The fantasy of a nude gym has been reality during the time of the ancient Greeks. Young men used to work out and run in the Olympics wearing nothing at all. The word gym indicates nudity.

This modern fantasy gym is gathered to hot men who sign in on one condition. They have to work out wearing only one piece regardless of whereabouts it covers. And after sweating enough at the gym, they can head to a special pleasure room attached to a sauna, a hot tub, and a shower where they can do whatever they desire. Another condition is attached, the guys must be disease-free and produce a lot of manly sweat.

The gym is equipped with everything a modern gym has. Aerobic running machines, bikes, weight lifting machines, and so on. The gym does not close. It is open 24/7 even during holidays.

The best time to go to that gym is Friday nights and holidays. Guys come out and strip to whatever they have to put on. Some wear a hat, others wear a sock or a necklace. Guys do not have to have an underwear at all if they have another piece. Many work out exposing their ass holes, balls, and dicks. In fact, it is even allowed that two guys play with each other while working out. One day, I saw a guy being fingered by another guy while he was lifting weight. My favorite is rimming a guy while doing a bench press. I even saw two guys shaving each others asses. The only thing that is not allowed in the work out room is penetration. Yet, the manager was tolerant and did not complain if two guys fucked each other or whatever they did on the weight machine.

One day I saw a guy working out wearing nothing at all. I came to talk to him. He smiled and spread his legs to me. he had a banana inside his ass. The manager considered it as cloth! Only part of the banana was shown.

I could not hold my self as I almost exploded. The guy jumped on me and asked me to eat his banana so I can play inside his ass. We dragged each other to the pleasure room without showering. He smelled like a real man and was full of hot masculine sweat.

He stretched his leg and asked me to eat the banana. I had to pull the banana first. He let me use my mouth. He made his ass contract like he was shitting and the banana slowly came out of his ass. His ass was wide open and I could not resist putting my tongue inside. To my delight, another banana was hidden there! and it was pealed. He told me that he took a special enema and cleaned his colon. Then he slid the two bananas inside. The latter one had a layer of honey on it. How did he preserve the honey inside his ass, he did not tell me.

We hold the two bananas and ate them slowly. I eat one slice and he eats from the other side. Until our mouths met. We licked whatever left of that banana.

Another guy joined us and he wanted a rimm job. I had him sit on me while I fucked my banana body. Then we switched and I asked him to fuck me. He fucked me missionary style so I could see his hot body. I fingered his ass all the time and made him come inside me. I came instantly. The banana man was lying on the ground with a bag of chocolate almond. He started to insert the chocolate inside his ass. He wanted me and my guy to eat the chocolate. We spent the entire night working out good ass eating and fucking.


R Joe

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