I love to work out everyday. I work out at a gay gym where men wear nothing or only their under wears or jock straps.

While bench pressing, I notince that gorgeous hot black man working out in his jock strap. I asked him if he could spot me. He smiled and said 'yes.' He started to spot me and the more weight I carried, the closer he was to me. He noticed the hard on I had and he had a hard on as well. I could not resist the smell of his sweaty jock strap and the heavenly sight of his bulge near my face. He came closer and he literaly allowed me to sniff his jock strap. He suddenly turned around and bent over. I stopped working out and asked him if he could sit on me! He did, and I had a wonderful time rimming him. I came without touching my self. He came too.

We jumped on each other and kissed like crazy then we decided to go to the shower. I held him inside the shower and messaged his ass hole. He did the same to me. We played with our asses while French kissing inside the shower. Then we went to the hot top. He spread his legs and I rimmed him again. We sat on the side of the hot top cuddling and French kissing. Then we lubed each other with oil , all over our body and with the use of condom I fucked him then he fucked me. We exchanged sizes until the moments of no return. We both came at the same time and collapsed on the floor.

We showered again and drove to his home and made love for hours for the whole night.


R Joe

[email protected]


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