I give Caleb a glare and continue towards the school. Today ought to be quite interesting.

The first few classes of mine were gone from my mind as soon as I got out of them. I was too busy thinking about my problem with Seth. By the time I got to see him again it was already lunch time. Heading to the cafeteria I bumped into my only other good friend, Kelsey. "Alex!" She waved at me vigorously while keeping the rest of her books in her arm. My face lit up, glad to see someone else I trusted.

"Hey Kelsey, hows your first day so far?" I asked, curious to know if it was as bad as mine. She replied with a shrug, then looked at me concerned. "What's up?"

I waited for an answer and she just raised her eyebrow. It took a few minutes of staring, but finally she spoke. "Seth told me what happened. Are you guys gonna be okay?"

"Oh, um yeah, we've known each other for years, you know that. I don't think that it's that big of a deal."


Her eyebrow was still raised. She obviously knows. I thought. "It doesn't really bother me. I mean, do you think he would stay mad at me?"

Lie. Damn, at this rate, I would run out of excuses.

She just shook her head and smiled. "No one could stay mad at you, Alex." She came close for a one arm hug, and we walked the rest of the way to the cafeteria. The laughter was flying through the caf. Along with yells and shouts, and all the way on the other side of the room, I saw Seth, standing in line. Kelsey pointed towards him and I nodded my head, and walked over. My heart thudded faster when I walked up to him, scared of what he would say. "Sorry-" I started, but I was interrupted by him soon after.

"Naw, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you like that" relieved, I let out a sigh. He continued. "Especially not on our first day back."

He paused and looked at me, then smiled. "How pissed were you?" I asked, wondering if the problem had really bothered him.

"On a scale from 1-10. Probably 4. I knew we would work it out." He said, his smile still pasted on his face. I stared at his eyes, and wondered about him, being bi-curious and all. It could be an interesting experience, no? I quickly shook the thought out of my mind, and moved up the line with Seth.

Out of nowhere I heard a familiar voice behind me, and I growled, realizing who it was. I turned around for a quick look, and there stood a wall of lean muscle, about 6 foot 1, dark blond hair, light brown eyes, and perfectly tanned skin. His breath blew down on my face when I turned, and he shot a crooked, devious smile at me.

"Well, that's not, no no, it couldn't be, Alexander? It's been so long bud! Any new boyfriends lately?" I stared at him, fists balled, but heart thudding.

"Mind your own damn business Caleb." He shrugged

"Oh come on, don't be so hateful, I was just wondering."

I flung my middle finger up at him and shot back "Wonder about something else, like what your gonna tell both of your girlfriends when they find out your cheating" This really set him off, which I've seen often. He pushed me hard, knocking me into Seth, who immediately reacted.

"You don't want a problem with us, Kelton (Caleb's last name)"

Caleb slimmed his eyes at Seth's remark, them knocked me on the floor. With quick thought, I grabbed his forearm and wrapped my leg around his, bringing him down on top of me. He glared into my eyes, and then his face softened, and for a split second I could've swore I saw actual feelings in that black hole of a body. He held my shoulders down with his hands and he breathed hard down onto me. The only thing I could think about was his body, his rock hard abs, his so perfectly defined arms and of course, that hell of a bulge in his pants.

I felt my cock get excited in my jeans. It started to press against the seams of my pants, and I could feel the pre cum starting to drip. Shit, I thought, I have to act quickly. I squeezed Caleb's sides and he groaned, loosening his grip. "Ow you little fuck" He said through his teeth, and I hauled my shoulders out from under him and pushed him off of me. He staggered back, and then raised a fist. I got up on my feet, and braced for an actual fight, when suddenly, a smaller hand grabbed Caleb's fist and pulled it back.

"Oh stop it already" an annoyed Kelsey said, her hand firmly gripping Caleb's, a group of teachers standing behind her.

Caleb growled angrily "Next time, you won't have your little bitch to save you." Kelsey smiled and let go of his hand.

"Keep your flattering words Caleb." She replied, not amused.

Seth walked around in front of me, a string of "are you okay" questions, flowing from his mouth. I just walked away, forgetting lunch, forgetting Seth, forgetting Kelsey, too. Forgetting everything but Caleb.


After school I looked for Seth and Kelsey, so we could walk home together. Spotting them in the field behind the school, I ran in their direction, yelling "Wait up"

They turned around and stared, then Seth asked first. "You okay? You haven't said anything since the fight." I looked at Kelsey who seemed unbothered and then back at Seth, who was much more serious.

"I'm fine" I said, dismissing the problem with the wave of a hand "I just needed some time" Seth nodded and walked towards the trees.

"Hey!" I heard from behind us. I knew who it was "hey Jackass!" Caleb continued to yell. I told the two to leave, so I could deal with Caleb myself, and they left, hesitant.

"What do you want? I'm not in the mood to fight with you." I asked aggravated. He shook his head then replied.

"I was forced to apologize. So I'm sorry." I heard him whisper "fuckface" at the end, but whatever.

"Fine. Whatever." I said, not impressed, but then, he pushed me. This time it was different though. He was gentle about it. Does he have some type of feeling for me? I quickly erased the thought from my mind, annoyed that I would even trick myself into thinking that. With a middle finger raised, he turned and walked away.

I found Kelsey and Seth waiting at the end if the trees for me, curious in what happened. "He apologized" I said simply.

"What?! Apologized? That ass apologized?" Seth yelled. I shrugged. I guess it was hard to believe. Kelsey just giggled.


About a good hour later, we had dropped Kelsey off at her house and I was about to go to mine, when Seth offered something. "Do you want to, um, sleep over tonight?" Surprised, my heart started to beat, but I couldn't let him know I was so excited. I shrugged and said "Sure why not" my dad wouldn't notice anyway. I thought angrily.

"Cool!" Seth shouted, obviously excited like me. I wondered why he offered the sleepover but I wasn't worried about it. He talked endlessly about how cool it would be, and how it's been so long since I've actually spent time with him. I smiled, happy to know my friend was happy.

When we got to the house, he pulled a guitar shaped key from his pocket and jammed it in the door. I got a chuckle out of that. He looked at me weirdly, then walked inside.

Only getting two steps in the house, Seth peeled his shirt and jeans off, revealing more of his perfect body. My mouth dropped when I saw he only had a pair of tight boxers on, completely showing off his stallion build. The bulge in his pants could've made me drool. Completely comfortable being mostly naked in front of me, he took a dive on the couch, and turned his tv on. "My parents are never home, but you know that" He shouted from across the room. Yeah, his parents travel around for a job of some sort, but Seth never really worried about it.

I hopped onto the couch next to him and asked where his parents were now, just as a convorsation topic. As he talked, I stared at his body, closely examining every muscle, and every vein. Then, my eyes slid to his bulge, and my cock twitched in reaction to his perfection. "Hey" he said "I'm up here"

I looked at him, speechless, and embarrassed. He just smiled his perfect smile. "Your not the only one that gets drawn into it so easy." I laughed nervously, wondering what he was getting at.

It was around midnight when we polished off the rest of the pizza we had ordered, and Seth had yawned a few times. I looked at him and he replied to my un asked question. "Yeah it's kinda late, I think I'm gonna hit it. Cool with you?"

"Yeah sure, I'm getting kinda tired too." Seth nodded and turned the tv volume down while pulling some blankets off of the back of the couch. He threw half of the blankets at me while he got comfortable with the other. I took the blankets then got up from the couch to go to the guest room, when Seth grabbed my arm.

"You're sleeping up there? Why not stay?" He asked.

I just shrugged. He pat his hand down next to him, and I walked to the couch and sat back down. He had a huge smile glued on his face, and he hovered closer to my face.

"You're technically 'sleeping' with me, you know..." I just stared not knowing what to say, his warm breath washing over my face. I could feel myself getting hard. Crap.

He began to hover closer, and I wanted to say stop, but I wasn't sure I could. He put his hand on my chest and gripped the shirt that covered it, then peeled it off slowly. "Bi-curious" he whispered with a serious face now. I panted, and struggled to fight against the urge to let Seth have me. All of me. He's my best friend! I though, I can't do this! Not with him, but before I could act, his soft lips were pressed against mine, and his body was pushed up against me.

To be continued...


Hey guys! Hope you liked it. I saw I had a few readers for my last story, glad to know some people liked it. Comments are wanted! Prt 3 coming soon ;)


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