There was a public gym near Alex's house, one that had been out of renovation and maintenance for some time from the decadence and shabbiness of its appearance.

 It was purchased from a private owner by the headlong town government years ago to serve as a recreational center for citizens to exercise or have fun, but few would go there except for a bunch of amateur football players who would come for a training session from Monday to Thursday, even though it was gratuitous. Most people preferred more modern, clean, and newly-built ones downtown. 

Those hot football jocks were Alex's ultimate fantasy. As a virgin, Alex craved for the bodies of tall, strong, and manly man. So whenever they showed up near the gym, Alex would get horned up immediately. He jerked off a lot, but obviously, it was not enough. So he had figured out a way to vent this kind of passion about a month before.

Since then, he would go to the locker room there and jerk off himself every Friday night while bathing in the aura of sweat and cum and foot smell of the finest young men, just to satiate his twisted desire he couldn’t have otherwise fulfilled. And this time, it should've been no difference. At least that's what Alex had believed.

 It was almost 8 o'clock in the evening when he stepped into the gym meticulously, holding his breath, with the hope of a fantastic jerk off session. But once he walked inside the locker room, he heard a clear sound of dripping water. Apparently there was somebody in the shower. Alex felt nervous as hell as he was gonna leave before being found out, but his baser instinct took over him on a second thought. Heart beating fast, he decided to take a risk.

 He slowly approached the door on his tiptoes like a ballerina and slightly nudged it open, forming a tiny gap, merely enough for him to partially indulge in this unexpected voyeurism. There was a short-haired man, naked of course, cleansing his awesome body in the shower.

 'Damn, man, is he hot.' Alex thought to himself and felt a reaction down there instantly.

 But afraid of being noticed, he didn’t dare to make a bolder move. Hiding behind the door, he tried his best to peek through the limited crevice yet found it extremely hard to get a grip of his impulse to just rush into the room, regardless of any consequences.

 The man was about 6'1''tall and 180 lbs, Alex estimated. He had an alpha body, I mean the kind of body only men who had worked out a lot could own. Even though Alex couldn't make out his face clearly due to the shampoo bubbles covering it, he knew it was more than enough to satiate his twisted desire just to look at that perfect figure.

 The muscular chests and chiseled thighs could eclipse even the most rugged playgirl models. The six-pack abs looked as though they could cut some flesh easily.

 And most importantly, that thing, yeah, the sacred manhood, was simply jaw-dropping. It was about a whopping 8 inches, uncut yet fully groomed, and the pinkness of the head looked like blossoming flowers. Almost any sane gay guy would spontaneously stuff it inside his mouth to feel its taste and texture once he saw it and were granted permission. 

 So, to quench his thirst, Alex couldn't help beginning to beat his own meat. He unzipped his fly fast and let go of that hungry shaft. Taking a deep breath to inhale the smell of men, he felt like getting high, and his little man was already fully dilated though it was still only less than 5 inches, the color of it a mixture of blazing pink, red and purple. 

 With a spit of saliva to lubricate, he stroked it up and down more smoothly, fantasizing about himself being taken by such a macho man with his eyes closed, and gradually he was in total oblivion of the man inside the bathroom.

 'Fuck me, man, I'm your little bitch. Let me taste that dick. I want to suck your furious cock.' It felt so good that he started to talk dirty unconsciously, immersed entirely in the lecherous world his hallucination built for him.

 'Bang', the door was cracked open with the company of a snapping sound before Alex knew it, leaving him in sheer shock and terror. In fact, it nearly hit his raging hard-on.

 'Who the hell is stopping you?' Out of the open door stepped the man in the shower. And Alex dropped his jaw immediately.

 OMG, it was Field, his high school bully who had laughed at his smaller built and called him a faggot (though he didn’t come out at that time) whenever there had been a chance. He also physically abused Alex a lot—shoving Alex onto the locker doors, beating Alex up for no reason, you name it. 

He's literally Alex's nightmare. But Alex had always been expecting to see him in nude, because there's no deny he's an eye candy apart from that horrible personality. So more accurately, his wet nightmare. And they hadn't seen each other for like 3 years since high school was over.

 'Field!' Alex cried in shock. He was still figuring out the situation when he looked at naked Field more closely. After all these years, Field turned out to be more jacked and pumped than in high school, an indicator of a lot of work out he had done, Alex thought in his mind. He couldn't even believe his own eyes at all! ' What are you doing here, Field?'

 'I'm here for your dirty fantasy.' Field grimaced. The facial hair fuzzy beard made him a more mature and masculine man than in high school, more attractive to Alex of course. 'I'm here to fuck you.' Field added, making a wicked wink at Alex.

The response left Alex agape. Feeling mortified, Alex tried to cover his cock with both hands as fast as he could and pretended that nothing had happened. 'I was not—' he added at once, though in a stammering tone, 'I was not doing what you think I was doing. I...I...' Apparently he's trying to compose himself as he looked aside from Field's full frontal.

 'Bullshit! I saw you checking on me behind the door and heard you talk dirty, begging me to fuck you. And here you horny fag was playing with your small cock. So I guess it couldn't be more obvious what you were doing. Amirite?' A ghost of a snicker emerged at the corners of Field's mouth as he huffed out of nowhere.

 'What...what are you talking about? I'm just...I'm just...' Alex didn't know how to respond properly.

 'You are just a fucking faggot who's gonna get his dirty dream realized.' Field interrupted Alex without showing any respect, which kinda reminded him of lots of similar scenarios in high school, 'I know you want it. You know you want it. Come and get it.' Field boldly wiggled his enormous cock in toward Alex as an invitation.

 Feeling like an atom activated, Alex rushed getting at Field's cock hysterically. He lost all his rationality. But instead of just letting it be, Field took a few steps back and made a firm order as he smirked, 'Beg me first, you cock-sucking piece of shit.'

 Alex couldn't control himself any more, nor did he have any sense of shame to do so. He cried enthusiastically, 'Please, Mr. Field. Let me suck your cock. I'm your sex slave. You can do anything to me. Please—I kneel to beg you.' Beyond Field's anticipation, Alex did kneel down in front of him as he besought poorly like a slave.

 'You are really a disgusting loser, huh?' Field laughed out loud with full contempt, 'Say you are a disgusting loser who should be fucked by every authentic man.' He continued his solemn order and then spit at Alex's face like a master to a slave.

 'Yes, Mr. Field. I'm a disgusting loser who should be fucked by every real man, especially by someone as gorgeous as you.' Alex couldn't believe he had just said that. He was owned by Field completely.

 'Alright, you can suck my cock now. But stop when I say stop, you hear me?' Field finally gave Alex a seemingly reluctant permission.

 'Yes, Mr. Field.' Alex grabbed Field's cock like the last straw in his life and squeezed it inside his watering mouth in no time. But it was too big for Alex to engulf as a whole. Alex’s mouth could only cover three forth of that beauty. However, this magnitude dream meat had already made him feel like in heaven, saltier and juicier than he had expected it to be.

 'I knew it. You are a cock-sucking faggot.' Field yelled confidently, 'Should've plugged this into your thirsty mouth long time ago.'

 'Yeah, I'd like that.' Alex couldn’t even articulate as he was too busy pleasing Field, 'A lot.' He then withdrew Field's cock from his mouth and took a more extensive approach. The enormous cock-head was just too much of an attraction. He held the base of Field’s cock with a hand to stabilize it and moved his tongue from the head all the way to the end and repeated this pattern again and again. And in no time the cock had already oozed plenty of precum, all gathering around the mushroom-like head.

 'Oh, Christ. It's delicious.' Alex exclaimed in between suctions and then lapped at Field's nectar again.

 'Shut the fuck up,' Field snapped angrily, 'and take it all in, I wanna fuck your mouth.'

 Alex put it inside his mouth again, almost. Even though he had tried, a small part of Field's cock was still left uncovered. The girth inside his throat made him border on gagging.

 'Yeah, just like that. You stupid cock-sucking faggot.' Field commented as he started mouth-fucking Alex vehemently, thrusting his massive weapon down Alex's throat again and again. 'Take that, bitch, you fucking small-cock homo, is this what you have always wanted, huh? I'm gonna feed you more than you can take this time.' The acrimonious swear from Field only served as a powerful philter, enough to drive Alex crazy. 

 Alex constantly sucked on Field's cock, in compatibility with Field’s rough movement. Every new thrust was harder and more pleasing than the last one. Fully engrossed, Alex put one arm around Field's back so that Field can better plow his mouth and used another hand to jerk off himself at the same time. He felt as if his throat were on fire and the only thing that could put that fire down were the hot jizz he was gonna get. 

 'Oh, yeah, suck that cock, bitch. It's the biggest cock you've ever seen, right? I knew you are a cock-sucking ass-licking faggot since day one in high school.' Field started moaning like a porn actor as he sped up the rate of thrusting and kept holding Alex's head onto his crotch violently. But instead of continual thrusting, he paused a little bit whenever his cock-head reached deep down into Alex's throat, which made Alex gag even more. It was so ethereal for Alex that he felt he could even die after experiencing this.

 Just as Alex was about to climax, everything halted all of a sudden. Field took his cock out of Alex's hungry mouth. 'Stop, you need to beg me more, you retarded cocksucker.' 

 This unexpected abortion of mouth-fucking left Alex in total disbelief. He attempted to grab the throbbing sausage right in front of him in spite of Field's order, keeping masturbating himself with one hand. Alex's craziness freaked Field out for Field had never thought that Alex could act with such a frenzy that it even overrode his direct order. However, Field calmed down at once and took a severe swing at Alex's face.

 'What did I tell you before you sucked my cock?' Field ensued to speak, trying to defend his authority.

 'Aah, what the hell was that?' Alex screamed out of pain, 'It hurts a lot.'

 'When I say stop, you stop. You hear me?' Field roared with serious furor. The hard blow eventually got Alex back to his senses and to many painful memories of similar experiences in high school. He tried to get up to reason with Field, but was only met with a rough grab at the collar.

 'I own you, little fag. Remember?' Field said firmly, fiercely looking down into Alex's innocent eyes.

 'Get rid of me, you're hurting me.' Alex started whining like a child held hostage by a gruesome and atrocious terrorist in a Hollywood-style film. 

 Field let him go after seconds, but showed no change in his attitude. 'Or what? You gonna fight me, faggot?' He uttered out these words as his face turned into a lead color, and that genuinely made Alex scared because it was nothing but the truth that Alex couldn't defend himself in front of such a monstrous stud. Besides, he couldn't afford to pass that delicious cock just like this.

 'Are you crazy? This is not high school, you can't do that to me.' Alex said almost in a stammer, hopelessly.

 'Yeah, I'm crazy, you cock-thirsty fag. That I allow you to suck my cock doesn't mean you can disobey me, you silly cunt, you understand? The only way you can get out of here in one piece is to beg me for allowing you suck my big cock and to beg me to fuck you hard, you hear me? And if you tried to play tricks with me, I would punish you very hard, like cutting down your small cock or things even worse. I promise.' Field's cold voice made Alex shudder. 'Now beg me.' 

 The physical threat Field had just given him was just too much for Alex. He somehow panicked and got aroused even more at the same time. Isn't this what he has always dreamed of? Alex thought to himself. 

Another look at Field's cock furthered his resolution that he wanted to be at Field's disposal as long as he could get both his mouth and his ass fucked in the end. I think that's what they call the total submission to another man or in Field's prospective the total conquest of another man.

 He wiped away some tears around his eyes and started begging like a slave. 'Mr. Field, I am your sex slave. Please let me suck your cock. Your cock is the biggest and most beautiful cock I have ever seen. Compared to you, I am not a man. Please let me taste that real cock, please cum to my face, to my eyes, to my every fucking hole. Please pity me. Mr. Field.' These shameless words just came out from Alex's mouth and he felt even more turned on by what he had just said.

 'OK,' Field showed some gratification, 'well, I do pity you,' he said coldly, 'but lick my balls first and only when I say you can suck my cock can you suck my cock.'

 'Yes, Mr. Field.' Alex carefully held up Field's semi-hard cock and savored his balls like crazy. The balls were of a huge size, with plenty of protuberant dots and wrinkles on the surface. There must be a bonanza of hot jizz inside that mustang balls, Alex thought. And when he was laundering Field's balls with his tongue, he also indulged himself in the strong smell of urine and sweat and semen over the smell of bathing lotion from the cock upon his nose as he constantly sniffed.

 He tried to cover every corner of Field's balls in order to be allowed to suck his dick. Field started moaning again and it's getting louder and louder. 'You stupid fucking piece of shit, you are nothing but a cocksucker, you are born to suck my cock and balls. Oh yeah,' he held Alex's head tightly with his hands and moved his crotch forward with a fixed frequency, 'oh yeah, that's good. Yeah, you really know how to tea-bag, huh? Fucking faggot.' Alex continued his duty as Field humiliated him verbally and after nearly ten minutes, Field finally green-lighted Alex to do what he wanted.

 'Bitch, you can suck my dick now.' Field gave Alex the providential permission and there went Alex. He once again put Field's huge cock inside his mouth and sucked it like crazy. The feeling of a dominus' cock was beyond his words. He assisted with Field's violent thrusts and soon he felt an explosion in his throat when the huge cock inside his mouth made him almost asphyxiated. 

 'Aah, I'm coming.' Field held Alex's head down onto his crotch tightly for almost 10 seconds until all of his essence run out of his cock and he screamed like a champion.

 Streams of hot lava swamped Alex's entire mouth, a lot of which dripped out. It was definitely true that hung men cum more than ordinary people as well, thought Alex. Not wanting to waste any of Field's cum, he swallowed every single drop of it, even licked some left on the ground. Field felt somewhat moved, so he offered to help Alex cum, of course in a condescending way.

 'Hey, faggot. You small cock is about to explode as well, huh? How about I use my smelly feet to rub one out for you?'

 This came as a total surprise to Alex that Field became so caring, well, relatively. So he assented right on and left his hard-on to Field. They both sat down on the ground, but kept a distance of one leg from each other so that Field could feet-rub him properly.

 Field put his foot palms in a parallel position with Alex's small cock in between like making a sandwich and made an effort to maximize the friction as if to play with a toy or massage his own feet. Within a minute, Alex couldn't take it anymore. He had never thought that someone he knew would satisfy his foot fetish in reality.

 'I'm coming,' Alex screamed, trying to warn Field about the imminent shoot in case Field got mad when he got Field's feet all messed up and viscous with the cum. But no sooner had Alex yelled out the words than one thing beyond his wildest dream just happened.

 Field suddenly stopped feet-rubbing to move forward and leaned forward to go down on him, putting Alex's cock inside his own mouth, and the moment Alex's cock was surrounded by the warmth of Field's mouth, it let out billions of seeds like water rushing out of a broken valve.

 Field swallowed them all like a pro and said to Alex in a flirtatious grin, 'Sometimes I can be a tender man as well, if you know what I mean. But this never goes out, you understand?'

 Still doubtful about the veracity of what had just happened, Alex nodded and felt a stream of warmth flowing from the bottom of his heart to his entire body. He breathed out a relief and suddenly found the man sitting in front of him extremely adorable.

 It was at that time that Alex decided to give himself to this king of men tonight and by 'give' I mean his virgin ass.  

 So he opened his mouth and uttered out something as romantic as those cliches in chick flicks, 'I am yours from now on, Field. Please feel free to fuck me whenever, wherever, in whatever way you desire. I will never disobey you, nor will I ever betray you. I give you my words.'

 The sincerity of Alex's words moved Field a lot, so he grabbed Alex's ass and kissed him passionately. 'I don’t do romance, but this is a reward for you.' Field said after the impromptu kiss.

 This kiss was incredible to Alex; in fact, it was something like an epiphany, illuminating his entire life. Fully enchanted, Alex felt something stirred up down there again as they stuck their tongues into each other's mouth and stroked each other's cock. Field's cock was hard again as well, throbbing in Alex's hand, apparently way bigger than Alex’s own small tool. 

 'Fuck me, Field, use your gigantic cock to drill my tight virgin hole.' Alex whispered affectionately around Field's ear. He couldn't wait any longer; he had to have it now.

 'Alright, you won't be disappointed. I'll let you have it all the way.' Field said in a heavy breath, cockiness written all over his face.

 He pushed Alex down and spread Alex's legs with his unusually strong arms, revealing Alex's hairy ass, full of thirst that needed to be slaked. Passionately, he buried his head there and started rimming by sticking his flexible tongue into that watery hole. 

 'Aah, you're driving me crazy. Aah, I'm gonna die; it feels so good.' For the first time Alex finally knew how amazing it would be to be licked in the ass, by a sexy, strong and masculine man. 

 'Don't get too excited, there's more to come.' Field gave him a lot more to expect as he started stroking Alex's iron-hard cock very fast at the same time.

 Reckoning it fully moisturized, Field lead his giant manhood on a voyage to Alex's arcane cavity. With precum and saliva natural lubricant, boldly he advanced. But since the ass was taken for the first time, it was extremely tight. So it's very hard for Field's cock to march into. However, Field resolutely thrust it in regardless of Alex's crying out of pain. 

 And that led to more excruciating pain in the ass. So much so that Alex felt that he couldn't take it anymore. 'Aah, it hurts like hell. Aah, please stop, Field. How could it be so painful!' Alex cried in agony.

 'Hang on,buddy. That's the only path to be a man. You have to go through this hellish pain to reach the peak of euphoria.' Field explained and gave him a conciliatory long kiss.

 It was like magic that the pain was somehow alleviated by that encouraging kiss from Field and gradually Alex felt a kind of unprecedented fullness inside his body. To get more thrill, Alex took over his own cock and jerked it off rapidly. Field accelerated his pounding as well since Alex had basically already gotten used to Field’s cock in his ass. 

 'Bang-bang-bang', one could clearly heard the rhythmic sound of him pounding Alex's ass. Several minutes passed; both of them heaved a heavier breath, knowing that the glory hour was about to come at last.

 Field prepared himself for the last sprint as he roared like a lion, 'Do you like Field's big cock, small-cock Alex?'

 The third person in Field's mouth was as amusing as intriguing to Alex, so he replied accordingly, 'Yeah, Alex likes your big cock, Field. Please use it to fuck Alex, fuck Alex harder and harder.' He continued screaming his response while constantly stroking his penis without any relaxation.

 'Aah, Aah, I'm coming.' Field huffed, 'I'm coming, Alex.'

 Alex suddenly felt a stream of stickiness and hotness up his ass as the cock inside grew even bigger. Field just cum inside him. Alex couldn't take it any longer either. He felt an uncontrollable convulsion radiating from his prostate so strong that his body started to shiver, and consequently, a spurt of semen came out of his crimson cock-head. It all landed on Field's chest, some even on his face.

 'Aah, I'm coming as well.' He screamed after he had already cum. 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give you a facial.' Alex felt like he had done something terribly wrong or at least offensive to Field.

 'It's OK, don't worry.' Field said gently, 'I even sucked your cock and swallowed your cum, remember? I'm not gonna hurt you anymore, seriously. Sorry I lost my cool earlier. I just wanted to have you too much.' Field acted like a totally different person, one Alex couldn't help but gravitate to, as he delicately wiped off the sweat on Alex's face.

 'Am I dreaming now?' Alex said happily, a tad confused.

 'How about now?' Field asked before he offered Alex another long kiss as he put his whole body upon Alex's. It was as romantic as the plot in any lachrymose romance movie. Their arms twisted; their legs intertwined; their cocks chafed with one another; their cum melt together. They were one. The time seemed to stop as well.

 'I think I’m gonna have to take another shower.' Field broke up the passionate silence, because he knew otherwise it would last forever.

 'Not so fast,' Alex grabbed hold of Field's flaccid cock again as Field got up from his body, smiling, 'let me clean your schlong first.'

 He then took it into his mouth again and made a huge effort to suck off the remaining cum around it, looking Field directly in his eyes. Field could easily detect Alex’s attachment or almost worship to his enormous cock. And he was happy that he just gave Alex the time to take all that he had wanted.

 After drying Field's cock and balls, they hit the shower together. They scrubbed each other's back and examined each other's cock with great scrutiny like buddies and lovers. 

 'Yours is so biiiiiig.' Alex applauded Field's magnificent size with a latent jealousy and ecstasy by lengthening the 'i' sound.

 'Yeah, bigger than that small thing of yours.' Field riposted mischievously and gently felt Alex's small cock like a new-found gem, 'But surely yours is not bootless.' 

 'You know, I’ve always wanted to see you naked. Even after all those shit you did to me in high school, I still find you deadly attractive.'

 'I guess so. Girls dig bad guys. So do fags, I think.' Field replied cheerfully, 'But I was never sure about you being into men in high school, otherwise I would've made a move earlier.'

 'No shit!' Alex cried surprisingly, 'You wanted to fuck me from back then?'

 'Yes, I did.' Field replied briefly with a slice of coyness.

 The tender was literally melting Alex. Out of curiosity he proposed a question seriously to Field about the gradual shift in his attitude, 'Why are you so gentle all of a sudden? One minute you call me a dirty cock-sucking small-cock faggot, and the next minute you are like a friend and lover to me. You even sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. Do you wanna talk about it?'

 'Well, sure. But can we talk about it later, after we leave here?' Field answered like a civilized person with good manners instead of a mean jerk he was in high school, but equivalently sexy, 'Let me buy you a drink as an official apology to you for all the cruel things I once did to you and just now. We can catch up a lot of things, I believe.'

 'It's your call, dominus. I'm your slave, remember?' They looked at each other in the eyes and burst into hearty laughter.



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