands in the shower, with both of his hands, holding the shower-curtain rod, over his head, bucking my mouth as he face-fucks me, skull fucking me.


He continues to scream as I swallow him, repeatedly, making his cock my favorite lolli-cock.

"I gotta lie down or I'm gonna fall out, man, right here," he says, between heavily-winded pants and sighs, "I have never been sucked like this, before, whew, this well, before."

I do not answer him as he shares this tad bit of news. I do not care. I want him in my mouth again. I want that load I am pumping forth from his balls in my stomach.

I ease myself from his enormously erect tool.

"OH SHIT," he screams, once my saliva-enriched mouth is freed from his swelled cock.

"Go lay down on the bed, bud, and I will milk you, real well, of that load," I say, "You'd like that wouldn't you?"

He steps over the rim of the tub, throwing the wet towel over my disheveled head, before it find its place, looped around my neck as he stares intently at me.

A look of 'come-hither' washes over his handsome scruffily bearded face as he beckons me while he looks at me while he walks from the bathroom to the other room.

He does not answer 'yes' or 'no' he just 'does' without any argument or rebuttal.

I throw the wet towel, reeking of his manly scent, onto the floor of the bathroom as I rinse the night's sleep from my face.

Is what is happening? Actually, happening?

Yes, it is.

When I emerge from the bathroom, he is spread-eagled on the end of my bed, with his legs draped and hanging, relaxed, over the bed's edge. His cock is pointing skyward and erupting with tiny little spurts of pre-cum from the piss-slit on the reddish purplish-colored head.

He strokes himself, using the saliva from my mouth as his lubricant.


I say with a forcefully strong order as he removes his muscled hand and ceases his motion-primed actions on his swelled man-rod.

He bumps his ass on the bed, jumpy, fidgety, waiting for me to continue with my oral expertise on his shaft. He spreads his legs, wider, inviting me back to his meat-stick. His hairy, visible ass, for me, too, but that is for another time. I am concentrating on his cock for now.

I lean over him. Taking his hair-circled right nip into my mouth, working it with tiny pinprick bites and pecks in my mouth, I tongue its limpness until I feel this sensitive outward flesh grow stiff in my amply skilled mouth.


My co-worker, moans, as I tweak him on his erotically charged nipple.

I bite harder; his nipple reacts and grows tenser in my mouth.

He squeals then exclaims.


He moans, again, as I squeeze 'him,' his rose-colored fleshy triangular erogenous steeples, tighter with my teeth on his right nipple with my wet slobber-filled mouth.

"SHIT! SHIT!" he words tinged with obvious arousal and excitement as he continues to fidget like a beast on the bed.

With each bite, each nipple of my mouth, his cock jumps, as the sensations travels from his pectoral-mountains to his pulsing blood-filled rod.

I ease my tongue from his right nipple to his left nipple, a wet trail of saliva-soaked spittle trail from one muscled pec, to the other, from red-hued volcano nip to the identical one.

I follow his happy trail, harrowing my nose through his furry pubes, taking in his 'maleness' in my nasal cavities, raking him with my nose, stirring him to even greater depths.

I get down on my knees.

I stoop, then, swallow him, into my mouth again. Not wanting to wait, he begins bucking his hips like some wild, out of control, man on a horse, fucking my mouth with more unbridled fury.

"HEY, MAC!" he says, between fits and sighs of excited arousal, "You are the best."

"You are about to feel and see just at what I am the best at doing," I say with enthusiastic pride as I swallow his cock down to his pubes.


He moans.

I told him.

I warned him.

That the best from me, yet more to come, now he knows as he screams out in our hotel room. The screaming is the loudest from any man I have ever sampled in my mouth. It turns me on as I increase my suctioning of his erect member.

Not giving him time to recoup from the surprise of my oral abilities, I slather down his tool and go about 'rocking his world' as I suction the cum deep from his dual filled ball sacs, I rock and slither my tongue across the fleshy girth of his member.

He grinds into my mouth as I jackhammer him with my mouth.



The sighs of a man's sustained pleasure fills the rented room of the cheaply furnished and priced room, in the bad part of town, sleaze bag dump that our company paid for because they refused to pay for anything sufficiently adequate.

I am sure the other patrons hear his exclamatory praises as I continue with my active pursuit of milking the cum left in his balls by the paid poorly skilled whore.

I smell his fresh scent in my nostrils from his earlier shower as he reacts to my skilled assaults on his fuck-stick.

Each downward spiral I make onto his tool, I am greeted with the salty-sweet discharge of his pre-cum juice, each time, the cum dollops grow in size, strength and intensity as he nears bombastic release.

He squeals loudly again as I make another pass on his cock.


He screams and thrashes violently as I continue my oral maneuvers.

He bounces from the intensity of my 'work.'

"How's that feel, stud," I say as I rise from his throbbing knob to ask him, the obvious question.


I envelope his pulsating cock with my mouth, one last time as he explodes, coating my throat with his thick seed. The force of his milky-white cum covers my still attached tonsils with his jizz-cream.

His spooge is thick and heavy.

I gulp down his seed feeling it slide down my esophagus, making its way down to my belly.

Each seed dump from his ball-sacs feeds another gobbed-string of jizz.

There are one, two, three and four powerful string-like loads expelled from his balls, his cock jumps and pulses wildly as I am given his gracious offering. I take all of it without releasing my suctioned hold on his swelled member.


His left leg twitches, uncontrollably, as he shoots his load.

His body is raked with intensity as he recovers from the expelled man-protein. Sweat covers the fine hairs that cover his frame, his blood pressure lowers as he regains control from the ecstasy-high.

His cock is NOT deflating. As I run my hands across his ravished body.

"Still hard, I see?"

My co-worker, mumbles, as I once again, take his cock back into my mouth, hints of seed still seep from his tool.

He has more to give.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" says the person, as the door suddenly burst open while I lick the last visible drops from his still towering cock between his legs.

He stands there, dressed in blue.

"I gotta report someone was being murdered. What will all the screams coming from this room," the man says as he surveys our little tryst.

"Sorry, Officer," I say to him as I wipe the cum-soaked spittle from both corners of my mouth, wiping it across the unshaven beard growth on my face, "You want a blowjob, Officer, I am good, ask him?"

The Officer lowers his drawn pistol, pondering, whether to answer, 'yes' or 'no.'

My co-worker nods his head in agreement as his cock, still points skyward, ready to be serviced again.

"The man is good, Officer, real fucking good."

I nod my head.

"You wanna be blown, Officer?" I ask the man in blue as I glide my hand roughly across my throbbing engorged leaking cock.

I see he is pondering my question as a bulge grows in his tight blue cop pants.

I wipe my tongue across my lips, tasting my co-workers cum as it mingles with my saliva.

"He is good, Officer. Let him give you a whirl, he milked me," my co-worker says as he cock continues throbbing as more juice leaks from his towering member,"...and I got more to give. Wanna join us?"



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