Due to a full grown belly i took the much given advice of everyone and started gym at the local country club.

Before continuing i;d like to introduce myself, I'm (lets suppose) brad. a tall 6 foot 1, 19 year old guy with looks that can surely turn some heads if not all.

So as i started gym the few days pass with no excitement however on the third day two guys about my age walk in. Now sure i couldn't start drooling on their asses the minute they walked in so i took my time and slowly started moving to machines closer to them, checking something out every now and then. finally i settled on the water dispenser and sat ogling him. his friend was okay but HIM i couldn't resist.

Now usually people make a move immediately after finding a guy but I'm the slow type who takes his time. Of course this didn't mean i couldn't stare at his nut-cracking ass every second of every minute.

Three days i just observed him from far away, wanting to pound that tight ass right there and then however i had to stay alert in public. i usually stay in gym till 9pm when it closes and then proceed to the bath to take a slow shower, maybe beat some heat off thinking of HIM. HE however leaves the gym at around 8:30.

that day i finish off my exercise and head towards the locker to take a shower.entering the shower i realize that the cubicle i usually use is already occupied so i wait outside it as its the only one with a complete wooden door whereas the other ones have glossed out glass doors(giving me privacy to wank). so I'm waiting outside it thinking of my dream guy when he suddenly walks out if the shower and behold i have a eight inch long boner right in front of him.

Embarrassed i turn around and leave some space to let him pass but he doesn't move, this makes me even more embarrassed thinking i might have blown my only chance to ever talk with him.

when i turn around however he's looking at me all funny, noticing me he pulls off his towel and nods towards me and says 'you want this'.

This obviously chickens me out and i can only utter a slight moan from my throat.

Realizing there was no better time than this i grabbed HIS crotch aggressively from one hand and from the other pulled his face closer to mine and kissed him. Surprisingly he kissed me back to. i paused to take a deep breath and asked him where his friend is, he said don't worry about him and pushed me against the back of the shower wall, closing the door behind him.

Finally taking time i looked at his cock and couldn't believe my eyes. this was the first cock i had ever seen apart from my own and i couldn't believe its size, it was almost like a foot-long and had two bulging balls underneath it just bursting to be emptied. i felt his ass with my hands while kissing him still and my hands landed on two perfect buns, which just gave me all the more pleasure.

suddenly he dropped to his knees and started sucking on my cock like there would be no tomorrow. He tried to squeeze out every drop of pre-cum he could muster from my cock and i went along with him. when i realized i was about to cum i pushed him away and started to kiss him again, slowly taking hold of his cock i started to return the favor and sucked on it with all my might. He pulled me away explaining that he was about to cum and then again we went into a hot session of making out with me drooling all over his perfect nipples like small buttons and his 6-pack. i just couldn't get enough of myself and wasting no time since i knew the showers would be checked soon, i turned him around and shoved deep in him before he even had a chance to protest. he did all he could not to scream but i had to do what i had to. i started slowly going in and out in and out of him pleasuring each moment that i spent with him. he wanted me to cum inside of him so i took all my time and when i felt the urge i started pouncing him like a stray dog humping a garden gnome. i released inside of him and the sheer ecstasy of it was better then any drug or drink ever taken. he wasted no time either and took his painful revenge by turning me against the wall in front of him and shoving all his cock in me in one go. i placed my mouth to his before i could utter a scream and held on to dear life as he rode me like a horse. suddenly i sensed that he was about to cum so pushed myself into him with all my might and clenched my ass as tight as i could. he let out a sigh and released inside of me with all he had. i could literally feel the cum oozing out of my ass.

this was followed by a quick kiss and cleanup. he wouldn't let mt talk and continued washing me all around. he let me cleanup myself alone and went out to change. by the time i went pout he had left with only a note 'thanks . Sean '

i still kieep that note with me in case he might turn up at the gym again but from that day on i have never seen him.!!!!



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