"God dammit!"

Jason drops his keys while he pulls the hatch, releasing his pinched left hand from the tailgate. He hated this old pickup. He was in serious need of an upgrade, but he wanted to wait til after graduation, when he needed to make an impression.

"Son of a bitch, you ol' bastard."

His hand was throbbing, as he slammed the hatch closed. His suthern drawl echoing in the parking lot against the brick walls of the dorms. He squats to pick up his keys, and bends up, and see Jared and Nathaniel comin around the corner with the cooler and a couple backpacks.

"Jason, what the fuck are you doin man? We could hear you all around the building."

Nathaniel was from Indiana, and he a midwest accent, laced with a suthern Illinois articulation. He used the short 'a' and said words like 'fixin' and 'reckon'. Jared was from Minnesota, and had the worst case of midwest accent out of their group.

"Ya, we heard you clear up tru the window too. Ya gotta watch out for them hatches. They'll getcha every time there."

"Well maybe if I wasn't doin everything my damn self, yall wouldn't hear me cussin."

"OK, sorry man, we're here now, so let's get the party started."

The guys were going to meet up with a couple buddies from the community college, at Nathaniel's parents' cottage in Wisconsin. They had a few hours drive ahead of them, so they climbed into the 3 person cab of the small pickup. Jason blared country for the first hour and a half, when Jared changed it to rock.

"Ya know not everyone likes country music hey."

"Yep, variety is the spice of life," Nathaniel said, punching a button, and suddenly oldies were blaring.

They laughed, while Jared did a disco inferno hand flip.

After a couple bathroom stops and a drive thru McDonalds lunch, they had arrived at their destination.

The sun was beating down relentlessly, and the humidity had to be at least 75%. Jared took his shirt off, revealing a hairy chest and smooth stomach, except for a thick happy trail. Nathaniel took his shirt off too, revealing a strong chest, and flat stomach, with thick curly hair that spread from his belly button down under the band of his jeans. Jason whistled at them, "Ooh-wee! We're takin it all off in the north!" He pulled his own shirt up over his head. He worked out regularly, so his arms and chest were chiseled, but he liked beer too, and his stomach was a little on the soft side. He had curly chest hair that tapered to a thin, trimmed line down the center of his beefy frame.

The other guys hadn't arrived yet, and instead of unpacking, the trio decided to take a jump off the dock, into the chilled lake water.

It was a few hundred yards, til the next dock, and Jason asked who dared to jump in nude. Jared said "nope, I aint doin that." Nathaniel agreed to, and he and Jason did rock, paper, scissors to see who had to go first. Jason lost to Nathaniel's scissors over his paper. He grumbled, and undid the drawstring of his shorts, pulling them down. Nathaniel laughed and pointed at Jason's dick, which looked like a shriveled mushroom, surrounded by this curly pubic hair.

"Fuck off, I'm a grower, not a shower."

Jason ran down the dock. His hairy, but muscular cheeks shifting from side to side as he leaped off the dock, into the water,

"Woohoo! Now you Nathan! You dick!"

"I'll show you what a dick's supposed to look like!"

Nathaniel quickly undid his shorts, pulling them down. Jared'd eyes got big,

"Holy shit, ya got a big set there."

Nathaniel winked,

"Yep, the ladies love it."

His dick hung low, with a set of thick, smooth pink balls protruding out from behind his shaft. His pubic hair was trimmed lightly, in a triangular shape, perfectly shaping around his dick. He ran quickly down the dock, and jumped in, almost knocking into Jason. The guys laughed and splashed each other for awhile, when they heard honking, and saw a car pull up.

Climbing out of the water was harder than imagined, with no ladder to the dock. Jason went first, and Nathaniel had to help him hoist up onto the dock. His hand slipped between Jason's thighs, pressing against his balls, and the side of his shaft.

"Fuck! That's disgusting," Nathaniel said.

"Whatever fag, you like it."

Jason stood up, and realized he had a semi wood. Laughing, he put his hands over his dick.

"Nah, let's see the grower Jas, you talk big, but back it up."

Jason moved his hands for a split second, to reveal a thicker and longer dick than before. Nathaniel still had a couple inches on him.

Nathaniel and Jason hustled back to the lounge chairs to pull their suits back on. Jared laughed at Jason's still protruding semi wood. You could clearly make out the line of his hard shaft through his tan swim trunks. He grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist, and followed the other two around the side of the cottage.

Ted and Toni were twins from the community college, and played in an independent baseball league. They were tall and lanky, with athletic bodies. They exchanged highfives with the guys, and they headed into the cottage.

"Guys, what are we going to eat?"

Nathaniel rubbed his flat stomach, holding open the refrigerator doors. He rummaged through yogurts and sandwich meats his Mom and left for them.

"Let's order takeout." Jason googled a few locations on his blackberry.

They all decided on pizza from a local restaurant in town. In a half hour they were sitting around the den area, with a few slices of pizza in a couple open boxes.

The cottage was getting darker, and Nathaniel started turning up lights, including the stairwell.

"We could check out now, and get an early start to the day tomorrow."

The twins agreed audibly, and Jason and Jared shrugged. There were only 3 bedrooms upstairs, with twin beds, and a futon in one of the rooms. Nathaniel's parents had a suite that extended toward the lake on the west side of the house, but was off limits. The twins decided to share a room, and Jared claimed his own room. Jason and Nathaniel ended up sharing the third room. Everyone said their goodnights.

"Bubba, I can't handle sleepin on the floor, my back would kill tomorrow"

Jason's drawl was more pronounced when he got tired.

"Well, I hate sleepin on the floor."

"I can just bunk with ya, it aint no big deal."

Nathaniel agreed, and took his shirt and pants off. He was wearing very fitted boxer briefs. Jason lifted his shirt, leaving his pj pants on.

He climbed in behind Nathaniel, accidentally bumping his dick against Nathaniel's back.

"Dude, are you not wearin underwear?"

"No, that's why I left the pants on."

"Damn, no hanky panky on me. I swear to God, I'll crush your balls."

Jason laughed and pretended to hump Nathaniel.

"Oh shit, better not do that hoss, feelin a wood comin opn."

"Fuck you, goodnight."

Truth was Jason had started to get hard. He was straight, but any pressure or friction on his dick, always resulted in a full on erection. He turned to face outward, and slowly adjusted his hardon in his pants. He could feel pre cum on his dick head, and silently prayed it wouldn't leave a spot in the morning...



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